Mnt Goat Wednesday Update – “Just How Close Are We?”

UU3033 – “Just How Close Are We?” by Mnt Goat

Hello Everyone,

Just returned from a week long wonderful winter vacation in the USA. This year Meine Kinder wanted to come to visit USA and see Disneyland. It was a fun filled trip. I was amazed on how it has changed and enlarged since I was a kinder. As you know I am originally an American citizen and so is Meine Hubby. So we met relatives in Florida and visited with them too on this trip. Of course for Meine Hubby and I were in it mostly for the warmer climate and not so much the Micky Mouse stuff……lol…..

Let us review what has happened this last past period and in this ongoing saga of the revaluation of the Iraqi dinar. Please read the past news letter dated 2/20 (LINK) to better understand this news of today.

Today’s News

Today is already Wednesday March 4th and still no RV. Why?
What we do know is we recently witnessed the posting of the completed budget in the gazette and were told two weeks ago that payments to the provinces, based on the stated amounts in the budget, would begin last week. These payments would support the needed projects and programs in support of the needed “agreed to” reforms to unite Iraq.

Did this happen as they told us?
Yes the funding did begin, but as I mentioned to you in my previous news letters, the funding would be very limited unless the economic reforms are completed and in particular the currency reform. So yes- the payments to the provinces have begun and there is now extreme pressure to complete the process so the funding can continue. We are talking about $119 trillion dinars (at 1166 rate) or $119 billion dinars at a new rate ($3.22+). Not a simple process. I personally believe Iraq would have holding off any payments has it not been for extreme pressure for the provinces, especially Kurdistan, to pay their bills.

Remember there is nothing and I say again NOTHING that the CBI, the government of Iraq or the Finance Committee is saying right now that tells us DIRECTLY that they intent to revalue their currency. But let’s use our common sense on this one.

So what is Mnt Goat saying? Is she nuts?
No I am not crazy but I want you all to put this situation into perspective. So let me be very clear now in this news letter. This is not meant to be a gloomy news letter since I do believe this revaluation is just around the bend. It has to be and if you know anything about this investment and have been reading my ongoing news letters you know why.

Of course we all want a revaluation of the IQD now. After all this is what this news letter is all about – to inform you of the progress of this process. But the issue we should be paying most attention to is the new banking practices and all the financial “stuff” going on to set up to make Iraq international and moving into the 21st century in the area. Just look at all that has come out in the news over these last couple months in this area of concern. They are indirectly indicating to us something much more about to happen. Something huge, very huge! If you were the CBI would you not want to take this opportunity to push out a higher rate and get off the PROGRAM rate of your currency if you were to go international? So calm down and relax. I believe this is all about to come very soon. But how to I know this for a fact? BECAUSE I TAKE IT UPON MYSELF TO READ THE ARTICLES AND THE NEWS FROM IRAQ ITSELF !

What did just recently happen?
-Tariffs implemented as of March 1st – How? ;
-New Tax Laws went into effect March 1st – How? ;
-All back pay for military paid out March 1st – How? ;
-Kurdistan paid share of oil revenues retroactive to a 1st 2014 ;
-Federation Council power sharing now fully implemented and part of the legislative process (more decentralization of the govt –thus movement away from any potential dictatorship tendency) ;
-The transfer of centralized ministry powers to the de-centralized provincial governments is now underway and a long term weekly plan is outlined and underway;
-Project to disperse lower denoms at the local banks began (but unfortunately was cut short due to terrorism once again)

Iraq for all practical purposes is now international (in technical terms only). But yet they can’t fully enter the World Trade Organization (WTO) without a tradable currency. We have witnessed the buildup for this effort too. They also can not properly do business with the international community without an international currency at a fair market rate. But why not just use the 1166 rate? It is stable now for over 10 years. Because it does not reflect the TRUE market rate of the countries assets of the new Basil III requirements all have agreed to. Also the provisional or “program” rate was never, never meant to be permanent. The plan was just not designed this way. The plan has called for a permanent “reinstatement” of their currency eventually. I know for fact they intended this already to be accomplished by now and it is well overdue.

