Take off …

“When everything seems to be

going against you, remember that

the airplane takes off against the

wind, not with it.”

Henry Ford


Every once in a while I need to be

reminded that adversity is NOT a

sign that I’m doing something



It’s a sign that I’m making progress.


We would like to believe that if we

get the formula right, everything

will just fall in place.


Yeah, right! That’s not the way

it works. The bigger the dream,

the bigger the test.


And the bigger the sense of real

accomplishment when you’re



My model for big dreams is the

story of “Lord of the Rings.” An

ordinary person gets an impossible

task to do, and faces fearsome



It’s a classic ‘hero’s journey’

story, but the message is plain.

Big dreams force you to dig deep

for the best you have.


That’s how you grow. At the end

of the 9 hours of fabulous movie

experience in “Rings” none of the

main characters is the same as

they started.


Especially Frodo. And Sam.


Rent the movies and watch them.

See yourself in action. Realize

that like the characters, you have

resources that you haven’t tapped.


You are awesomeness!


You’ll be glad you did.


Many blessings,



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  1. My all time favorite movie…”Even the smallest person can change the course of the future.”

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