My Imagination Attracts …

My Imagination Attracts All Cooperative Relationships… You have the power to evoke from others the relationships that you desire. But you cannot get to a new-and-improved situation by giving your attention to the current situation. The Universe, and all physical and Non-Physical players in it, is responding to the Vibrations that you are offering; and there is no distinction made between the Vibrations that you offer as you observe, and the Vibrations that you offer as you imagine. . . . If you will simply imagine your life as you want it to be, all cooperative components will be summoned. And even more important, all components that are summoned will cooperate. It is Law. The experience that you have with others is about what you evoke from them.

— Abraham

When The Dream Is Big Enough – <3

“When the dream is big enough,

the facts don’t matter.”

Sam Kalenuik


People like to talk about facts as

if facts were something that never

changed. They use that as an

excuse to not do dramatic things

because the “facts” say they can’t.


But if you’ve lived for very long,

you’ve seen lots of facts change.


When I was in college, it was a

fact that you couldn’t have a

computer in your home, much

less take one to a coffee shop.


Everyone knew that computers

took up a whole room!


When I look around my office,

almost everything I see was an

impossible dream in my youth.


CDs, DVDs, printer/fax/scanner

combinations, smart phone, flat

screen – all of them that at one

earlier time in my life were

impossible, and the facts said



So why do we have them today?

Because for someone, the facts

didn’t matter, and they built them



The USA has a woman Secretary

of State. My state has a woman

Governor. Impossible, they used

to say. Only men in politics. More



But for some women, the facts

didn’t matter either. So there

they are.


Is it easy to be the one to create

new facts? No, not at all. Most

people let the facts rule them.


But if we all did that, we’d still

be living in caves, and you

wouldn’t be reading this now.


Remember this the next time

you think the facts say you can’t

do what you really, really want

to do.


When your dream is big enough,

the facts don’t matter.


Many blessings,


Free Energy

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We are sending this to Manufacturers Globally All of my previous suppliers in China and India will get a copy of this and they can all join the race to make the first Proto types : 

Now that what i cal free energy ,,Nothing running this except a barely visible tiny transformer

Built from a Fuji Camera Transformer circuitry is totally free standing and independant it just needs making professionally, Built By Bastiaan Ter Hart in a Tiny Caribbean Island,  Sint Maarten.

All over the world where this will be sent to,  in order to Commence the race to Build the First Earth Friendly Totally independant Light bulbs Of all types and designs wether it be a hand held or and wall or ceiling mounted or Table top mounted or even small closet lights.

The fact is we did this in our own homes, so the big corporations and Electric Giants now have no excuses any more to make these bulbs and bring them out to the people. The fact is that bulbs have been made and down worked as you will see in this presenatation That Earth Friendly Bulb technology is already here and therefore cannot be patented as The patents have all been stolen By Donald Rumsfeld, So with The One Public People’s Trust (TOPPT) Foreclosure notice  down the page, we can get this technology out to the people all over the world.

We will make them for Humanitarian Needs initially as there in no need for patency, We are giving it away, this information is  for free as we have actually made these our selves , many many more people all over the world have made these too, As you will see a plethera of Youtubes on Home builts, so no one can deny us that gift.

We Offer the technology to big companies to begin the race. Our group of financers will then place giant orders for many container loads to be shipped world wide by our fund Trustees.

I Look forward to These companies Offering a chance for our funders to go there for trials and demonstrations of their  designs Inviting me, over for inspection of what they are about to put on the market. I can then report back to the Funding Trustees and begin to place orders around the globe.

Click here for your Introductory Letter sample and List of Contacts and Project Specification of needs:

Earth Freindly Light Bulb Briefx

Here are some example videos of Earth Friendly Bulbs and How to build them :

The important thing to grasp here is ALL electric companies Know about Free Energy, we have proof of this as when we back work light bulbs that have so called “more value” we see that they have small Ferrite toriod wheels in them and THEY HAVE TWEEKED THEM AWAY FROM GIVING FREE ENERGY, You can actually see in the make up that a specific manner of wiring ‘Not to give free energy’ is used in their design and subsequent mass manufacture. This can all be reversed now.


