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The Dangers Of PIF & Fish Groups – good reading

Questions for PIF, and these apply to any and all groups

On April 22, I was invited by Fisherman1 to join the “Treasury Group”. This group is run by Mark Meersman (PIF), and Lee Carick, who is part of the “Treasury Interface Team (which was originally the Treasury Transitional Team). They wanted me to start a group for them, a subgroup of PIF’s group.

Now, I thought that was mighty strange, as they know I have many unanswered questions. Questions that I have tried to get answers to in the past, and am still waiting answers on.

Here they are PIF, my list of questions.

Who is purchasing my currency? This is of the utmost importance, as I alone am responsible for knowing the answer to that. IF it is a sanctioned individual or entity, I am not looking for the trouble that would cause. I have waited a long time for this RV, and want to keep my money.

Exactly what is a “treasury interface team”? Who are they? And why did they change their name from “Treasury Transitional Team”? Are they United States Treasury employees? As they are the ones who will be getting enough information from me to completely take over my bank accounts, home, and everything else I will ever hope to own, I would think this is a pertinent question. Identity theft is no fun.

Why does your group take 10% of every dinar exchanged, and how is this legal? I don’t care if it is put into a foundation for charity. You can call it a gift if you want, but it is still payment for services rendered. A commission of total dinar taken in. We all know how little is required of a foundation to actually spend on their chosen charities. The rest being used for “administration” of said foundation. (HINT: Lavish lifestyles of the rich and shameless). What about the families that could only afford a small amount of dinar? That 10% is a huge amount!

What is the name of your foundation, so that I can look it up, and see the distribution of funds for said foundation.

Who is the securities broker for your group? Currency transactions are regulated by the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission.

Who is your Paymaster Attorney? I would like to look him up at the state bar association of what ever state he practices in, and see if he has had any disciplinary actions against him.

What are “TRN’s”? So far, your group has explained them in at least 3 different ways. New currency notes sitting in bank vaults ready and waiting, to the current description of gold backed currency designated for international trade. Clarification would be great here.

That should be enough to get a good feel for the legitimacy of this group. Let’s start with these.

Every question above has been asked previously, and I would still like answers. I think it would be fare to give you 24 hours to answer them. As you have stated, your group is all about transparency.

If you chose not to answer them, I will be happy to post the chat transcript of the conversations we have had over the last few days, where you redirected and changed the subject on every question I asked. It’s your choice!

1. I never asked thru fish or directly for you to join anything. Fish nor you have anything from me. I was lead to believe it was other way around. Also your terms are not correct. It has always been interface team period. I don’t control what others say. I early on used an agency name but it was explained every agency is involved with out all of them you can’t have a legit group. We also don’t collect anyone’s currencies..

The foundation formed for this is Pay it Forward of Utah a non profit so please look it up. Secondly if you are lucky enough to check with members many have set up in their state, city, town their own pay it forward foundation as well. This is part of the system of the transaction.

As far as SEC it is lawful for the attorney handling the money to do Securities if you look it up they can do many licensed transactions because of this.

