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UU8355 – “Implementing the Constitution” by Mnt Goat

Hi Everyone,

Today’s news letter, as in all my news letters, is a continuation of the ongoing saga of the IQD RV process. Please refer back to my last news letter of 11/14 (LINK) as this news letter is a continuation of this news.

It is difficult to isolate a single event or even a few events needed to bring about the currency revaluation of the Iraqi dinar. Many have tried with their predictions and prophecies in the past. None have succeeded since here we still sit….with no RV.

I say this because the events we are now witnessing are all interconnected. I have attempted to explain this to you in past news letters. I will continue today with this same reasoning in this news letter. All we can now do is look at the progress, remember how messed up they were just 5 months ago and see the progress in the right direction. If you haven’t noticed lately Iraq seems to be moving constantly forward, unlike in the past 4 years it seemed they would take 3 steps forward and then 2 steps backwards. Nothing substantial ever seemed to happen back then. Today is different. Iraq is at a totally new level. This new government really seems to be functional.

Today’s News
Today is Friday 11/21 and I believe Iraqi is literally on the verge of bringing back their currency online to a global status.

When we say “revaluation” what it really means is to say that for the country of Iraq to once again have a globally recognized currency (hopefully at a higher rate). If you recall the currency was downgraded and a “provisional” currency issued in 2003 replacing the Saddam Hussein era notes. These are the large 3 zero notes Iraq currently uses and you hold as part of dinarland. The currency was then taken off the global exchanges and became a spectator type currency worthy only for use in country, as was part of the plan. So this is all about to change.

Remember too during the first gulf war in the early 90’s sanctions were granted against Iraq by the UN security council. These sanctions came way before the currency devaluation (currency shut-off to the rest of the world) in 2003. However the USA president G.W. Bush partitioned the UN council to grant further currency sanctions for the second gulf war and this happened in 2003.

Now in 2014, Iraq has been mostly out of sanctions from Chapter VII for more than a year but still they do not have their currency back? Do you think perhaps it is about time to bring their currency back online? As far as the rate – we all know it must be at least the pre-2003 invasion devaluation rate plus equity since they have been under total sanctions now for almost 23 years. This is longer than any country with war related currency sanctions in modern times.

I can tell you the USA has continuously used the revaluation as a “carrot” dangled to Iraq being used as leverage to get them to do what is necessary to stabilize their government and to obey their own constitution. Obeying their own constitution is the key. It has always been the key. This is a process like a parent (USA) consistently scolding their child (Iraq) to obey or else they won’t get any candy (revaluation)……lol…

I have to also say that if you have been following this saga as long as I have, you too would know that if it hadn’t been for the wrong, bungling decisions the USA made to support the Maliki government in the past, in the first place, much of what we are now witnessing with ISIS, Daash and other radical terrorists groups in Iraq wound never have happened. We all would have been at the bank already and now sitting on the beach drinking magaritas….lol………

Remember all those drive-by street bombings in Iraq over the last 4 years? Who do you think instigated them? Could they have been supported by the Maliki government and his crooked security forces? So the question once again is this – Does the USA support terrorists when it is convenient ? You tell me. Remember to watch what the USA does and not what it says…

Many don’t realize that in April 2012 there could could have been a decisive point for Iraq when Maliki could have been ousted from his prime minister position. Yes – this is correct. There was a major coalition of Iraq politicians (Talibani, Allawi, Jafari, Sadar, etc) that simply had enough of him and begged the USA to break off all support from Maliki. The USA refused to do so. Then the tide turned for the worst and so the new target became the 2014 elections to rid of him. We witnessed how lack of USA support for Maliki really made a huge difference in the election process.

Remember in the 2010 elections Maliki never seated his council of ministers so technically parliament should have pulled the prime minister position from him in 2011 and could have with a simple “no confidence “ vote. Allawim the second runner up for the PM should have been given an opportunity then to fully seat the government. Do you remember this ongoing saga in 2010 and in 2012? We also know that Dr, Shabibi scheduled the RV for the summer of 2012 and was moving in full speed to do it. The articles were very clear and all indications pointed to an RV prior to the end of 2012.

So one has to think about past events and ask a few questions. Why did the USA not support the no-confidence vote on Maliki? Why did they not want the RV to continue at that time? These are important questions to be asking. Could it be that the Maliki was blatantly ignoring the Iraq constitution and so they had to hold back the RV? But why not just support the no-confidence vote, get rid of him then and start over. Why wait and lose yet another two years of any real progress in Iraq? We could see the writing on the wall why could these USA intelligent agencies not see it…or did they? Was there another reason for holding it up? Did they in fact intentionally manipulate Iraq politics to delay the RV rollout so politicians in the USA could have time to implement their “slow” exchange rollout process that we have witnessed over the last years.

Then came the Syria problem. Actually it was always in the picture, always a problem only we don’t hear about on the main stream news media until the PTB want or need to draw attention to it. Historically Syria has been a hot bed for terrorists for as long as I can remember. Was it now time to do something about it? Was this the plan all along? I mean long term 20-30year plan? Look strategically where Syria is located on the map. Could there be a need to send an oil pipeline through the region? Could there actually be a long range Middle Eastern plan for stabilization and its own regional currency someday? Can Iraq in fact be a spring board to accomplish these goals as well as for their oil resources?

These questions are all food for thought since we may never know the real truth.

