“A Basket of Laws – Soon?” by Mnt Goat

UU1033 – “A Basket of Laws – Soon?” by Mnt Goat

Hi Everyone,

Today’s news letter is all very good news, like amazing news ! It is all about these new laws and why we wait so long for them to be implemented. Are they the holdup for the budget and the RV?

I truly have always hated to give a date for the RV but I have to say this time a new window of opportunity for an RV is staring us right in the face for this week – and more than ever before ! It could not get any better ! . I just can not help to bring this news to you. Let’s see how this is possible.

So today I want to emphasize once again that we are literally just waiting for the news of a hand full of new laws to get forwarded to parliament and then voted on by parliament. Some call this a “basket “ or “bundle” of laws. But there is more to it than that. It is not that simple. I think we may not hear much more about most of these laws that are in the waiting. Like the monopoly board they intend to go directly to HOME and collect what is due to them. Let me explain.
But there is a key to unlocking this mystery of why many of these laws have been in the waiting. I will tell you in this news letter today. Please be patient when reading today. For some of you might already know some of this news but you too should be patient and read on so you can see the big picture. I have to prep you first (and everyone else) so I can tell you what comes next. So again, please read the entire news letter, slowly and carefully from top to bottom and do not skip around.

Today’s News

Today is Monday Feb 9th and still no RV. I am not surprised are you? Guess all these so called “gurus” messed up again….lol…

In bringing you the news today I first need to remind everyone that when you hear of any Iraqi law being “passed” or “voted” on always, always ask yourself what legislative body in the Iraqi legislative process are they talking about. In other words who passed it? Who currently has the bill?

For example ask the question – Did it pass the Council of Ministers? Or was is voted on and passed in the Council of Representatives? Two very distinct legislative bodies. One writes the laws (Council of Ministers) and the other reviews the laws from the representatives (Council of Representatives or House).

Both must be completed prior to most laws being “done”.

I have listed a link below that I hope will explain the Iraqi legislative process to you in more detail.


But if you notice what we have yet seen any legislative bodies where there is direct representation from the provinces themselves, much like in the USA as senators from the states go to Washington DC and represent their states.

Are we all good so far? Do we all understand? Now lets move on to something very important !

The Council of Ministers do not write the Iraqi laws in a vacuum since they often rely on help from finance committees, more experienced parliament members and representatives directly from the provincial governments. Side meetings and negotiations too often take place to get the needed written bills completed. When all is done the council of ministers then holds a session and votes on the news bill if they pass they are completed. This does not mean they are done but only written and ready for the next step in the legislative process. This process is the very point where most get confused. The articles too are not always clear. If you truly want to bring truthful news to the dinarians then you are responsible to clarify it. You must take the time to follow-up and know exactly what you are talking about.

Most of these laws in this so called “basket” or “bundle” of laws and are not yet “done”. They simple passed the Council of Ministers and most have had their first or second readings. They are ready to have a final vote in parliament , but why have they not been voted on by now?

This is because according to the Iraq constitution there is yet another legislative body to be involved that has not been fully formed and established up to now. It is called the Federation Council and I have talked about this council in many of my past news letters. This is the direct representation from the provinces themselves as I referred to above as senators.

I have been told that over the last couple days this council is now completed and being fully implemented. I almost fell off my chair when I heard this news. Again amazing news that is mind blowing because it is happening so fast. Also I have waited for this news for almost 3 years .

What does this mean? It means that all these bills in this “basket” of bills can now be reviewed by the provincial representatives and thus meet all the constitutional mandates for legislation in Iraq. These bills can now move forward. We will soon hear about some of these remaining bills in the news this week….just watch.

Since this is yet another layer added on the legislative process called the “Federation Council” these new laws must go through a review and pass thru this body of legislation too. But wait a second you might say…..this Federal Council has not yet been implemented and it too needs a law passed by parliament to legalize it. So how can they send these news laws to this council for review?
BINGO ! Now you understand the current situation that the Iraqi legislation process has been in. But this is no longer an issue since the council is now legalized.


You see Iraq sort of put the cart before the horse in that they have all these laws written and negotiated but they did not yet have all their constitutional legislative bodies in place to review and pass them. Now they do and I believe in this next session on Feb 10th they will bundle these laws in a basket push these laws along in this “basket”. I believe that the HCL and Article 140 is top on their agenda and we will finally see and hear of the conclusion to these laws.

Iraq almost had to put the cart before the horse in order to get these bills in progress. Kind of like multi-tasking. They also could not wait on these laws first for the budget bill since they knew the process and knew they could schedule this event to happen when all this could finally come together. Also since most of these bills were already in the making they only needed fine tuning and some minor changes to the wording. This is a good thing and shows us that Jubouri, Abadi and Masoum really want to push this government along and make up for lost time of the Maliki years. I believe this may be the week when we finally see all these new laws come together.

Incidentally the Federation Council had to review the 2015 Budget law too and has just reviewed the law today and so do you wonder why we have not see it yet ratified? We kept asking ourselves what are they waiting for? The president can not ratify it until this Federation Council first signs off on it. This is now in the works but remember we also need all these other laws too to support the budget bill. Can’t have one without the others.

Remember the 2015 budget bill was passed on Jan 28th and the president has until Feb 12th (15 days) to ratify it and then 2 days to place it in the gazette. Once placed in the gazette they have 24 hours to fund it.

Could we be in for a VERY LONG wait for all these new laws, including the 2015 Budget bill, to reviewed by the Federation Council ?