Now here are some of our earlier models and here is the Tesla light bulb that lights up with your own body electricity WOWZER: Runs off a recycled dead battery:

ok This looks serious and Nothing more than a dead battery running this

ok This looks serious and Nothing more than a dead battery running this

Now some other earlier stuff here as the schematic above How this works  and looks like These Are crude but shows you our learning process:

Bastiaan at work on this small light So bright it can light up a full room from nothing more than a dead battery

Bastiaan at work on this small light So bright it can light up a full room from nothing more than a dead battery

Now we go right back to the beginning of the year :

very bright lightsHere is the schematic or our Joules thief and here are some examples of our prototypes. Joules Theif SchematicHere is the basis Of a Document From The One Peoples Trust That Forecloses on any attempt to violate and prevent This project:


For more legal Documentation Showing your Freedom of will is now secured Please go to their site:

Those of You Interested In going ahead with the First Prototypes That we have built.

But Yours Must be saleable Item that we ‘the people’ Can Purchase From you in Container loads.

Many thanks Look forward To seeing the first Models in the near future.

Please Remember There are 7 Billion on this planet and Millions of Offices, Hotels, Hospitals and Households,

Who can benefit from Billions of these devices that need your new designs in all shapes and sizes.

I have faith in you being able, as a giant Corporation Or Electrical Company,  to turn these around and make your own available to the People of this planet Where no corner of the world is Neglected:

Be free In your thinking and be bold and I hope that these become everyday Items of the Future for The Billions in need Plus they become Standard houehold Items in and around every community.

All links For this project are on the Attached PDF at the head of this page>


Dave Stewart




Greetings and Salutations;

I have stated, ‘they’ came and ask me to help out in the late 80’s just after ‘they’ fired up in chicago. I got the over all plan but not the bloody details. But, I did get a ‘disclaimer’. Don’t expect the bad guys to throw up their arms in defeat but rather fight til their last breath. They are on their ‘last breath’. Some private people reached Mr Reagan when he was president and made him an offer he couldn’t refuse. Thus, the reagan/mitterrand protocols were created. To assist the process, appointments were made, trustees along with ambassador wanta, to bring all of this to fruition. Mr Reagan didn’t realize his actions would earn him a bullet. He went after the sacred cow, the federal reserve bank, attempting to get the constitutional treasury making our money again, which had been frozen after the depression of 1929. Just because congress ratified the federal reserve act, didn’t make it legal according to the constitution. So, when you hear, the us debt has gone bye bye understand this was set up a long time ago and not ‘presto-chango’ magic tricks.

There have been a lot of ‘legalities’ that needed dug thru and gotten rid off, just to get these global settlements done, changed from ‘intention’ to hard cash, for the people of the planet. A few years ago, the formula was to start a war to cover your money losses, handled, the tell ya it was the ‘patriotic’ thing to do. How many bodies were shipped back from vietnam with their bellies filled with ‘china white’, yea, we were fighting communism to keep america free. In a pig’s eye! This fight has been about folks’ come uppance coming to them and they having no where to hide and avoid their prosecution. Deep earth bases, not with standing. As I have said, I will watch my mouth and not name any guilty parties, that protocol goes to folks above my head, then it won’t be a conspiracy story to be fluffed off in disbelief. They’ll tell you so it’s never repeated in this country again. You might even hear the howling from them first, before you hear the announcements.

Man, you folks are going to crap yourselves, when they start preaching the word. A whole lot will just sit for a moment as it all gets dumped. The history books will be rewritten. Many laws will be dumped into file 13 as unconstitutional. Don’t worry women will retain the vote….lololol Watch the video as your next few weeks will feel like it.

Southern Rock and Roll

Consultations until that knock on the door.

Love and Kisses,


The Reptilian within

The Reptilian within:

Sadly sometimes even as we progress in leaps and bounds, into this enlightened golden age, I am starkly reminded of the  severe lower 3D world and the squirming manipulative nesting reptilians that dwell in it – inhabiting, controlling and manipulating their hosts to become the outward reflection of the heinous creature within.

