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UU4401 – “Very Short Update 4/18” by Mnt Goat

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Today’s News

Today is Saturday April 18th. Another week has passed and yes there is still no Iraq currency RV.

It has been a very awesome week for information and articles out of Iraq. Not all very good. The Abadi trip to the USA was very successful and set the ground work for the good that lays ahead in the coming weeks.

After a short stop over in Germany he arrived back in Iraq. As commander and chief of the military he was inundated with yet with more bad news of ISIS and the inability of the Iraq generals to take command and get the job done.

This leadership issue is a huge part of the crisis in fighting ISIS, a crisis that plagues the Iraq military. I do not care what propaganda you hear from the news media, the Iraqi army is in a serious crisis and has yet to stand in it own and fight like true soldiers against the attacking ISIS.

Sorry folks no RV this weekend and for the next couple weeks maybe months, at least. All these rumors of a pending RV are just that RUMORS !

Anbar is being attacked once again. They struggle to hold the once taken territory. Iraqi troops are wimps. They hesitate deploying more Iranian militias to help out by may not have a choice in the matter, especially in the western regions around Anbar and Erbil. Meanwhile big plans are underway for the Mosul counter-offensive, but first they have to hold on to these other provinces.

The USA is shipping over Appachi helicopters and pilots under a new lend-lease agreement,,,,,hurry,,hurry for the USA!

Once they arrive they will commence with the operations. Talk is the 18 F16’s will also arrive soon under a similar agreement but be piloted by Iraq pilots. These pilots have been in training with their aircraft in Colorado USA now for over a year.

Some of the 1,500 recruits massacred in Streicher AFB Iraq, were in part ground crews and supporting squadrons for these aircraft. Yes – Maliki knew precisely what he was doing! He is always a few steps ahead of the game.

Also a huge car bombing just outside the green zone. People fleeing for their lives to Baghdad. Some even left their cars in the movement. Not good news today!

Just not going to RV under these conditions, unfortunately the lack of security is the only thing holding this RV back. Iraq is good at working around things so let’s see what they come up with to get around it.

On the flip side Abadi did make a speech today to the citizens of Iraq. In the speech he said next week he is going to announce a huge initiative that will solve all the economic issues for Iraq. Gosh I pray it’s the RV!

Personally I do not think it is going to be the RV announcement we wait for but who knows for sure.

On the other flip side we all should know by now that the 2014 budget stipulates the currency auctions are to be very limited. We read many articles on the cut back of these auctions. I think they are doing this to limit the amt of the 3 zero notes going out of country (and possibly to terrorist organizations) to due an impending RV.

Many of the parliamentary members have made statements to express their opinions on this subject matter (that is all these articles are- just opinions). They want to bring back the currency auctions as a solution to the economic crisis but they are not from the financial sector or the CBI and are misinformed.

The will not bring them back! The auctions were supposed to be a temporary measure to raise capital until they gained their sovereignty. So now they have it. It is time to RV. We know it and Iraq knows it. THIS IS THE SOLUTION !

So we know the real solution is simply to sell their currency on the open international markets not the clearing house auctions, thus go international with their currency. They know it too.

I believe that if they just let it pop all their financial problems could be solved.
But what the heck who am I to say!

Fighting ISIS and all these other reconstruction projects will then take another course since they will have amply funding. We all may also have heard the billions on loan from the USA to supplement their deficit. Part of the recent agreements while Abadi was in Washington USA. This also is great news for us. Perhaps this will be Abadi’s news next week.

About Maliki

As I have said many times in previous news letters, that Maliki is part of the problem not the solution with these militia groups causing havoc. He would luv to see more turmoil and an opportunity to jump into politics again given the right circumstances.

Remember guys like him thrive on disaster and crisis. I am sure he is still wishing for his dream of marshal law. Not going to happen!

This week a coupe articles came out admonishing him and could not be more blatant on what they intend to do about him. Actually I was taken back they were so blunt. It is getting to the point they simply can’t wait much longer to get rid of him.

It is coming up shortly and when it does security will begin to settle down. I always say that if you cut the head off of the snake you kill the rest of it too.

Peace and Luv To Ya All,

Mnt Goat

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