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Brasscheck TV: “Trolls” are often paid by the government

The Truth About Internet Trolls and Cointelpro 

by 2012thebigpicture

For anyone new to the Internet Truth Movement, I highly recommend you watch this video.

Many governments hire “trolls” or “shills” to visit websites, forums, blogs and YouTube videos to spread lies, hate, and disinformation to discredit those who share the truth and frighten away those who desire to learn more.

Once you know their MO, you can spot ‘em a mile away.

Many blogs now require that you join their community, or close their comments altogether (as I have done), or won’t post comments until they’ve been moderated to prevent the nasty interactions with these paid lackeys which spoils the experience for earnest readers and bloggers alike.

The video says, among other things, that real lightworkers and truther-seekers don’t have time to go around bashing other truthers.

I have on a couple of occasions on this blog voiced my opinion on the actions of truthers, but it was in response to blatant, undesirable behaviour that made the truth-seeker/Lightworker community look bad. I called a spade a spade.


“YOU are the Gold”: The GrandMothers Speak

Published on Apr 2, 2013 by LovingItForward

Activating the Net of Light


“You Are the Gold” : The GrandMothers February 2013 message

A Grandmothers’ Beacon from Georgia wrote, “The Grandmothers never mention all the negativity that dominates life on earth and controls the ways we connect with each other and Mother Earth. They never talk about this stuff,” Debbie said; “they just keep it simple and encourage us to work with the Net of Light. They’re smart. After all, why waste your time fighting something when you can supplant it with the Net of Light.” I admired the way Debbie had put this, but once I read her note, I forgot about it.

That night I woke shortly after midnight and couldn’t get back to sleep, so I began to work with the Net of Light. And as I thought of it holding the earth and blessing everyone, I became aware of it inside me. I’d felt the Net of Light in my body before, but this time it felt viscous, like a river of molten gold that was moving through all my systems. I lay there for a while, bathing in it, and then the Grandmothers spoke.

“There is a true way of connecting,” they said.”Not the way people connect in the world today, but a golden way,” and I smiled when I heard the word ‘golden’. “Instead of connecting through your hearts, you have been taught to relate in false ways–acting out roles, judging, and evaluating each other. But living like that doesn’t feel good to you and it isn’t good,” they said, shaking their heads sadly. “It’s not a true way of connecting,” they stated, and now I remembered Debbie’s email.

“What you are feeling in your body is true,” they said, referring to the river of gold flowing through me. “The real gold is within you. Pathways of gold underlie everything on earth,” they explained; “connecting life, linking you to what you call God, to one another, and to the earth. Golden strands of the Net of Light bisect your body and carry light to your organs and energy systems. Some of them are large while some are small, and they transverse the world inside you and outside you. Right now you are aware of this golden flow but what you don’t realize is, because you are held within the Net of Light, this gold is always present. You are gold,” they said.

“Each time you take your place on the Net of Light, you broadcast and receive a blessing from the Net. This calms your mind and fills your body with healing. The thoughts you send out at such times are golden,” they said, “bringing love and joy to everyone. Connecting in this way is the greatest service anyone can perform.

“Simply think of the Net/Grid/ Web of Light that covers the earth and once you have, let yourself be held in it. Take the time to feel the connection in your body,” they said, “then think of it moving through your heart and linking you with everyone, everywhere. This is the true way to relate to yourself and others,” they said, “connecting in light. All else is false. Other ways of relating may mimic connection, but unless they are anchored in love, they do not support life. Only what is heart-centered, can bless the earth.

“We have come to bring you a joy you cannot begin to imagine,” they said, “and what we have come to give is simple and true. The power of the Net of Light that holds the earth must be amplified now and because only human beings can do this, we are asking you to step forward and amplify it. Step into beauty, love, and good feeling,” the Grandmothers said. “Take your place on the Net of Light and hold this golden light steady. As you do, you yourself will heal and you will heal your beloved planet. This work will make you glow from the inside, out,” they said, smiling; “glow so much that others will respond to the light within you. Watch for it,” they said. “Your candle will light many.”

Note from Sharon I am struck by the power of this lesson–the alchemy of working with the Net of Light. Here is the real gold that human beings have been searching for, for eons. Not the stuff we wear on our fingers, hang around our necks or horde in bank vaults, but the real thing. Now we can turn the base metals of fear, grief, jealousy, rage, envy, etc. into the true gold–love. The Net of Light is the transformer. Imagine what this alchemical transformation will do for life on earth! The Grandmothers have given us the actual philosopher’s stone, in the Net of Light so let’s get to work and amplify the Net!

To learn more about working with the Net of Light, go to the last chapter in A Call to Power: the Grandmothers Speak or Our Love Is Our Power: Working With the Net of Light that Holds the Earth. http://grandmothersspeak.com/online-s… to find more, look for Net of Light on the Grandmothers’ archived messages. (http://grandmothersspeak.com/category…)

Calab Skinner – OPPT Trustee Interview with Lisa Harrison

Published on Mar 27, 2013 by Lisa M Harrison

Caleb and I finally caught up for chat to discuss how his journey led him to being a founder of a movement that has swept the globe. He discusses his childhood, meeting the other trustees and their adventures with ‘the system’ during the investigations that led to the creation of The One People’s Public Trust.

Prison Planet.com » Most Truthful 4-Minute Newscast About The Fed Ever

Published on Aug 1, 2012

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Best UFO Sightings from February 2013 [video]

Looks like the Galactics are stepping up the visuals trying to soften the blow of first contact, which isn’t far off now.

Published on Feb 28, 2013 by TheAFOFiles


In accordance with Title 17 U.S.C. Section 107, this video is distributed without profit to those who have expressed a prior interest in receiving the included information for research and educational purposes.

