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The Ghost writer wrote: the timer is set …

The Ghost writer wrote:
I have been silent for a while now, watching as many do not heed the advice which has been disseminated – too many are falling for scoundrel ideas and confidence tricks of the greedy. I think it is time to set some of the fanciful ideas straight.
There is one clearance bank and at present there are no other banks in the USA with the monetary capability to exchange the millions of dinars other than this bank. It has been designated to do the exchange and always it was and is to be Wells Fargo. So if you are hearing about a cap on dinars, dong and zim you’re in the wrong bank! The bank you are in or going to go into has not been contracted by the UST to do the exchange. These banks who are not contracted to do the exchange therefore suffer from liquidity problems hence the caps. Those banks have to make their margin out of you.
Those who are filling your heads with particular rates are doing so for one simple reason – they have a story and by-line to follow – those banks not contracted can only pay out what is on their screens – yes, and they really want your currency so a little subterfuge is in order to garner a share in the marketplace.
Those who have hoodwinked you about caps and various rates will cause many of the unwise and foolish to rush headlong into the nearest bank and to exchange at very low rates. The banks are sure going to rub their hands in glee as they work the margin in their favour. The bankers will capitalise on the many brainwashed folks out there who have been fed the same story so many times that they begin to embody it and believe it. You don’t brainwash a community over and over every second day for no reason do you? Perhaps redemption is the gratuity offered or the stick applied for their services rendered.
As the time now passes and we shall shortly reflect on these words we will see that already this venture is actually already over. The GCR,PP,FP and all the rest of the projects to help humanity are now a reality and fast turning from myth to tangible and quantifiable funds, like an unstoppable tide it is surging forward and breaching the seawall of the PTB putting them to asunder. They have lost their power and can cause no more mayhem of insidious delays.
So there are no more delays, no more posturing, no more twists in the path. We are in the position of waiting now, waiting for a certain timer to finish its countdown and the act to trigger. All the tests have been done, all the machines have been checked and all the relevant personnel are in place and in lockdown. They are standing by for what must be one of the most momentous events in our personal history.
There really is no more to say or to write. Other than these parting words – Stick to the original plans you made, follow through. Don’t get suckered into groups that are skimming the cream and sucking the marrow out of the plan. There have been and in some respects there continue to be many arrests and it is with certainty that I say that the security issues have been perfected so you will be quite safe if you stick to what you know and not be swayed by those who wish influence over you.
Good Luck to you, the new millionaires of our world. Plan well and execute even better, out with the old and in with the new, for a better tomorrow, for us all.
Feel free to repost!
By the Ghost writer

Dont get pushed to a low rate

From the ghostwriter:

The ghostwriter has been silent,watching the unfolding process of this RV and hasn’t posted for a while.

The ever vigilant good guys of this process are always watching and looking out for you even when you are tucked up tight asleep in bed. Those that pull the strings of the worlds financial markets think they are ahead of the game twisting turning squirming right to the bitter end.

Their greatest fear is that their shenanigans and plans are brought to light. When they are exposed they are undone and that is what we work at quietly all the time, ready for the next twist and turn and when we find it we strike!

Now those in the good old US of A are trying to mess it up for Joe Public which means for the most of us, you and I they wish to kick to the kerb and exploit. Us the General Public will not go quietly into the night.

At this very moment as we draw close to the end of this ride, the situation is that Wells Fargo and US Treasury is in complete lock-down and nefarious plans are in play. There is a plan afoot which we want to nip in the bud. They wish to be very clever and attend to the groups first, processing them at their various rates both small and large. This we do protest as we wish all to have the high rates regardless. The high rate is there for the taking so we need to speak up!

Their plan is to let the groups process through first either towards the end of this week or next and then about a week afterwards to release to the general public at the low rate of $3.22 now many would feel ecstatic at this rate, but it is a dismal paltry amount of what your dinar is worth, not even a quarter of the due rate to you.

