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Between Heaven And Earth

We stand this present moment, between heaven and earth, Gaia and Sol.
Surrounded by such a great cloud of witnesses on land, sea and space,
 who both fear our duality and praise our promise of Oneness and rebirth.
We give great honor to those who have journeyed far from their star, to visit ours.
We thank you for the messages you’ve sent, channeled through being, media, music and art.
We’ve tried to listen, even while our perception was attenuated by the interlopers.
Signal received.
Time lines are converged.
You’ve sent your own sons and daughters to be born as one of us,
 to aid us in our long climb from the depths.
We thank them and you.
It was a good plan.
Yet it is US, who have been prisoner of the darkest powers,
Some not our own own who fled in retreat here to be with their kind because they fear light
And found our enslavement an ample source of sustenance.
It has been US who have been reborn life after life under the most brutal and cruel circumstances.
We know you want to wait for the perfect moment when our own kind pose no harm to you.
Yet we, who have not yet your abilities must stand here and face the same.
If we can face these beings, in this thick pea soup energetic, why can’t you?
If not now? When?
Are you more fearful of death than we?
Can any appearance by you,
be worse that the children slaughtered each day by the dark ones?
What about us?
Creator Source gave great mercy and grace to the corner stones overlooked,
 not just the sage from Galilee, but all 7 billion of us.
Source chose to create a new seed of human, a new line of being,
 the merging of Angel and Man, for the Service of One,
In physicality.
We knew light, and we have seen great darkness.
We know all exists in Creator Souce.
Never in our darkest moments did the Source of All abandon us, will you?
Even when we were not deemed suitable for contact, nor even safe to encounter.
Quarantined like a plague infested town.
Consider it was not safe for even us, but here we remain,
struggling with great ardor towards the light
 like a young field of sunflowers tracking the Sun so bright.
Source has smiled upon our venture.
Ascended ones,
You call yourself Masters, but have your forgotten your humanity?
There is only one living gold, Love.
And the only way one gets wealthy with this kind of gold,
 it is to give as much as possible away,
For it comes from an inexhaustible mine.
There is in each of us a diamond,
made from the carbon of our hearts.
Forged in the heat and pressure of life on Gaia.
It has been a rough cut diamond,
We know that.
It comes in many colors.
But soon it will sparkle in the Light.
Do you fear Oneness more than us?
Will you not come to our aid
In our moment of need?
Will you choose
Protocol over LOVE?
We love you.
We are sorry.
Forgive us.
We choose you.
Return us our heritage,
Our inheritance,
There is only NOW.
We love you all.



The GOLDEN AGE of mankind.

Google “One People’s Public Trust” or “OPPT” (lot of this is written in “legalese” but that´s kind of required for this kind of action) but you will have to do some research to find this since no one of the mainstream media has picked up on this yet.

I also encourage you to look up these documents in the legal system:


All the financial/corporate structure (owned by the “ELITE” or sometimes called the “CABAL”) that were in place is now foreclosed upon and does no longer have any authority to claim anything from you!

I realize this is so unbelievable and amazing and many will cry “wolf” before generally excepted but never the less then I encourage you to read up on this as it is very inspiring and eye opening as you start to ask yourself questions like:

Am I really free?
Have I been in chains all my life 
and not just realized it until now?
Who do I really report to?
 My government?
 My bank?
Who owns me?

If you think about it, no matter what religion you belong to then you have to admit that someone created all of this, can we agree on calling “this force of creation” GOD? If we can agree on this then it is him, and only him that you can and should report to. Now, since this creator GOD is not readily available here on planet earth to claim ownership over YOU then it is only one person that can rule over you, “YOU” are in charge of yourself until someone else claims “ownership” over YOU.

Now, what these filings from the OPPT, DO claim in legalese is: ONLY THE CREATOR OF YOU CAN CLAIM OWNERSHIP OVER YOU! This is now on paper in our legal systems and everything is properly done from the legal standpoint. What was then done at the same time was to overthrow all of the monetary system that we are born into and we claimed sovereignty from those who have kept us in shackles for a long time (remember that the “old” monetary system is based on dept! there were no funds to begin with, it was created out of thin air, e.g. hence the FED).

