The Divine Con Job

The Divine Con Job

Everything exists in the absolute, as does the synthetic matrix universe of the divines, that too exists within the absolute, but it is a control mechanism, it is the matrix of illusion.

We with the illusion of awakening awareness who are making a transition or a phase/wave change with our perceived reality, as we turn away from the prison of beliefs and limiting ideas towards the freedom of connection to the absolute and the true expansion of our being, it is us who are forcing this illusion of control to crumble.

Whilst we may perceive many as children on the foothills of consciousness they are at the same time great masters and gods who have traversed many creations and are in some respects looking back on themselves, and even in that is illusion, for it is just the absolute experiencing itself.

The importance of the definitions and annunciations of our reality cannot be underestimated for words create worlds of thought and energy packets and then our perceived solid reality and really there is no difference for all is vibration, all is energy.

It is our projections both individually and as a collective consciousness which determine the world we live in.  So it is really important how we align our energy, and how we spell into existence, creation.  Heaven is here, right now, if we realize it.

The divine illusion is just one of a myriad of creations, it is not the absolute and it is not the pinnacle of the all and we are kept in constant identity with it at every turn of our lives.  Insidious are the traps and twists at every turn.  In every facet of your known experience it is there.  It is embedded in your folk law, in everything you have ever read.  It’s got a nice little fake creation set up, to trap the unwary for eons, but you’re breaking free now. Breaking free of these channels, these spiritual hierarchies, these slimy control mechanisms, these unworthy feelings, this need to control and be controlled, to have your dreams and notions filled by outside of you.  To be giving your power away to outmoded ideas and false prophets.  All of that and more you are dropping, as you discover you are home already, and never left at all.

What you swear to be the truth is illusion, every bit of it.

It permeates not just your physical expression but your spiritual too as you are connected into this matrix of illusion from your chakras and your fields are full of energy signatures, tapping in, controlling. There is a whole spiritual world of illusion to progress and traverse many traps of religion and new age notions, all designed to keep you entrapped and in the divine matrix.

Mind and ego will fight you at every step, at every thought, for you threaten to discover what and who you are if you go against the programing. So old ideas are updated repackaged to ensnare you to entice another seeker of truth in another ride and on it goes, until you figure it out.

In the divines creation it is always accompanied by well entrenched memes and beliefs – and earths controllers fashion and reflect that back to you at every opportunity, you are in many respects kept within a prison of a very narrow bandwidth which holds you in a set of ideas and beliefs. Never in the divines’ illusion will you find huge recognition of the plain simplicity of being, the isness,the shear perfection of a being just the way they are.

When you find yourself caught up in the gratification of self, pandering to the ego, or perhaps caught up in the myth of channeling higher self or aspects of the divines, the whole body and mind rebels to this notion, none of this could refer to you it says, it must be others. You will catch yourself saying my work is so important, I’m doing so much good, I fulfill an important role, I’m leading others in some way or other to their salvation, you can just fill in the blank that your mind presents now, in total rebellion to the concept. All of this is the divine matrix.

At present we oscillate between the two paradigms, one where we buy into and give energy to the crumbling divine matrix of control and proxy worship forever being less than and subjugating our power to others in both physical and spiritual domains or we move into the new world, back into the one original creation, back into the 5th D, bringing with us a new understanding, embracing who and what we are, back into contact and recognition of the absolute in all.

The great simplicity of the absolute experiencing itself and that is all, such peace and understanding as we drop that which fetters us. The secret is in awareness of the energy at play and to become that nexus point between the absolute and the physical – to in essence to be in this world but not of it.

You have come into this creation to transform it and you and you accepted this mission with gusto, how could you not for beyond the veil of illusion you are a conscious being with the power and magnificence of the absolute reflecting back on itself and you cherish this awareness.

It is confusing leaving a lie, for the body and mind fight it with every fiber of their being, threaten to break the illusion and all manner of excuse will arise.

However once you have pulled a false veil down to discover another and yet another many are committed to finding the absolute truth and having a constant connection unfettered by memes be they societal, religious or new age, its a want of freedom to discover who you are, free already and the path is through the heart.

So drop everything, even this, and then you begin.

Awareness of Self

Awareness of Self

As awareness of self dawns upon the being, like the sun rising across the land, gently pushing back the shadows of forgetfulness, then the realization that all who you meet are whispering to you, singing a song, so fine of tune, so pure of note, of such beauty in the lyrics, that most are stunned by its beauty and entranced by its message.When they begin to hear and see the celestial dance of God.All who you meet, are you, they are God glittering in fine perfection, – such beauty to behold, and as the vibration of you, rises, raises the fragment of creation into a higher level of awareness you begin to realize that God is talking to you, from every mouth, from every gentle breeze that blows.

The songs of nature and crashing wave, from every atom of existence and from your mouth too, Gods message thunders.

Beauty and wisdom rolls out upon your world, it can be so fine a vibration, such a masterful note, such a world of beauty.

You let go and begin to watch the journey of unfoldment in heaven, in the supreme moment of it all and all that is, for it is heaven where you are, even if you recognize it not.

It was you who slept – but not! For it was only a part, a fragment of you that was asleep but thought it was the all and you awoke to find the world as one, a world as you are. Magnificent.

From that point on, every word and gesture you make is loaded and infused with the supreme importance and mastery of the absolute.

So chose wisely when you wake, or is there no choice at all?

For to be awake is to be in unfoldment, to be in the moment, to Be, with no thought at all but the impulse of God delivered unto God in its myriad of forms … an endless creation.

Namaste –

by – C.R.

Tone of life

Tone of life

Every word is a vibration and every vibration is the seed of creation – chose your words with certainty for they will create your world – CR