This is not fair, this is not right, this will not happen if we bring it to light.

Stop the greedy and repost far and wide so the message hits home, that we know and we will expose them if they try this.

From the ghostwriter

Feel free to repost this message if you wish, its your money at stake.

The Ghostwriter wrote: As illusions begin to crumble, the nature of your reality is revealed to you.

The Ghostwriter wrote:

As illusions begin to crumble, the nature of your reality is revealed to you.

As attacks hit Syria, those countries that are not a part of the intervention have now realized that this created problem is a product of that 1% that still desires to keep control. They still wish to control humanities future and their prosperity, however they are finding that it is impossible, as power structures are being changed and dismantled.

The world is changing before your eyes but many are too blind to see what is before them as the world opens its wings to true freedom.

While you are distracted, all the prosperity products are now in motion. All is complete and its timing in appearance will be most opportune for us.

By Ghostwriter

Ghostwriter: Wake Up Before Its too Late!

The Ghost Writer Wrote:
Dinarians you had better wake up and fast, you had better ask some questions and make a noise or you will surely regret you inaction and your blind golden retriever faithfulness.ghost_writer_quill_ink
This is and always was, to be, a Blessing! A blessing to those who knew it was up to them to change the world from every echelon of society, in every conceivable way.
Do not fall to manipulations and the hypnosis of those who will do anything and everything to put you and keep you, down and enslaved.
So which pill did you swallow? Did you take the RED pill or the BLUE pill. Just in case you took the blue pill and drifted off in blissful ignorance of your situation, forever lost, smelling the rainbow farts of unicorns as they leap over the fluff clouds of Dodoville, the red pill awaits you if you chose to read on.
You better wise up and fast!
The whole world awaits the US getting their ducks in a row and the show on the road, they are for sure getting some show on the road. The show of the government, the show of those slimy individuals who will not relinquish control, who will not change. They are up to it again, yet still the Dinarian family is fed their nightly calming platitudes as they drift off into sleep dreaming of a better future which is supposedly just a day or two away.
Wake Up Now!
You have heard from Bluwolf and some others about the skulduggery at play in California, Boston, Utah etc, but whats really going on there?
Some say a scam, some say a sting, they could be wrong, and still the world waits, waits for the greatest show on earth to begin!
Why are we not at the bank?
Why is the designated Clearance Bank not allowed to start to process us?
Why isn’t Wells Fargo allowed to process the big groups, yes those under Madam Wu, the Stanley, Studley, G64 groups, why are they being hindered, why are they being sidelined.
Why are the group leaders from the G64 not standing up and asking questions loudly? Why are they not addressing the problem proactively now, with the banks? Many put their trust in you, get off your asses and on those phones!
Why is the world at large waiting? … Oh its for the perfect moment! … Balderdash! There will never be the right moment, there is only ever the one moment of Now and it is time for the release of this blessing.
Those fools who think they are so clever as to exchange early have been themselves shocked, the funds are not available and you can show any ticket you want but you cannot access them till public release. Were you all too greedy? Do you think that these lower tiers would be allowed to double dip as the others did. No you were set up in more than one way. Firstly you got hit with very low rates, you are going to cry at the end of the day. Secondly you are going to find after all those fees and lined item costs you paid – California exchange at Banco Santander, paid out on SKR, vouchers, tickets – however you wish to call them, after $3 they got $1.78 and those funds will not clear – you are going to find that you were paid through one person, resident in one of the highest taxing states and you made it to the list for further taxation at those high state rates, so you are going to lose even more when its taxed on the $3 and not on net. Big Oooops there!
Then we had the Bank of America exchanging at $18 in Boston and Chase in Utah at $14 etc. etc. … I really could go on if necessary, but you get the point … you’re not getting paid yet!
Why are you not getting paid is the question? Who is making money? How are they making money? Why are the Dinarians being shafted? Why is there a continual delay for this Blessing?
Why is the UST processing through other banks?
What could they get to gain by taking in x amount of dinars at a very reduced rate?
Where is the contract rate going?
Why are we all being primed to take street rate without a fuss?
There are so many whys and perhaps if action doesn’t start or you don’t think of them yourselves, I’ll have to put together something, which hits a little harder! Right between the legs!
Don t be complacent, don’t let the devil get into the details of this exchange!
So get asking questions before its all too late!
You many repost if you wish to.
By the Ghost Writer