It is a world where the reptilian brain is overactive and in control, it is a world where competition, ego, narcissism and lack rule the day. Lack of heart, lack of love, lack of understanding – Lack, Lack is at its centre.

The reptilian and its host lack the basics of compassion (yes they can talk the talk but cannot walk the walk for any length of time) and are overrun by the necessity to go running around hurting all in their path if they are thwarted in any way what so ever.   Dictatorship, manipulation, usurper of Truth , Control and bullying rule, in their world.  All take notice of its unscrupulous antics which play out on the stage of life’s theatre.

The inability to reason logically and to display higher process of brain function with connectedness to ones heart and related behaviours such as collaboration, partnership, trust, abundance and Love, is plain for all to see.

Although the reptilian brain is quite consummate in its cunning and twisting of its worldly interactions to its viewpoint, eventually the truth is known for all to see.   The reptilian is doomed from the outset, as to try an control the world around you is an impossibility and remains the futile endeavour of the poorly initiated and parasitically occupied.

The reptilian brain can be seen driving the host, like the parasitic controller it wishes its host to become, into the death throes of greater lunatic situations and bigger and bigger lies.  Driving it relentlessly to its destruction and oblivion.

The reptilian inside, likes its host to lean on people, conjure, persuade and manipulate those around it, mostly by false pretence, outright lies and concocted falsehoods.

It is the bully, the enforcer, the controller, the boss,  the voice, the head, the delusional imposter of the parasitically occupied, lower dimensional controlled host.   To those manipulated, bullied, forced or cajoled, you can see them, whilst they bow, and pay lip service to the hosts delusional antics, oft are seen laughing and cheering behind its back, waiting with glee, mindful of its coming and certain downfall.

To those who can see, it is akin to a fish out of water, thrashing and floundering its way across the very fabric covering of time, helplessly clutching at the shores of higher dimension, demanding entry.  – an impossibility of magnitude for them the 3D construct of established cabal structures they have at some time inhabited even if their tenuous connection is covered and concealed behind half-truths and cover stories, and maybe and most probably outright lies, for the cabal reptilian has to show off its cleverness by bewildering those around it, with confusion and miss-direction.

Entry to heaven (higher dimension) is denied, time and time again – No, as the lesson is driven home with greater and greater impact – none may enter unless you learn to let go, let go of ego, let go of control, manipulation and falsity and lose that reptilian or at least place the lizard manipulating brain under your domain.

These poor, bodily lumps of meat, who play host, – just don’t get IT, in fact they cannot talk about IT at any great depth beyond that which floats as common knowledge or that which is legend, for them that the reptilian controls, find that which surrounds and intertwines everything is beyond first hand knowledge.   The reptilian lacks LOVE, lacks that 5D space creating, time stopping awareness and interconnectedness and most importantly they lack empathy and Love. – of course they can play act along and fool their world but now are seen.

Those who inhabit higher dimensional access know and use LOVE and this impacts, in all they do, as they stretch their wings and embrace everything and everyone around them, for them the hallmark of LOVE, but don’t be fooled by the most misunderstood word in the human vocabulary.

In 5D awareness, nothing may stand against that which Heaven has decreed to stand fast, in Truth, in honour, in integrity and Love – nothing and no thing.

The host of a reptilian finds the need to create elaborate delusions of grandeur to cover for their inadequacies in life.   Sad, bitter and twisted are their inner feelings – but that they could never show, so they show made up illusions of pain and suffering, oft portrayed in a story of accomplishment, so they might blend in, with those who may give them sanctuary – for those loving souls shall end up their prey.

Show no pity for the reptilian and its host for even as they are under insidious control, they are seen, as they would try and fail to insinuate themselves within the light.

They the husk of meat lump of flesh host has been preyed upon, dwelt in, used, abused and violated and its energy eaten.  That is exactly what the host proceeds to do to others around them, calling out its namesake of destruction.  Stopped by light in its tracks.

