true meaning of sovereignty

true meaning of sovereignty

Once we get the true meaning of sovereignty and embody its truth, our actions are infused with that energy and freedom can result.


Being infusing action (doing) – the concept is so simple; it is that we are free already; such a truth of illusion shattering propensity but until we can realise that truth fully, we cannot comprehend the magnitude of the understanding – you can do this: you can do that: it is all to no avail; rather sit under the tree to discover you are free already and then the bonds fall away and all action is originated from within the power of freedom. Such a power results!


For that reason we continue to show people how crazy the world they live in is: everything reversed; everything turned on its head; such huge injustice; a looming magnitude of negativity so huge that it become preposterous, its clear inhumanity unacceptable, it becomes too great a darkness to ignore at this point questions must be asked of self and this drive to question awakens.


Which once the illusion is seen, drops like shattered mirrors atomizing into specks of dust as the reality of life emerges.