Mtn Goat Mid Week Update “Tomorrow’s Session”

UU8690 – Tomorrow’s Session

Hi Everyone,

I come to you today to give you a very brief update on the progress of rebuilding this new Iraq government and how it all relates to our revaluation process of the IQD.

So what has happened this week so far to change Iraq parliament schedule and what can we expect later this week?

I am going to tell you.mnt_goat_insert_image2


Today is now Wednesday July 23 and we have waited anxiously for the next session of parliament to decide the next “president” if Iraq. I put the president in parenthesis because this is now the actual presidential position (outgoing Talibani) they will now be voting on along with his two vice presidents in Thursday’s session instead of today’s.

Let me clarify some rumors floating around today. First of all mnt goat is not around on the forums preaching conspiracies or pumping dinars. Mnt Goat does not sell dinars or any currency. It is all lies.

Most say they want the truth but really do not want to hear or deal with it. So I decided to take a back seat many months ago. I now only email my news letters to my selected few German friends and a few selected friends in the USA. George is kind enough to assist and has requested permission to continue to post them in USA for your sake so I agreed.

Sorry for anyone impersonating mnt goat. These news letters are the only real mnt goat intel these days.

Today’s News

Oh today is full of dinar intel rumors too. The news rumors are even worst than the mnt goat rumors. Many intel providers are still trying to pump everyone up for tomorrow as being the “Big” day of RV reckoning…lol… ridiculous !

I am not bashing anyone that is not my intent, but I wonder where they are getting their info from. Now they are spreading rumors about the budget and using it to hype everyone up. Oh they are going to pass the budget tomorrow, they say.

They are also saying its all done and they will vote on President and the PM tomorrow and we will do our RV exchange on Friday. This is all nonsense of course and if you do not believe me just wait till tomorrow and Friday and you will see just how ridiculous it all is. So relax !

Iraq will be lucky to get the president seated tomorrow. Budget is just a committee and it will take them weeks to get it all straightened out. Absolutely no articles or news telling us otherwise.

Its all about pumping dinar sales. I have very good contacts in Iraq and they are telling me the PM or budget will not be voted on tomorrow and parliament does not even have it on their official published agenda.

So how can it be? Maybe the ones accusing mnt goat of pumping dinars are the real culprits?

Kurds are upset about budget and how it was worded in the past for their share in oil revenues. So they need to fix this too. What do you think was partially stalling it for so long before?

Also they need to have all the council of ministers seated and working (i.e. minister of interior and minister of construction) prior to opening the budget since they do not want a chance of Maliki and/or his goons getting their dirty hands on the money again. Why do you think they have waited this long until now without a budget? Why would they do otherwise now?

So they WILL NEED a President seated then a PM seated first which comes (with any luck) next week. Sorry – no hype just the truth.

Many of us expected this week to be a pivotal week in the revaluation of our dinar investment and you are all kept on pins and needles all hyped up. I have to tell you this is bad and shame on those that are doing this to you! Shame, shame, shame….!

I will repeat again – some also believe that since the parliament is seated that the full government is seated. This is not true. The government is not fully formed until it is fully functional and meets all the Iraq constitutional requirements for a fully formed government. Go read the constitution for yourself. Go re-read my past 10 news letters.

This means that Iraq needs all 3 presidents and their deputies and ministers to be seated. We witnessed last week the first of the presidents being seated. We will witness the next in line this week and the following week the plan is to seat the prime minister, the third of the presidents.

So what can we expect in the coming days?

They must choose a president within 30 days of electing a speaker. The clock started ticking on 7/16. I believe they will have the president announced tomorrow 7/24, as advertised. They will then tell us the date for the next session to vote on the prime minister.

They must nominate a new prime minister within 15 days of the president’s election, so this will bring them to a constitutional deadline to seat the PM by around the first week in August.

I strongly believe they will have a vote in the next session which will be a week from today 7/23 and not have to wait till August. The PM will be seated at that time.

Note: I DID NOT SAY WE HAVE TO WAIT TILL AUGUST TO GET THE PRIME MINISTER ! Please read my statement above as I wrote it and stop putting words in my mouth that I did not say !


From my perspective everything now in the election process has settled down and we are seeing real progress and its all on track.

Maliki and his goons have been eliminated or neutralized in the process. The militants are under control and there will soon be a swift purge by the USA to eliminate their influence on the stabilization of the country. Watch for this move….its coming and it will be swift just as soon as the new government is seated.

The USA is waiting to see what form of government Iraq is going to support before helping in the cleanup of the militants. It is leverage for the USA. It refuses to send military assistant for a dictatorship, such as what they have had for the last 4 years under Maliki.

As you know the USA has advisors in Iraq and they have completed their assessment of the situation. They are ready to go with a full scale cleanup. They are just waiting for the “go ahead” from superiors to put their operations into play.

So you can see how critical it is not to stall any longer is getting this new Iraq government seated. Each day counts. No more games ! Iraq wants this as bad as we do if not more.

The USA and the UN are taking this new government very seriously. Now Iraq must decide which way they will go- dictatorship or democracy ? We know the penalty for picking the wrong choice. It could mean a very long delay to us too in the final RV rollout if they pick the wrong choice.

I do not believe this will be the case. Iraq has already shown great fortitude in standing up to Maliki and his goons. This may all be over in the coming week. Remember in my last posts I talked about the plan Sadr, Allawi, Talibani and Hakeim contrived in April of 2012 when they realized what Maliki’s true intentions were with the government. We are not seeing the results of this plan play out. It is all very good. They have his corned and neutralized.

So when will we see the revaluation of the IQD?

Remember that technically the IQD has already revaluated in- country and we are just waiting for the final rollout to the international financial sector. At this time we can go to the bank and exchange.

The CBI has stated many times that they fully intend to complete the rollout process in the coming weeks and so I believe this is their intent and I see no reason now (with more and more stability in Iraq everyday) that this would not happen according to their new plan.

Iraq can not move forward in all the required financial sectors of the international community with the lowest artificial currency rate they have had in 50 years.

Remember also that once you take the “uncertainty” factor out of the RV process (meaning the State of Law and the Current Maliki GOI) then plans can solidify and they can move forward more rapidly without having to readjust and constantly re-plan every move.

Things can now move forward quickly and will. Finally !

I still firmly believe that we will not see any revaluation of the IQD unless Iraq has a stable and functional government (all three presidents, deputies and council of ministers are seated) and thus has a political environment that it can advance in and thrive in (non-sectarian).

Peace and Luv To Ya All, Mnt Goat

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