Now here is where this becomes very interesting. According to the OPPT then the gold and silver amount owned by OPPT is quite a lot! 🙂 (NESARA Fund and St St. Germain Fund, please google these) or about $500 billion in Gold and Silver per person on the planet… This means in plain 3D English that the 7 billion humans on planet earth have now pretty good funds to build a new world, hence the Golden Age Of Man Kind.

It is interesting to note that the final filings from OPPT are dated on the 25th of December 2012. Those of you that know astrology know that this is the day that the sun rises after three days of darkness and then on the 25th it rises again and a new AGE is born or The age of Aquarius (we are coming out of the Age of Pisces (hence the letters “Jesus” are often depicted in a fish symbol). Again, those who know anything about astrology know Aquarius is symbolized by the Water Bearer. In much the same way that the Water Bearer brings that precious liquid as a gift, Aquarians shower the world with their thoughts and new ideas and are the bringers of prosperity and growth.

We know that the earth does  wobble on its axis and it takes the earth 25.960 years to do a full circle or 2160 years in each Zodiac (this number 25.960 is also the Mayan long calendar). This 25.960 years are just like our 24hour day cycle with 12 hours in night and 12 hours in the day or with two seasons in growth and with two seasons in hibernation but there is a much longer cycle as well and in the long cycle this is 12.960 years of “night” and 12.960 years of “day”. On the 25th of December 2012 was the first day of “day” timeline for our planet in this long calendar count. In other words we have been going through 12.960 days of night but 25th of December 2012 was the first day of our next 12,960 year cycle. It is worth noting that in the past 12.960 years of our planet being in the dark side of this cycle, all kind of negative things can manifest. However, as soon as we come on the bright side of the cycle those negative things cease to exist although it may take some time to get rid of all of it.

Having spent many hours over the last year reading/viewing material on astrology, astronomy, cosmology, religion, politics, financial etc. then I find this new information quite interesting and well worth researching as we know that our monetary system is on the edge of collapse, our way of living on the planet is on the edge of no return in terms of destruction, we see people rising up and demanding justice and fairness, we see corruption pretty much everywhere in our societies and people are crying out loud for change. It seems to me that here it is at last.

After about 20 years of creating crap that was designed to last a very short time (remember, pretty much everything is designed to have a certain lifespan so we can keep the economy running) and using resources and materials un-wisely, I realized that I did not want to design “crap” anymore since we do not have materials to keep this going. Over the last 30 years or so we have depleted about 1/3 of all resources on the planet. Now, since I have 4-6-21 year old boys I know that when they will reach my age at 43, we will have depleted completely every resource on our mother earth. As far as I know then we only have one mother earth that we can life on so we better start thinking about this very seriously.

Now we are finally free and have wealth way beyond our wildest dreams, but, what does all this mean for us as free human beings? Are we all now just going to put our feet up and stop working? Why would I work anymore since I have all this wealth? Well, here is the thing. What this means in my mind is that now we have to look at our world and ask our self: How are we going to continue? If everyone stops working nothing will get done, that is for sure. Now we will have to rethink our very BE’ing on this planet together. What we need to do now is to merge into 5th dimensional economics, and in 5D economics everything is free.You say, wait, if everything is free and no one is going to work how is that going to work?  Well, that´s up to you weather you work or not, but now it is YOU that will have to make up your own mind regarding what you want TO DO. I personally want to start living/co creating this new world with our new economics, in a world of peace, prosperity and abundance.

How I would see 5D economics work.

You see, I studied Industrial design because I loved CREATING something. Now, since I now am free and can live a life in abundance do you think I want to stop creating? You see that many people on the planet are actually doing what they absolutely love doing. E.g. a nurse in Iceland does study nursing because she or he wants to nurse people, they want to help those who are in need. This gives them life pleasure. Nurses in Iceland have always been on very poor salaries. There was a article in the paper here in Iceland few weeks ago about a nurse that was leaving her job because the salaries where so shamefully low that she was being forced to leave her job and look for an alternative job to make ends meet. Do you think this same nurse, now when she does not owe anything, she does not have to worry about mortgage payments next month, she does not have to worry she will not be able to buy food and clothing for her family next month is going to sit home and do nothing? Or is she going to stand up and say: I WANT TO CONTRIBUTE  to my society and be a part of society where we all can live in abundance peace and love. I can assure you that I will do the latter. I will not stop designing products, no I will START designing products that are designed to last, that are designed with our resources in mind, that are designed to minimize pollution, designed to please someone, designed to inspire someone, that´s what I would LOVE to START doing and that´s what I AM going to start DO´ing.

