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Tony:  Good morning, TNT!  Today is Monday, July 27, 2015.  It was a long, long weekend.  Mine was probably longer than yours because I was getting more information. I will go through the weekend with you and tell you where we are now.  All good news…

Friday after the call, everybody was called in and told to be on standby, because this was going to happen Friday night.  They were called in two hours early on Friday morning.  On Saturday the memos went out, they brought everyone in, and told everyone it would go 4pm EST, 1pm EST.  They kept them there until 7 on Saturday night, then sent them home saying it wasn’t happening. They are just as frustrated as we are.  On Sunday they had everyone on standby, no more than 15 minutes from the office, for release at 3pm on Sunday.  Everyone was ready to go, but we are still here.

They did this all weekend, and they are still being told this could go any minute.  Let me see if a memo went out this morning.  There was no memo today, but there probably will be one after this call. But everything is good.

Over in Iraq, there have been no memos, and we here that they are highly upset and gathering in the streets as of an hour ago. They are tired of being told every day that this is going to happen.  We know it’s close as it’s ever been;  they are moving people around the world to get this done.  We know it has to be done bu1. August, when they are cutting their salaries and the terrorists have to be out.  Also, there are new taxes on cars, travel, property, cell phones – those all start on the first of August. They cannot do this on their existing monetary system. The bonds are supposed to go on the 2nd, the day after the RV goes international. These are all dates that are set, that they are telling the people.

We do know that they will change the dates in a heartbeat, so don’t bet the farm on it.  Until it actually happens, this is what they are telling the people. There are 31 days in July;  it’s four days until 1. August.  I think it’s good.  They are announcing this to Iraq and to the world, and someday they are going to have to stick to what they say.  Our banks are pushing for this like crazy. They are tired of putting their people on standby.

That’s where we are at.  They are still trying to do it, they had people on standby all weekend, and it could happen right now… today, tomorrow, tonight.  A lot of people think that it will happen tomorrow.  I could have told you to look for it after the markets close last Friday, but I said between today and the first, when all their new laws and salary cuts go into effect.  I don’t remember what day they sent out their pay, because they might wait for that.  They did say that they would have regular pay days  from August.  So that is the news..

707 caller:  There has been discussion about the 100 trillion zim being the only ones that will be exchanged.  If you have 100 trillion note and a 10 trillion note, will the 10 trillion note be wastepaper? I just bought some more with a 10 trillion note bonus.

Tony:  The person I talked to said 50 Ts and 100 Ts, but it’s possible that over 100 trillion they will take 10s as well.  We don’t know.

Caller:  Do you know anything about the bond prices?

Tony:  I’m not involved in any of the bond deals at all.  Some people say that they are tied together, and I heard that the bonds will come out by the 2nd August. That’s all I know.

508 caller:  Do you know what is going on with the reserve companies?

Tony:  I haven’t heard one thing about that. I haven’t been trying to look into that because I don’t think there will be a revolution about that.  There will be options afterwards, and with the amount of money involved, I imagine people will be taking action.

Caller:  Vegas, Vegas, Vegas!  Tomorrow is our RV day!

828 caller:  When people keep getting called in, I imagine they must be told this by Abadi or people closer to Abadi.  Who is sending out the ‘get ready’ and ‘no, we’re not doing it’ word?  Is it Abadi or someone/something behind the scenes…

Tony: We are getting from our banking sources.  On Saturday, all the branch managers and wealth managers were called in saying that this was happening at 3pm EST.  I don’t know who they are getting their memos from.  We get those memos from Iraq and from several different banks sources.  When they all come out with the same time, at least everyone is on the same page, and when it doesn’t happen, it doesn’t happen.  My under-standing right now is that the US is pushing for this.  I don’t know if it’s Abadi, Shabibi, or the IMF is doing this.  I know they planned on having all this BY the first of August.  If there is someone behind the scenes, they would never let us know until afterwards.

478 caller:  What is happening in Kurdistan?

Tony:  I haven’t heard anything about Kurdistan.  Like every other ME country, they are waiting for Iraq so t hey all can be rich together.

404 caller: What impact is the Asian market having on the RV process? China markets were down 8-9% and the US markets are down as well.

