Monday TNT Call


TONY – Good afternoon, TNT. It’s Monday, August 18 and we have 32,000 people listening! We never thought we’d be here and here we are. I’m going to start the call off a little different. There are a couple of things we need to discuss related to the dinar community. We are not here for our own personal gain. Our purpose is to help you guys get through this so you can make the most of this opportunity.

T – There are some different things going on in Dinarland. There are people using my name, image or what we have created here as a group for their own advantage. They do it because we have the largest audience. Evidently there are many “TNTTony’s” out there in Twitter. Some of you are following the wrong one. A “fidiot” is sending out RV texts and using Okie’s telephone  numbers to call and it’s childish and stupid. You should know that NO ONE WILL GIVE YOU A LOCAL  NUMBER OR OUT OF STATE NUMBER TO CALL FOR AN APPOINTMENT. It will be 800 or 888 numbers. It should be common sense but Okie got calls all weekend. Please use common sense and don’t call local numbers!

T – Then I got an email about a site selling t-shirts with my pic on them for $160/each. They have my pic, my name, our TNT logo, etc. People are taking advantage of others. Be aware of these people – this is not me nor is it authorized.

T – There’s also another email from BGG asking you to sign a petition to get Maliki arrested. They’re using “wethepeople” which is close to our “wearethepeople”. That’s not what we’re here for. Politics is politics and it won’t make the RV come any quicker. The people in Iraq know what they want to do with their PM. If they need our help I’ll converse with enought of them and they’ll ask. They’re trying to mislead people.

T – We are here for the right reasons, which are being worked out as we speak. The last thing we need to do is sign some petition. When we send out a tweet it’ll have an 800# or 888#, not a local number. I’m trying to help Okie.

T – So, it was a long weekend and on Friday we expected to be here doing something else.

DC – So, things look extremely good. Are we frustrated we’re still here? Yes, but not much. We’re not going to rock any boats. East to west: In Iraq, they took back the Mosul Dam as well as other key security points. Congrats to iraq on that win. The bombed the hell out of some really important ISIL targets and we’re seeing some effects of that now. Also, related to that, is they are having a more inclusive gov’t and more Sunnin’s are joing that effort. That’s taking a lot of the fight of the bad guys. Abadi is making great strides. Things have been voted on that are not public yet that should happen with the RV. Abadi and his leadership team are very serious about including everybody, not only ethnically, but people right for the jobs.

T – They are now looking at education, job experience, etc. not just who they’re related to. DC – Right, they’re looking at people with degrees and professional background in their chosen areas. In the past, it was more of which political party you belonged to or who you were related to. So it’s a maturity stage for Iraq. They’re asking for resumes rather than putting in their cousins. If they have no background whatsoever, they’re not being considered.

DC – Parliament has been meeting, not so much secretly, but quietly and getting things done. Maliki is out of the country physically. But he has been around a little bit. Depending on whom you’re talking to, a lot of his former folks are not being considered for any jobs even if they’re competent. It’s mainly for optics to prove they are truly starting over. This is indeed an honest-to-goodness new start without all the issues.

T – Last week we gave you a timeline of new events and things didn’t occur. They were rescheduled and things are progressing and near the end. You should remain encourage this is almost over.

T – Here’s a story for those who think the dinar is worthless: A person in divorce court this morning was before the judge who was deciding who got the 40M dinar in the split. The judge said to split it 50/50 but the husband wanted to keep it all. So the judge came back and said he’d give her 16M and you take the rest (24M). He said no. So, the judge gave her all the 24M dinar and husband has to pay $7,000 after it revalues. She got to keep it all. If he hadn’t gotten greedy he would have gotten half. So someone is acknowledging it will have a future value.

DC – In the USA, the UN is pleased as punch at all the changes in Iraq that everything is coming together so well and so quickly. They are incredibly pleased. The rest of the US is ready to go. We’re not getting into details of that because of the sensitivity of that. To be perfectly blunt, some of us have had our hands slapped because of the sensitivity. That’s happened about 6 times in the past 24 hours.

T – It’s not always black and white. We are doing the right thing which is why we’re having a very sensitive call.

T – We are in an extended sensitive position all around right now. Because of that, we are not answering any questions or taking calls. We’re doing a very short call because everyone is on edge. Enjoy the rest of your day. I’ll let you know if we do a call everyday this week, but right now, with all that’s taken place today here and over there, this is what we need to do today.

RECAP: DC – Iraq has knocked it out of the park in the past 7-10 days on the security and diplomatic fronts. Everybody is very ready and we are watching every damn RV  call, jumping everytime it rings. T – I’m getting texts and no, I didn’t read Mtn Goat and our info does not agree with hers. There is a new schedule and it’s not the timeline she’s posting. If there is something I will send out a tweet with 800#s or 888#s. In case we don’t get to talk to you before it happens, just remember the mice: 1st, 2nd and 3rd mouse! END OF CALL.

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