Dont get pushed to a low rate

From the ghostwriter:

The ghostwriter has been silent,watching the unfolding process of this RV and hasn’t posted for a while.

The ever vigilant good guys of this process are always watching and looking out for you even when you are tucked up tight asleep in bed. Those that pull the strings of the worlds financial markets think they are ahead of the game twisting turning squirming right to the bitter end.

Their greatest fear is that their shenanigans and plans are brought to light. When they are exposed they are undone and that is what we work at quietly all the time, ready for the next twist and turn and when we find it we strike!

Now those in the good old US of A are trying to mess it up for Joe Public which means for the most of us, you and I they wish to kick to the kerb and exploit. Us the General Public will not go quietly into the night.

At this very moment as we draw close to the end of this ride, the situation is that Wells Fargo and US Treasury is in complete lock-down and nefarious plans are in play. There is a plan afoot which we want to nip in the bud. They wish to be very clever and attend to the groups first, processing them at their various rates both small and large. This we do protest as we wish all to have the high rates regardless. The high rate is there for the taking so we need to speak up!

Their plan is to let the groups process through first either towards the end of this week or next and then about a week afterwards to release to the general public at the low rate of $3.22 now many would feel ecstatic at this rate, but it is a dismal paltry amount of what your dinar is worth, not even a quarter of the due rate to you.

This is not fair, this is not right, this will not happen if we bring it to light.

Stop the greedy and repost far and wide so the message hits home, that we know and we will expose them if they try this.

From the ghostwriter

Feel free to repost this message if you wish, its your money at stake.

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