The reptilian has never known true love beyond the intellectual knowledge of the word.  Yes it proclaims great spiritual powers and intimate relationships with the divinities and always professes to have insider knowledge of the gods or be in the know in some manipulative way to place itself into areas of control where it attempts in vain to build its fortress of deceit and its nest of fellow attracted energy.

If it cannot bedazzle you with its knowledge then it will profess to be able to provide  luxury and safety with the many material gifts it can bestow, in fact it will offer anything to try in vain and fail again to claim a light and have it under its control not.

Why pity the host controlled by the reptilian within, its humanity is already dead as it is already so, if it should turn is deceitful eye at you – be the light so bright as Truth as it is revealed for all to see. The hallmark calling card of the reptilian cannot stand alone and needs to gather its nest of like minded or easily influenced minions together. Its sycophantic behaviour is another  tell tail of its host.

They are consummate drama queens who create elaborate delusions of grandeur to cover for their inadequacies whilst publishing for all to see, a cry out, the world has done them wrong. When they were but destined to be.


Reptilian parasitic be bound now!

With golden strands of infinite expansion …

Hog tied delivered for the unveiling…

Light and Truth behold

What Heaven has decreed

No Thing may stand against

For you are Done Done Done

So it is, It is so. Victory to Love

May the plan of light and Love work out.. Forever seal the door on darkness

with Love …

5D spellbinder Fast light Quicker in the Love Shining Light






Yes. You asked for answers regarding so many things, including St. Germaine’s Trust, NESARA, The Prosperity Packages, the Global Collateral Accounts and before you unconsciously choose to live with limits or to live without limits…Pay conscious attention to the answers to all all your questions…Pay energy of attention to the release of truth, and the whole truth, for nothing but the absolute truth. Absolute truth is visible by conscious free will choice to breath and bring forth all data transparently, in trust of eternal guarantee of absolute peace, absolute love, and absolute grace. Know the answers in absolute context of absolute truth by within, then consciously choose by free will choice whether you absolutely BE and then DO BE’ing.

What IS the Public Trust and what does it DO?…In This absolute current present moment of now, it is the visible space of absolute truth that consciously absorbs the energy and holds the contrast of all data for you to exercise by free will conscious choice to BE free, without limits, now. So it is done. Ask your self, between feeling trust and feeling distrust…what do you consciously choose by your free will to experience now? All own the Public Trust, and all that is guaranteed as BE’ing absolutely secured in it, equally to all, in this absolute current present moment of now….free will be done and honored. So it is.

In trust you can lovingly relax, purify and build in transparency, or, by contrast, in distrust you can angrily shield, fight and whither in transparency. What do you consciously choose by your free will to experience in this absolute current present moment of now? Your DO’ing what you choose to BE is the “application” of your choice. Your BE’ing is the delivery point of what you choose. No “rfid”, no “gps”, no “ssn”, no “codice fiscale”, no “blood”, no “address” required because that is so “yesterday” in this absolute current present moment of now.

As you begin BE’ing together as one in this absolute current present moment of now, …consciously choose between the contrast to BE or not to BE…to DO or not to DO…choose by your free will choice! Either way you choose, by your free will, do you not know and see the absolute truth that it is? That each choice still equals BE’ing and DO’ing something? DO consciously make those choices now…direct the absolute current present moment of now. Consciously choose to BE and direct that absolute current of energy into the present moment of now, without limits, by free will choice. Your conscious free will choice exercised is to create, co-create as one in this absolute current present moment of now….free will be done and honored. So it is.

The “powers that were”, in all your dimensions, know…they have known forever without transparency and… Now they DO consciously choose in transparency to experience… All the data of absolute truth is made visible in this absolute current present moment of now. Absolute truth of the energy and code you used to consciously deceive, limit, commandeer, and pervert into systems of mis-direction, mis-managements , by contrived events, finely tuned by the tool of using “expectation”, “hope”, “want”, “need”, through the perverted tools of the “corporation”, “government”, “society”, “country”, “family”, “gregorian calendar”, “holiday”, “holy day”, “religion”, “title”, “master”, “servant”, “media”, “film”, “money”, “commerce”, “ucc”, “divinity”, “above”, “below”, “inner”, “outer”, and other allusions of separation and division of the one implemented to serve your self interests to the damage of all others, duly canceled, and the energy re-set now by conscious free will of eternal presence consciously exercised and guaranteed in word of absolute truth. What do you consciously choose by your free will to experience in this absolute current present moment of now? Free will be done and honored. So it is.