Tony:  There isn’t any global event I know of why they couldn’t do it last night. We made phone calls, couldn’t get through to Iraq, and they didn’t have anything in the mosques this morning.  They are super-quiet, and the more they do that, the closer we are to this taking place. They don’t’ want to do it in a down market, so I expect to see the markets going up. China was pushing very hard for this last week, so…

Caller:  We heard a rumor of the dinar going to 1095 this morning. Also, I heard that Iraq was given two months to approve the anti-money-laundering law.  Does that have an impact on the revaluation.

Tony:  So far as I know the money laundering laws were passed months ago.  I believe that they are doing the final reading on the other laws today/tonight.

Caller:  I heard a rumor that Iraqis were celebrating on Saturday night;  what’s that about?

Tony:  I don’t’ know anything about that.  They are in the streets now because this hasn’t happened yet.

863 caller:  Super-excited about everything today. There is news of some kind of bonds been sold at 1026, between the 2nd and 16th of August for 16-month bonds.  If they are selling at that rate, how can they do a revaluation of rates during that time?

Tony:  I think they will revalue the rates on those bonds as well.  If they are advertising those bonds, they have to give the current rate, not the rate it will be in the future. But the can adjust those rates accordingly.

I haven’t asked about the rates:  I think the dong rate was 46 cents over the weekend;  it was $2+ at some place, but that might be the contract rate to run the system. The dinar went to $3.91 to $4.21 on Saturday.  I know about where the rate will be, I want to know when it will be.  It’s 1.08 for the rupiah, and 11 cents for the zim – that’s what is supposed to happen, but anything can happen.

Caller:  Is there any reason for the volatility of the dong?

Tony:  I think they might be showing the international rates in some systems and the contract rate for the dong in others.  There are definitely contract rates still available.

252 caller:  When people were being paid at the high rates at the beginning of last year, how would that change for those people if we get the international rate?

Tony:  They will get the rate that was agreed with them at that time, regardless of the international rate.  Some of us may get those contract rates as well.

Caller:  One of my friends worked a Wells Fargo, and then she changed banks.  [Can’t understand this caller]  WF is still saying they will not have anything to do with the dinar.  She doesn’t want to exchange with them because they told her No.

Tony:  I know people at WF who are involved in this process, and they signed NDAs saying they wouldn’t buy dinar, and all their family members bought dinar.  If your friend can’t buy dinar, then she can have her family buy some.  And if she is no longer at WF, she can buy some herself, I would think.

219 caller:  I have a little story.  I called my attorney asking if they freeze accounts if too many people have currency.  She asked me all these questions and when I mentioned your name, she sent me about ten emails about fraud and scam, and “how much did he charge you, and how much does the website cost?”  She was trying to pull out as much negative information as possible, and I said, “Tony didn’t say that”, and she kept  saying “he’s lying”.

Tony:  You aren’t the first to have that kind of story.  We have 25,000+ on the call. The fastest way  to get any information throughout dinarland is to say “Tony said…” when I didn’t send it out and I don’t even know these people.

Caller:  The last you said, Zim will lose six zeros, and I’ve heard elsewhere it might lose ten zeros.

Tony: They have been saying six zeroes for a while, and on Saturday it showed  up at four cents.  I’ve also seen 11 cents on the screens.

Caller:  After this goes, and after our tithes and offerings, I want to support organizations that are helping teenagers.

Tony:  After our call on Friday, I saw on Yahoo that a guy left a $2,000 tip, and I thought, “Someone got their dinar money!”  I saw another one on Saturday.  It’s great to see that and I still want to see OUR day, a day that we all give people $1,000 tips. It would be great to be part of that.

512 caller:  All my questions were answered.  [Appreciation]  I just want this to happen.  Vegas, Vegas, Vegas!

770 caller:  Since we’ve been having this Round Robin, and I know you cannot pull the trigger, where do we the people have any leverage apart from absorbing the information?  What can we do to at least to be treated fairly?

