TNT 1st May

Tony: Before we record this, I want to say something first. Do we have any special guests?
DC: Just assume they are on.
Tony: When you were younger, if you knew things then that you know today? Is that what you were talking about? No? Oh. I was going to tell you something about that…
Good morning, TNT! Today is Friday, May 1, 2015. Happy May Day! Ray’s birthday is 18 days from now, and I hope and pray to God we are not here to say Happy Birthday! We’ll just say Happy Birthday right now. It’s a great day and I still feel superfantastic. Things haven’t changed much since Wednesday but they have changed.
DC: Hope everyone’s having a good day; I sure am! If you’re not happy, you should be. Live is very good, and otherwise it’s more of the same. For those who want details, preparations continue in Iraq with more lower denominations and fils being distributed and more training. A few more exchanges have gone on in-country to get ready for the new denominations and values. In the mosques today, they said “Please keep calm; this is coming and we want it to go through quickly. We are waiting for our abundance and the world is awaiting the financial strength of our country.” I got something similar from another friend as well. The summary is that they told them to get ready, keep calm, and be ready for this to go through at any time. The world is awaiting this as well, with the proper stamina and improvement of the world economy.
Newspapers and television in Iraq are running that economic reform is closing ‘soonest’ with economic abundance coming soon. There are loyalty checks or revenue sharing, the citizens’ share of the oil (HCL). The Middle East is similar to Alaska in that part of the revenue from the state oil revenue comes to you. In Alaska they get a proportion of the revenue, and they are saying that in Iraq those will start in June or July, depending on the price of oil. That takes time and oil flow in the country. That’s about the oil revenue, not the RV. Parliament had good meetings to tighten up a few things that are not required but nice to have. They are not waiting on those at all, but they are just getting them done. Abadi has cancelled leave/vacation for Parliament so that they can get a lot of these done before Ramadan. These laws are not for the RV, more about ISIL and other things that need to get finished after 4-5 years.
The banks are prepped, the Interior and Finance Ministries, CBI, etc., have all been briefed and they are all happy with what’s going on.
Tony: In the mosques, they are still saying “it’s done” or nearly here. “The whole world is watching us and abundance is in your future.” They are now picking merchants and companies that do business with the citizens, and then the citizens are next. The fils (coins) are coming out in more regions. Everybody’s good in Iraq. They extended Parliament for 30 days. We were told that the laws were all passed, so this extension is for a different purpose. We are sitting pretty and our window is still our window. I‘m still looking at that same window.
DC: IN the USA, they are still waiting on the agreed timelines. Everyone is on call, in place, locked down, very ready for this thing to go. A lot of bankers have been making early appointments. A few calls are still “I’ll believe it when I see it”, and will call in people once it’s announced. Everyone else is expecting it to go through very quickly.
Tony: Some banks set up appointments for this week, and their people are sitting there waiting for this to come live on their screens. Last night the rates appeared for a while, then went back on hold, but at great rates. The WM are beginning to call people saying that this is about to happen, with direct contact from WM who are able to see the rates. I understand that more low-level people are being made aware of what will happen after the announcement. This means the banks have confidence in those people and that this is about to go – otherwise they wouldn’t be telling those lower level people. They are telling them what to look for, the rates, and how far it might go up and down. That is very good for us.
707 caller: I wonder about the window – are we still in that five-day window from last Wednesday, which would mean an actual RV by Monday..?
Tony: What is your name? You said that you listened to my opening statement, and I said that we are still in that five-day window, and DC agreed. We believe we are still in that same window, that started on Wednesday. We believe it can happen within that time frame.
Caller: What about these laws that keep popping up?
DC: Which laws are you referring to?
Caller: I don’t look at them all because it seems like every day they are passing laws, but do they all have to be passed before the RV? A lot of gurus seem to say that.
DC: The laws are on the agenda to be hammered out, and they are important. They have needed to work them out for a long time, but they are not necessary to the RV. However, Abadi is saying “Nobody is going anywhere until these laws are done.” That is keeping them motivated, and is great leadership, but they don’t need to be done prior to the RV.
650 caller: You’ve said that when the people in Baghdad get paid, we are next in line.
Tony: When it’s PUBLIC in Iraq, when the everyday guy is able to exchange, we come after that.
Caller: Have you seen the new currency and/or fils? Can you post pictures?
DC: Yes, we have seen them for years. You can see them online.
Caller: Someone made a comment that prior to Kuwait revaluing, there was an IMF loan made to Kuwait. What information do you have about that? Is that connected?
