The spectacular spectacle of incomprehensible insanity, deluded in its ludicricy of using the old paradigm to lever in the new. A monumental delusion of illusionary control, seething manipulation, trying without success to mould the minds of the awakened. Those who thought to defame, to defraud and to steal the dreams of a new earth and the plans of an awakened people are defeated by the truth, for the truth stands alone in the gleaming splendor of reality to be gazed upon from multitudes of perspectives, holding firm its’ integrity, the truth is forged in the enlightened mind and blazoned strong from individual scrutiny.

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Now that the minds of the chosen have been enlightened to the corruption and falsehoods of those who we thought represented us, our dreams, our aspirations and our values, there is no shutting them down. The spark of enlightenment will be fanned to glowing embers and suddenly, with power, burst forth and burn bright in indignation at the current deal which is being slithered into minds levered by the wealth of possibility. You shall not corrupt them! There is no going back, you cannot put this genie back into the bottle, for now, as in many times passed, that it sparked, the revelation of the masses is rolling out upon the land. This time it is not spread in the dark corners of taverns and candle lit cellars, where hooded men discussed the trappings and trimmings of power. Now for the first time our interconnectedness is being given flight and manifesting for all to see, as gods and goddesses give meaning to feelings welling in the masses minds so strong, all around the internet is abuzz with discontent, as the illusion falls around us all.

The falsehoods and manipulations of the few against the many are falling on deaf ears as many recognize the unpalatable presentation of a decaying idea, no longer able to be gagged down with sweet coverings. If it is good enough for you, then it’s good enough for me, and as many who have journeyed this rollercoaster ride of mind swipes will testify, enough is enough. We too, have our projects, have our plans, have our calling. No longer will we stomach this unreasonable charade, where we are told what we must be content with, that we should be happy and not speak out at the injustice of events painted but on paper thin screens of tissue papered reality, where we are fed an endless moment of lies, now sucking the very lifeblood of energy out of the chosen and the called. Enough is enough and we stand firm against this rate manipulation.

We stand firm in the understanding that we have what others want, we have the control of the supply and the means and muscle to rectify a nation, to change the world, to spend our way to a nation, to a world, of abundance, in a positive and uplifting plan which will sweep the nations of the world and rectify many wrongs. We have not called for retribution for the insanity that was rained upon our forefathers and our families in the name of mammon, but now we demand and call the evocation of the righteous to stop the underhand casualty causing misdirection and lies once and for all. We have waited enough, the world has waited enough. This plan is ready and if not, while that may be the case from one or two ego bound perspectives, it has to go, for now is the time, we can all feel it, we all know it and we all summons it now. You have had your time, you have had your age of greed and power hoarding, you have had your chance now it is ours.

We now know that the secret is inside each one of us and that none have a cornering, a garnering of power and influence over us if we do not allow it. We say no, we say it is ended and the time of the golden age is upon us now. We alone, collectively and individually hold the secret to the worlds’ healing, we alone shall get it done for you simply have not, choosing war and famine to be your calling card. We the instruments of love, peace, harmony and change have had enough, we wish to get on with the job.

It’s time now to be counted as humanities friend as human, with a heart, we are ready and we call on any and all who can help right this injustice to do so now, with no dalliance with no lingering drawn out process.

You have this one shot left at redemption, release this to the world now, to us the chosen with our multitude of projects and plans to help, release it and let us move forward at lightning speed to save us all and rectify your wrongs.

The solution is to make this exchange process fair, equitable and above board. We want high rates, a choice of banks, a clearly laid out plan for us to redeem our layaways without hassle or fuss and freedom from excessive taxation, with no trickery of stealthy theft. We want this and we want it now.

If you who have the reins on this currency release are ever to look yourself in the mirror with integrity again, this release must go now without further ado, without further manipulation and without further graft.

Let this free, so we may be all that we can be, each and every one of us, free and abundant as is our birthright. The birthright of all humanity is abundant freedom.

Namaste, May all Beings be blessed

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