The Ghost Writer Wrote: The pantomime of Iraq

The pantomime of Iraq is just that – a play and the players on the stage are constructing a plausible reality to present to the world of common opinion and the commentators of structured belief – mom and pop down on the farm have to nod in studied agreement. It has to fit into the bounds of believability or the fabric of reality might crumble and reveal the puppet masters, naked in all their glory, emperors in the finest of threads – you’ve read the story.

Everything working to a plan and the minions scramble to move the pieces on the chess board of the arena of play into place. The oversight of this plan has been long term, so long in fact that you could say it was a historical repeat but not of a history you have ever read or can conceive without stepping outside your limited beliefs of conformity.


Iraq is just a small focus of a rapidly approaching final piece in the world jigsaw puzzle soon to be the foundation of another greater plan – a piece in a bigger jigsaw puzzle and the stakes are always high, greater than you can imagine – but that is still another chapter to open at a later stage, in a book already written.


The pieces of this game must move to their designated and arranged placement or they must be replaced. Libya, Syria, Egypt, Venezuela, Russia, Iran, Iraq and Israel, all designated for change as the prophets spoke of in times long past, even in the last couple of years some of your favorite gurus have clued you in, did you listen, did you really understand when they told you of the double dealings of men of influence and power, deeply lining their pockets on the misery of the innocents.


Collateral damage! As the plan marches relentlessly onwards. But whose plan is it?


Only a few have glimpsed the plan at play as it moves to this moment of completion. What you don’t see is the players who think they are working on their agenda, making untold riches on the suffering of many, but they serve to move the goal closer and though they try to grip with dead mans hands they have become expendable to the plan and have to go.

So whilst you see the struggle of entrenched families and allegiances with roots so far back time that even their beginning was an ending of another twilight lit remembrance, you are seeing a monumental shift, it is one of consciousness, for although they hold illusionary power and riches beyond imagination, the spotlight of awareness has been focused upon them, these illusion rulers, and they find themselves standing alone, the few amongst the many. They are afraid!


As they cast around looking for their lackeys they are finding that, no one is willing, no one is receptive, no one is psychopathic enough, to share in their destruction and be pulled down with the undertow of sinking vessels of inflated self opinions of media manufactured grandiosity. All they can see is their future of replacement and humbled redemption in jail cell block after public ridicule and damnation. It is better to chose your bedfellow well! or be tarred in common association.


It is quite a earth shattering experience to find you were not the alpha and that your light has dimmed, soon to be extinguished in the relentless stipulations of the plan.


All you see around the world is the frustration and the humiliation of those who pronounced you vassals as their influence unwinds into oblivion and new players take the stage.


So while the world media bids you look at what we push into empty minds fastened to the tube of regurgitating opinion, great change is afoot elsewhere.


In the little drama of our participation, many are experiencing a new found abundance albeit at a diminished return, it is the price you pay to be first through the turnstile this rotation.


And then there are others who grin from ear to ear like the proverbial Cheshire cat, till nothing but their grin remains … real sparkle like!


Those still hooked into the groups of ludicrous extortion are still waiting, belly up to be scratched, which wont be before any other. You cannot help those who wish to have company in their misery, just be grateful you’ll never have to hear them whine for their NDA prohibits it! A great mercy as generally they are of sniveling tendency and you’re better off without having to listen or be asked to bail their stupidity.


There is much disbursement of funds at present, many t’s have been crossed, as i’s have been dotted, as obligations are fulfilled, enabling a closer step, to almost upon the stage. Still the announcements must be made as catchup in another arena is played.


