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The Matrix of control

A template creating polarization and other, no matter the dressing we cover it with is supporting the matrix. Escape the matrix of control! Control so insidious that to partake is to perpetuate! When in the now all that is, just is, all those so called relationship problems, the division, the other, disappear, they all are gone! We need to boldly stand outside the matrix by releasing that which binds us – beliefs one and all, they bind us, we need to be feather light with our beliefs, how many or what do we really need, to be? Here, now, I AM, all the rest are weeds in the spiritual garden, good to hang your coat on, to frolic in the splendour of your creation, but any belief, at the end of the day is removal from self, removal from and abstraction of the I AM, the Absolute, the real you, so it is in some sense a trap. What we need to do is to let go and be transformed, to be in the world but not of it, to be, just to be and in that moment, the only moment, we are transcendent, transformed and everything around us is transformed to the reflection of our grandeur. So in every moment be grateful. Be grateful for what is before you, for you have brought it to you, now let go! Let go of your beliefs about what is before you, Let go about all your preconceptions, your strong held hold of reality. Let go, for in that moment, its there, always there, eternal never-ending Freedom. Freedom in the eternal peace of who you are. I AM. Namaste May all beings be blessed

Service unto self

Self love, is service to the self. It is not how much we can love ourselves and pander to the egos wants. It is not putting oneself before another, or other games that the ego plays, like saying I’m so important, I must come first, my needs and wants are greater than another’s’. Self love is at its essence service rendered to others. It is self sacrificing in that it is an acknowledgment that the self appears in all others and not just within me.


It can be difficult to grasp the distinctions between being selfish and being selfless. Many seem confused as they go through life without care or responsibility for thoughts or actions taken. Service is the highest path. Service and surrender go hand in hand. Being in the moment and in service perhaps is the most beautiful of human expressions. Far to many are out of center, out of now, in time, in a fake delusional expression of self, thinking about the past or future, talking about their so called surrender rather than doing it, being it, living it.

The ego will tell you what you want to hear. The self, no whisper even, calls you with an irresistible tugging. A pulling on the heart that leads you home. It is the real you. It is the knowledge and acknowledgment of self that calls. You only need to surrender to its call to know it again, for you never left but fell into duality, polarity, ego. The construct you created to protect yourself because you thought you need protection from others and that you needed to navigate in time. When you drop – other, you have remaining only you.

Polarity, comparing, opposites, difference, illusion. Balance in all things means a balance in the polarity of being which most fall into. The ego goes, you are like that, or it says, you said that, or that person is acting such a way and sometimes it is said very softly, very subtly. How do you trick yourself into judgment, into justifying polarity?

There is a necessity to balance the energy, all of it, each and every polarity we create. We need to balance it by letting go on both sides of the coin, on both sides of the energy equation so we might allow this energy to move. We do not want to be held in place by resistance. Resistance can be when we want something or when we don’t want something, both sides of the same energy. Release on the duality and find the moments of now expand, into the expansiveness of your being found in the now.

Service is surrender to the highest good in the moment of now as one cares deeper for another, putting them first, before oneself, before the ego. Knowing as we are caring for our self in a selfless manner surrendering to what is right in front of us, right now, we are receiving.

How can you give service to your self, now, right now?

Just do it and remain as you truly are.

The heart is in the now

All around me I hear and read stories, stories of this and that and that is why I am who and what I am. I am looking for this or that kind or this or that experience. I wonder how many identify with the story they tell themselves about themselves, their lives or about what they are searching for? Everyone no matter who you are is really searching for at their essence who they are already, without the stories, they wish to be that. You can buy into your own story of I am searching for this kind of person or that kind of person but really you are deluding yourself. You are telling a story. When you identify with any story, no matter what it is, you are in the past or projecting into the future when truly you want to be in the now, experiencing, in the heart mind. There is no thought in the now only experiencing. So can you let go and find the now? This is where you will find peace and where the reality of your life will unfold without the need to control it. Without the need to seek that which is already here and which is already promised. Everything you seek is right here, right now, right in front of you. Open up your heart and feel the truth of your being and allow that which is to be your life, your unique expression in this realm, to just be. Be at peace Namaste.

Chains Of Belief

The chains that bind us,

light spider webs or chain links of heavy lead.

Bind us tight in both respites, their weights draining

hear all complaining, heavy is their toll.

Words whispered in the crib, sharper than the quills nib,

etched in deep upon the soul, nursed from generation to generation.

As you sat on granddaddy knee, you learnt his energy and his limitation.

Your mommy taught you one plus one and daddy showed how it was done.

For every past, you were one, a son, a daughter, a carrier,

of records.

Those beliefs you took them well, you made them yours as you dwell

fitting in, putting on the clothes of common convenience.

One day it came to pass that this was a hollow glass,

devoid of substance and meaning.

Then it began, that letting go, you began to glow

those beliefs, those memes of common jailer, tethers to an insane asylum, unraveled.

Freedom breathed light and full,


The Divine Con Job


Everything exists in the absolute, as does the synthetic matrix universe of the divines, that too exists within the absolute, but it is a control mechanism, it is the matrix of illusion.

We with the illusion of awakening awareness who are making a transition or a phase/wave change with our perceived reality, as we turn away from the prison of beliefs and limiting ideas towards the freedom of connection to the absolute and the true expansion of our being, it is us who are forcing this illusion of control to crumble.

