“Be Careful What You Ask For”

MNT. GOAT UPDATE :“Be Careful What You Ask For” , 20 DEC
UU8548 – “Be Careful What You Ask For” by Mnt Goat

Hi Everyone,

This is going to be a great news letter today. A little long so grab a cup of hot coffee, get your reading glasses, find a comfortable chair, sit back and relax.

There are many topics to cover and it is all related to the process of the revaluation of the Iraq dinar. Please be patient, sometimes you have to break a few eggs before you can make the omelet…..lol…

I will try to make the needed connections for you as much as I am allowed to tell the story.

Today’s news letter, as in all my news letters, is a continuation of the ongoing saga of the IQD RV process. Please refer back to my last news letter of 12/8 as this news letter is a continuation of this news.
Today’s News

Many of you keep asking me why the RV is still consistently being held up. Maliki is essentially gone and a new government is now in place but still no RV. Once again we have witnessed this over and over especially in the last couple weeks right up until now. Why?

There are many reasons and I will try to explain some of them that I can talk more liberally about.

I know for a fact that if all went well in Iraq this past week we should have seen this RV. There was a plan laid out by the USA and the CBI. However the Iraqi government did not complete its part of the plan and so it simply will no happen according to this old plan.

This is how the plan was laid out for this week. This weekend the RV being announced, first in Iraq (showing up on the CBI website) then the new rate going live in Iraq on 12/22.

Many of the groups in the USA would then have been allowed to continue exchanging through the two weeks of the holiday season up until the end of December.

The 800#s were to be activated on 12/18 to begin appointments with exchanges beginning on 12/22. This was the plan and it was not executed.

If you do the math you can see that there was a 10 day delay built into the rollout schedule from when Iraq RV’d and the official USA roll out. I do not know all the details or the concerns as to the necessity for the 10 day delay.

So today is Saturday and still no 800#s- What happened?

My contact in Iraq was informed by the Finance Minister, Hoshyar Zebari, in a news briefing as late as Thursday 12/18, and he said that the ministerial committee in charge of preparing the budget had just completed its work and will provide the general budget in its final form to the Council of Ministers next Monday 12/22.

You can see in order execute this planned rollout the USA needed this budget done by 12/18 as previously scheduled. So now the plan changes.

So what is the new plan?

Also Ahmed Sarhan, Parliamentary finance committee confirmed on Tuesday 12/16 , that the general budget for the year 2015 Act will reach the House of Representatives later this month, while pointing out that it was agreed to reduce budget expenditures to reduce the deficit ratio.

The head of the parliament Saleem al-Jubouri confirmed also this week, the House of Representatives are ready to hold an extraordinary session in the event of the arrival of the budget to him, pointing out that the government faces challenges in this area and thus may not get a quorum as needed for the session voting.

All of these late budget adjustments/modification have messed up the timetable of the USA for the final phases of the RV rollout plan but be patient.

We all have to take the punches and roll with them. I believe we are still in a very, very close proximity to the final phase completion. The plan now just has to be adjusted a bit for the timing.

So to make a long storie short, everything is now pushed out. Because of the holidays I do not believe we will not see many more group exchanges going on and what is remaining will go with the final announcement and general public. This is being planned out right now as I write this news letter.

A new timetable should be forthcoming soon. I will attempt to bring it to you when I get it. I am hearing they still need to have the RV done once the Iraq 2015 budget is voted on. They are still targeting the end of 2014. They need to open the budget immediately after passing it in parliament.

Remember this all was originally supposed to be done prior to the end of December 2014 but we see it is now overflowing into January 2015. This is not a good thing. It can not overflow to far into 2015 for obvious reasons. I am still hearing a target of very early 2015.

Seems the early part of a new year is the best time for this RV if we look at the past target dates. So we can probably not expect anything until then.

Is anything done on time in Iraq ? ……lol…..

