memes of the child

“When I was a child I thought like a

child, but when I grew up I put away

childish things.”

Apostle Paul

When we’re looking at the memes

that have been running our lives,

it can help to remember where

they came from.


I found one childhood experience

that was a primary reason that

I played small rather than going

for it.


In my child’s mind I had been

punished for being exceptional,

so my child’s mind decided not

to be exceptional any more.


But as our quote says, our job

as adults is to put away childish

things, especially childish



We can look at our behavior,

listen to our excuses, find the

often childish experience that

started the pattern, and agree

to stop it.


As I’ve mentioned before, EFT

can be a real help with taking

the emotional energy off of an



But you can do a lot yourself

just by making a decision to

change that pattern. Then

notice when the pattern shows

up, and say, “No, thanks.”


You can tell yourself, as an

affirmation – “I no longer need

to hold on to that experience to

be safe, no matter how strong

it used to be.”


Because you don’t. It was your

child’s mind that needed to be

safe. You’re not a child now.


And is it true? No, it’s not.


You can be grateful for that.


Many blessings,



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