As far as who it is. Well I am not going to put their law firm out there not because they don’t check out but you have shown you spin things and slant them to not be exactly true. For example I never reached out yet you make me accountable. Also you don’t have Lee name correct. Also the terms of interface. Then you act like you can expose something here by being nice. Well fool me once shame on you, fool me twice shame on me, it will not be me needing to answer your demands as it is straight forward and those involved know the truth. Let’s see if Brenda shares this as I too can post all of this and then some about you. See I am battled tested for this Brenda. I am not afraid of your demands nor do I need to waste time with someone demanding who was told no you can’t join. Will you show the people that because I have that I can share and send it around too. You threaten to expose myself is a joke because there is nothing to expose. The people get tired of people like you bulling and twisting things playing like your the queen. You have done this before Brenda. I don’t care to answer you because of how you are. Let me ask anyone. Would you do business with Brenda. If she doesn’t get the answers she demands she will expose you when you don’t have to answer because I clearly told her I couldn’t promise anything and then told her factually too. So why would I share information if your not apart of us. Enjoy and remember it works both ways. You think exposing truth hurts. It is just making you look the same as always. Nothing has changed with you. If you edit anything I have it all, I too can post everywhere Brenda. Oh for the record I didn’t answer because like I said they will not take you so why answer a thing. Now you look bad by passing it and I still answered. As far as my attorney involved. 10k people that have the information has checked including myself he is great person and in good standing. Have a nice day. Questions answered.
[10:51:12 AM] winalot: oh, my… more dancing around the questions. Not one real answer there at all. Please re-read, and try again!
[16:05:55] winalot: Actually no I have answered unless I feel your trust worthy I wouldn’t share anything because of entitlement you think you deserve to know. Not everyone is out to hurt people. People with me know everything. If you feel entitled that is your problem. I don’t owe you an answer to anything and you don’t deserve it and anyone conducting business doesn’t want to be around someone like you. I turn my cheek twice now. Don’t slap me again please. I have been more than understanding and it is not my problem you don’t get it and that we to this day very transparent with those involved. It goes to show you how protected others are of me. Enjoy your day. Oh wait your right one question I forgot to answer who is buying. So let be clear that up NOYB is their name. You may post it all dear Brenda from PIF here is my website and it is converting to be public and it gets many hits and a lot more then most even know.
[11:04:52 AM] winalot: PIF, as I said in the letter addressed to you, these are basic questions that under a transparent agreement would be answered BEFOR anyone has to sign anything. This basic info, that any contract negotiations should and would include. I guess you guys just don’t want to be transparent… like the real buyer of your currency. Why aren’t you telling people that?
[16:12:05] winalot: Yes and I give that if they would open a door to you but they said no at this time and because of that I don’t have any point to all this. Also the real buyer if given do you know how many people try to go around. Many people would love to have that. It is called non circumvent. It is used everyday. It is transparent because dinar world has many people that feel entitled to my buyer and at their request they only disclosed when at least their privacy is respect just like you. So signing up to not do it but protect both side is a common practice when things are real. It is not difficult to understand matter of fact as any attorney if you have a big buyer they stay protect. Very protected. Why do you think no one has been able to prove otherwise and why I don’t collect. I don’t have time for games.
[11:10:45 AM] winalot: I don’t have time either. see ya…you are now blocked!
[11:10:52 AM] Mr Bubble Wrap: I have not asked for you to sign a single thing. So there for you don’t the info
[11:11:03 AM] Mr Bubble Wrap: Oh no

One and the Same

You are creative thought. You are physical reality – you’re not in it. It is you. Be the reality according to the highest degree of the vibration of excitement that you are. You can imagine many things, but they are in ‘ potentiality ‘ in your particular dimension, except for the one that is representative of your particular conduit of excitement. That one can physiologically manifest if you act upon it. -bashar-


Intrinsic Value


Our intrinsic value – worth wealth, beyond measure.  We are priceless beings, as we clear our energetic beliefs about reality, whatever you desire turns up in your world.  We hold situations and events in place, by our energetic resistances to change.  The only truth is we were born to flow. The only consistency in life is change, it is constant and continual.  What can we allow today?  How much wealth can we receive today?  The universe is flowing through you, you are the  nexus point, if you can say, yes, to experience and yet guide that experience, you unleash such potential possibility, such unfettered freedom, that suddenly the world is your oyster and the multiverse is at your command.  Recognize who and what you are and start to truly live, today.

Shift Shaper

Acceptance of Reality, is it up to me?

Earth time: Late Boxing Day; Star Date: Unknown: Reality: Fluid;

000000001 (6)

The memes of illusions are fed by spoon or they are rammed down by force, fed they must be or people might begin to think again, think for themselves, think their way outside of the box, disconnect tube like metaphors, leading into the head and heart, fed into the mind, body and soul, as many stare mindlessly at the hypnotic box in the living room, buying into common culture, dancing the tune of popular recommendation, oblivious to reality as they buy worn out clichés and ideas. How the few, love to rerun and rework, worn out and ancient ideas, redressed and made up all plush, to be pushed out yet again in common custom, bought and sold, so you may feed and provide for your family in your distraction, as you tow the party line.