Since the last 8 years of the Maliki government was not exactly pro- democracy (an understatement) Iraq now has to make up time and push these democratic principles and non-sectarian efforts forward. Since the sectarianism was wide spread the level of trust in any government headed by a Shuite administration (the prime minister according the Iraqi constitution MUST go to a Shuite). So Abadi and his cabinet are not to be trusted lightly and must constantly prove themselves. The fact that the prior prime minister, responsible for this mess in the first place, is also still around and is now a part of this new government. This worries many. This a major obstacle in the trust factor.
For many this may seem a plausible forgone conclusion that there will be an increase in the value of the Iraqi dinar but for those who truly know the grand scheme of the plan (from the start) we do not have to keep asking this question as to whether they plan to bring back their currency to at least a pre-war plus equity value. We instead KNOW for certainty this is the plan and we believe they are now undertaking this last step in the process but first they need the following to see this to the final conclusion:

– stability both political and on the streets
– necessary laws to backup the 2014 budget (National Guard law second reading this week, full Amnesty still under debate, need the Accountability and Justice law)
– full implementation of the constitution (already done)

Some say their will never be stability on the streets of Iraq and the secs will always be fighting. I say to some degree you are correct in thinking this but they are not searching for a level of total peace between these tribes. I believe they need a level of relative peace so that they can function as a nation and to guarantee that investors will not lose out in the long run, should they come to Iraq and do business. It is that simple !

The head of the National Reconciliation Commission in the House of Representatives, Hisham al-Suhail in an exclusive interview with “tomorrow”, said that “national reconciliation project still ranges in place and there are no practical steps towards the activation and development among members of society,” pointing out that he “met with President Fuad Masum in the previous period to activate national reconciliation, accountability and justice

In my opinion is that we will not see any final steps towards the activation of a new currency until national reconciliation can happen and this will never happen unless Maliki and his goons are out of the picture. I keep trying to tell myself this is not the case but over and over again Maliki is determined to breakdown any efforts of peace and reconciliation with his propaganda machine and local militia groups. He gets away with this too since his is one of the vice presidents.

So on Monday 03/02 out pops news as announced from the Governor of the Central Bank on the Keywords, on Monday, the deletion of zeros existing project, as pointed out it was given the green light for its implementation, he stressed that this process will be preceded by the administrative and regulatory processes.
Alak said in a press conference held at the bank building and attended by Alsumaria News ,

“The project to delete the zeros is based was put into practice, and we gave the green light to start with,” noting that “The project needs a period of time may extend to two years or more.”

So to me this sounds all wonderful and I have to tell you I have been waiting now impatiently for this announcement. But is this message from the proxy governor of the CBI or is it coming from direction of Dr Shabibi, who we know is working in the background?
I guess I am skeptical these days of this “any day” RV intel since I hear on once side of the intel they really need and want the completion the currency reform and I believe this too. But on the other end I do not see how this will be plausible unless they complete the needed laws and satisfy what the IMF and the USA needs from Iraq first. They will not have or leave any chance of another 8 years of Maliki like government.

There will be those that will tell you everything is done but I know for a fact that these same people are being constantly pumped with information and are being used by the PTB to keep peace within the ranks of the 6,000,000+ dinar holders in the USA.

The PTB do not want a major media exposure to the corruption in their own backyard over the early exchanges and abusive banking practices in the use of the 3 zero notes at collateral for early exchanges and hedging on this investment. Billions have already been made and they can’t simply take it back without a major shake up of the current administration and someone going to jail. So what do they do?

So what then do they do? Just like all corruption they simply try to cover it up and give you a wonderful spin on events. They use in part some truthful information coming out of Iraq then put their own spin on what is really happening to serve their purpose. Did you notice a trend in their intel?

They string you along with a current date (usually a weekend saga). They do this a couple times for a couple weeks. Then they change over to a longer delay like almost an indefinite with no date, they pop you a new date and get you all excited all over again This repeats over and over and over again.