Still we hear from the clearance bank that all is well with high rates and easy passage the wise know this well and are prepared. Know your plan, be ready.


The pressure is relentless to complete this before the end of month, so no matter the act you are watching at any given time, know the conclusion.


Its approaching fast, at light speed.


You many repost if you wish to.


By the Ghost Writer





UU8772 – Why the hysteria?

Hi Everyone, I come to you today to give you a very brief update on the progress of rebuilding this new Iraq government and how it all relates to our revaluation process of the IQD.

So what will happen in Sunday’s session?mnt_goat_insert_image1

Is all what we are being told the truth?

Today’s News

Today is now Friday July 11th and we anxiously await for the next parliamentary session on Sunday July 13th. We know they originally announced a mid August date for the next session and it was quickly moved ahead to mid July. Why?
All my intel sources from Iraq are telling me it is coming to an end and the government is already decided upon and just waiting for the final voting process as a matter of formality. The plan now is to vote on all three presidencies during this next session. At least this is the plan today. This is what they are preparing for.

As we all should realize by now Maliki is gone.

You can argue with me all you want. He is gone! He has voluntarily retired and can no longer be a threat to the process of building this new government. As of June 14th his legitimate power as prime minister has ended.

He tried to get his power extended in his swift attempt to get national emergency powers. His plan with the militants in this respect did not work. He has tried to use the reasoning that his party should still be in control since they won the majority seats in the preliminary results of the election. Of course this is twisting facts to suit his own goals.

But remember he was not the only threat. He also has his goons and Shite supporters from the State of Law and the Islamic Dawa Party still around. He could never have been so successful in the past without his supporters. They are still amongst the politicians and they did win 92 seats in parliament. (We will not know the final ratified seat count, after they discounted the invalid ones from voting fraud, only after the new speaker is seated).

Some are saying it is as low as only 60 seats in the final analysis. What does this tell us? It tells us as long as they (meaning the National Alliance the winning party) has a quorum in parliament (quorum defined: the minimum number of voting members who must be present at a properly called meeting in order to conduct business) they will have their way if they are met by no interference.

The 3 presidents will be voted in very soon. If not all on Sunday then shortly thereafter. If not on Sunday’s session there will be a legitimate reason for holding off. They want this new government as much as we want it if not more.

I also want to help some understand what is really currently happening in Iraq.

I have said to all in multiple news letters in the recent past to be careful of the false intel now coming out of Iraq and from the USA reporters. Seems many of you dinarians are still bent on getting anxious and stressing out over some of these false and recycled articles from the past.

I ask you one question- How the heck can parliament leaders be agreeing on the 3 presidents and at the same time Kurdistan be threatening to pull out of Iraq? Who does that make sense to? Can you think for yourself and stop believing this garbage. I have gotten hundreds of emails requesting details of Maliki leaving. I have given you all the details necessary. There is no more for now to say on this topic.

At some point you have to stop chasing rumors and believe. You do want to know the truth?

Here examples of the recent propaganda they are now putting out to hype everything up:

First this is totally ridiculous. Why? Because Iraq does not process any of these weapons and it was against Chapter 7 sanctions and against current UN articles.

2) THE CONSTANT BADGERING AS OF LATELY BETWEEN THE KURDISTAN REGION AND MALIKI GOI. First let me say there is no GOI as of June 14th. Maliki is no longer prime minister and has no say in anything dealing with the Kurds. The Kurds know this and simply will disregard any of these statements. Also these articles are weeks if not months old, dates are changed on them and they are simply recycled. They are not current news. Why do they do this?

3)THE KURDS THREATENING TO ANNEX FROM IRAQ: First I will say the Kurds had their opportunity 10 years ago to split off from Iraq. They chose not to do so. It is in their best interest to stay with the Republic for many reasons and they know it.