DC: Is history repeating itself? Yes, it sets a precedent, but… they discussed that. The loan will definitely be used, but it’s not in the general coffers, it’s for a specific purpose. It doesn’t speed up M2 (the speed money turns over). The economic reforms… the RV is really the start of the process, not the conclusion. When the citizens start paying taxes, employing people, buying things, that starts the economy again. The loan is for specific purposes, not to blow money on whatever we want to. A lot of us will have money and just go out and buy a car if we want to. That’s a different situation. They have to follow the Budget and the rules.
Caller: This loan is from the SDR; any changes to those calculations?
DC: The SDR is Special Drawing Rights based on a basket of currencies. The SDR of a dollar is different from other currencies. It fluctuates depending on what’s going on and the value depends on the particular moment you are asking. The value changes as the world currencies change.
Caller: Surely that would have to be updated if there is a change in dinar value. That would be a key indicator.
DC: You won’t see that until after the RV.
Caller: Do you know what yesterday’s celebrations were about in Baghdad?
DC: I don’t know which you were referring to. There were some celebrations but not about the RV.
Caller: What laws were passed this week?
Tony: They were talking about coming out of meetings with agreements in place; everybody was happy, and many will see bright sun for a long time. Nothing is guaranteed but everything is looking really great at this moment. Everyone was agreeing with what will be said in the mosques this morning, that is it here and done.
Caller: Last Friday you said actions had been taken and this is happening?
Tony: We told you last Monday – the banks were open in Friday for the first time, which had never happened before. They were excited to see that happen, and it could have happened last weekend like it was supposed to go, and it could happen this weekend. That’s why I was superfantastic then and I’m still superfantastic now.
DC: I think the fils are on the CBI website.
860 caller: Do you have the rates showing on the board right now? And can we exchange here on Long Island? [Appreciation] See you in Vegas!
DC: The current rates are:
Dinar = $4.67
Dong = $2.27
Zim = .17 minus six zeroes
Rupiah = $1.08
There are a tremendous number of exchange centers on Long Island.
732 caller: [Appreciation] DC, still waiting for your phone call so we can have that drink!
405 caller: If it doesn’t go by this weekend, can you tell us why it’s been held up?
Tony/DC: If it’s not sensitive, we will continue to do so. We are this call to tell you things, not to keep them secret. We always tell you after the fact when it is no longer sensitive. We always try to tell people what we are excited about!
410 caller: I picked up something that might not be true – at some point, Wells Fargo who continue to deny that they handle dinar, they have put out a memo that they would have the information, that they have changed their process and will now handle dinar. Is that true?
DC: Memos did go out to certain people, not everyone, mainly the select WMs who were part of the new process. The WMs then said, “Are you crazy? So all these whacko people were right after all, that we are doing this??”
Tony: This is only a few wealth managers in several states. Phone calls to our members have definitely increased, getting their accounts ready, and telling our members to call them as soon as this is released.
Caller: [Appreciation] If this hadn’t developed as it did, we wouldn’t have had time to buy more, so thanks! And we hope to see you in Austin, Austin, Austin!
636 caller: Austin, Austin, Austin – the BBQ is better down there than in Dallas! When you were on the call months back, you said that there would be a subsequent basket, down the road, and we could make more on those currencies. When?
Tony: We know that there is on schedule that eleven currencies are scheduled for the next basket and the one after that. I cannot give you more details because it would cause problems, because we weren’t supposed to be here. We were asked not to give out that information, and after this first basket, the NDA will block my telling you then. So that is why I said you need to pay attention, do some homework, and listen to global news, not local news. Global events will send you to the right places, but you have to pay attention. When you get your WM, tell them what opportunities you are looking for. “Do you know how to work in that segment, because I know there is a future there?” You have to go in there with that as part of your plan.
DC: We will not be able to say anything, and besides Tony and I are both tired. It won’t be public, and it’s highly speculative. They are not fond of six million people doing this, so I guess that it will be highly restrictive, and not for a long time. It will be 20-30 years, once history slows down and everyone has forgotten this. Also it will be controlled in a different way. I wouldn’t spend a lot of time worrying about it.
Tony: They are changing the procedure, and changing the amount of sophisticated investors from one million to ten million. You’ll have to qualify for the amount and show you know what you’re doing to qualify for this next opportunity. We discussed on the site how people can become qualified; ‘teamwork makes the dream work’, that’s all I’m going to say.
Caller: What are your thoughts about donating to charitable foundations after the RV, and taking the tax deduction at the new valuation? Or is that just out in left field?