Every year Iraq struggles to get their budget completed. Their fiscal year ends on Oct 31st. This year is much different however. This year they are facing deficits due to the war and the money stolen due to Maliki corruption.

There is an entire book of projects they need to complete and fund. Sure they have great wealth but you can’t spend oil it has to be brought to market and sold first. The ever changing recent drops in oil prices is causing a constant strain on having to readjust their budget figures over and over again.

The good news is Iraq is now making it public that they will open the oil spigot come 2015 to over 500,000 barrels oil for their annual production. This is amazing !

We can expect yet lower oil prices in the future. Some are saying that this is counterproductive to them since prices will only drop even lower – good old supply and demand economics.

Yes this is true however the government of Iraq can’t control the other oil suppliers and thus have to raise output to increase revenues since revenues now are lower per barrel. Does this make sense? OPEC now had taken a backseat in allowing this free oil flow. Just why is this all being done this way?

Remember too in the past the IMF and the USA reviewed their budget and then allocated the DUI funding to support it, as appropriate. Since Iraq was not allowed to manage their own revenues from oil for fear of funding terrorists or buying weapons of mass destruction.

We see from the old Maliki administration that this is just what may have happened too. For 2015 there is no legal grounds for this process to continue since Iraq is now a sovereign nation.

So how does the USA keep tabs on their spending? This is a simple matter. They force them to outline their revenue sources and expenditures (using a budget as the means to do it) and they force them to make it legal (a vote in parliament) so they adhere to it.

Remember the USA is still in part micro managing Iraq since they are the new kid on the block when it comes to democracy and budgets.

They now motivate them to do this all by dangling the RV carrot in front of them. If the USA does not like something in the budget it will never reach parliament and is negotiated at the level in the council of ministers. This too has caused many delays in getting the budget prepared.

As we can see from my explanation above the Iraq 2015 budget is on everyone’s mind these days. Many think this is the one event we are all waiting on to get our RV. Well I am here to tell you today it is not but certainly has an indirect impact. How can it not? Sometimes they create chaos to bring us order in the end.

They (meaning Iraq) are now simply telling us another delay tactic from announcing any completed budget until the time is ripe and they want to push out the final part of the Iraq economic reforms that of bringing back their currency to international status.

Remember they have to tell their citizens something since they keep announcing these reforms will be done in the coming days.

I will attempt to explain to you what is going on behind the scenes and not being told in the news media to us. When I listen to the news media on this topic the information is very, very superficial in nature. What you are being told in part is what I explained above.

What is reality is much different than their perception. What I am about to tell you now is also part of the situation. Listen up! These are the other reasons for the delay.

A Bit of History

In 2012 we witnessed an announcement by the CBI of their intentions to RV early 2013. The new coins too were supposed to be introduced in Sept 2012. Remember?

The Maliki GOI interfered so then once again delayed the process. After this delay we heard a year later in the fall of 2013 the intentions again to follow up and complete the project to delete the zeros in early 2014.

Then in late 2013 we witnessed the takeover of the CBI and once again Dr Shabibi’s plans for an RV were postponed indefinitely as announced by the new governor of the CBI.

Dr Shabibi had all intentions of rolling this RV out on these scheduled timeframes during these two timetables. The CBI itself has just recently told us these facts in recently published articles so this is not rumor or conjecture.

Remember there are two plans and two RV timetables that must coincide together. One timetable is that of the USA since they hold the POWER to run the software to initiate the final stages of the rollout to the global exchanges and banks. The other timetable is the plan of the CBI and their intentions. The CBI alligns the RV to the political and security situations. There simply must be security in both areas.

The problem is the two plans are not always in sync and often clash as we saw in 2012 and 2013. Our intel here from the USA UST tell us of the USA plan, we then hear the CBI plans on what news articles we get. Some of us have excellent CBI contacts to help us out.