I believe all this hype is being pumped out by the Maliki goons remaining in Iraq in last ditch efforts to confuse and create chaos in these last days prior to the announcements. They still want the State of Law’s candidate to get a shot at the prime minister position. They need chaos and fear. They thrive on it!

The average person listening or reading the news would not know the difference of what is really going on in Iraq and might buy into these articles. But we know better….don’t we?

I also want to mention on another issue that is really bothering me. It is ABOUT THE US DOLLAR (USD) DEVALUING. I have heard concern over many of the intel calls and I too have received many emails about this.

Please, please, please stop panicking over this.

Are you a money manager for handling others wealth? Are you responsible for billions if not trillions of dollars? The answer is probably no to both of these questions. For most of you all you have is a maybe a couple million or less in IQD. So what is really your problem with this?

All these intel providers mentioned this and now everyone is panicking. You don’t even know why. You are concerned because you think you have to be. Becasue you are told you have to be over and over again. Let me put your mind to rest. Some entity is attempting to hit the panic button on the US dollar, making it drop yet even more after the GCR devaluing. It is a plot. The worst thing you can do is not invest in your country’s own currency. Did you hear me? I said invest in your country’s own currency!

This information, of a devaluation of the USD, was actually a disservice to you and not helping you. This is the problem with giving you too much information. Some of you have selective hearing and only hear negativity.

You are not professional money managers and do not know what to do, if fact you don’t even know when not to do anything at all and stay still. This is reacting to hype with fear. You are being taken advantage of and being manipulated by those that know you are venerable. .

Did you know –
1) There can not be any substantial devaluation of the USD. If it ever happened it will not be planned, this I can assure you. Then you will have some real worries….lol…

2) We are talking about maybe a 5% devaluation (3-4 cents) at the most from the GCR.

3) The USD has had these fluctuations before and you did not even know about it. So what was so horrible? Did the USA economy fall apart? Did you even notice it?

4) The world can not survive if the USD should go below around 73 cents for any long period of time. There is just so much still connected to the USD even after the implementation of the asset backed currencies in GCR.

5) The US economy is still and will remain the most robust economy in the world for decades to come. It will take 20-30 years before they could ever phase out fully the USD as a global standard media currency of exchange if they planned to do it. They will do this slowly and with the support of the USA. Yes – with the support of the USA. This is something the entire world wants and is not a conspiracy against the USA.

Do you know what this means? The USD is not going anywhere for a long time. So please stay calm and relaxed.

(Note: There are several groups using the “Nesara” name…….Not all are the same, or should be lumped together in the “same category”)

One more concerning item – NESARA concerns. Please before you ask any questions about the NESARA news please, please go google NESARA and find the truth about this group. Then google NASARA. Two entirely different items. See who they really are. They are instigators and they are trouble makers. They take a tiny bit of truth in something that just happened in the world and take full credit for making it happen.

This group is nothing more than a couple of people in a room with a computer who have gained many thousands of gullible followers over the years, especially now with the GCR effort. They are claiming full responsibility for any progress made in the stability of the world and the happenings of the GCR. This is of course nonsense. If this is true then where are all the accomplishments of the original NESARA bill?

I will agree that they and I have the freedom of speech to tell our story just as we have the freedom to ignore them and research and believe in the truth. Yes, in principle I agree with many of the original objectives of the NESARA bill and I believe, if implemented may have saved us from most of this financial crisis we are now experiencing.

But this group has evolved and their intentions today are much different than the original NESARA bill. There are many things that need to change in the world and they now seem to be the crusaders of justice for the entire world. I don’t know about you but I am very much tired of being asked these ridiculous questions about these ridiculous ideas they are putting into peoples minds.

These fictitious payouts, these galactic and alien ships. Sure there are many needed changes and together we all can make a difference. But it starts with you and me. We don’t need NESARA, NASARA or any group like it to tell us how to think. Oh there is also a NASARA group now too. An offshoot of the original NESARA. Be careful!