DC: That is what I’m doing! I’m in left field with you!
202 caller: The currency rates you just gave out, is that international/market/street rate?
DC: Everything but the dong was the international rate; the dong was the contract rate, I believe. The street rate for the dong was .47 last I saw.
775 caller: I have a question about the rate for the dong, which is all I have invested. DC, in the past there was mention of $2.27, and even up to $4 for the dong.
DC: There is a probability of it being higher, but the ordinary rates are pretty darn good. You can always ask for higher; all they can say is No, and they might say Yes.
303 caller: Are there any traps we need to watch out for at the banks?
DC: The biggest deal we know of is to use the word EXCHANGE; that is super-important. Otherwise, just look respectful. Some banks only offer contract rates to the people they want to do business with. A lot of the people in the exchange process do NOT have dinar and may be annoyed about that, so be respectful.
Caller: What questions would you guys ask each other?
Tony: DC, our window is still open, but what percent do you believe in that window?
DC: If feel in the 90 percentile, because our sources are humbling. These are the people doing it, and that is what they say, so it’s pretty to see what they said together with the actions by bankers and world leaders. So it’s not just what they have told us but the actions following it, that’s why I’m so excited.
Tony, I don’t know what else we can say, so I’ll ask a personal question. What will you first month be like after the RV?
Tony: I’ve got a better question: have you packed your suitcase yet?
DC: We are going to the same location to exchange and sign some agreements (the NDAs), so smart people like Pam and I have packed and are ready. But Tony refused to pack. Fine, I will be early and you will be late.
Tony: And afterwards I will move to Missouri because that is the ‘show me’ state. I’m not packing until they call!
Caller: For those who are not in the forum, you said that someone was trying to sell the collected information and you offered that for free. Where?
Pam: Transcripts and call information (links, numbers, etc.) are at If you are looking for the Top Ten list, which costs Tony every time you click on it, that is at the Forum. Go to, click on FORUM, and there is information there such as the Ten Things List, the day DC came out of the closet, and the link to My Big, Fat, Wonderfully Wealthy Life, and so on. You will also find the current tweet on that page. So go to, then FORUM, then Tony Blast section for tweets and other information. Oh, and you can donate there, too.
Caller: I haven’t heard any earthly words from Winston, there…
DC: I have been told to cut it down by some of the high-level listeners. I’m trying to tone own my language, although there are times when the other words keep people’s attention on their toes. I am from Texas, so…
Tony: I didn’t know they did that. Yesterday I was telling Pam and DC about a guy who was out from Chicago and met me at the smoke shop. He was amazed when I told him I have never met Pam in person. She is my work wife, wife #3, but I’ve never met her, nor Winston, nor any of the Mods. They are all good people, we came together to do the right thing, and they all do the best they can to help other people. That’s why it works. I didn’t even know someone copied the tweets and put them on the public page. That is what makes us one team. We are the people. There are people who have done things for the forum and in the chat room. They are all good people, and I thank you!
DC: I do, too. It’s amazing how many people, top to bottom, have shared information to help you all out. They get nothing out of it but being annoyed by our constant phone calls. I do appreciate them all, and Pam and DC are definitely buying me drinks!
503 caller: I’m the one who was ready to turn in rupiah two weeks ago. I haven’t! I live in the capital city of our state where there is a huge WF branch and a loan center. Will the exchange be at one or both, do you think?
DC: Most the exchange centers are not at public branches because of security issues.
Caller: I’ve been going into the downtown branch to build rapport, and then I realized it might not help any. I heard the rates; do you think rupiah will also go up in 2-3 weeks? And what about the dong?
DC: I don’t know much about the rupiah; it seems pretty stable. I’m happy with the dong rate; you’re making a tremendous sum at that rate, so don’t do anything stupid. I don’t see the dong going up much more.
I’ve been meaning to say for a while that Pam and I were talking a little while ago, some choices she was making about possible reserves, and I passed on a piece of advice someone gave me when I was starting out in business. She was thinking about if she should invest more money now and then have an issue later when needing money later. You have to make your decisions now. Remember Willy Nelson sold the rights to his most famous song for $50, and it went on to make millions. He needed $50 more then than 100 million in the future. You have to make your decisions now.
He also said, that when his lawyer told him he owed the government 23 million dollars, “Ain’t that like the government – they let a guitar picker get into them for 23 million!”
909 caller: I’ve a Vietnam vet, and I want to use a lot of what I get to set up places for these vets coming back to rest and recover and get some help. Take my number down for others who want to get together to do that. [Appreciation] With you guys and your NDAs, and going to the bank together, does that mean you have an appointment? Anyway we can get an appointment, too?
