From Anonymous 7/21/2014

From Anonymous 7/21/2014: 1. Not Miss C, Mr. D, Mr. F or Mr. P are part of the US Treasury. 2. The Secretary of the Treasury (UST) only answers to the US President and not to any outside source. 3. The bank selected for clearance by the UST is Wells Fargo and from all indications, there will be no hard tax or anything of negative matter that will be imposed on WF by the UST. 4. The original groups that were initiated and under the wings of Wells Fargo and Madame Wu do not have anything to worry about, so I suggest that those putting out false information about these groups should stop. This certain “outfit or group” of people are putting out scare tactics and lies just to get people nervous and in the hopes to reel people in for the sake of ripping dinar holders off. 5. Lastly, this certain Miss C has been cast out of many discussion rooms for no one believes her for being a copy cat and also a compulsive liar. You have been warned!

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