Anonymous: 1- things are unwinding with respect to the GCR, PP, FP and RV’S, a lot of insiders are excited, so am I. 2- news from the sandbox informs us, that A – government is seated and functioning. B- announced in there Gazette is official. C- budget is out officially, seen on national tv. D- bonds are being traded ( 3.71 is its rate of exchange, so expect that to be the official tradeable in country rv rate. ) E- no delays, glitches or ptb hands on the cookie jar. F- many ships being unloaded, while many are being loaded. G- banks on US are silent now while banks in Europe are being tested till Sunday. H- nothing has changed from the original plan, once the information is set loose you will get what has been spoken to you about your exchanges.

They speak of many private airplanes in Dubai, Kuwait, Qatar in private hangers as of 3 days.

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