Galactic Angel

Galactic Angel

Sense the day
Slide away

Shifting shadows
Darkly night

Rippling sands
Painted deserts

Breath of wind
Curtained night

August moon
Hangs forever

Dusty veil
Second sight

Mystery moment
Life unfolding

Moonbeams dancing
Hidden Worlds revived

Flash of light
Galactic Angel

Reaching out
Touching light



Galactic Family Arrives

Galactic Family Arrives

Looking at me
Why are you so still? Now you’re moving
Holographic projection, coming through

So many of you, all so concerned
Why are you looking? Human am I
Human are you?

Family you say, I hear you clear
It’s been so long, since you were near
You know my soul, the records held so dear

Galactic family, star seeded twin
Bonded forever, always carried within
Galactic record, calling you in

We all don’t belong here, visitors in time
Gaia gathered, when the call went out
Long ago now, misty in time, 3D forgetful, you remind

Far in the stars, aeons ago,
Warrior were called for, honoured to go
A sense of compression, lost in time

I traveled far, aeons of time
Event horizons, galaxies spawned
Universes hurdled in the twinkling of an eye

You have arrived here, free me from time,
Take me home, I need a ride
Fantastic spaceship, really is mine

Your brother, sister of mine,
Waiting, calling across time
Flying to meet me, reunion

Now you are here, arrived in this time
Sense that you’re near me, waiting to free me
Whenever I’m alone, feel you are with me, calling me home

A plan unfolding – won’t be long
Victory certain – known all along
We walk together, Standing strong, united this time

Consciousness rising, multidimensional Being,
Planetary freedom, prosperity for all
5D beckons, for some it is here, you and me both, freedom is here

Saint or Sinner always a Winner

Saint or Sinner always a Winner

Some are sinners
Some are saved
Some are fools
Some are brave

Sweating profusely
Sheen shining
Slipping away
Snatching a moment

Satin white sheets
Silky surrounds
Slipping and sliding
Slithering around

Sensual feelings
Smoothly arising
Sensations building
Suddenly found

Stars supernova
Sunshine so bright
Super explosive
Sensory sight

Shiver of creation
Simply sublime
So you’re my darling
Say that you’re mine


On Deaths’ Bed

On Deaths’ Bed

You’re just like an Angel
I see you around
Caught up in living
Life on a cloud

You are my Angel
You never make a sound
Looking at you there
Looking at me here

I see an Angel
Do you see a man?

What of this life
A memory of tears
You are my Angel
Death draws near

Can I fight it?
Will I win?
Give me strength now
Cleanse my sins

Don’t turn away
Don’t leave me this way
I love you Angel
Don’t walk away

I’m still breathing
Energy filled
Surging inside me
Fixing my ills

God thank you Angel
Thanks for this pain
Alive and Kicking
Well again

You all have an Angel
Watch her draw near
In the darkest of times
She will be there

She’ll hold the light
Mopping your brow
Caress your face
Making you well

If you see your angel
Walking away
Know that you’re well now
No need for her to stay

Held in the light
Gods truth bright
She must be an angel
Cause she’s sexy as hell

In a moment

In a moment

In a moment you can find
The dream of forever

In the moment you can find
The eternity of Now

In the moment of eternity
All you find
You and me

In the Moment
All that Is