The truth about NESARA – National Economic Security and Recovery Act (NESARA) was a set of proposed economic reforms suggested during the 1990s by Harvey Francis Barnard. Barnard claimed that the proposals, which included replacing the income tax with a national sales tax (see also FairTax), abolishing compound interest on secured loans, and returning to a bimetallic currency, would result in 0% inflation and a more stable economy.

The proposals were never introduced before Congress. NESARA has since become better known as the subject of a cult-like conspiracy theory, who claimed that the act was actually passed with additional provisions as the National Economic Security and Reformation Act, and then suppressed by the George W. Bush administration and the Supreme Court. Other people have adopted and embellished these ideas.


I have tried to calm you minds by explaining some of this recent hype we are hearing. It is up to you to now to be responsible in your thinking and how you react to it. You can’t blame anyone else for your stress and anxiety but yourself. If the information you are hearing does not seem quite right then ignore it. It is just hype and meant to get you fearful and anxious. Those that are putting out this nonsense have an agenda. Don’t let them control you mind and manipulate you.

So where is this RV heading this coming week?

I have to tell you that there was definitely a plan last week beginning on Thursday to finalize the international rollout of the IQD and get us all to the bank for exchanges by the early part of this week. It did not happen due to another Maliki move just when they were putting the finishing touches on the implementation. This caused just too much instability and they pulled the plug on it again.

So they dealt with Maliki and it is now all settling down once again. They forced him into retirement. It was put to him this way – retirement or else?

All my intel sources are now telling me they plan to try again this weekend (almost the identical plan). Today is Friday, the process has already begun and so far it is moving ahead.

I do not want to predict any dates or rates but I can say it does look very good for us next week to be at the banks if (remember I said “if”) Sunday’s session in parliament goes well and if their plan to form the government does not get interrupted.

I do not predict rates so I will not divulge what I know in this area since they can change and probably will. I will say the IQD market rate is above $3 and the IQN contract rates with China and Vietnam/China (VNN) are still very strong and there is plenty of money remaining in the buckets for our exchanges. Don’t worry !

Many still keep asking me about the taxes. I will tell you just one more time. Read my lips – there is no news from the IRS on this topic. It will all come out soon. You will be the first to know once I know it. It will not come out until the RV happens.

They do have some special tax rates to coincide with the exchange rate you may take. If you have a state income tax don’t forget about it. Primarily they can do this because of the special and contract rates you may decide to take. Make sure you keep you paperwork and get your agreed to tax rate in writing. Keep for you long term records.

The market rates I am hearing will be subject to the normal currency taxation rules that apply today. If you do not know them look them up or see a tax attorney. These conference call intel providers have no business advising you on your taxes. Everyone is different.

So please stop asking and worrying over it.

I still firmly believe that we will not see any revaluation of the IQD unless Iraq has a stable and functional government and thus has a political environment that it can advance in and thrive in.

Peace and Luv To Ya All,
Mnt Goat

The Ghost Writer wrote 8th July

The Ghost Writer wrote

So many of you were glad to escape from the scam artists, see they fade away but for lone small voices crying out for money … they too feel the flush of the toilet as they go down into the sewer.ghostwriter

Those still visible will soon have their fingernail cling stomped on. If not before most certainly after exchange as they spend their lives bearing their soul to government proctologists.

You have been warned so I hope you too don’t feel invaded and abused annually if you make the wrong choice and share their fate.

Yesterday we were all on track for an 8:30 release when someone threw their toys out of the cot by letting the cat out of the bag. The exchanges came to a screeching stop as banking executives red flagged and consulted lawyers.

It was grossly irresponsible to capsize everyone especially you and I, the little investor. All know its a tiered event but to blatantly announce what was rumor of excited and whispered encouragement was malicious in its intent.

