Acceptance of Reality, is it up to me?

Acceptance of Reality, is it up to me?

Earth time: Late Boxing Day; Star Date: Unknown: Reality: Fluid;

The memes of illusions are fed by spoon or they are rammed down by force, fed they must be or people might begin to think again, think for themselves, think their way outside of the box, disconnect tube like metaphors, leading into the head and heart, fed into the mind, body and soul, as many stare mindlessly at the hypnotic box in the living room, buying into common culture, dancing the tune of popular recommendation, oblivious to reality as they buy worn out clichés and ideas. How the few, love to rerun and rework, worn out and ancient ideas, redressed and made up all plush, to be pushed out yet again in common custom, bought and sold, so you may feed and provide for your family in your distraction, as you tow the party line.

We see the nodding heads each night and day, off in their stupor flights of fancy, where they, the multitudes, are taught how to react, to cause and effect, the memes are the same, have been since the time of control, dawned, so long ago. The meme of imperfection, of being unworthy, of being less than another, unable to reason for ourselves, unable to take responsibility, the meme of death and contraction.

This world of communality has been confused and turned on its head in the reversal of everything you were taught as sacred, it is without surprise that in the past many have found confusion at every turn in the path to awakening. A few took it upon themselves to experience ultimate control.

That is no more an option to live by!

You, the many, who think you slumber down in snug forgetfulness safe from truth and clear perfection are coldly awakened as you find the house of safety, built in clouded dream, has gone and the job for life, which worked you to death, went the same way, as the days of steam and medieval horsemen, where once free man roamed the world at large emboldened without corporation, as the cold reality of existence shakes you awake, from immobile acceptance of blind faith of another’s pronouncements. Pronouncement on your state of being.


You awake with crystal vision as you see the stark nakedness of truth standing alone uncloaked and free in its own expression, not the winding maze of another’s viewpoint, turned inside out to suit a fiscal desire or a hunger of power and stature. You, who suddenly realizes that you pay for the privilege of your existence, in so many, many, ways, no more will or can you, turn a blind eye to the plight of your fellow humanity. You are star being born and you shall shine.

Once awake, can you return to forgetfulness, be told to unlearn that knowledge which is eternal, why would you chose to make that reality, for it is you and I forming this communality and our choice, our expression of the sum total of our being that makes it so.

The importance of memes and the planting of beliefs that serve you, so much better to find flowers in the spiritual garden you walk every single day without exception, for weeds grow in distraction of your importance, your being and your vitality of existence, for you are truly of exceptional importance in this experience of reality. You are unique with your expression of this world you create.

So before you accept the gospel of another, with blind faith of rhetoric guild by a silver tongue, think and decide if you will accept that reality, does it suit you, or do you chose to be amongst the growing number who step outside the box, outside the communality and forge a reality of distinction and flavor, a reality of your choice.

That choice resides as ever it did, with you, once aware, comes responsibility, with responsibility comes acceptance, acceptance for what is, for your creation.

Change your world if you will.

Indeed we created it all, so we might begin to stare at an illusion so incredulous, so unreal, that perception has to shift and reality of truth will stare back, unfettered by the veil of communality of existence.

Namaste, may all beings be blessed.

Shift shaper

An Angel’s Kiss

An Angel’s Kiss

Earth time: Early Christmas Morning GMT: Star Date: Unknown: Reality solidifying

An angel’s kiss by the shift shaper

Christmas time,

after mistletoe and wine,

spirits seem to linger, like the fires’ burning embers,

glowing bright like the stars in the night, were they just dreams given flight?


All those passed, do you remember,

these few days in December,

gathered round unseen together,

whispers from the heart remembered,


so if you have a thought to cry or feel a tear well up inside,

draw strength and know you stand together,

braced against the stormy weather


All gathered here full of cheer,

all those from yesteryear,

so toast them true as you remember

those childhood days,

that last December,


They that passed,

they remember,

this little legacy of December,

from time way back beyond your reach they all gather, you to teach.


they are past,

you are present,

you’re their legacy unwrapped, just a flight of dreams so fast, untapped.


You are still to shine, as you spend time,

time spent under mistletoe, with wine.


An angel’s kiss, you get to keep



At this time of year, many of us are melancholy, as we remember the dreams we put to bed, those conversations, those things unsaid, we stare off in dreams, as youngsters play, in joy discovering the gifts so wrapped, just moments away from our own childhood and the adults which once stood before us. We look to full tables and hear joyous laughter ring through our neighborhood. It’s a joyous day full of wonder and excitement, so grateful are we to have family to spend it with, our loved ones close and held so tight, in embrace and in our hearts.


Take time to look beneath the cracks of reality, so held intact by pride and folly, take a dish to that family down the street, just a card or a friendly greet, to break the ice. Especially that family that fights, the ones the neighborhood could do without, they fight cause of the stress and strain of being stretched, being driven insane by the holiday and the needs to fulfill the impossible bill. The wallpaper is so thin, as we keep up our appearances, our delusions of grandeur, which has everything is in its place, we need to remember. Those without a home or a place to rest their head.


