Ghost Writer Wrote 25th June

he Ghost Writer Wrote:

Manipulation of the Iraq RV and how it is treated and released to the media.

Humanity especially the US has been hoodwinked and mislead for the last 173 years, both from within the political arena with bought and paid for mouth pieces and their nefarious agenda has been reflected back from their media and communicated to every aspect of our lives.

This is propaganda on a worldwide scale. They control every aspect of your media connection and they control the info flow in almost every medium. They are the sculptures of your reality.ghostwriter

You have in effect been brainwashed, although you may think you exercise freedom of thought and expression, if you look beneath the surface you will find that the ideas expressed are usually those which play endlessly in the media.

This RV is a prime example of a story which doesn’t seem to go anywhere and is always expressing numerous outcomes of possibility. This kind of storyline is even expressed and utilized in Hollywood movies where three or four endings are put it place.

This storyline is coming to an end.

All the major player countries have given the US their ultimatum, to stop the current round of stalling and the issues caused by them. All these occurrences which we see on some media outlets and behind the scenes have now to stop.

There is a certain country who perceives itself an island in the midst of sharks, that is aware of many plots and manipulations against it, many from its so called allies – this country will attack all and everyone at the slightest provocation. The world desires peace, the world desires stability and safety for all.

The world wants to change to prosperity and the many benefits that are accrued by it.

Sec. Kerry went to Iraq he talked with Maliki and handed him the US mandate, – for although you may hear different, Iraq still is not freed from the American grasp, they are still firmly under the US thumb.

Iraq has to unite the many separate groups and to seat the newly elected, they are to stop these tribal issues and they are to honor their constitution,

Maliki is to insure that the newly elected gets seated and there is a smooth transition and then he is to go on his merry way out the door.

The news being peddled on the news outlets after Kerry left is that Maliki ( pronounced Malí-kí – it is pronounced incorrectly) , does not intend to follow that ruling

There is so much nonsense being manufactured for the news, its to sculpt your perception, it is the propaganda machine at full steam.

This insurgency is a managed stage show, a movie fabrication, with no convincing truth behind it. They talk about refinery being overtaken, beheadings, mass executions, when you examine the pictures, there are kids taking ‘selfies’ of the insurgents, there are soldiers marching with untied shoes, soldiers marching in clean shoes, insurgents wearing white gloves, nicely groomed and no sweat. Buildings and streets are intact, they all look like a photo shoot for National Geographic. Anyone who has been in war or even a little firefight knows you don’t look like roses. What you see is manufactured illusion the words play the sound bites they want you to hear, but the images don’t hold up to scrutiny.

Most politicians manipulate and compromise their way into office and once there they need to satisfy their paymasters and backers whilst they all work to fulfill their egos legacy – their mark on public office. How they will be remembered, most are only concerned for their public image and never for their country nor the people they pretend to represent.

With only two ways out for Maliki – either he walks out having made the announcement of Iraq’s currency release both in country, written in the gazette and internationally, or he is placed on a slab, and exits feet first, this is our current time frame.

Talking about time frames, Iraq has no more time left.

Those of you who are wise, know exactly how close this RV is.

You many repost if you wish to.

By the Ghost Writer

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