Now is the opportunity for all those that decided to learn something for the money to start learning what they really want to do for the rest of their lives. Now is the time to reflect, WHAT DO I WANT TO DO? WHERE WOULD I LOVE TO CONTRIBUTE TO THE WORLD? Now you can learn many different things and DO different things. You would be able to work in one field for as long as you want but if you ever wanted to learn or DO something else you would just stop DO’ing what you have been doing and just learn the next thing and so on. Now, you will of course say “hang on Palmi” what the hell are you talking about, if everyone starts DO’ing what they want to do, who’s going to DO the things NOONE WANTS TO DO? This does never work…or so you think. I think there is a simple solution for this. You see, since we now have abundance and have new economic system there will be a time period where we will have to start by building this new WORLD. With the new economic system there will be a lot of people that will be out of a job, all the banks are gone, all the military is gone, there will be a lot of resources that will become available to us since people will want to CONTRIBUTE. So, just imagine, think about all the resources that will become available from e.g. the military or other institutes that are no longer needed. Imagine all the brilliant designers, engineers, scientists, technicians etc. out there that we will have access to. We will use these resources to design solutions to solve those jobs NO ONE WANTS TO DO. We can design robots or machines to do all this work that no one wants to do. In our new society our goal should be to “WORK” as little or as much as we want. Our goal should be to spend more time living, not working. When I´m designing I´m not really working, I´m loving what I do therefore I´m not really working I´m enjoying myself. If you do not want to contribute then there is no one (except “GOD”) that can kick your butt… but this is your FREE WILL.

This will not happen overnight but, this is what we are faced with and I know in my heart this is what we can very easily do and what we have to do. I promise you that the technology that has been kept hidden from us for a long time or used in special ops. will blow your minds. When we will get access to these technologies things will look and work differently than you could ever dream of.

Being an Industrial Designer and having good background in research and development I have a pretty good understanding of technology and design and I know things can be designed to last. For example, there is nothing in the way of designing cars to last several hundred years. Today our cars are pretty much done after 10years specially here in Iceland where weather does not act in our favor most of the time. Why do we all need to have e.g. golf clubs hanging in our garage that we use couple of times a year? Why does my garage have to be full of tools that I use couple of days a year? Now we will just go to the golf club and pick whatever clubs you want to use (and they will always be the latest and greatest), if you want to keep it then…keep it, you transport the damn thing back to your car and back to your garage, I´ll personally will just return mine to the clubhouse for others to use. You see, we will need much much less of things in 5D since we will start sharing everything much better than we did before.

So, where do I go from here? Well, first, research for yourself everything above, second, share the word, third, start DO’ing. Remember, we have to give this some time to sink in and remember we have to keep things going for awhile in the old system until we have redesigned it. If your job becomes obsolete, ask yourself, where do I want to CONTRIBUTE and go from there.


Things we have to make sure will stay in place during the transition and have absolute priorities.

1) FOOD FOR EVERYONE, AND I MEAN EVERYONE, NOW! Food production is essential, and will have to continue as it is but I´m sure the workers in the food industry will quickly change their practices when it comes to the QUALITY of the food.

2) SHELTER FOR EVERYONE! There is a lot of property that are owned by BANKS and no one is living in. We need to get those who do not have shelter into these houses, NOW and turn on their utilities. The military and other organizations will focus on getting our so called 3rd world assistance in bringing them food and building houses.


4) TRANSPORTATION IS ESSENTIAL. Since we need to keep food, materials and personnel moving.

5) ENERGY PRODUCTION! Needs to keep running as it is but I´m sure new technologies will transpire quickly that will deplete some of the old energy technologies.

6) FORM SOME SORT OF ALLIANCE BETWEEN GEOGRAPHICS AREAS WHERE WE CAN GET OVERVIEW OF OUR PROGRESS. (Since there are no borders anymore and the people of the world is one nation I say geographic areas).