We see the nodding heads each night and day, off in their stupor flights of fancy, where they, the multitudes, are taught how to react, to cause and effect, the memes are the same, have been since the time of control, dawned, so long ago. The meme of imperfection, of being unworthy, of being less than another, unable to reason for ourselves, unable to take responsibility, the meme of death and contraction.

This world of communality has been confused and turned on its head in the reversal of everything you were taught as sacred, it is without surprise that in the past many have found confusion at every turn in the path to awakening. A few took it upon themselves to experience ultimate control.

That is no more an option to live by!

You, the many, who think you slumber down in snug forgetfulness safe from truth and clear perfection are coldly awakened as you find the house of safety, built in clouded dream, has gone and the job for life, which worked you to death, went the same way, as the days of steam and medieval horsemen, where once free man roamed the world at large emboldened without corporation, as the cold reality of existence shakes you awake, from immobile acceptance of blind faith of another’s pronouncements. Pronouncement on your state of being.


You awake with crystal vision as you see the stark nakedness of truth standing alone uncloaked and free in its own expression, not the winding maze of another’s viewpoint, turned inside out to suit a fiscal desire or a hunger of power and stature. You, who suddenly realizes that you pay for the privilege of your existence, in so many, many, ways, no more will or can you, turn a blind eye to the plight of your fellow humanity. You are star being born and you shall shine.

Once awake, can you return to forgetfulness, be told to unlearn that knowledge which is eternal, why would you chose to make that reality, for it is you and I forming this communality and our choice, our expression of the sum total of our being that makes it so.

The importance of memes and the planting of beliefs that serve you, so much better to find flowers in the spiritual garden you walk every single day without exception, for weeds grow in distraction of your importance, your being and your vitality of existence, for you are truly of exceptional importance in this experience of reality. You are unique with your expression of this world you create.

So before you accept the gospel of another, with blind faith of rhetoric guild by a silver tongue, think and decide if you will accept that reality, does it suit you, or do you chose to be amongst the growing number who step outside the box, outside the communality and forge a reality of distinction and flavor, a reality of your choice.

That choice resides as ever it did, with you, once aware, comes responsibility, with responsibility comes acceptance, acceptance for what is, for your creation.

Change your world if you will.

Indeed we created it all, so we might begin to stare at an illusion so incredulous, so unreal, that perception has to shift and reality of truth will stare back, unfettered by the veil of communality of existence.

Namaste, may all beings be blessed.

Shift shaper

Just how Big are you?

“The great illusion is that humans are less than. Rather they are so much bigger than corporations or limited viewpoints and when you realise that you can expand your energy bigger than the subject which is limiting you, you’ll find that you are as unlimited as you can imagine. The greatest fallacy is that others are better than or greater than or more worthy or richer than your self. Just try it can you make yourself bigger than the situation you are in or do you allow it to define your dimensions in space and time?” – Shift Shaper


“All major religious traditions carry basically the same message, that is love, compassion and forgiveness
should be part of our daily lives.”
Dalai Lama

Is the Dalai Lama saying that if we try really hard to be compassionate we can get the prize of being a “spiritual person.”

Or are all the religious traditions on to something more important
than that?

If you’ve read the Gratitude ebook, you know my answer.

I was thinking about this today because I saw a very sad and
disturbing news item. A man who had killed a small boy many
years ago was being considered for release from prison.

The boy’s father was reported to have said that if the man was
released, he would track him down and kill him.

Now the human side of me, as a father, understands that. But I also felt the pain that this man has been carrying for so many years, unable to release it through forgiveness.

I heard Byron Katie tell a person in a workshop, “This happened once 17 years ago. Once! But you have let it happen 10,000 times in your mind.”

When we don’t forgive, we torture ourselves, over and over, reliving the trauma.

When we forgive, we set ourselves free.

Why should we live with love, compassion and forgiveness? To
give ourselves the greatest gift of all, the gift of inner peace.

And as we live with inner peace, we express it in the world and
bring those qualities to all our relationships.

