Mnt. Goat – UU0127 – We Wait

UU0127 – We Wait

Hi Everyone,

I come to you today to give you a recent update on the election process and how this relates towards the international rollout of the IQD for Iraq. The news was so overwhelming and just pouring out of Iraq.mnt_goat_insert_image1

This is a time of great anticipation and expectation not only for our ability to finally exchange our IQD but also for the people of Iraq. They too have been waiting but a lot longer than we have. Don’t forget they had more than 20 years with Saddam and then that last 10 years of war. occupation and Maliki. When is it all going to settle down for these people? When will they finally see some resemblance of peace and prosperity?

Could the Islamic Eid Al-Fitr holy day be the beginning of the end?

If you have not read my previous news letter from Friday 7/25 (LINK), I encourage you to first read it. Today’s news letter, as in all my news letters, is a continuation of the ongoing saga of the IQD RV process.

Today’s News
Maliki is Still Persistent

We have all by now heard that Maliki issued a press conference this week and lied about a judicial decision in that the State of Law Coalition having the right to form the new government. The judiciary upon hearing this news quickly dispatched a rebuttal stating it was not true and in fact did not even grant a hearing on the subject. Go figure!

Also recently the outgoing PM. Nori Al-Maliki requested a meeting with the recently elected Iraqi president, Fuad Masoum. In the meeting Maliki requested that the new president recognize the right of the State of Law coalition to form the new government.
Seems his game with the judiciary backfired so he has to try to convince the new president.

As you may know the president is the one who formally announces the bloc in parliament that will complete the government by selecting the new prime minister. So in short Masoum rejected this request from the prime minister. I have to add how ridiculous can Maliki be? Is he hallucinating? Does he not realize that rule of law does not have the constitutional right to form the next government because it is not the largest bloc in the House of Representatives? Does he not see the writing on the wall? Seriously, at this point in time I think the new Iraq leader and president are about to question the pure sanity of this man. Just my opinion.

Formation of a Larger Bloc

So now we see a major, major effort being undertaken to form an even yet larger bloc as defectors are now moving over to the anti-Maliki side. I strongly believe we will soon hear an announcement that a new alliance has been formed. An ever larger one incorporating the National Alliance and more. A “super” bloc. All of Sadr and Hakim supporters are now moving into this new bloc. Anyone who was borderline now is seeing the complete insanity being shown in the desperate effort to undermine the election process by Maliki and his goons.

Yes- we are witnessing democracy at its best taking hold. This is exactly the kind of stability and unity the USA has been looking for and it’s all very good.

I do believe this could be our recent holdup (all stalling) in announcing the new prime minister to the public. Basically I see the Jubouri and Masoum now want to dot their “I” s and cross their “T” ’s as a safeguards to ensure this outgoing PM does not stand a chance in hell of having a 3rd term. They also want to satisfy and unite the parties yet even more. Funny how the decent to Maliki is actually the driving force that is slowly uniting people in the country of Iraq. The also want Maliki to formally resign and put it in writing and this time also do it with conditions that are practical and acceptable. Gotta luv it !

Did Maliki Resign…. Again?

So today, Sunday July 27th, the outgoing Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki presented a written resignation giving up the post of the Prime Minister of the presidency to the National Alliance. The document was a conditional abdication of the position of the Prime Minister. I do not know all the details and conditions and whether it was accepted and agreed upon by both parties. I can imagine there is some negotiating to do in this area and this may be also what is taking some time. We all know he wants amnesty and some sort of position in the new government. Personally I do not think he is in the drivers seat at this point to demand anything.

Some Clarification

I want now to also clarify questions some readers are having regarding some of my past news letters when I stated there was a plot to possibly have Kurdistan break off from Iraq. Yes – I too thought it was hard to believe since the Kurds could have broken off at anytime in the early stages of the government building process if truly they wanted to.

The advantages of staying a unified Iraq far out weight any decision to break off.

I stated this in my past news because this was the information I received and I believed it to be true and so passed it on to my readers. It was just a plot. It was not carried out. I also said (and some have selective hearing cause they do not follow up and read the rest of my news letters) that the plot was not successful and the shenanigans Maliki pulled with the militants and the “national emergency” showed the world just how ruthless and cunning he can be to gain control of this country of Iraq. Think of all the chaos, the homeless people and killed civilians as a result. This recent militant takeover is all intentional and orchestrated by him. He will not stop an anything to get a 3rd term. We once again witness the attitude in last week’s persistence.

You have to realize the longer this election process takes the worst it is actually getting for him. He is digging a whole deeper and deeper away from support with each shenanigan he plays. So I hope I clarified this topic for the readers and I hope you will make a point to read all my news letters from now on since they are telling a continuing saga or story. There are also many other very good conference calls and information too that tell the story. Let’s just remember though there is no need for this hype every weekend without any facts to back it up.

So how much longer must we wait?

Well it looks like we might get the announcement we have been waiting for next week as I can not see them dragging this on longer. All signs are showing this new alliance is forming very quickly.

The next session date announced by Al- Jabouri last week simply stated the adjournment of parliament is until August 5th. He did not mention that they would wait for the voting on the new prime minister till this session. This is important. Remember to there many bills over the last 4 years pending completion and final acceptance. Some already voted on and just need to be ratified to become law. The GOI has been holding them up. It is like Jubouri wants now to play catch up and get all this legislation enacted. He almost has to since much of it is dependent on the new budget and thus they can’t open the new budget either unless they can go forward with these laws.