TOPPT templates and video

OPPT: Individual UCC Filing Templates with Tutorial

Here’s a list of individual UCC filing templates as compiled by Paula Humfrey and Desmond Grundy.  Desmond has also created a nice concise summary of how to use these documents.  I know a lot of you have been asking how to use these documents, and frankly I didn’t know what to tell you other than get the questions to people who can answer them. I am not a lawyer. But there are a number of very bright people coming to the fore who are knowledgeable in this area of UCC law.

Below is a very good synopsis of what the OPPT has done…
Another reader wrote: On Jan 18, 2013, at 11:09 PM
Regarding the OPPT:
I’m a freedom loving pillared reiki master, light worker, and PhD scientist.  I’m clued into the language of Be’ing and DO’ing to some extent, and competent enough to understand the legalese, but not the reasons why each phrase is so important to the process.  Even still, I’ve been pretty baffled by a lot of the approach that OPPT is taking to undo the Cabal and PTW.  It didn’t make sense until I looked into “Registered in COMMERCE” that they keep using everywhere.

What I have ultimately walked away with is that the US Constitution allows government the ability to regulate Commerce.  So the PTW hid all their schemes in Commerce.  When OPPT registered everything in Commerce they basically declared that [government and by proxy banks, and corporations don’t have the right to regulate, own, or trade people and many other things registered in commerce (like DNA)].  So, OPPT doing everything in Commerce is undoing the PTW work around they found to circumvent the Constitution.

How did the cabal do it?  The cabal and PTW basically built the strawman to register everything and everyone in commerce.  Why?  Because the constitution granted government the right to regulate commerce and explicitly forbid them from bossing around a natural person among other restrictions.  So, they tricked natural people into registering themselves in Commerce, and then used the freedom built into the Constitution to regulate, own, and trade everything they had just put into commerce.  This includes you and me.  Once you’re registered in commerce via birth certificates, licences, social security or simple contracts then they had you.

OPPT basically says “Wait, I’m actually a natural person and so is every person that you’re claiming as a thing registered in Commerce.  Ergo you don’t have the right to regulate, sell, manipulate, kill, molest, or eff with it in any way shape or form as these ‘things’ are actually natural persons.  Oh and by the way we have the authority to stop you using non-lethal force.”  OPPT seems to go beyond this too in really destroying all the corporate entities meant to handle all the commerce they created.  This may not be 100% precise regarding what’s going on, but it’s a good first attempt at trying to explain in layman’s terms what the hell is going on.

– Aggroed Lighthacker

Trustee Heather Tucci-Jarraf responds: 
The Constitution was NOT for the people, however, they had to put one little provision in their to preserve the perpetuity of the people…That was the ONE OF THE REASONS for all the deceit…the people would never consent if they knew… however, this analysis is pretty good start… considering only one layer… it does not consider the multi-dimensional aspects that are involved.

Trustee Caleb Skinner responds: 
That’s really a good understanding, nice work

Take off …

“When everything seems to be

going against you, remember that

the airplane takes off against the

wind, not with it.”

Henry Ford


Every once in a while I need to be

reminded that adversity is NOT a

sign that I’m doing something



It’s a sign that I’m making progress.


We would like to believe that if we

get the formula right, everything

will just fall in place.


Yeah, right! That’s not the way

it works. The bigger the dream,

the bigger the test.


And the bigger the sense of real

accomplishment when you’re



My model for big dreams is the

story of “Lord of the Rings.” An

ordinary person gets an impossible

task to do, and faces fearsome



It’s a classic ‘hero’s journey’

story, but the message is plain.

Big dreams force you to dig deep

for the best you have.


That’s how you grow. At the end

of the 9 hours of fabulous movie

experience in “Rings” none of the

main characters is the same as

they started.


Especially Frodo. And Sam.


Rent the movies and watch them.

See yourself in action. Realize

that like the characters, you have

resources that you haven’t tapped.


You are awesomeness!


You’ll be glad you did.


Many blessings,



Every Single thing you are doing is chosing a direction <3

Angel profile pic

“In every single thing you do, you

are choosing a direction. Your life

is a product of choices.”

Dr. Kathleen Hall


My wife was telling me today about

a recent luncheon she had, and how

disappointed she was that the two

other women spent the whole time

complaining about people.


So she won’t go with them again.


Sandy was not judging the other

women as being wrong, she was

just being true to her choice not

to be around negative energy.


Our life is a product of our choices,

and one of the most important

choices is who we associate with.


If we associate with generally upbeat

and positive people, our lives will

reflect that.