That’s why all major spiritual teachings have that at their core.
Because inner peace leads to outer peace. Love wins.

So who do you need to forgive today? Let go, and let God.

You’ll be glad you did.

Many blessings,

Angels Gifting Humanity

Welcome to Angel Gifting – This project is for those who wish to give and to remain anonymous. At no time are any funds / money touched in any way by the website or any individual involved in it – It is simply a matter of matching those names of people in need with those who are willing to gift.

Please take a look at the website This is how it works: Someone in need contacts the website with a request for financial help and how much. The Angel Gifter (person who wishes to donate and help people) emails the site to say they wish gift a certain amount of money to help those in need. (They do not send ANY money to the site or anyone involved in it). All the angel gifting site does is send the NAMES of the person/people in need to the Angel Gifting person who is wishes to help someone.

At no time is any money exchanged or sent to the Angel Gifting site or people involved with the Angel Gifting site!!!!!

When the Angel Gifter gets the names he/she (the Angel Gifter themselves goes to the bank and gets a cashiers check or money order and posts it directly themselves to the receiver (person in need of financial help). That is it!   You can find us @

And you can like our Facebook page:
Please take a look at the website if you need clarification on what we do and how we do it.

BTW the website and its idea have always been my intellectual property and have been paid in full by myself. The Angel Gifting webpage has been up since 05 December 2012, along with the Angel Gifting group and Facebook page associated with the website were created & kept in readiness for publishing as we grew closer to the relevant time which is now.

I state this in Truth Love and Integrity.

Nothing but how you feel counts

Since nothing matters to you other than your personal alignment with your individual goals or desires, then that is where our work is. We are not here to debate the rightness or the wrongness of what you, or anyone, chooses. We are not taking sides, for or against, anything. We are here to help you understand that your life can be as wonderful or as horrible as you allow it to be. It all depends upon the thoughts that you practice. And therein lies the basis of anyone’s success: How much do I practice thoughts that bring me joy, and how much do I practice thoughts that bring me pain?
— Abraham

An Exercise… “Playing with Gold (Energy, that is…)”

An Exercise… “Playing with Gold (Energy, that is…)”

Posted on 2013/01/22 by 


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There is an OPPT Skype-chat-communication group, of which I am a part. And occasionally, something is posted which hits my heart, backside, Innards, Inner Self, whatever. This one definitely did. Now, here’s the story from my end . . .

After coffee at Java, I felt moved to go to the Island Naturals food store, then I felt very STRONGLY drawn to look for something I wanted for myself, at Target. Now, the last time I went to the Kona Target was maybe two years ago. But today, I’m drawn there.

So I arrive at Target, park, and, as I sit in my car, I read the exercise below, which Heather had just written. A “playful” exercise. (I call it, “Playing with Gold (Energy, that is . . )”)

When I saw this, I knew that it was right “on target”! And what better synchronicity, that I was actually at the Target store. It all fit.

A lot of this is what I’ve been “getting” about leaving old paradigms behind. Even ones that many, for years, decades, centuries, have held on to as “sacred”, or “unquestionable” (December 21, 2012, anyone?).

And this thing below, is about realizing that this “gold”, “prosperity programs”, so on and so forth, starts from within. All these things are forms of energy. And in one sense or another, are part of us. And in one sense or another, are alive. So even though there may very well be lots of “prosperity programs” out there, sending out our intention and heart energy this way may have always been what these programs were waiting for . . . for us to say, “Let’s have fun with this, and play with the gold.”

I read this today (and copied it to my Notepad at 1313 HST), and “got” it immediately. And did it, immediately. Done. Finished.

So read it for yourself, and if you feel drawn to practice this “exercise”, please do. Perhaps you’ll want to do it later. Or not at all. Follow the Heart. . . which is in us all.

Try it. And let’s see what happens.


Received 1-22-13 at 1313, from Heather Ann Tucci-Jarraf

FUNNNNNNNNNN BEGINS. . .  DATA: Scientfically proven = Love is a frequency . . . so is FEAR. . . measurable . . . love’s frequency is shorter waves and touches many points with IN anything. . . while fear is longer waves and touches only on a few points with IN anything . . . All manifestations are pure energy . . . energy that formulates itself by various formulas that results in the manifestations you see and don’t see. . .