Whilst we may perceive many as children on the foothills of consciousness they are at the same time great masters and gods who have traversed many creations and are in some respects looking back on themselves, and even in that is illusion, for it is just the absolute experiencing itself. Continue reading The Divine Con Job

awareness of self

As awareness of self dawns upon the being, like the sun rising across the land, gently pushing back the shadows of forgetfulness, then the realization that all who you meet are whispering to you, singing a song, so fine of tune, so pure of note, of such beauty in the lyrics, that most are stunned by its beauty and entranced by its message.When they begin to hear and see the celestial dance of God.All who you meet, are you, they are God glittering in fine perfection, – such beauty to behold, and as the vibration of you, rises, raises the fragment of creation into a higher level of awareness you begin to realize that God is talking to you, from every mouth, from every gentle breeze that blows.

The songs of nature and crashing wave, from every atom of existence and from your mouth too, Gods message thunders.

Beauty and wisdom rolls out upon your world, it can be so fine a vibration, such a masterful note, such a world of beauty.

You let go and begin to watch the journey of unfoldment in heaven, in the supreme moment of it all and all that is, for it is heaven where you are, even if you recognize it not.

It was you who slept – but not! For it was only a part, a fragment of you that was asleep but thought it was the all and you awoke to find the world as one, a world as you are. Magnificent.

From that point on, every word and gesture you make is loaded and infused with the supreme importance and mastery of the absolute.

So chose wisely when you wake, or is there no choice at all?

For to be awake is to be in unfoldment, to be in the moment, to Be, with no thought at all but the impulse of God delivered unto God in its myriad of forms … an endless creation.

Namaste –

by – C.R.


true meaning of sovereignty

Once we get the true meaning of sovereignty and embody its truth, our actions are infused with that energy and freedom can result.


Being infusing action (doing) – the concept is so simple; it is that we are free already; such a truth of illusion shattering propensity but until we can realise that truth fully, we cannot comprehend the magnitude of the understanding – you can do this: you can do that: it is all to no avail; rather sit under the tree to discover you are free already and then the bonds fall away and all action is originated from within the power of freedom. Such a power results!


For that reason we continue to show people how crazy the world they live in is: everything reversed; everything turned on its head; such huge injustice; a looming magnitude of negativity so huge that it become preposterous, its clear inhumanity unacceptable, it becomes too great a darkness to ignore at this point questions must be asked of self and this drive to question awakens.


Which once the illusion is seen, drops like shattered mirrors atomizing into specks of dust as the reality of life emerges.


The Trap of the Ego

The spiritual journey is a joyous path but one must be ever vigilant for the ego and other weeds which grow upon the path to distract.

The word ego many read it but do not understand it fully, or whence it originated from.  Id, ego and super-ego are the three parts of the psychic apparatus defined in Sigmund Freud’s structural model of the psyche; they are the three theoretical constructs in terms of whose activity and interaction mental life is described. According to this model of the psyche, the id is the set of uncoordinated instinctual trends; the super-ego plays the critical and moralizing role; and the ego is the organized, realistic part that mediates between the desires of the id and the super-ego.

To all intent and purposes we use the ego as an identity of our own construction, an identity which is false.  Ego-ulIf we take all the beliefs of what we are – beliefs about our personality, talents, and abilities – we have the structure of our ego.  These talents, abilities and aspects of our personality will be attributes of our skills, but the mental construct of our “self” is artificial.  And while this description might make the ego seem like a static thing, it is not. Rather, it is an active and dynamic part of our personalities, playing an immense role in creating emotional drama in our lives

One of the traps of the ego is found whenever we find our language peppered continually with I, now at this point the ego has kicked in with the notion of understanding I AM, I am only acting from source, I am only acting from the highest, I am, I am.  That is the ego!

The true I AM is a brilliant expression where no words can describe the indescribable and its attempt produces the beautiful artistic creations in this world of form.  Unfathomable abiding love for all is even an inadequate expression, as all words and thoughts are, but it is but a glimpse of the majesty and magnificence of the absolute.    

If we wish to discover true source connection, unfettered by limiting beliefs and egotism we should be ever vigilant not to fall to the trap of I, I , I.  For if I hold and cling so dear to my beliefs, which I think uphold the pedestal that ego places me on, I deny the true self.  Only on the release and continued surrender of beliefs, programs and memes can we find the true connection.  Yes there are partial glimpses but they are a danger to become weeds to entrap us if we don’t have flexibility of notion and a heightened discernment of the tricks of the ego.

Now the ego is a craft fellow, it will tell you stories you wish to believe, it will tell you you’re so connected, it will say you’re in source, it is but source who speaks, but it is the subtleties of ego, so self centred but not expansive, so self turning but not connected, so self absorptive that it lacks true compassion, so self obsessed that it lacks true empathy and true clarity.  The list goes on and on, and the ego will deny each and every item.  The ego will tell you, you’re none of that, no you have gone so far along the path, it could not be you.  The ego will say but you’re the saviour of so many, they need you so much, they need your wisdom, they need your teachings.  All of that and more is the tricky ego which lurks.

So easy to become enamoured with ones beauty, the ego feeds the handsome well, but looks fade.  So easy to be enchanted by ones physical ability but strength comes and goes.  There are numerous examples and I’m sure many come to mind now.   So easy, to reach near the summit, but to slip and fall, slippery is the slope to the ultimate, when ego comes to town.   

 Daily and in times of stress or misunderstanding of events around us, we should take a moment and connect, not with the continual flow which streams from the unconscious for that is peppered with ego beliefs and other energies but to stop and to find the space between words, the space between breaths, the space between thoughts, for in that space, everything expands, in that space everything connects, in that space everything stops in the one moment that is. 

From the heart let love unfold, love and gratitude for all and everything in your world.  Keep on track and find joy and opportunity in every adversity, find something about everything you think you find objectionable, to like, to focus on, to grow and to love.  What you focus on increases as vibration harmony brings synchronistic expression.  Do this and see wonder and beauty in every moment, and your life will become an expression of joy and peace as all else falls by the wayside.

Be ever vigilant for that crafty voice of ego, which whispers or flows out without bidding, saying I am better than,