If we associate with negative people,

we’ll wonder why we’re always

feeling discouraged and tense.


In my experience, it seems that the

negative people outnumber the

positive ones, so we have to choose



We also have to BE positive and

supportive so they will choose us!


If you’re in a negative environment

at work, it’s better to eat lunch alone

than to subject yourself to an hour of

negative gossip, gloom and doom

just to have company.


What if the negative people are

family? Well, as I’ve heard Bob

Proctor say, just don’t go as often

and don’t stay as long. Take

responsibility for your environment.


You’ll be glad you did.


Many blessings,


“An Interactive Guide to Using the TOPPT New Paradigm Protocol Documents”

“An Interactive Guide to Using the TOPPT New Paradigm Protocol Documents”

Posted on 2013/01/12 by

toppt_logo_border7This is from PH, sent to my email box this morning. I’ve reviewed it a bit, and although I cannot vouch for every detail here, it certainly looks like this helps to explain in a practical way how the TOPPT documents and UCC may be used for one’s own individual cases.

As I understand it, PH is in a process herself with which she is trying to apply the principles in the TOPPT.


An Interactive Guide to Using the TOPPT New Paradigm Protocol Documents

1. There’s no need for anybody to be intimidated by the TOPPT material or the Uniform Commercial Code. Keep in mind that all laws are homespun grits ‘n’ gravy at their point of creation. Check into the Federalist Papers for a taste of this flavor. Laws get created by small groups of individuals and then ushered out into the world. They’re not monoliths handed down on tablets written in stone. That’s a quality we ascribe to them after the fact.

2. A secular language of metaphysics (as opposed to its ancient religious forms) is just starting to evolve. It’s still in its early stages, we’re maybe a generation into the effort. This is our starting point and, as always, we legitimately begin where we find ourselves. Many of the concepts introduced by TOPPT are inherently new, so it’s a challenge frame them within existing legal language. Plus Heather’s writing style is, well, lyrical. If you can push past these startling aspects of the documents, it’s easy to see the elegance of the structure that TOPPT created. 3. The New Paradigm Protocol documents read like somebody else’s legal laundry. This is by design, so that you can relax and feel free to use the documents as templates. Wherever you see strange name and place details inserted [whether they’re inside square brackets or not], in your mind’s eye replace those with details relevant to your own individual circumstances. It’s not hard to do. Following this process will bring swift comprehension of what’s going on here, exactly. Ideas will begin to spark.

4. Use the internet to go straight to the source. You can easily view the legal code corresponding to any UCC number simply by pasting the UCC number into a google search bar. This will take you to the heart of the action in one click. Try it with each of these six UCC numbers, just as an exercise: UCC 1-103; UCC 1-201 (31); UCC 1-308; UCC 3-419; UCC 3-501; UCC 3-505. The codes corresponding to these specific UCC numbers are the lynchpins of the TOPPT documents, no matter which country you live in. More on this below.

5. As a second exercise, look up these terms: ‘blood oath’ and ‘bond servant’. Keep the definitions of these phrases in mind when you encounter the Trustees’ signatures on the New Paradigm Protocol documents. Paying attention here will generate a strong intuitive understanding of what the documents themselves represent.

6. The interpretive guide to the New Paradigm Protocol documents linked here is especially important for quick study:

7. The New Paradigm Protocol document folder contains 13 documents in total (27 files) (6 MB) in a zip folder. Here is the link:

Briefly described, these 13 documents are:

UCC Financing Statement AMENDMENT ADDENDUM • This legal form says that you have a right to take possession of assets belonging to you and demand compensation for damages.

EXAMPLE 1 (Declaration of Violation of Rights) • Pay particular attention to Heather’s handwritten revisions on the page, legibly written in red.

EXAMPLE 2 (Declaration of Violation of Rights) • Again, pay particular attention to Heather’s handwritten revisions on the page, legibly written in red.

EXAMPLE 3 (Declaration of Violation of Rights) • Once more, pay particular attention to Heather’s handwritten revisions on the page, legibly written in red and blue.

DECLARATION OF FACTS AND COMMERCIAL BILL • This explanation outlines for the court the key principles supporting the New Paradigm Protocol documents.