It really isn’t good to unsettle the top executive of the clearance bank, you can almost bet on retribution at some stage. I imagine that Chase and JP will throw their offenders under the proverbial bus as collateral damage to appease certain influencers’ out for satisfaction.

You have really heard nothing from the clearance bank, however don’t be fooled into poking a giant with a stick, you might hit a nerve and then you will have a lifetime of preoccupation.

Easy to forget that the US and the minions of jackboot oppression are not in control anymore and all responsibility lies with the Chinese Elders.

Be still and let the wise sculpt this materialization, not for naught have all been asked to hold their council in the final breaths.

Be prepared and most of all be ready.

Feel free to repost

By The Ghost Writer

The Ghost Writer Wrote 30th June

The Ghost Writer Wrote:
So the event horizon approaches rapidly for all. Here you are, almost at the end, waiting for announcements and releases. This is the most dangerous of times for the unwary.
Now is the time for setups and positioning, so you will see an increase in the propaganda put out to control you and steer you in the direction which those who will profit off you, want you to go.
You will be told, and lead through the process that they wish you to go through. Some of the information is very subtle but you are being prepped none the least.
Keep your head and think. Stop, don’t react emotionally as expected. Stop and think.ghostwriter
By now you should have your plan and know which bank you should exchange through. There is only one clearance bank make sure you are not charged for the service.
Regarding fees levied by banks for this exchange, this is bogus, unless the law has changed (it hasn’t), all currency exchanges must be treated in the same manner.

It is illegal to charge an extra fee / percentage for any particular currency. All must be treated the same. I can only imagine how gleefully the lawyers will rub their hands together when they find that someone is pushing this falsehood. You can be assured that when you contact your lawyer he will be very interested to hear and take to task anyone perpetrating a fraud on you and the American people.
You should be aware and not sign any contract waiving your rights. Ensure you don’t fall for trickery.
You should not be charged any extra fees for this exchange, regardless of the contract rate offered it is illegal to treat any foreign currency different to another by levying a fee to exchange it.
Banks and Exchanges exchange currency at different rates of exchange which are published this is entirely different from illegally charging you to do an exchange of a certain currency at the bank.
You have been informed, if you are wise you will be getting the highest amount possible at your exchange.
You many repost if you wish to.
By the Ghost Writer

Ghost Writer Wrote 25th June

he Ghost Writer Wrote:

Manipulation of the Iraq RV and how it is treated and released to the media.

Humanity especially the US has been hoodwinked and mislead for the last 173 years, both from within the political arena with bought and paid for mouth pieces and their nefarious agenda has been reflected back from their media and communicated to every aspect of our lives.

This is propaganda on a worldwide scale. They control every aspect of your media connection and they control the info flow in almost every medium. They are the sculptures of your reality.ghostwriter

You have in effect been brainwashed, although you may think you exercise freedom of thought and expression, if you look beneath the surface you will find that the ideas expressed are usually those which play endlessly in the media.

This RV is a prime example of a story which doesn’t seem to go anywhere and is always expressing numerous outcomes of possibility. This kind of storyline is even expressed and utilized in Hollywood movies where three or four endings are put it place.

This storyline is coming to an end.

All the major player countries have given the US their ultimatum, to stop the current round of stalling and the issues caused by them. All these occurrences which we see on some media outlets and behind the scenes have now to stop.

There is a certain country who perceives itself an island in the midst of sharks, that is aware of many plots and manipulations against it, many from its so called allies – this country will attack all and everyone at the slightest provocation. The world desires peace, the world desires stability and safety for all.

The world wants to change to prosperity and the many benefits that are accrued by it.

Sec. Kerry went to Iraq he talked with Maliki and handed him the US mandate, – for although you may hear different, Iraq still is not freed from the American grasp, they are still firmly under the US thumb.

Iraq has to unite the many separate groups and to seat the newly elected, they are to stop these tribal issues and they are to honor their constitution,

Maliki is to insure that the newly elected gets seated and there is a smooth transition and then he is to go on his merry way out the door.

