Mnt. Goat : “Moving Forward” 07/21/2014 UU8690

UU8690 – Moving Forward

Hi Everyone,

I come to you today to give you a very brief update on the progress of rebuilding this new Iraq government and how it all relates to our revaluation process of the IQD.

So what has happened this past week and what can we expect this coming week?

I am going to tell you.

Today’s News

Today is now Monday July 21 and we have waited anxiously for he next session of parliament to decide the next “president” if Iraq. I put the president in parenthesis because this is now the actual presidential position (outgoing Talibani) they will now be voting on along with his two vice presidents in Wednesday’s session.
I strongly believe that these are the only positions they will be voting on in Wednesdays session. They will then take one more week to put the presidents cabinet together and solidify the nominations for the prime minister, the last of the presidential vacancies to fill. This is what I am hearing from my Iraq contact.

Many of us expect this week to be a pivotal week in the revaluation of our dinar investment. I have to tell you I think it will be but not in the context of a revaluation announcement as most think will happen. Also do not expect other major announcements all happening on Wednesday as some believe it will happen.

We are going to have to wait yet another week for the PM voting process to play out and them we have a very, very good window following that next session on 7/30 to see our RV.

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Remember also they have not formally announced the next session after Wednesday’s so it could be bumped up or moved out further. Let’s see what happens. I am telling their current game plan now.

Finally we not only see the light at the end of the tunnel but we are beginning to feel daylight and it feels very good for the people of Iraq and for us as investors in Iraq. There is a new government being formed, free of the Iranian influence and Maliki tyranny.

Some are still denying that the speaker of parliament is in fact seated. I have to tell these people that he is and it is done. All the members of parliament are not also sworn in and have taken their oaths. I have also found out why those 4 candidates earlier were delayed by the judiciary and that was because they already had other positions in the GOI and were forced to first resign.

There was also some hanky panky.. lol….going on with the voting on one candidate. This has all been fixed and in the 7/16 session they have all been sworn in. Its done done done !

Some also believe that since the parliament is seated that the government is seated. This is not true. The government is not fully formed until it is fully functional and meets all the Iraq constitutional requirements for a fully formed government.

Go read the constitution for yourself. This means that Iraq needs all 3 presidents and their deputies and ministers to be seated. We witnessed last week the first of the presidents being seated. We will witness the next in line this week and the following week the plan is to seat the prime minister, the third of the presidents.

Could the plan change?

Yes it could but highly unlikely since now that Maliki and his goons are out of the way. Yes he is gone as I have told you again and again. You did not see it immediately because the old articles had to catch up us outside of Iraq.

They delay the news and also recycle old articles with new dates on them to confuse us. Yes – Maliki is gone !

Did you see the article about him cleaning up his desk and being loaded on an armored vehicles while he waived good bye? This picture was taken almost 2 weeks ago and just last Thursday 7/17 made it to main stream news media. Go figure !

I want to note I really enjoy listening to and watching this new speaker of parliament Jabouri at work. I think he is a dynamic leader, honest, tenacious and has the fortitude to do what is necessary to turn Iraq around from the last 8 years and create the necessary stability.

The key word here is “stability”…hint… hint…lol…. of course he will need the help of the new president and prime minister and all his elected representatives too.

So what can we expect in the coming days?

They must choose a president within 30 days of electing a speaker. The clock started ticking on 7/16. I believe they will have the president announced on 7/23. As the president of the parliament, Salim al-Jabouri opened the door for nominations to the presidency for a period of three days starting on Wednesday (16/07/2014). So far I have heard all the nominations for president were sent to parliament on time.

They must nominate a new prime minister Within 15 days of the president’s election, so this will bring them to a constitutional deadline to seat the PM by first week in August.

I strongly believe they will have a vote in the next session which will be a week from this Wednesday 7/30 and not wait that long. The PM will be seated at that time.

Is Talibani alive?

You know ……..I feel like we are experiencing the ongoing saga of Elvis dying all over again….lol….. Yes – Talibani lives! They are not using a body double…lol….I have witnessed and talked to Talibani myself just under a year ago now.

He is alive and well but has some lingering handicaps. He is in a wheel chair, a nice fancy one. He had chosen this time to come back to Iraq to assist in the selection of the new Iraq president. After all he is the leading Kurd in the government and the outgoing president.

The position belongs to the Kurds. It is his rightful place now to given support tothe nominees. The question on my mind now is this. Will they allow him to sit in parliament during the voting or ask him to leave in Weds session as they did Maliki and his goons? Lets watch and find out.


From my perspective everything now in the election process has settled down and we are seeing real progress and its all on track.

Maliki and his goons have been eliminated or neutralized in the process. The militants are under control and there will soon be a swift purge to eliminate their influence on the stabilization of the country. Watch for this move….its coming and it will be swift.

Parliament can legally also conduct some business of their own and has now begun to address the budget. They are going to combine the 2014 and 2015 budgets and conduct the readings shortly after the prime minister is seated and the government is fully formed.

This action now is underway.

They are also prioritizing other bills and laws that need attention and so we may see a bundle of laws passed in one foul swoop in the coming month. The budget is not a determining factor on getting the RV completed. In fact it is just the opposite. They need the RV to open the budget.

They are going to jump start their economy and you will soon see it take off. If you are an investor – you are about to witness history in the making. Something all have been talking about for years.

So when will we see the revaluation of the IQD?

Remember that technically the IQD has already revaluated in- country and we are just waiting for the final rollout to the international financial sector. At this time we can go to the bank and exchange.

The CBI has stated many times that they fully intend to complete the rollout process in the coming weeks and so I believe this is their intent and I see no reason now (with more and more stability in Iraq everyday) that this would not happen according to their new plan.

Iraq can not move forward in all the required financial sectors of the international community with the lowest artificial currency rate they have had in 50 years.

Remember also that once you take the “uncertainty” factor out of the RV process (meaning the State of Law and the Current Maliki GOI) then plans can solidify and they can move forward more rapidly without having to readjust and constantly re-plan every move. Things can now move forward quickly and will. Finally !

I still firmly believe that we will not see any revaluation of the IQD unless Iraq has a stable and functional government (all three presidents, deputies and council of ministers are seated) and thus has a political environment that it can advance in and thrive in (non-sectarian).

Peace and Luv To Ya All,

Mnt Goat

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