As good intel providers to the dinar investor community we are responsible to try to piece together these plans and sync them up. This does not always happen and so we are left hanging repeatedly when we are only told of the USA plan and do not see, understand or appreciate what is really happening in Iraq and its impact on the USA rollout plan.

Thus the USA plan anticipates certain events in Iraq and adjust their plan for the RV rollout accordingly. Intel then tells us any day or everyday for the RV. Is the UST then lying to us?

No – I believe these sources are telling us the current plan. The operative word here is “current”. Do you get it – the “current” plan.

So then when the RV does not happen according to the “current” plan we are disappointed. Maybe if those responsible for this roller coaster ride would only take the time to read the articles and get some real contacts in the CBI they would know and have a sense that the two plans are not syncing up and thus do not announce the USA plan to us to get us all hyped up.

These intel providers could then also get to understand Iraq politics a little better instead of just regurgitating what the UST tells them to say.

This is much of this constant problem we are having with this everyday and any day hype we keep hearing. Especially during this time of the holiday season this is the last thing we need, more disappointment.

Now we see this happening once again. This time the USA has issues and demands from Iraq concerning their budget. The USA also had other issues of their own budget approval (I will explain all this later).

Yet the current UST plan is being shared with everyone on these dinar info calls. Why? Maybe there is some responsibility to be held accountable by these people who are spreading this RV news without really studying the situation in Iraq themselves. It is not fair to all of us and it is sad.

I know we can’t stop listening to their calls since the news seems addictive and we are junkies. Right? Can you stop listening? Someday we know that the UST plan and the CBI plan will sync up and this one time they will be correct. This is the day we hope for. This is why we keep listening.
The USA Budget Bill of 2015

Okay many of you are now saying how in hell does this impact the Iraqi RV? It does and let me explain. Let me start by saying that the USA is now once again trying to pay Peter by taking from Paul. Do you know what I mean by this?

Many financial analysts have been telling us for decades that some day over the horizon the USA government would not be able to pay even the interest on the national debt since all of its incoming revenues would be spent on just paying the interest on the national debt and nothing left for anything else. Could this day now be here?

Without the USA budget where is the funding for the exchanges going to come from?

Yes – I too know most of the public exchanges will be just electronic deposits to new bank accounts but eventually you will be spending the money such as for businesses, charity work, new cars, homes, annuities, investment portfolios, etc…yes?..no?

So again I ask – Where is all this money going to come from initially for these products and services? The banks are not just going to give out FREE money. The oil credits are not yet revenue until the oil is sold so this will not happen until sometime in the future.

The answer is in the funding programs the IMF and the UST has been working on since 2003. There are many of these programs and some are very creative. Many of these programs are now fully funded and waiting for transfer to the banks and so yet another sign we are very close the RV exchanges.

So the U.S. Congress has given its final approval for a massive $1.1 trillion government spending plan for most of 2015, ending a threat that the federal government could shut down again if the legislation was not passed.

The measure, approved late Saturday 12/13 in the Senate by 56-40 vote after a vote Thursday by the House of Representatives, funds the government through the current budget year ending next September. The bill now heads to the White House where President Barack Obama has said he will sign it into law.

Many will tell you this did not matter for the RV and they would be wrong. I explained to you why it matters. No budget, no funding of some of the needed programs. Do you understand?

Can you see now how last weekend since all this lined up in the USA the Iraq budget schedule too all of sudden was announced it would be completed by 12/18. Can see now why the UST conistently keeps holding up the RV.

Frank Dodd Act

This brings us to the inter-governmental fighting going on now between ploitical parties over provisions in the 2015 budget bill for the USA. One side wanted to strictly apply the Frank Dodd Act provisions and allow in country “bail ins” and the other side apposed.

They are slick and tacked on this provision to the budget bill as a remedy for revenue generation. So if you vote for the budget you are automatically voting for a “bail in” to help pay for the additional expenditures.

This was required by the Federal Reserve if any more loans were to be granted to deficit spending in 2015. When will all this madness end?