Please take the time especially over these few days when all is closed and many are alone with their thoughts. I’m sure you see them all around, if you only open up your eyes to see, that same scuffed clothing worn thin with revelry, that grand old lady in the food bank queue, that man with the tea stirred hour, cold but for the price of supermarket custom. Those by the bridge, as you turn your head, to stare at the billboard as you pass, with but cardboard for a bed, those with nothing you should remember, for it could be any one of us, one December.


Make a pot of soup this year, fill some poly cups and distribute, you think the mission gets to feed them all. Instead of eating left over’s this year, perhaps make up some plates and offer it to the needy, cause if you look there are many who won’t be having a super meal this year or pulling a cracker full of cheer. Remember cooler boxes keep food warm too, and a coffee in a cup and a kind word, means more to someone who ran out of luck.


Don’t be scared because it’s me, and you, or him, or them, or he’s dirty, or her hair is matted. That unwashed smell you wear it too, if you have no place to bathe.


It is my ardent wish that Christmas comes for everyone this year.


I wish to you and your family the very best Christmas that has ever taken place in the existence of mankind.


Make it so.


Namaste, may all beings be blessed.

The End Came To Pass

The End Came To Pass

Earth time: Sunday 12/22/2013: Star date: Unknown: Reality: Still To Be Determined:

So it’s on the cusp you stand, teetering between the yearly repeats of expectation on one hand whilst on the other hand clutched firmly, the dawn of a new world , a completely new paradigm where nothing will ever be the same, a change so monumental that you will barely comprehend the life you leave behind. So, wavering in this moment of uncertainty, yo-yoing back and forth like an oscilloscope graphing your doubt, you have to choose where to place your power, your energy, your commitment of resolution, your attention and single focus, the choice is yours, you powerful creator of worlds. Choose wisely.

So long the illusion of being pushed around, the meme of control, has been perpetuated on this communality of our existence, it’s gone but still the program is played out, oft repeated in a self perpetuating passing down in the DNA and familial setting not to mention the zealots stuffing ideas of darnation down throats wide open with hunger. So long conditioned to follow blind, it takes will, to shift attention off that which is not of resonance, onto that which you do require. Note require, not, the word, want, in your existence, in your world, to me, the word, want, is a word of lack so I wish to remove it from my vibration as I act out of a fullness of vibration resonating with desire and requirement, as what I require is, it is done already, and needs only to come to pass in my slowed time continuum of reality placement in a world of illusion, structured to my requirements.

So I see the road of this reset has ended and only the varying realities of the communality have to catch up and sync together at the finality of all complete and exchanged.

I hope today brings what you ardently desire to your reality now.

Namaste, may all beings be blessed.




In this way, recognize that what you often consider, in your civilization, to be miracles, you consider to be out of the ordinary, above and beyond the mainstream reality that you are used to experiencing in your day to day world. But recognize, what you typically call a miracle is, in actual fact, recognition of the fundamental workings of the universe. It is a recognition of when reality, physical reality, the experience of physical reality, as you have come to know it, is actually working in a synchronous harmony with all other levels of reality. And thus, a miracle is actually representative of where the universe is working most naturally.

Physical reality, the day to day events that you typically experience that seem to be different from what you call miraculous, that, in a sense, is even more of a miracle than a typical miracle, as you call it. For a typical miracle is an indication of the natural state of the universe, where everything works hand in hand, absolutely flawlessly, and can create whatever manifestation is indicative of the way the mind and the heart and the belief of the individuals involved in that circumstance wish it to be.

Whereas, what you call, your day to day life is the product of divergence, many times, from the so called natural awareness or natural state of creation, natural state of reality, and, in that sense, the things that you most often take for granted are actually the exception to the norm. In that sense, the way you have structured your reality, all of the different diversification’s, separations and specific endeavors that you create in your day to day lives, those are the miraculous manifestations of the foundational energy.

Your daily life is, therefore, miraculous. And when you see, in your life, what you normally call a miracle, when all of the normal, what you think of as normal, activities that go on are, for a moment, seemingly suspended to allow this so called miracle to occur — in actual fact what you are seeing, therefore, is the very fundamental, the homogenous, balanced, natural energy that everything in your daily lives is created from. Therefore, recognize that your lives, at any given moment, are made of magic, if you will, are miraculous in that way, and that what you typically call a miracle is not something that is an interruption in what you think is a natural or normal way that life exists, but it is actually a manifestation of naturalness. A manifestation of the basic root foundational energy out of which all of the divergences in your daily life are created.

A miracle is a calm spot, the eye of the hurricane, as you say, wherein you allow all the different energies, the homogenous energy of the foundational creation itself, to simply work in its purest form. When you know, in that state, that everything does fit in with everything else, everything does work in life, and a miracle is simply your willingness to allow, on all levels, all at once, life and the universe to work in the way it was designed to work.

