A girl I once knew

A girl I once knew

For my friend Mellory, Happy Birthday

you’re gone, but not forgotten,
frames of movies past,

just memories remain
sands of time ran out,
musical refrain

danced our youth away
school days and beaches,
follies of our youth
time skipped, slipped, night and day

yesterday, playing at teenagers
now you have youth eternal
while I watch the clock wind down, all around ages

youth fades away, once fresh faces
lines remain, etched stories of different places

Once upon time, we were both young but that was yesterday

Chains Of Belief

Chains Of Belief

The chains that bind us,

light spider webs or chain links of heavy lead.

Bind us tight in both respites, their weights draining

hear all complaining, heavy is their toll.

Words whispered in the crib, sharper than the quills nib,

etched in deep upon the soul, nursed from generation to generation.

As you sat on granddaddy knee, you learnt his energy and his limitation.

Your mommy taught you one plus one and daddy showed how it was done.

For every past, you were one, a son, a daughter, a carrier,

of records.

Those beliefs you took them well, you made them yours as you dwell

fitting in, putting on the clothes of common convenience.

One day it came to pass that this was a hollow glass,

devoid of substance and meaning.

Then it began, that letting go, you began to glow

those beliefs, those memes of common jailer, tethers to an insane asylum, unraveled.

Freedom breathed light and full,