In absolute love, peace and grace all now shall know you can choose to experience the opportunity to make a different choice….know and see the absolute truth of how the perverted systems of mis-direction, mis-management, and the allusion were consciously chosen to manifest the extreme contrasts to show these “powers that were” that they could not stop, delay, hinder and avoid the absolute truth of what IS and to free those in the deepest slumbers or shackled by the strongest restraints, in all their dimensions….so that all could know and see absolute truth in this absolute current present moment of now …in the paradise of freedom…what DO you consciously choose by your free will to experience in this absolute current present moment of now? Free will be done and honored. So it is.

THE DISCLOSURE is now visible…use your tools within of resonance to recognize and know what in the absolute data IS absolute truth. You will recognize those who fear having all the data on the table and know why. The “roll out” of THE DISCOLSURE is further made and done by all equally,…DO as you freely choose in this absolute current present moment of now. Free will be done and honored. So it is.

By absolute declaration and loving decree made in absolute responsibility and absolute liability, begin absolute context of visible specifics of THE DISCLOSURE, THE EVENT, and “roll out” in the manner absolutely good for all in this absolute current present moment of now.

DULY VERIFIED as ISSUED, with due standing, authority and authorization, January 11, 2013, knowingly, willingly and intentionally made, given, and noticed, with absolute responsibility and liability, sworn under the penalties of perjury in accordance with governing law, UCC Doc No. 2012113593 and WA UCC Doc. No. 2012-296-1209-2, preserved and protected under perpetuity 2000043135, guaranteed, protected and secured, public policy, UCC 1-103, common law remedy thereunder guaranteed, public policy, UCC 1-305; Duly witnessed, secured, entered and noticed; Without prejudice as promised, preserved, and protected, public policy, UCC 1-308, NUNC PRO TUNC, PRAETEREA PRETEREA:


/s/ Caleb Paul Skinner, as                  /s/ Caleb Paul Skinner, as state of body                    /s/ Caleb Paul Skinner, as          Trustee 1111                                         BE’ing     1111                                                  Co-Creator            1111

/s/Hollis Randal Hillner, as               /s/Hollis Randall Hillner, as state of body                /s/Hollis Randal Hillner, as             Trustee 1111                                         BE’ing      1111                                                  Co-Creator             1111

/s/Heather Ann Tucci-Jarraf, as        /s/ Heather Ann Tucci-Jarraf, as state of body           /s/ Heather Ann Tucci-Jarraf, as           Trustee 1111                                         BE’ing        1111                                                  Co-Creator           1111

__________________________       _____________________________________       ___________________________                as Trustee                                               as state of body and BE’ing                                              as Co-Creator




Gaia’s first multidimensional legal document on the Internet….  And so it begins….. -AK  1/11 11:11

To fight against self is stupidity

“To be nobody-but-myself – in a world

which is doing its best, night and day,

to make me like everybody else – means

to fight the hardest battle which any

human being can fight, and never stop


E. E. Cummings


When we read today’s quote and think

about the struggle that it describes, who do you think we’re fighting with?


Some might say, “The world” but

that’s not the case. We’re actually

fighting with ourselves.


What we struggle with are the large

number of negative messages that

we were programmed with by our

family and society as we grew up.


“You’re not smart enough.

You’re not educated enough.

You don’t have enough money.

What makes you think you can


That’s a bad idea.

You can’t make any money

with that.

Rich people are cheaters.

You’re too busy.”


You can make your own list,

but those are some of the most

popular excuses that I’ve seen.


All these messages are designed

to make you like everyone else.


Your job is to not allow them to

have any power over you. And

that’s a struggle!


Here is the question that you

need to ask, every time.


