In this message I wish to reach all dinarians. Many have been fooled by some folks who have stated an exchange before the rv officially is released, guess what those folks haven’t received jack. Some so call ministers are encouraging there flocks to return there dinars for it is a scam says them, they are shifting you away from this BLESSINGS FROM GOD, for it is just that a BLESSING. Look folks we are actually entering now that last book of the bible, REVELATIONS, so if you want to know the truth read it in the Holy Book. The three key positions that had to be seated are to the fact, once it is published in the Gazette it will be official and the international release shall be a given, all banks worldwide are now expectant of this issue so be prepared. Now I know that those of you out there are not idiots and this is a fact, I know that you are wise and faithful in God, if this thought of mind is so true then hang on to your dinars and just let our Lord Jesus and God Jehová finish for us what is expected and in There perfect timing. We are already there, I can’t furnish anymore details for I was asked not to reveal such information at the present. But my advice hang in there, get your paperwork together, think in the positive and do like any real Christian would do and that is hold the faith and wait on God’s timing for this blessing is now a given in His timing. Bluwolf

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