What is the alternative at this point? Do we rob Peter (now the general public’s bank accounts) to pay Paul (the government) once again or do we cut spending to balance the budget (like they should have done decades ago)? This is of course only a short term solution.

What happens in the future and how many “bail-ins” will they need and have? How long will the citizens allow their hard earned money to be confiscated by the government to pay off debts caused by their irresponsible spending habits and mismanagement of public funds.

This panic stems from actions of countries around the world now circumventing the “petro” dollar and promoting trade with currency wars with china and Russia that is now rising to the number one with global currency swaps in conjunction with brics, mint, and next 11 countries and other nations.
By the way the currency of China is more closely alligned with an asset backed currency unlike the USD that is more of a fiat currency. This too is one reason the Chineese have kept thier currency value so low.

The world knows the USD has artificially increased in value over many decades now to be a player in the global currency and oil wars. Especially in the current value of it. Look at the sudden rise in the USD.

Just today the value listed at 90 cents…amazing ! There is absolutely no justification of new assets to back up this sudden rise of currency value unless the USA is in fact paying off the national debt in the background. Could the IQD have anything to do with it?

Let me explain something too that most do not understand. The USD does have already a real asset backed value, just not justified at the current market rate.

The country of USA still has valuable resources like oil, forest, gold, minerals and other natural resources. It still has the most robust economy in the world too.

Soon the USA will out produce even Iraq in shale oil production. I do not know about you but I am getting a little tired of all this talk about the crashing of the USD. I am hearing now even exchanges being done in other currencies and not to USD. Is this all fear based and who is creating this fear of the USD?

Is some entity intentionally trying to orchestrate a crash of the USD? Just remember this – “Oh what a web they weave when they practice to deceive”. Please research and don’t get caught up in all this hype and fear about the USA crashing. You are all much smarter than to go along with such nonsense.

Everything I have researched tells me the USD currency is predicted to make a very strong comeback after only slight adjustments coming up shortly.

The “petro” dollar is not dead and is not going to die anytime soon. Yes – some countries are moving more away from the USD as a median of exchange but they have been doing this slowly now for decades since the first Iraqi war and is nothing new. Remember what goes around comes around.

Iraq too has guarantees on the use of the USD for trade and oil sales for decades to come since. Its all in the new HCL legislation, there are provisions that force the use of the USD (or “petro” dollar) in the selling of oil globally.

Other middle eastern countries too are going to follow the same such as Turkey, Jordan, Saudi and Kuwait. Soon Syria and Iran will be added to the list. Just wait and remember this news letter and you heard it here first…lol….

These countries see the benefit of supporting the USA and its new policy for the middle east. They can see the property it can bring and are tired of this constant terrorism threat.

IMF Reforms 2010

I have talked about these IMF reforms of 2010 in many of my past news letters and the reluctance of the USA to sign on to them. Why won’t they? Other countries around the world now realize the IMF reforms are being delayed by the country that has the majority voting share (USA).

The USA does not want to lose its clout. But there are many, many good, much needed reforms that should be implemented too and its just not about the voting right changes.

On the other hand the brics, mint, 11 other developed countries no longer see any value or useful purpose of the IMF due to inequality and voting percentages. So the inaction of the USA in not accepting these much needed reforms and is literally killing the process. Major changes are on the horizon.

Going Back to a GOLD Standard

I have to say I am so surprised at the complete ignorance of some individuals on this topic and how they are spreading their lack of knowledge. The fact is the world will NEVER, EVER go back to a gold standard. Do you really even know what the gold standard is? Please research it first before you spread your rumors.

However the new economic reforms for currency and transparency do mandate asset backed currencies. Currencies can no longer be printed without justification of assets to back them up (fiat currencies).

It is the IMF who wants to hold the key to determining the inventory of assets for a nation. This is in the 2010 Reforms. There simply has to be one responsible gatekeeper. The USA does not like this gatekeeper since they no longer will be able to simply print money at will.