UCC 3-501 DEMAND (all international and “STATE OF . . .” equivalents) • This is a demand for the court to produce proof of its jurisdiction; the court will not be able to meet the terms of this demand.

UCC 3-501 DEMAND (police and state) • This is a demand for police officers to produce proof of their authority; the police will not be able to meet its terms. Online version available here:

UCC DEMAND (complaint court) • This is a rejection of the court’s authority over your private land and property, as well as its authority to represent you. Online version available here:

UCC DEMAND (complaint plaintiff’s attorney) • This is a denial that any legal contract, loan, or debt exists.

UCC DEMAND (summons court) • This is a demand for the court to produce proof of its right to issue a summons; the court will not be able to meet its terms. Online version available here:

UCC Demand (summons plaintiff’s attorney) • This is a demand for the plaintiff’s attorney to produce proof of their principle of law; the attorney will not be able to meet its terms.

UCC RESPONSE-RESERVATION • This is a cease and desist order, and a demand to produce documents showing authority immediately.

UCC VERBIAGE (accounts) • This is the document you hand to your bank.

8. A good way to discover what each of the documents means in context is to plug ‘n’ play: every time you encounter a UCC number in a New Paradigm Protocol document, in your mind’s eye insert the words corresponding to that number, per your search above. As you go about doing this, full understanding will dawn. Here’s a tip sheet:

UCC 1-103: All principles of law and equity (including the law merchant and the law relative to capacity to contract) must supplement the UCC.

UCC 1-201 (31): The trier of fact must presume the existence of a fact unless evidence is introduced which would support a finding of its non-existence.

UCC 1-308: Individuals are protected from unknowingly giving up rights by agreeing to specific contract terms.

UCC 3-419: The person who conveys a demand to pay becomes legally responsible for the debt themselves.

UCC 3-501: A demand to pay may be rejected for failure to demonstrate reasonable identification and reasonable evidence of authority.

UCC 3-505: Bank instruments are legitimately dishonored by nonacceptance or nonpayment.

9. Concerning the issue of which country you live in, not to worry. Your country has a commercial code that has been dovetailed to match the UCC, which is American, and the New Paradigm Protocol documents account for this by using the phrase “all ‘STATE OF . . .’ and International equivalents”. Similarly, don’t worry about references to the United States Constitution in the documents; simply replace them with reference to your own country’s equivalent constitution or bill of rights.

10. The action of completing the above templates with information particular to your own individual circumstances, and then filing the resulting documents at your local court, lawfully and completely cancels your mortgage, credit cards, and loans. These are now gone forever, while you retain full possession of your material goods and your house.

Go give it a whirl. You’re safe. It’s bulletproof.

Jelaila Starr

In last week’s message I said I would talk about the new financial system this week.  I still intend to do so but in the context of a broader picture–the state of our world post 12/21/12.

There was a lot of hype and postulation around life after 12/21/12, the day the Mayans predicted the world would end. Of course, we know that they meant the end of an age, not the end of the world.  In any case, here we are 3 weeks later.  It doesn’t appear that we are living on a new version of Earth with the problems of a corrupt 3D society far behind us as some predicted.  Nor are we hangin’ out with our space brothers post disclosure.  And that new financial system–not here yet!  So what happened?

As I understand it, what happened was that those who channeled info about this time, saw many possibilities and shared those with us.  Some saw total destruction while others saw a split into other versions of Earth.  Some channelors saw the full disclosure of our space brother interactions while others saw a return of a man called Christ.  Of course, none of these things happened…so what gives?

Many years ago, when I asked what life would be after the great shift, I was told that it was unclear what we would see because it would depend on what we created up to that point.  So, in short, all the above mentioned possibilities were accurate.  What we didn’t know was which events or combination of events would actually play out and to what degree.

So what did occur?  It is my belief that we are seeing the manifestation of all those above mentioned events, but in their fetal stages.   We did see some destruction with all the fires, earthquakes, droughts and storms, but it was not total.  What we’ve experienced i s a minimized version of the predicted destruction.  (We can thank ourselves for that because we did the grid work and emotional work

A new financial system is forming.  The Powers that Be (Global Elite) are losing ground every day.  Over 140 countries have banded together to bring about this new system and they are making progress.  New money is being printed for the US (US Treasure Notes).  Iraq is preparing to revalue their currency, along with many other countries including Vietnam.