Tony:  Our information is that we are going to be involve din the process, and a percentage of us will get contract rates, and ALL of us will get international rates.  “We are the people” started up because we were going to be cut out completely. Then we were going to get the $3 rate, and we said that was not fair when some people got $20-30 rates.  So it was agreed that part of dinarland will get contract rates.  It was never our job to force our government to do something they didn’t want to do or at a time they couldn’t do it.  If we could have, it might have affected our economy and 350 million people who don’t even know about dinar.  The purpose of that campaign was to keep us involved and receiving a fair share.  The word that came back is that we had a place at the table, and I said ‘Okay’.  The cost of that was ME, with a whole bunch of personal sacrifice. There are a lot of people who know my name that I never wanted to know my name.  There are other people in Washington who stood up for us saying “that’s not right” for us to be excluded.  Everyone will get something.  It was NEVER our position to force the government to do something they don’t want to do.  We funded Iraq over the last 10-12 years, to keep their economy running, and we will get something in return.  The main thing is the Iraqi people, who suffered a lot more than we have, and it’s their country.

Caller:  We’re not talking about what they do over there, but what they do over here.

Tony:  I never said it was fair.  Position has its privileges, like it or not.  We can’t fight something right now.  You need to pick your battles, and now is not the time, so close to our time. Everyone’s agreeable right now;  let’s just get this done. I can’t worry about the past,  I have to look to what I’m doing in the future.  If they don’t live up to the agreement, if we don’t get a look-in, then we’ll think again.  But it’s so close now, we don’t want to mess with it and maybe put it off for another year.  I heard that more people will get the contract rate than I ever expected!  I know people are getting paid, I know what the banking people are doing, so I know they are planning on doing it.  If they don’t do it, we’ll worry about it then. But I can’t worry about that unless/until it doesn’t happen. We’ll still be here, with the sites and emails and calls.  I’m ready to go to Vegas tomorrow!

602 caller:  What symbol are they using for the zim?  Is it ZWN? What about the salaries – do they get paid on the first?  I heard a rumor that they get paid on the 10th.

Tony: Yes, it’s ZWN.  Pam says it’s ZWR for the 2008, series AA. I don’t know what their payday is… could be the first, second, fifth – there is no set time.  They say they will have regular paydays starting in August, but I don’t know which day.  When we find out, that will give us the information we need.  They are saying that the taxes and tariffs come in the first of August.

Caller:  I want to do the Christmas in July thing, that would be a great way to do the thousand-dollar tip.  Vegas, Vegas, Vegas!  And I hope it goes tomorrow, too.

615 caller:  I waited since 1am, and got kicked off at 9.30am.  [Appreciation] It takes a lot to put this together and stick with it.  My friend and I have been in this since 2003, and we saw Kuwait, so we could share things with you about people who have come and gone. [more of the same]  This thing is real.  There was a time when we thought seven cents would be a really good deal.  I’m blown away at how high the rates have gone.  When you buy something for a tenth of a penny and it comes out a thousand times higher, that is great.  I have two questions:  has the US government defined this as a currency exchange?  If so, what are the taxes?  Or is it an investment, and then what are the taxes?

Tony:  I don’t know.  Nothing has been defined yet.  Some who exchanged two years ago have paid no tax, and others who signed agreements with 11% or 17% taxes, because that is their agreement.  Hope for the best and prepare for the worst, which is 60%.  I appreciate that you guys have stayed in for so long, because I would never have heard about this if people hadn’t stayed in and kept the faith that this would happen.

Caller:  When you go to Vegas, get a bodyguard.

Tony:   Pam is calling me an idiot, just so you know. Pam?

Pam:  You  know, I called you a flying idiot catfish, because Ray and I were talking earlier, and someone said earlier that catfish have no brains and a big mouth.  You shouldn’t talk about a woman like that on the phone, you know.  “A tough broad?”  Okay, you redeemed yourself with the ‘pretty’ part.

RayRen:  It’s Marvelous Monday. Let’s see what today brings us.

Tony:  It was an exciting up-and-down weekend – it was specific times, everyone called in their teams, and here we are again.  Everyone is still on high alert, looking for any minute, just don’t know when the minute is.  The goal is between now and the first, when the new taxes take effect and the ministers cut their salaries in half.  Be ready with your Ten Things and be ready to go, because when this happens we will be moving fast. Check the site, because it will go static.  We will send out a tweet and get the information o you as soon as possible.  If not, we will do our own thing.  Enjoy the rest of your day!


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