The new prime minister Abadi and his team have made wonderful progress in putting together a new government. It took time but if you study what they have actually accomplished the amount of time is actually very short to all they have done. Now they shall reap the rewards.

Plastered all over the Iraq news media are consistent messages telling the citizens the currency reforms will be completed in the coming days. This has been going on now for many weeks, as I have reported in the past.

But today they are now saying something different. They are now saying it shall be completed by December 1st of 2014. Will they actually implement what they are telling the people or continue to delay?

I have to report the major emphasis still continues on an effort for “full” Erbil Agreement (now the 27 Unity Reforms) implementation and a “full” adherence to their constitution.

Remember the Erbil Agreement? I have mentioned this many, many times already in my news letters. I have broken it down for you into the needed laws and the priority which Iraq has chosen to handle this effort. I will not repeat this information again in this news letter. I will say however they plan on having a huge conference in Iraq at the end of November and are calling it the “National Reconciliation Conference”.

Could it be that they are planning to rollout and announce the completion of these new laws as a basket (all at once). We have been told many times by the intel from the CBI and the GOI that this would always be the case. We have been waiting for this time period now for years and have heard about this “conference” many times during the Maliki administration. Each time in the past we were disappointed since the conference never took place. Then again how could it since the needed laws were never implemented. Now we see this has all changed in a few short months and for the first time since I have been in the investment not only do my sources talk about an imminent RV but I too can actually see the sweet spot we are now in.

Evidence too has come out this week that officially Dr Shabibi is assisting the new governor of the CBI in this effort. Dr Shabibi is no longer hiding under cloak and dagger for his own life. This too I talked about many times would have to happen when the CBI was at the last stages of this RV rollout.

Four Important Laws
Today Iraq has once again told us what their priorities are. Parliament returns four important laws to the Council of Ministers for approval. Besides the first priority of the general budget law for 2015, these four laws are as follows:

1.Oil and Gas (HCL)
2.Federal Court – (law of Accountability and Justice)
3.Parties (define and limit parties in Iraq for next election process in 2018)
4.General Amnesty Law

I will not once again go into detail as to what these laws mean to Iraq and the revaluation process. You may refer to the archives of my recent news letters to refresh you memory. I will say however these are all critical to Iraq and each one is expected to be completed and FULLY implemented by the end of 2014, if not sooner.

So now we once again peel our ears for news and watch the news media for articles on the implementation of laws in these four areas. This will give us hints as to just how close we really are in this RV process. I have to say it is a matter of days if not hours. So hang in just a little longer.

Federation Council Progress
We have also seen so much progress on the Provincial Council law (Federation Council). As you know I am talking about direct provincial representation in the government and the implementation of the decentralization effort. A check and balance guaranteed by their new constitution for their democratic process. This was ignored over the last 8 years of the Maliki government.

This too has been one of the most neglected areas of the new Iraq constitution. But remember I have been telling you news all along that Dr Allawi and his team have been working in the background setting the stage for the day they could quickly move forward with this effort. So they have not just started from scratch in this effort but rather are now just accelerating to full speed ahead and no longer have to work in secrecy. I am beginning to believe too why they also call it the Federation Council. Could this be a code name for the effort since Maliki would have shut down any efforts in this area while he was prime minister? Just some food for thought.

This is an ongoing implementation and it will be ongoing for many years to come. However the good news is it is finally being fully implemented but there still remains that some new laws are needed to support the council. I do not believe this could or would hold up the revaluation of their currency since it will be ongoing for many years to come.

The important part is, as many of my sources agree, that Iraq now is finally implementing their constitution. This is needed to move forward to a more stable, democratic government in the long run. This is part of the stability needed to bring their currency back online. We all know about the disregard their prior prime minister Maliki had for his own country’s constitution.

So today I send you an update one again to report on Iraqi progress.

As I have said in my prior news letter, I still believe we are in a sweet spot right now to literally see this RV in the coming days ahead. This is by far the best place I have ever seen this investment in the 10 years I have been following it.

In my last news letters I summarized some of the other issues I saw facing Iraq and why I felt these issues put enormous pressure on Iraq to get the CBI moving on the project to deleted the zeros from their currency.

Some of these issues I mentioned included: Iraqi financial crisis; fighting ISIS; another payday coming for the Qi cards government benefits (in fact its now this coming week they must load the $$ once again); more and more of Erbil laws being implemented and announcements from Iraq itself telling Iraq citizens themselves they plan to complete the economic reforms by Dec1st.

Last week we once again we heard about the finance committee of parliament telling the CBI to move forward with the project or come to the parliament and justify the holdup.

I believe there is no holdup since my CBI contact has told me they are now moving forward with full implementation of this project once again. We all know it was stalled in the summer of 2012 while under Dr Shabibi. Well they may have a new governor in place but Dr. Shabibi is now back working alongside them to complete this rollout process.

Can the USA continue to hold it up?
I believe that they can as long as they can convince the UN they have reasonable cause to do so. There is however, a backdoor plan that is being considered to circumvent the USA for any further “unreasonable” delays. They have been warned. They know there will be severe penalties should the UN have to take this action.

What more can we possibly ask for? Everything is on our favor to see this RV very, very soon.

Then when can we expect the RV?

I believe we are in a rare opportunity and window like never before. In the coming days we should expect the RV.

Peace and Luv To Ya All,
Mnt Goat

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