They are hoping you will take the bait and get hooked. They “use” certain intel providers who have multiple calls throughout the week to keep the hype going and you are “hooked”. Do you look forward to these calls? Do you anticipate them?

People I have to tell you this strategy of how they are pumping you up with information is nothing new. It is right out of the CIA manual. It is a simple tactic used in the intelligence arena as a method most often used to fool and string along entire populations.

I do not take great pleasure today in having to bring you this news but, as I have said in my past news letters, this is my main purpose in getting involved in my news letters in the first place, that of helping you truly understand and weeding out and exposing those that are being used by these three letter agencies.

So I have to say now your best recourse of action is to “unhook” yourself and shake free from these people being used for this purpose and learn what is really happening in Iraq for yourself. I know it is hard and many of you have families to care for and it is time consuming. I too am in this same situation.

I have tried to tell you and warn you of these wolves and over and over again made an attempt to truly keep you informed. Yes –they try to expose me and tell you of false identities. I too have come prey to propaganda and have come upon some bad sources in the past. But I always try to come clean and let you know. It is not easy since many times you think you should be able to trust your sources and much of their intel is good but this is how they work. Mix in the good with the bad. This how you get hooked.

But you are the fool if you see they are lying over and over again and make no adjustments to your thinking and how you respond to their “propaganda” in the future. Kind of like fool me once and be forgiven. Fool me twice and I am the fool!

Some intel providers are telling us Iraq needs this week (or longer) to demonstrate to the rest of the world that they can in control over any opposition to Iraq (i.e. ISIS) with Iraqi troops. Then they will RV. Really? They say they had a big meeting over the weekend and this they agreed on.

The truth is they did have a meeting and agreed it was NOT time to go forward with the currency reforms.

They also agreed that the completion of the needed laws are necessary as I explained above. These intel providers did not tell you this. Did they? Why?

We are hearing in the main stream news media about the efforts to retake Tikrit and Al-Dor districts in the Salah Al-Din province of Iraq. This give credibility to what they just told you. But it is not they entire truth.

These intel providers are focusing all their news around this fighting and tell you Iraq must show that they can stand on their own two feet and secure the country. This is what they are trying to demonstrate. This is of course partly true but not entirely the story and this a perfect example of what I am talking about. Give you a part of the truth knowing you will soon see for yourselves on the major news media. This then creates validity to the rest of their story. Why do they not tell you the rest of the story? Maybe they honestly do not know it? Why?
They do not know it because the PTB do not wish to pass on to you the entire truth, that is why.

The rest of the story is the fact that representatives from the government of Iraq, the parliament, the president, the CBI, IMF and USA delegation meet weekly to discuss Iraqi progress. This is a common ongoing weekly meeting..

This is the same meeting held last weekend.. Just another meeting! It is NOT centered all around currency reform ! Yes – one part of the meeting does have currency reform on the agenda and they do discuss time tables when it might happen or would be a most appropriate time to happen. But some of these so called “intel gurus” only hear this part and want to emphasis this part. This is the mistake they make and I feel sorry since they hype everyone up on these RV timetables when in fact it was only a discussion in the meeting, nothing more. It was not even meant for you to hear and to be passed on. This is the kind of irresponsible intel these people bring to you.

I fully believe they can only go so far in the distribution of the budget funding to the provinces without a revaluation of their currency. They will NOT deplete the entire reserves in the CBI…THIS.WILL NOT HAPPEN!

The clock is ticking. How far will they go in this latest push on ISIS before they are confident they have done enough .Will they be able to pass these remainder laws? Will this reconciliation process breakdown or continue? For me most importantly – will they finally deal with Maliki and end this sectarianism and get the unity they need once and for all?

Peace and Luv To Ya All,
Mnt Goat

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  1. The Goat does herself a great dis-service by criticizing other intel providers. Why not just post your own intel and leave it at that. What is so complicated about that concept?


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