So, if you wish your lives to become, as you think, more miraculous, and for life to become a more and more effortless expression of that level of creativity, then all you need to do is allow your life to revert back to this natural state — to the zero rest balance point — to allow the things in your life to be there that need to be there, rather than thinking that you must make or force or push those ideas into creation.

Desire and determination, those are tools that can allow you to allow your reality to work. But desire and determination do not have to be expressed in a struggle type of mode. Desire is the activation seed that will bring to you anything you believe to be possible to experience in your life. And when you allow your desire, your excitement, which is your indication of your connection to the primal energy out of which all is created — when you allow your desire to bring those things into your life, then your life will be effortless, will be miraculous, day to day to day. -bashar-

The Gamut of Incredulity

The Gamut of Incredulity

The gamut of incredulity is being run by those who feed off the emotions of the ebb and flow of favor or darnation. Stay centered and certain, inside your truth, inside your construct of reality. You will know within hours what your momentary monetary position within life’s’ circus will be. You will see either access to your blessing, a sure illuminated path, or a plethora of excuses which will guide you downward if you let it. Lift those eyes and remain clearly sighted on the goal that is held within your heart and vision, your soul’s journey, holding steadfast, at the end, for it is the end, the end of the show. One way or another, this is the end, the road of paved platitudes has run out.

So much good news abounds yet I am inundated by messages from people, and am astounded that that so many people are still wishing to find proof that something is “not happening” or is unable to happen. It springs to mind that, in life, if you look for faults, you will surely find them.

If you’re wavering, finding it hard to be, or steering between the weeds upon the path of life’s trip, perhaps it is time to flip your concept of reality on its head. Instead of gazing into the hazed cloud cover of delusion, presented by many who know nothing more than you do, decide rather to see clear skies. Seek blue sky, for blue will appear and thus allow the sun to shine through in greater and greater amounts. I love the sunshine, the warmth and comfort it brings. Perhaps that is why yogis stood on their heads. To induce a momentary rush of reality so it would appear as synapses and brain cells nourished by oxygen rich life fluid.

Truth is always there to be seen. What you focus on becomes bigger and more real for you. But is it just an illusion? Is it just a focal point of change? When we shift our perception, to the next focal point we can jump, into new dimensions of reality, if we hold but steady our concentration.

I sit in a room, watching dancing silhouettes of strange shadows flickering on the walls of tissue-thin illusion, curtained around me, snug, an illusion, which is falling, failing, crumbling within the sight of truth. These points of view, holding true, have no distance from me and you. While I am far from each of you, in a breath I can find myself near any of you. I can reach out and touch anyone and everything in my world. This is what you are able to do too. Even if it is hard to remember sometimes, we are all one, and together, we dream our destiny of constructs, materializing into reality around us, seen uniquely from our vantage points. It’s a world of individual commonality, gazed upon and sometimes seen for what it is.

The dawn is breaking upon a world where many will suddenly find themselves transformed, a ticking number as rates climb and fall, graphed, from rags to riches and varying dreams in between. This is a manifestation, a miracle of motion, in stillness, for you, for me, who those who can see.

For a miracle to occur, in the world of external illusion first requires an internal creation, we suddenly notice the order of the universe, or perhaps a sweeping change of consciousness rising from within, opening our eyes to the truth of all things and removing our preconceptions on how reality is to conform, erasing the laid out memes of the past. Now, most of you, are beginning to embody the wealth vibration throughout all of you, be wealthy and abundant it is your birthright.

Those who hold that vibration are already seeing the manifestation of this shift blessing. Some are still to see it begin to unfold after you. You are seeing it, as some of the elite have done, soon you will be joining that group of people, vibrating wealth and materializing abundance as you will. So if you call them elite, a label, do you not toe tag those who are different and separate yourself from them. The only difference is that they have that magic of vibration that you seek but you are soon to achieve resonance and then from attunement you can lead a change in note. A variation in pitch. It’s all a perspective, we may see all as perfect and everything in perfection.

Whatever your construct of reality, it will be accommodated, so choose wisely. Utter with consciousness the words of spelling upon yourself and your fellow humankind. Rather than condemn, it is possible to commend instead. Change to the language of yes. The gap of distortion grows thinner as the veils in the illusion tear, strips, in the fabric of momentary reason, for then the next instant is upon you, or so it seems in your creation.

It will happen in the twinkling of an eye that all is different. You shall perceive the truth of those who were your foe a moment ago and who may now your biggest ally be. Such is the sweeping and welling up inside during the dawning of new understanding, new belief, the truth and reality of consciousness. It will touch everyone no matter their label, no matter their station. Change is at hand, for you, for me, and for humanity.

As the veil of illusionary existence begins to drop, let us remember how we traveled in a spiraling ascent of knowledge and skills acquisition. Let us not forget all those who could not maintain the course, who we left behind, or who we kissed goodbye. All will find their path in their own way, none are lost. Everyone is allowed their story. To the many fallen, on this quest, this journey, to all of them, and to you, a bow, a salute, a bugle call, a tribute true.

Namaste, may all beings be blessed.