This is why we have been reading so many articles about Jubouri meeting with Maliki to learn and understand the issues involved in the holdup. I got to tell you it is like 4 years have passed and nothing substantial has come out of that government. It time to play catch up and make up lost time to move forward.
This leads me to believe strongly that Jubouri intends to call in another session prior to August 5th if and when they get all to agree on the candidates for prime minister. I think the Aug 5th date is just the farthest out target date being that it is just 3 days from the 15 day constitutional limitation. In fact just yesterday (Saturday) Jubouri was in communication with Masoun and asked that he quickly announce the majority bloc and get the process of the final stages of forming the government underway – that of selecting and announcing the new prime minister. I sensed much urgency in this communications. This also leads me to believe they will not wait till Aug 5th session to take this next step.

This also leads me to believe that in fact, as of today, this is not a done deal as many are telling and making you believe. Today is now Monday. So where is the RV? Are you at the bank? Are you not tired of being put on this hype each weekend without backing up the intel with any real factual substance?

Oil Tanker in Texas

Let us also not forget about the full oil tanker soon to dock in port, destined for Texas USA. This tanker is full of Kurdistan oil (the one filled from Turkish ports). There is ongoing debate from Iraq that the USA can not buy this oil from Iraq without permission from the GOI. Since Maliki desires to play political games with the Kurds he is refusing to give that permission. Until the new PM is seated he still has this power.

I believe he will try to play out this last card in his poker game with the USA for his one last shenanigan to try to force the USA to helping him gain his 3rd term. Baghdad has threatened to sue anyone that buys Kurdish oil. It will not work. The ship can simply wait in port until the new PM is seated. This is my opinion. However the situation does put pressure on the USA to assist to get the Iraq government formed.

USA About to Step Up Military Operations

“America insists on Maliki leaving in Exchange for military support, but it is not looking to choose the Prime Minister of Iraq and knows this would be a mistake”. News from the USA government has said that “this is inevitable and the United States were responsible for ensuring that many of the Federal Constitution and supports the idea of a more flexible Iraq where Kurds and Sunni and Shiite Muslims the way they want.”

As I said in my last news letter I am also being told today that the USA is stepping up confirmation with the GOI on the latest military developments in Iraq. They are getting ready to support Iraq in its fight against the militants. Does this mean anything to you?

Remember I said when the PM is seated the USA will begin these operations. So can we be that close? Please put two and two together. The end is very near.

CBI Update

Last week I checked in with my CBI contact too and all is ready to rollout the final parts of the international rates to the world. There is very little for the CBI to do. They are just waiting for the “go ahead” from the USA UST and the IMF. Sure maybe the intent was that Iraq would in fact seat the prime minister last week and so we were all put on standby to RV in the USA, the CBI and the IMF but as I said many times before the USA played this game before many times in the past and will continue to pull the rug out from under the RV until the government is fully seated and stable. This is not the holdup just the controlling factor. All have been ready for months now. This does not mean they are going to RV. Yes – they have the power to do it since they control the final international rollout process.


So today’s news is all very good news. I tried to present the news so that you too can understand and see many of the pieces to this puzzle unravel as we see the final conclusion to this new government about to take place. There is enormous pressure to get the government fully seated and to pass the final Iraq budget , then RV their currency so they can open it and spend it.

We are seeing many articles recently about the lack of funding for government programs such as the retirement pay and food programs. These are programs loaded on their Qi Cards. Remember these cards? Can’t use them unless they are loaded. Can’t load them unless there is funding.

In the background we are seeing the building of yet a stronger, larger “super” coalition against the State of Law Alliance. National Alliance needs only a certain number of votes from State of Law to completely override any of Maiki’s attempts to mess up the PM voting process.

I am now hearing that parliament will wait till after the Eid al-Fitr to complete the formation of the next government. This is not a rumor.

As you may or may not know Eid Al-Fitr is celebrated across the world as the day of breaking fast after the end of the Islamic holy month of Ramadan. This year for some Islamic countries it is celebrated on July 28th and for Iraq it will be celebrated on July 29th. Does this give us a hint when we can expect the vote to be taken for the new PM?

Remember too it is preferred for Maliki’s sake for him to resign voluntarily instead of being thrown out when the new PM is seated. So today did Maliki finally cave in and resign for good this time? I want you to know the reasons why he may not have left in previous resignations is that his terms offered were not accepted and so he declined later to resign. Will the resignation be accepted on his terms? I am hearing the negotiating is over but I do not yet know the outcome. Also could this be part of the timing delay this weekend?

There are many that say they want to roll this RV out by end of July. I too believe this is true. It has been stated many times since January that this is a target in many articles. Today is July 28th. Can they do it? They seemed to have missed most deadlines/targets in the past and always find a way to deal with the consequences. I am optimistic they will complete it this time. We are soooo close.

When this new bloc is completed I believe they will bring the nominee to parliament. The new president will formally announce what bloc is in control and introduce him to the world. We simply will wake up one morning and it will be done.

Then we all go to the bank.

I want to emphasize once again this final announcement of the IQD going international will not happen until the USA feels the Iraq government is stable, non-sectarian and is a functional government. This is has been the plan all along. They may have wavered a bit on how the plan was implemented but the overall plan guidelines have not changed.

Peace and Luv To Ya All,

Mnt Goat

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