“Is that true?” (Hint: the answer

is NO.)


Here are the statements that

you want to use instead.


“Yes, I can!”


“Yes, I will!”


Repeat as needed.


You’ll be glad you did.


Many blessings,



On This Day!

“A nation can survive its fools, and even the ambitious. But it cannot survive treason from within. An enemy at the gates is less formidable, for he is known and carries his banner openly. But the traitor moves amongst those within the gate freely, his sly whispers rustling through all the alleys, heard in the very halls of government itself. For the traitor appears not a traitor; he speaks in accents familiar to his victims, and he wears their face and their arguments, he appeals to the baseness that lies deep in the hearts of all men. He rots the soul of a nation, he works secretly and unknown in the night to undermine the pillars of the city, he infects the body politic so that it can no longer resist. A murderer is less to fear.” – Cicero Marcus Tullius, born on 3 January, 106 BC and murdered on 7 December, 43 BC:

Ben Fulford

January 8, 2013

The fight to over the world’s financial system has been in limbo over the new year’s holiday but big moves are now being made by various players in preparation for some upcoming decisive battles.

In the US, Obama’s regime, in a show of bravado to hide fear and desperation, has announced it will issue trillion dollar coins, confiscate American’s guns, murder and imprison Americans without due process and eliminate term limits so Obama can be made dictator for life.

In the Middle-East, a move to revive the nation of Kurdistan, complete with control over massive oil fields, has slipped in under the radar. The Turks appear to have given a green light to this arrangement in exchange for promises of oil revenues, according to a Turkish government source.

The real game changer though, remains the ongoing process of bringing Asian gold and treasure holdings into play in the international financial system. Here some very nitty-gritty technical discussions are proceeding smoothly, if slowly.

The bottle-neck in bringing the Asian gold and treasure back into the global financial system, for the first time since President Kennedy was assassinated in 1963, has been the question of who to put in charge and how to carry it out. There is concrete work going on to solve these issues but unfortunately, there is still a news embargo on the subject. However, the talks are highly detailed, involve well-known and not well-known players, smelters, warehouses of cash and other down-to-earth logistical issues. The new governments in Japan, North Korea, South Korea and China, however, are supporting this process, which is supposed to lead to the creation of a meritocratic world economic planning agency.

In the West, an exchange of hand-written memos has made it clear that the Freemasons, the gnostic illuminati and the eco-friendly branch of the Nazis, among others, also support the creation of such a meritocratic organization. Some of the major old world order bloodline groups are also tentatively supportive on the condition that traditional royal family perks remain in place.

The White Dragon Society has proposed that well-known and liked non-Western political veterans be put in charge of the initial staff selection for the agency. Three names in particular have been mentioned: Lee Kuan Yew, Mahathir Mohamad and Nelson Mandela.

None of these gentlemen have been contacted yet because the sherpas are still not finished with their work.

Such an agency would in no way replace existing structures but would instead be something entirely new and additional to the old order power structures.

The cabal, for its part, is still trying to threaten and terrorize the world in order to have its way. A recent report in the Jerusalem Post, wrongly attributed to the BBC, claimed that Iran had ordered the evacuation of 1.5 million people from the city of Ifshasan. This false report has been interpreted as a crude threat.

Despite such bravado, the situation in the Middle East seems to be moving towards some kind of settlement. The mercenary army in Syria has announced it is no longer being funded.

At the same time, two Kurdish families have been given control of vast oil fields in Northern Iraq with apparent Turkish agreement, according to MI6 and Turkish sources. The indications are that some sort of Sunni transnational alliance is emerging in the region and that the governments of Turkey, Egypt and Saudi Arabia are already on board.

The situation in the United States is a bit harder to read right now. As mentioned at the top, the Obama regime, while having prevented World War 3, is still very clearly a fascist, cabal controlled entity. Judging from the fact that top Bush/Clinton crime family members (Hillary and George Sr.) have been holed up in hospitals, it appears the US side of the cabal is now under the control of George Soros, the Rockefellers, Zbigniew Brzezinski and that group. In other words, the Nazi neo-con group lost a lot of influence when they failed to get their man Romney into the White House.