Gold is and should be a percentage of those assets. It can be in the bank or still in the ground.

This does not mean the assets have to be totally gold and formed in gold bullion stored at a Fort Knox as some comprehend. Get it? We see this now in the new gold backed treasury notes of the USD.

This does not mean they intend to back up all the notes in the future with gold. This is just rumor with no factual backing from the UST. There is not enough gold in the world to ever back up all the USD hard currency now in circulation around the world.

These new gold backed USD notes (or TRNs) are simply available to use for international trade between nations and give a level of transparency to the USD that is being demanded now by other nations.

They are not intended to be put in the hands of the everyday citizens for everyday commerce. There are no intentions to back all the USD notes in the future with gold. They are not expiring the contract with the

Federal Reserve either. It is not going away in anytime in the near future. Trust me on this one….lol…

Having regulated gold backed reserves will never happen since it was in part the cause of the great depression in the late 1920 30’s in the first place.

The debts of nations were so high at the crash that nations simply did not have enough gold backing their reserved to meet the timely demands to other nations.

With the large sums of cash being dumped in the already inflated markets in such a short period the entire system was doomed to come crashing down – and did when the demands to payout in gold (the international reserve at the time) where made so suddenly by so many.

Moving to the USD as the reserve currency and the currency for the international media (“petro” dollar) of exchange was done at that time to stabilize the world’s economy since the USA did have the most robust economy and was a secure nation ( in comparison to other nations).

Remember this was soon after WWI and at the tails of WWII. The great depression in Germany following WWI reparations has a lot to do with it too.

So to help resolve the crisis there were strict financial regulations put in place that helped rebuild the economy of the USA and assisted other nations.

These regulations have since been slowly eroded and this is said to be the main cause of much of the current financial mess we are now in. This really hit home during the Reagan administration when people demanded that government take a hands off approach.

Then soon experienced the saving and loan crisis better known as Black Monday. Again demand out paced the supply. Do you

remember this? For over 30 years since the depression driven regulations were enacted not one financial crisis occurred. Don’t believe me? Do your research.

All these financial crisis after crisis started when the deregulating started with the appeal of these reforms. Again I say to you – be careful what you ask for …you just might get it….!

So these new IMF Financial Reforms are part of a solution once again to help resolve the unchecked free flow of cash between nations. Why does the USA not support it then?

Having gold backed currencies is not a sound practice no matter which way you look at it. Not just my opinion by the way. Do you own research. First of all with a gold backed system many smaller developed nations could never comply. Second fractional banking simply does not allow for it. Do we do away with fractional banking then as an answer?

Let me answer this question with a question. Do you want to get rid of your opportunity to buy a new home or how about a car loan? Or how about freezing all your credit cards and demanding the balances be paid in full now and no longer having credit cards. Its all connected together in the way our financial system works.

It is all related. You simply can’t change the system in place overnight without some real dire consequences. So my advice is please stop listening to all this foolishness being perpetrated about the fall of the carbal or the new republic.

We must be careful of the people who are spreading this stuff and what system they have in mind to replace what we already have. Again – be careful what you wish for – you just might get it.

As part of my time in the intelligence area let me explain some issues to you now. If there is ever going to be a huge financial crash it will be caused by these people. It will be intentional. Who are these people? Are they the CIA trying to stir up the masses. Why? What are their true objectives?

Sometimes the opposing force is itself the same entity. Yes – the same entity. Since we expect an apposing force then why not invent one. If you don’t invent one, one may spring up anyhow and it may get uncontrollable. This way you own it and have total control over it.

This way you can manipulate the masses without them even knowing it. Make sense? You essentially own both sides. One quick example: Gun Control- the CIA plants a gunner in a school, mows down innocent children, people then want more gun control. They demand it.

States and Congress then can pass more gun control laws. Do you see what I am saying. What is the real objective here? More gun control for the safety and good of the average citizen or more gun control for the state in order to control any future revolt against the state? What is planned for the future?

