The Dinarians Christmas Intel Present

So here we are today 12/10/2013 after over a year of Done! Done! Done! Many intel sources burned and proven incorrect, with the so called gurus fed that which TBTB want us to hear, even then egos abound and they still manage to pilfer each others’ rumored intel and lately for I don’t know how long we have heard Any Second Now, I’m not a date or rate guru but ASN.

The gurus like to use metaphor, a jet that wont land, suitcases that get packed and unpacked, what’s the flavor of your guru, hell fire and brimstone – raining fire upon the sinners, or whoever needs cursing today, really, curses are to be delivered with finesse, perhaps it’s the preacher man of God with the railroad analogy, so quick adapted and picked up by the masses, it is a metaphor to suit their masters, for if it were a railroad ride, it would be mostly straight and level ground with gentle gradients and the track before one, seen far ahead, really anything but what we have seen on this helter-skelter ride.  

The Dinarian family still have faith even though it is hard to hear of the so called political elite gorging themselves and then inviting their friends to join the feast at the trough of mammon, whilst the faithful must wait their turn, absorbing yet further insult of how their attitude is somehow to blame.  Same as it ever was, same as it ever was, so much disinformation, so many factions of lies and half truths at the end of the day a soap box rivalry of egos begging for your attention, for your energy.  

This holiday season just like last year and the many before, the Dinarian family are punch drunk on sleepless nights and fingernails bitten to the quick hoping against hope that they will be delivered from their circumstance.  It’s hard for everyone, but especially those with no food in the cupboard, no family to depend upon, no heat and all alone, they hang on, when every fiber of their being screams against the falsehoods they are pummeled with, they hang on, they have faith, and rightly so, the winding road of heights and gulley’s hit a freeway and is opening into a parking lot and you are now parked outside the bank, actually we Dinarians are not outside the bank we are intelligent and waiting to work out which banking institution we will be currency exchanging with.

Where are we today, Tuesday the bank do reconciliation and today is that day also its the day the Volcker rule is ratified however it is not expected to be implemented until 2015, bringing US Banks in line with Basil III regulations to which the whole world can aspire, looking once again to the USA to be the bright leader of yesteryear, leading banking reform across the world.  Also depending on your time zone in Bali a WTO meeting of nations is currently crossing the t’s and dotting the i’s, signing a declaration of economic intent and hopefully ending the currency manipulation ,  which has plagued the trade between nations, it’s a first step and likely cover for backroom signings of real intent and purpose, the groups in Reno are poised to go, they are always ready, they have been on standby more times than the RAF were during the Battle of Britain, so it doesn’t mean much except that the last heard from them was that they were waiting and expectant on events coming to fruition towards the end of this week,  it would seem to me that dependent on your time zone Thursday could be a very good day, or perhaps we’re at the start of the weekend ride yet again.  It matters not, how many times they say GO, until that final nod from the one in charge, its academic guesswork, perhaps they are waiting for world leaders to be away from home, all major players on the stage are at Mandela’s funeral putting the knight to rest.  As to the urgency of removing the zeros and making notes invalid it seems that economists are split on that idea and what would make sense would be to rather get those notes out of circulation, yes as quick and as many as possible in the shortest of time frames, but a 30 day time, the only possibly would be for it to be declared invalid by law, I haven’t seen that law yet, which must be published to make it so, so we need to see that, in a long standing institution like the Bank of England, all Bank notes retain their face value for all time  ,and if they make the notes with the zeros invalid how will they be used for oil credits.

So while we are buffeted by misdirection and disinformation it’s good to take a moment and put it all in perspective, check the facts, read the laws and reports and then decide if you will be swept along by the masses taking whatever deal is pushed in your direction or will you think and discern and make the right choice for you and your circumstance. 

 I for one feel that this week is shaping up to be a great week and no matter how the bankers with their squabbling and rigged tactics try and confuse us and manipulate us to get our dinar at lower rates, we are in the best position and we are willing to be the instrument of change.  Us Dinarians are not greedy the only reason the majority want the top rate is that they mean to do good in the world, to fund many charitable projects, so every extra Dollar equates to one more life being changed, and perhaps another life being saved.  We will invigorate the economy first with our purchases as we need and deserve a little relief for our troubles that we have endured and then with our projects of employment and change, not to mention the big fat tax cheque banked by government this quarter.

Let us believe and know that this is our week.  We are ready!

May all beings be blessed.


Shift Shaper

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