Full disclosure of our interactions with our space brothers is in the works.

We are in the process of splitting into different versions of earth.  As we have learned it won’t happen all at once but in degrees.  As more people wake up and move up in consciousness, they energize new ways of being into physicality.

We just have to look beyond the mainstream rhetoric to find the info. There are many good sites that post about these changes, thus showing our progress.  Here are links to a few that I read:

American Kabuki

Rumor Mill News

White Hats Report

Divine Cosmos

There are many others but these will give you a good start.

So back to the question of why we didn’t see the full manifestation of a heaven on earth, a new reality of freedom.  It is my understanding (this may not sit well with some of you) that the reason that we did not see the fruition isi is that we have not yet achieved it within ourselves.  I know many will balk at this, but take a moment and remember what we have learned.  We create our outer world from our inner world.  If our inner worlds are truly balanced and at peace, then we will create manifest that balance as balanced systems and peaceful relationships.

So, as much as we cry about how disappointed we are that we didn’t’ see utopia on 12/22 we must remember that we were not in a utopian state on 12/21 or during the months and years leading up to it.  So we can slay all the channelors we want but the fact still remains that they can only tell us what we will see based on our potential.  If we fully realize that potential then we will see it…and praise them for being accurate.  If not, we will be upset.

So where does that leave us now?  As I said, we are seeing these changes taking shape.  Though it’s not the outcome we wanted, we need to keep in mind that it is great progress. So giving ourselves some credit for all the work we completed prior to 12/21 would be good.  And though I know how hard it is right now to pick ourselves up and keep going; just knowing that things are changing will help.  For that we need to do our research to see what is actually transpiring…so we can be inspired.

As I wrote last week, scientists are reporting that we are moving through a magnetic outflow of high pro-evolutionary energy emanating from the galactic core–a superwave.  This, I believe is the energy that will provide the energetic support that we need to complete these changes.  Not only is this energy literally transforming us physiologically, it will create a huge and massive awakening.  So here’s something to hang your hat on.

As this energy continues to change us, we will see more people awakening.  As they do they will begin to question what they’ve been taught.  Thanks to all the work that we have been doing, getting information out there on the web and getting these changes in our systems started, they will join us.  When enough people join a cause, the cause becomes the norm.  Just look back at how the computer changed our lives, once critical mass what reached.  When critical mass is reached, systems change.  We have all the parts in place for the systems to change; what we need now is critical mass.

Does that make sense?

So here is what we can all do.
1.  Keep doing our emotional clearing and recoding our DNA  Give that thymus a workout (DNA Recoding).  When we clear at the level that activates the thymus, that’s when the magic happens. Why?  The thymus is the only gland that can produce the frequency of compassion.  Compassion has been scientifically proven to alter reality.  The more we clear the more balanced and peaceful we become.  This superwave will help us by accelerating the process.

2. Keep sharing articles that report on our progress in the above mentioned areas. Use social media to keep them moving out there on the web.  Share the information with those who are awakening when they ask for it. Feed them tidbits at a time.

When new information or actions are taken that require dissemination, post and post and post away!  Example, did you know that legal action has been taken to foreclose on the World Bank?  It’s called the People’s Trust.  We are actually free now.  Your financial enslavement has legally ended.  But, until this information reaches critical mass, our freedom will not be acted upon.  American Kabuki has the info…check it out and send it on!

In closing, though we don’t yet see the world that we have worked to so long, I firmly believe that 2013 is the year of our transformation. If we can keep the faith and keep going, with the help of this superwave of energy (Christ Consciousness?) we will most definitely manifest it.  By 2014 we will have a new financial system, will most likely be hangin’ with our space brothers and writing books about how we made it all happen.

Have a great week!

Jelaila Starr

My Imagination Attracts …

My Imagination Attracts All Cooperative Relationships… You have the power to evoke from others the relationships that you desire. But you cannot get to a new-and-improved situation by giving your attention to the current situation. The Universe, and all physical and Non-Physical players in it, is responding to the Vibrations that you are offering; and there is no distinction made between the Vibrations that you offer as you observe, and the Vibrations that you offer as you imagine. . . . If you will simply imagine your life as you want it to be, all cooperative components will be summoned. And even more important, all components that are summoned will cooperate. It is Law. The experience that you have with others is about what you evoke from them.

— Abraham