The Dangers Of PIF & Fish Groups – good reading

Questions for PIF, and these apply to any and all groups

On April 22, I was invited by Fisherman1 to join the “Treasury Group”. This group is run by Mark Meersman (PIF), and Lee Carick, who is part of the “Treasury Interface Team (which was originally the Treasury Transitional Team). They wanted me to start a group for them, a subgroup of PIF’s group.

Now, I thought that was mighty strange, as they know I have many unanswered questions. Questions that I have tried to get answers to in the past, and am still waiting answers on.

Here they are PIF, my list of questions.

Who is purchasing my currency? This is of the utmost importance, as I alone am responsible for knowing the answer to that. IF it is a sanctioned individual or entity, I am not looking for the trouble that would cause. I have waited a long time for this RV, and want to keep my money.

Exactly what is a “treasury interface team”? Who are they? And why did they change their name from “Treasury Transitional Team”? Are they United States Treasury employees? As they are the ones who will be getting enough information from me to completely take over my bank accounts, home, and everything else I will ever hope to own, I would think this is a pertinent question. Identity theft is no fun.

Why does your group take 10% of every dinar exchanged, and how is this legal? I don’t care if it is put into a foundation for charity. You can call it a gift if you want, but it is still payment for services rendered. A commission of total dinar taken in. We all know how little is required of a foundation to actually spend on their chosen charities. The rest being used for “administration” of said foundation. (HINT: Lavish lifestyles of the rich and shameless). What about the families that could only afford a small amount of dinar? That 10% is a huge amount!

What is the name of your foundation, so that I can look it up, and see the distribution of funds for said foundation.

Who is the securities broker for your group? Currency transactions are regulated by the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission.

Who is your Paymaster Attorney? I would like to look him up at the state bar association of what ever state he practices in, and see if he has had any disciplinary actions against him.

What are “TRN’s”? So far, your group has explained them in at least 3 different ways. New currency notes sitting in bank vaults ready and waiting, to the current description of gold backed currency designated for international trade. Clarification would be great here.

That should be enough to get a good feel for the legitimacy of this group. Let’s start with these.

Every question above has been asked previously, and I would still like answers. I think it would be fare to give you 24 hours to answer them. As you have stated, your group is all about transparency.

If you chose not to answer them, I will be happy to post the chat transcript of the conversations we have had over the last few days, where you redirected and changed the subject on every question I asked. It’s your choice!

1. I never asked thru fish or directly for you to join anything. Fish nor you have anything from me. I was lead to believe it was other way around. Also your terms are not correct. It has always been interface team period. I don’t control what others say. I early on used an agency name but it was explained every agency is involved with out all of them you can’t have a legit group. We also don’t collect anyone’s currencies..

The foundation formed for this is Pay it Forward of Utah a non profit so please look it up. Secondly if you are lucky enough to check with members many have set up in their state, city, town their own pay it forward foundation as well. This is part of the system of the transaction.

As far as SEC it is lawful for the attorney handling the money to do Securities if you look it up they can do many licensed transactions because of this.

As far as who it is. Well I am not going to put their law firm out there not because they don’t check out but you have shown you spin things and slant them to not be exactly true. For example I never reached out yet you make me accountable. Also you don’t have Lee name correct. Also the terms of interface. Then you act like you can expose something here by being nice. Well fool me once shame on you, fool me twice shame on me, it will not be me needing to answer your demands as it is straight forward and those involved know the truth. Let’s see if Brenda shares this as I too can post all of this and then some about you. See I am battled tested for this Brenda. I am not afraid of your demands nor do I need to waste time with someone demanding who was told no you can’t join. Will you show the people that because I have that I can share and send it around too. You threaten to expose myself is a joke because there is nothing to expose. The people get tired of people like you bulling and twisting things playing like your the queen. You have done this before Brenda. I don’t care to answer you because of how you are. Let me ask anyone. Would you do business with Brenda. If she doesn’t get the answers she demands she will expose you when you don’t have to answer because I clearly told her I couldn’t promise anything and then told her factually too. So why would I share information if your not apart of us. Enjoy and remember it works both ways. You think exposing truth hurts. It is just making you look the same as always. Nothing has changed with you. If you edit anything I have it all, I too can post everywhere Brenda. Oh for the record I didn’t answer because like I said they will not take you so why answer a thing. Now you look bad by passing it and I still answered. As far as my attorney involved. 10k people that have the information has checked including myself he is great person and in good standing. Have a nice day. Questions answered.
[10:51:12 AM] winalot: oh, my… more dancing around the questions. Not one real answer there at all. Please re-read, and try again!
[16:05:55] winalot: Actually no I have answered unless I feel your trust worthy I wouldn’t share anything because of entitlement you think you deserve to know. Not everyone is out to hurt people. People with me know everything. If you feel entitled that is your problem. I don’t owe you an answer to anything and you don’t deserve it and anyone conducting business doesn’t want to be around someone like you. I turn my cheek twice now. Don’t slap me again please. I have been more than understanding and it is not my problem you don’t get it and that we to this day very transparent with those involved. It goes to show you how protected others are of me. Enjoy your day. Oh wait your right one question I forgot to answer who is buying. So let be clear that up NOYB is their name. You may post it all dear Brenda from PIF here is my website and it is converting to be public and it gets many hits and a lot more then most even know.
[11:04:52 AM] winalot: PIF, as I said in the letter addressed to you, these are basic questions that under a transparent agreement would be answered BEFOR anyone has to sign anything. This basic info, that any contract negotiations should and would include. I guess you guys just don’t want to be transparent… like the real buyer of your currency. Why aren’t you telling people that?
[16:12:05] winalot: Yes and I give that if they would open a door to you but they said no at this time and because of that I don’t have any point to all this. Also the real buyer if given do you know how many people try to go around. Many people would love to have that. It is called non circumvent. It is used everyday. It is transparent because dinar world has many people that feel entitled to my buyer and at their request they only disclosed when at least their privacy is respect just like you. So signing up to not do it but protect both side is a common practice when things are real. It is not difficult to understand matter of fact as any attorney if you have a big buyer they stay protect. Very protected. Why do you think no one has been able to prove otherwise and why I don’t collect. I don’t have time for games.
[11:10:45 AM] winalot: I don’t have time either. see ya…you are now blocked!
[11:10:52 AM] Mr Bubble Wrap: I have not asked for you to sign a single thing. So there for you don’t the info
[11:11:03 AM] Mr Bubble Wrap: Oh no

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