Iv put a lot of effort into researching each case in this video, however nobody’s perfect, and there are bound to be a few videos in here that have been debunked or proven fake. But I ask you, to always keep your mind open. Just because someone has told you the video is fake, or there’s a video out there explaining in minute detail why it is, don’t let that change your mind about it. Until there is good solid evidence out there that explains why and how the video is a fake stand by your own opinion. Don’t let somebody else’s opinion overshadow your own.

I have contacted the majority of the channels (My message system has been messing up AGAIN this last week, so i’m sorry if you haven’t received a message!) and asked for permission to use each of the sightings presented in the video, however I am aware that the channels providing the videos may not own them. If you have noticed your footage in the video please private message me or email me at anonymousfoz@gmail.com to resolve the issue. If you have a problem with your sighting being part of this footage, I would be more than happy to remove and re upload the video with your footage taken out.

Videos used listed below

Music Used – Dirge By Death In Vegas

UFO Caught Outside Pilots Window Over Costa Rica

UFO Caught During Flight To Massachusetts, USA

UFO Recorded Over Cottonwood, Arizona, USA

UFOs Appear And Disappear Over Melbourne, Australia

UFOs Caught On Night Vison Over Melbourne, Australia

Triangle UFO Over Fresno, California

Black UFO Recorded Next To Meteor In Chelyabinsk, Russia

UFO Caught On Camera Hovering Over Mexico City, Mexico

Disc Looking UFO Sits In The Sky Over Madrid, Spain

Ring Shaped UFO Hovers Over Norway

Triangle UFO Lights Over Helsinki, Finland

Cigar Shaped UFO Floats Over Popocatepetl Volcano, Mexico

Triangle UFO Over Halifax, Nova Scotia

Do yo have a UFO video that you would like to share with the world?

Just Email us at: AnonymousFOz@gmail.com

Facebook message us at: http://www.facebook.com/AnonymousFO

Or Just simply YouTube message: AnonymousFO

FAIR USE NOTICE: This video may contain copyrighted material. Such material is made available for educational purposes only. This constitutes a ‘fair use’ of any such copyrighted material as provided for in Title 17 U.S.C. section 107 of the US Copyright Law.

Watch the World Come Alive – A Vision

Picture A vision from Dream Hopper:

There is your higher self and there is you; separated into this image projected into 3D.  You have forgotten how to access everything BUT the image (you) projected into the dream (3D world).  There will be a release of this incredible amount of energy that will alter your understanding of your 3D projection in this dream.

It is as if you had a huge cylinder of water with a spicket at the bottom.  The only thing you are conscious of is the spicket.  The water has always been there, you just weren’t aware of it.  This “moment” is like a releasing of the spicket.  It will all flow together and BE incredibly obvious; TRUTH.  There will be a “grocking” of the idea that the projection can be ANYTHING YOU SAY it is.

My dream from last night:

I am outside watching ships in the sky… they are lighting up the sky, drawing images of people, like stick people, along with beautiful designs.. they are playing!  This is happening all over the world at once.  In my dream I can “see” the other parts of the world where they are in the skies… day or night, playing.  They are flying around while we all watch, and we all do. This is at the same moment in time… for a long time.

Eventually we are all out of our houses… watching and talking.


“And the world comes alive…”


We are the Ones we’ve been waiting for, and as my friend just shared “It is NOW the time we have been waiting for!”

Much love!

Steven Greer & David Wilcock 3-22-13 Rare Interview

The Sirius World Premiere will be held on April 22, 2013 in Los Angeles, CA

‘Dr. Greer and David Wilcock share many of the same ideas about the importance of shifting our paradigm to accept the importance of our connection thru consciousness. No shortage of wonderful ideas from both of them of the importance of this shift and how it can happen. This is one of the rare times they have recorded a discussion together. A treat for all.’ March 22nd, 2013 – siriusdisclosure.com:


Steven Macon Greer is an American medical doctor and ufologist and founder of the Center for the Study of Extraterrestrial Intelligence and The Disclosure Project. Steven is a ceaseless advocate for humanity, extraterrestrial intelligence, the environment and disclosing hidden agendas and deep truths.

Dr. Steven Greer is Founder of The Orion Project (www.TheOrionProject.org) supervising a world-wide search for alternative energy sources, and the Founder and Director of The Disclosure Project (www.DisclosureProject.org) providing compelling testimony regarding the existence of extraterrestrial lifeforms. He is also the Founder of CSETI — The Center for the Study of Extraterrestrial Intelligence (www.cseti.org) which works to make peaceful contact with Extraterrestrial Civilizations.

Dr. Greer’s three books, “Extraterrestrial Contact: The Evidence and Implications”, “Disclosure: Military and Government Witnesses”, and “Hidden Truth, Forbidden Knowledge” have fearlessly enlightened and supported his commitment to extraterrestrial civilizations, his search for energy solutions and exposing secrets and lies. His most recent book and DVD, “Contact: Countdown to Transformation”, chronicles the increasingly close contact the CSETI teams have had with Extraterrestrial Civilizations and its meaning.

Steven’s websites: http://www.disclosureproject.org/ and http://www.siriusdisclosure.com


David Wilcock is a professional lecturer, filmmaker and researcher of ancient civilizations, consciousness science, and new paradigms of matter and energy. His  Hollywood film CONVERGENCE unveils the proof that all life on Earth is united in a field of consciousness, which affects our minds in fascinating ways.

David is also the subject and co-author of the international bestseller, The Reincarnation of Edgar Cayce?, which explores the remarkable similarities between David and Edgar, features many of David’s most inspiring psychic readings, and reveals documented NASA scientific proof of interplanetary climate change… and how it directly impacts our DNA.

David’s website: http://divinecosmos.com/