Remember these secret entities often cause order through first causing more chaos. A tactic all too familiar in the intelligent business. So wiping the financial slate clean and staring over can never and will never happen. It will be so devastating and so bad to the economy you may wish it never happened.

They may try to convince you this is a good thing. There is no way out of this mess unless there is full global cooperation between all nations.

They must heal and mend the broken parts of the financial system and do it slowly and gently to institute the necessary reforms and come up with more creative ways to pay off these huge national debts. The IMF and WTO is now attempting to do just that.

Paying off the National Debt

Some are saying the Iraqi RV will pay off the USA national debt? Think about this. Where in hell will $20-26 trillion dollars come from in order to do this? It would take profits from Iraqi oil credits 50 years or longer to pay off that much of a debt. Now with the dropping oil prices even longer. I do not think this is their plan or ever was. Let me explain.

The RV can however help to bring in additional revenues thru these oil credits to stop deficit spending each new year and finally have surplus revenues enough that they can be push to slowly pay down the national debt. So you see there are really two issues here.

One is paying off an already huge ever increasing national debt, another is the annual need to borrow more money to increase it yet even more. Both issues must be addressed.

Kind of like using a credit card. Stop the spending to stop the limit increase, then bring the limit under control by paying off the owned amount.

Do this and more and ore of the monthly payment is gradually going towards paying off the principle debt and not paying off interest each month. Overtime it is an exponential result. But it takes discipline and many of these speciall black opns projects or free aid must end.

If you can’t pay off the principle debt in a lump sum then you have to slowly pay more each month beyond the interest changed for that month on the existing debt.
Soon you will see the limit of debt will slowly decrease each month. Of course the more favorable approach would be to use a lump sum payment on the debt and then to get the spending under control so yet more debt does get racked up again in the future, thus creating a crisis all over again.

The politicians never want to talk about the debt in these practical terms because they believe the average citizen is stupid and can not comprehend this level of detail.

Well I am here to tell you they are wrong. Most of us face these challenges each and every day and some go to jail for failure to meet their legal financial obligations too.

The fact of the matter is former president Clinton did nothing to pay down the national debt with revenues generated from the Kuwaiti currency revaluation. This is a fact not my rumor.

I say again nothing ! Instead his administration used that surplus revenue to pay the govt bills that year instead of borrowing yet more money to compensate for overspending that year. Thus the national debt hardly increased that year and necessity to borrow more money was less.

The fact is what surplus money remained after he left office was given out to the citizens as rebates under president GW Bush. Do you remember this?

This was of course nice for all of the citizens receiving these checks but the reality is it was the worst and most irresponsible financial policy ever perpetrated on the American citizen. Think about it. What was really going on here? Was it all to gain confidence for the upcoming election.

So please I am so tired of hearing about how this Iraqi revaluation is going to solve all the USA financial problems and pay off all its national debt. I hear statements like ‘ Why can’t they just pull the trigger it will be so good for the national debt”. Save this rhetoric for your dinar gurus.


I think we are still in a very good window to see the RV announcement at the beginning period of the new year.

I have to tell you there was some amazing news this week but it appears other issues prevented the RV announcement in Iraq. I have tried to explain some of these issues to you.

Of course all the best laid plans are for mice and men. So the plan now adjusts once again and we adjust with it. Relax and be patient. We will be at the banks soon. This roller coaster ride is almost over.

The PTB do not just spend years of planning and strategizing middle eastern policy and spending trillions implementing their plan without completing it.

Then when can we expect the RV?

Let’s just say this – If you have not yet gone out and purchased your bottle of champagne. I would do it now and get it chilled and ready…..lol…..! We are only 11 days remaining till 2015.

Let your hearts be light, your cares be few, and all of your wishes just might come true.

Merry Christmas to all and to all a good year !

Peace and Luv To Ya All, Mnt Goat

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