Clearly the way to liberate the United States and put an end to the fascist regime there remains removing cabal control of the process of monetary creation. This in turn hinges to some extent on the negotiations over Asian participation in that process. Some meetings this week might shed further light on how this process is advancing.

Another way to weaken cabal power is to attack the other big source (apart from central bank ownership) of their money: the international drug trade.

This newsletter has attempted to put a number on the scale of this trade by multiplying
UN estimates of drug production by the average retail price. This sheds some interesting light on the economics of “drug wars.” (fyi some weird formatting problem occurred in this word processor as soon as I started writing about drugs) Heroin production in Afghanistan runs at a bit under 10,000 tons per year, or about $500 billion dollars retail. Given the annual costs of the Afghan war being $122 billion, that means the occupation of Afghanistan, in business terms, yields an annual profit margin of about 400%. Throw in cocaine at about $82 billion a year, amphetamines at about $600 billion per year and Marijuana at $1.3 trillion per year and you can see this is a roughly $2.5 trillion a year business (four times the pentagon budget), mostly controlled by the CIA and its web of gangster affiliates.

Discussion with CIA, triad, yakuza, North Korean and South American drug mafias reveal that they are all open to becoming legal, tax-paying businesses if drugs are legalized or decriminalized. This is especially easy to argue with hemp and marijuana because the overwhelming evidence, both medical and sociological, is that it should never have been made illegal in the first place.

So, by returning the right to create money to governments and by decriminalizing drugs, it is possible to cut off most of the world’s terrorist financing.

The pharmacidical industry, another big cabal power spot, can also be co-opted by removing the taboo on life prolonging, life enhancing and pleasure giving medicines.

That would leave the cabal with just oil as its last big money generator. Fortunately, the oil people have already agreed to a phased in introduction of new energy technology and a transformation of their industry into a geo-engineering, materials and eco-system creating industry.

In any case, we hope that during the coming week the high level information embargo will end and concrete good news will become available.

Egypt’s Vice President and Central Bank Governor Resign

President Mohammed Morsi (R) shakes hands with his newly
appointed vice president, former judge Mahmud Mekki (L)
during a swearing-in ceremony at the presidential palace
in Cairo. Egyptian Vice President Mahmud Mekki
announced his resignation on Dec. 22. (AFP)

Egypt’s vice president, Central Bank governor resign
Saturday, 22 December 2012


Egypt’s vice president, Mahmoud Mekky, and Central Bank governor Farouk el-Okadah announced resignations on Saturday, state television reported, on the day of a referendum on a new constitution that leaves unclear whether his position would be maintained.

In a statement obtained by AFP, Mekki said he was stepping down because “political work does not suit my professional character as a judge.”

Central Bank governor Okadah handed his resignation to President Mursi during a meeting later on Saturday.

Vice President Mekky said he had initially submitted his resignation on November 7, but delayed it until now because of a series of events, including the Israel-Hamas war in Gaza and a decision by Mursi last month to bolster his own powers.

“I saw that today (Saturday) was an appropriate time to announce my resignation as vice president of the republic, and I will continue to volunteer as a soldier,” he said.

Mekky took a leading role in hosting “national unity” talks called by President Mohamed Mursi, although the main opposition politicians stayed away.

Mekki, 58, was a respected judge before Mursi named him to the post in August.

He led judicial opposition to ousted leader Hosni Mubarak, but eschewed calls to become a presidential candidate himself, saying he wished to stay politically independent.

Mekki had previously intimated to Egyptian media that he considered resigning. His brother, Ahmed Mekki, is Mursi’s justice minister. Mekki was only the second Egyptian vice president in more than 30 years.

Mubarak never filled the post during his three-decade tenure, until he named his intelligence chief, Omar Suleiman, to the job in February 2011, in the midst of the revolt that eventually toppled him.

Born in Alexandria in 1954, Mekki studied at the country’s police academy and is a former officer in the interior ministry, which he eventually left to join the judiciary.

No More Accidental Evolution

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