Anonymous wrote:

So here you are at the end, full of confusion, peppered with misdirection and lies.  Very easy to get caught up in the nonsense of emotions running high and out of control.

At the end the sharks have gathered, feeding on the stupid, the unwary and the greedy.   All these flush little deals being dangled so seductively have all come to naught.  They shall all come to nothing as they cannot pay out until we have a RV.

Those who have not figured they have been caught in a double blind deserve all they don’t get.

There are International scams flushing out the Dinarians, getting them on the list and enticing them with empty promises, sign to them with exclusivity and sole access, the stupid and greedy will end up with less, and receive their just deserts.

I see many good folks have tried to educate, tried to explain, but misery loves company and even while many de-bus these groups daily, those remaining having been brainwashed and drunk the kool-aid can only yap around their masters heels as they seek attention attacking any sane thought on the matter.

The scam artists even ventured further afield – down to the islands to scoop up those in dire need, spinning lies and half truths with their silver tongued words of poison.
They have no shame. no morals and no integrity, to feed on the desperate and the needy who are already in distress really is of the lowest calibre of individual.

Please remember the many cautions you have been advised to take in the matters of verification of your dinar and your own personal security, those who don’t take heed, may in the future, pay a very high price. I suppose the Minos are leading the rush with no brains and nothing to lose and big mouths running with no consequence.

At the end various political agendas are being exposed as coercion to expose all actions in this saga are pushed to forefront.
There is a plan, its still on track regardless of political agendas and mayhem that is trying to be wrought.

The experienced are hanging tough knowing that they did the ground work a long time ago and even newly on-board participants should be wise enough to know that at the clearing bank they will get the best deal ever, without all the risky shenanigans of contracts, NDA’s and exclusivity agreements.

Iraq is just more smoke to bring water to your eyes – all eventualities have been covered and the plan proceeds, no matter how it plays in the public arena.

So here you are at the end watching the sharks circling and eating the unwary and stupid, make sure you don’t become fish food.

Soon we will be on the other side baring a catastrophic event.

May you be in peace while you wait.

by Anonymous.

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