Absolutely Not! At least this is what I am told by the GOI. Since most of the provincial representatives were needed to negotiate these new laws many have been already involved in the new laws all along. Dr Allawi has been running an “informal” federation council behind the scenes. Basically I am telling you most of these new laws are already reviewed by the members of the Federation Council. For the most part all they will need is a quick session and to pass thru the bundle and let Parliament do a final vote on the “basket”.

So the Federation Council is now legalized and is implemented. It is a brand new part of the review process for a new law and will NOT be an additional burden and time consuming going forward on new laws, as many are believing. They will work in conjunction with parliament during the readings and supply their input in harmony with them. They have not yet had the chance to do so formally in the past for this “basket” of new laws because they simply did not exist as a council when many of these laws had their first and/or second readings. Remember many of these new laws originated years ago. Maliki was blocking the formation of the Federation Council.
More on the Federation Council

Bear in mind the Iraqi government was NOT fully formed according to the Iraqi constitution until the Federation Council was implemented and working. This has been overlooked and ignored by many “intel gurus”. It is a USA and UN mandated requirement before any completion of the economic reforms can happen meaning a re-pricing of their currency. It is part of the carrot they hold out over the GOI.

So don’t get confused. Since what is really important is the fact that parliament is still going to be the “final” vote and this is really part of the key we are looking for to unlock this mystery of why we still wait for an RV. So now we know what has to take place with these new laws and why we have not yet seen them move forward to completion on them.

Last Week’s Progress
The process of carrying out their plan of completing their government was explained somewhat especially in my last 2 news letters of 2/2 and 2/4. It has not changed. This is a continuing saga. The plan is being executed.
We saw the Federation Council finally being implemented and this was HUGE news.

Next we saw the national guard law get written and finalized by the council of ministers. Then we read about the Ba’ath party reform bill also being finalized. This we all should recognize by now as a precursor to full Amnesty implementation in the very near future. We all should also know by now the implementation of amnesty is a stickler with the USA.

Next we saw many more banking reforms announced for example we read about the by acceptance of electronic deposits from the Iraqi government into any bank, even international banks. We also saw the Committee on Economic Affairs hold its third meeting and from it out came twelve (12) banking sector decisions. Did you see these? Here is the link.
These decisions are nothing new to any of the world’s banking sector . Just normal banking practices. However this shows use the concern to bring Iraq back into the real world’s banking sector to play with the “Big Boys” (the international banks around the globe).

Next we heard that Abadi was going to give the people a surprise and then out pops the GOI announcing the 2003 night time curfew has been lifted. Life is going back to normal in Iraq. This to me is weird since we are still constantly hearing news about Mosul being overtaken and other areas of northern Iraq still under ISIS occupation. But I think I know the strategy being played out here. Iraq is desperately trying to portray itself as a safe and secure country for investors to flock to. I think that lifting the curfew is a brilliant move on Abadi’s part and tell us once again just how close we are to having the economic reforms completed.

Now when will they give the people back their currency? How can anyone not feel that this is just about to happen.

This is all good and it was a very productive week for Iraq. I am very excited !

Expectations for this Week
Remember that these new laws in this “basket” of laws back up the budget bill of 2015 we just witnessed get voted on over a week ago on 1/29. These laws are needed since the budget provides funding for them. How can you fund something that does not yet exists or is not finalized in legal form?

So now these laws must be reviewed by the Federation Council, by Feb 10th at least a cursory review to meet the constitutional requirement for a review. Since the next session of parliament was announced to begin on Feb 10th I believe this is their target. I believe this will not be a hold up and this deadline will be met. Remember too I have heard that the Federation Council has been informally involved in many of these bills already and these representatives are very familiar with the content.

Next I believe this “basket” of new laws can then have their last needed readings in parliament (if any required) and get their final vote. I also believe they almost have to conduct this vote on the “basket” of new laws as a basket in order to get them all voted on in a timely manner. They will be racing the clock since I believe the deadline for this voting completion is Feb 12th.
Why Feb 12th?
Because that is the deadline for the president to ratify the 2015 Budget Bill and the budget needs these laws in order to support and make legal the allocations contained within it. They have a couple days of fluff since they have two days to publish it in the gazette once ratified and 24 hours afterwards to fund it. So this brings us realistically to Feb 15th when the budget will be opened and the allocations can begin to be spent. Will this happen on time? Let’s see what happens this week.

Does this mean they will re-price their currency on or prior to Feb 15th?
Iraq has been telling us they intend to complete the economic reforms on around mid February and more specifically maybe completed by the Unification Conference as it is scheduled for Feb12th. It all makes sense to me. Do you think perhaps there is a link between this conference date and the dates I outline above? Seems like an intentional schedule put together to me.

So I ask you now these questions:

Could this Federation Council requirement be the final step that ties all these laws together for a final vote in parliament for this basket of laws this week?

Could this vote be coming in the next session beginning on Feb 10th in order to be done by Feb 12th , the next Unification Conference?

Does the GOI want to enter this conference with egg on their faces or to report progress, as promised? Remember they are now well beyond the 120 days mandated timeframe agreed to by the GOI to complete any of these reforms. It is way over the time limit to implement them.

Today is Feb 9th. Can they do all this in 3 days?

Are they much farther ahead in this process than they are leading us to believe?

So you see Al-Abadi along with the CBI have to make a decision soon on when to RV this currency. I believe this decision has already been made weeks ago and we are now in the final countdown window now that the budget is truly done and the government is fully formed. Can Iraq be fully positioned with all these new laws in time to open and begin spending this 2015 budget?

Peace and Luv To Ya All,
Mnt Goat

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