The news being peddled on the news outlets after Kerry left is that Maliki ( pronounced Malí-kí – it is pronounced incorrectly) , does not intend to follow that ruling

There is so much nonsense being manufactured for the news, its to sculpt your perception, it is the propaganda machine at full steam.

This insurgency is a managed stage show, a movie fabrication, with no convincing truth behind it. They talk about refinery being overtaken, beheadings, mass executions, when you examine the pictures, there are kids taking ‘selfies’ of the insurgents, there are soldiers marching with untied shoes, soldiers marching in clean shoes, insurgents wearing white gloves, nicely groomed and no sweat. Buildings and streets are intact, they all look like a photo shoot for National Geographic. Anyone who has been in war or even a little firefight knows you don’t look like roses. What you see is manufactured illusion the words play the sound bites they want you to hear, but the images don’t hold up to scrutiny.

Most politicians manipulate and compromise their way into office and once there they need to satisfy their paymasters and backers whilst they all work to fulfill their egos legacy – their mark on public office. How they will be remembered, most are only concerned for their public image and never for their country nor the people they pretend to represent.

With only two ways out for Maliki – either he walks out having made the announcement of Iraq’s currency release both in country, written in the gazette and internationally, or he is placed on a slab, and exits feet first, this is our current time frame.

Talking about time frames, Iraq has no more time left.

Those of you who are wise, know exactly how close this RV is.

You many repost if you wish to.

By the Ghost Writer

Written by the Ghost Writer 12th June

Written by the Ghost Writer.

As instructions for the implementation of a terror champaign were given from those residing in the USA those who issued those orders are finding out what it is to be afraid as the cleanup continues, and doors are being knocked on. It really isn’t a nice feeling to live waiting for that knock of justice, is it?

When you try and control the game, ultimately its the pieces on the board which let you down or allow you to take the gold. Those in Iraq always knew that Maliki was just a puppet and never a truly elected official representative of the people of Iraq. ghostwriterThose who put him in power thought they could control him but as expected he has turned out to be a lose cannon. Those who hatched the plan and positioned him are now running for the hills as that decision to mastermind this dark and greedy venture explodes all around them.

There are so many different levels of control and manipulation with the lie different and the truths different on every level but the web must be untangled. Now the time has come for Iraq to face reality They need to step up to the plate – bat in hand and stand tall in that region of the world – where strength and appearance mean the difference between survival and failure.

Iraq needs to demonstrate to the world at large that they have moved forward and are moving forward ,now, as a sovereign nation risen from a democratic election, ready, to take their place amongst the nations of the region and the world at large.

If they do not actively demonstrate their independence they will confirm the perception held by many – of being a puppet nation acting on behalf of those who hatch greedy, corrupt and diabolical machinations. A puppet of the USA controlled by a small faction of get rich schemers, The Iraqi Nation, it history and its heritage are at stake here.

These elitist schemers, who value themselves above the rest, you know them well having been under successive jackboot stamping viciousness from the highest office, and that is just a face appearance of the hydra of corrupt of spirit and of flesh. Yes they have their escape pad beautified and ready to be inhabited. Safe passage planned and egress routes determined , perhaps they should make use of them and get their butts to Argentina before the man comes knocking at the door.

Its is now time for us all to see the implementation of EXO 13303, in a positive way, the way it was intended, legitimately and with all the safeguards intact. Maliki and his ilk must go, so we can see with clarity the final stages in a transparent manner as Iraq takes its final steps to sovereignty.

Iraq needs to go international with its rate, immediately, stopping all the hostilities of the various interest groups dead.

This is the end game.

What is occurring now in Iraq places an inordinate worldwide pressure for this expected RV to occur imminently. The lives lost on both sides of this conflict and the many lives lost, of soldiers from many different countries, will not be allowed to be in vain. Those who gave their youngest and brightest, those countries, demand results now.

You many repost if you wish to.

By the Ghost Writer