FOUNDATIONS: We each consciously choose TO DO this IN our eternal hearts connecting consciously to the eternal hearts of every manifestation IN creation’s universe and all that exists therein (multiverses, supraverses, galaxies, etc., heaven, paradise, etc.) . . . the eternal hearts ARE the communication lines, the power grid, and the ENTRY POINT . . . only focus IN, ON, THROUGH, TO eternal hearts . . . (heart)

NO BAGGAGE: Consciously choose TO LEAVE any and all expectations, self-interest, special interest, ego, and fear in a corner in a different room (physically do this if you choose . . . get a bag and writed those things on separate sheets of little paper, put them in a bag, seal it tight, put in corner in another room and walk out . . . you can always go back for them later if you choose to (heart) NEW JOB ;):

  • 1. Absolutely BE eternal heart (nothing else), feel it, see it, smell it, sense it in every way . . . set all of this with eternal gratitude (increases the power level and effect);
  • 2. Connect to any and all eternal hearts (without prejudice or selection);
  • 3. Pump absolute love through your eternal heart out to these other eternal hearts until your BE’ing is absolutely “buzzing” and “zinging” with Love;
  • 4. Connect to the eternal heart of gold, silver, and all precious metals and minerals;
  • 7. Ask all energy, if they want to have some fun . . . . ;)(heart)(heart)
  • 8. Ask them if they want to co-create IN ONE the visibility of Absolute Truth in a twinkling of an eye . . .
  • 9. Then BE there with them . . .  see them, touch them, dance with them, love them, allow them to wrap you in their luminescence, to touch you to dance with you . . . to love you back.
  • 10. Ask the gold, silver, and other precious metals and minerals, in all their states . . . gaseous, liquid, solid . . . but all LOVE . . .  TO GO to every city on earth and manifest visibly in each city a huge visible display of their eternal presence for all to see and know . . .
  • 11. Ask all other energy to protect the displays with transparent vaults . . .
  • 12. Ask that the displays and vaults shall let no other energy pass into that vault that is any thing less than eternal heart at Absolute Frequency and Vibration of Source . . .
  • 13. Ask that “THE TEAM”, eternal, universal, galactic, and earthly, all be made visible in a Twinkling of an eye at each Display and Vault when the first eternal heart at Absolute Frequency, Vibration, and Intent of Source enters the Vault and dances with the eternal hearts of all inside for all the world to see and know . . .
  • 14. Remember, see, know the eternal hearts of the one people, the manifestations of all creation’s universe beating in a beautiful cadence and symphony of creation’s universe…
  • 15. See these displays and vaults intelligently move in the city, and play with the PTW and the one people there, by moving themselves as they choose by free will to increase the energy vibrations and frequencies exponentially and perpetually.


[Heather Ann Tucci-Jarraf]

memes of the child

“When I was a child I thought like a

child, but when I grew up I put away

childish things.”

Apostle Paul

When we’re looking at the memes

that have been running our lives,

it can help to remember where

they came from.


I found one childhood experience

that was a primary reason that

I played small rather than going

for it.


In my child’s mind I had been

punished for being exceptional,

so my child’s mind decided not

to be exceptional any more.


But as our quote says, our job

as adults is to put away childish

things, especially childish



We can look at our behavior,

listen to our excuses, find the

often childish experience that

started the pattern, and agree

to stop it.


As I’ve mentioned before, EFT

can be a real help with taking

the emotional energy off of an



But you can do a lot yourself

just by making a decision to

change that pattern. Then

notice when the pattern shows

up, and say, “No, thanks.”


You can tell yourself, as an

affirmation – “I no longer need

to hold on to that experience to

be safe, no matter how strong

it used to be.”


Because you don’t. It was your

child’s mind that needed to be

safe. You’re not a child now.


And is it true? No, it’s not.


You can be grateful for that.


Many blessings,