Tony: It’s right after yours! We know people have been paid in the last two years, and we are trying to get paid, and we have been told that we’ll get exchanged after you do!
Caller: Is that smoke shop in Folsom? I grew up in Orange County and maybe when this is over, I’ll get up there and we can have a drink together.
Tony: Some guy went to every smoke shop in the area, and he waited for me; we had a nice evening together. He was determined to find me, and he did!
562 caller: [Appreciation] It doesn’t seem important what codes we use, right, like IQD vs IQN? It’s just important that we say ‘exchange’?
DC: It should be fine if you say dinar or dong, so long as it’s an exchange.
Tony: A few months ago, the codes were important, but the folks who have exchanged have just said, “I have dinar/dong to exchange” and they were fine.
Caller: A lot of organizations will benefit from this. Just find out what percentage goes to administration. Know where you are giving to!
Tony: Yesl If you give locally, you can watch that project being completed. You can give chunks as it is being done, and that always makes you feel better. I have a bunch of local projects, people and orphanages that I can put together a gym, a park, or what they need, and I think I’ll get more out of seeing that come together. Help your own community, and then you can be directly involved and see what the money is being used for rather than some guy buying a new Bentley because you gave five million.
Caller: Is that address still right for us to sending things to? I have something to send to you from Cuba that I think you’ll like.
DC: He won’t share it with us, you know!
Tony: Not if it’s perishable. I will tell them you sent something but I won’t share it!
509 caller: Do you know anything about the Delta program or Omega Trust?
Tony: When they were getting ready to send out packages last year, we got the list and notification from the Omega Group, I think. However, since the RV didn’t happen, the packages didn’t go out. The latest I’ve heard is that it will happen 30 days after the RV. We do understand the bonds were paid out but the paymasters accounts were put on hold. We hear they will be paid out next week, but we’ll see what happens. There really isn’t anywhere to check on those prosperity packages; it was never supposed to happen, just like this RV. That was supposed to be a government program, completely free. I do know some people who suddenly had their mortgages paid off.
Caller: I know some people involved in that back in 1996. Some have died since then; I guess we will see how that shakes out.
601 caller: What percentage of the TNT bills are the donations able to cover?
Tony: It wasn’t as much as it has been, and hopefully we won’t need any more in the next five days. What we try to do (and Pam as well) is to get by with whatever we can before the RV happens. I say we’ll try to drag it out as far as we can before I get the final bill. I hope we can drag it out until Monday and we can exchange.
Caller: I’ll hold off until next week, then. Winston, last week we had some special visitors on the call; did you get any special comments afterwards?
DC: We do get critiques on every call, and the special ones listening didn’t appreciate the older person’s fornication issues. I didn’t appreciate that either – they should have cleaned it up a little bit. They do know we are all volunteers here, and you can only push volunteers too hard. I can get into trouble easily by myself, but that one I do not own at all.
Tony: A huge portion of those on the call are 60+. Evidently this is an issue in the US, and that was my public service announcement for the day. Apparently a senior citizen was actually prosecuted… it was on CNN! Pam was glad I brought that up!
Caller: [Appreciation]
337 caller: [Appreciation] in this area code, SW Louisiana — any exchange locations? We have Chase and Capital One. We have no currency dealers here.
DC: Lake Charles, I think will have one, otherwise you’ll have to go to Beaumont. I don’t think Fort Polk is big enough to have a nonmilitary exchange facility. You should be fine with Chase. Casinos in Lake Charles will help with high dollar issues.
A lot of my is nuts about fly-fishing, especially for red fish out on the bayou. They fight for a long time. I was doing some business at Lake Charles, and they invited me to fish with them. They said it would be a ‘3-4 knife day’, meaning he would burn out 3-4 electric knives in one day. This was 15 years ago. The guy started throwing sticks of dynamite in the lake… hence the big haul. That’s my Lake Charles story.
541: It’s beautiful here in southern Oregon. You talked about the graduated payouts for larger dinar holders. What if you have a large amount of reserves with a dealer? How will that work?
DC: The reserves at some of the dealers – and you can do the research to figure out which they are – have the actual notes in their vaults and can physically give you the dinar if you choose. They can also turn it in to the UST and have liquidity there. Some also have options or insurance on their dinar. Those doing insurance will have problems, because how will you go after some dealer in Dubai? We have raised this issue in the past so you know who you do business with.
All the banks will have liquidity problems, with the dealers AND in the banks. The simple fact is that you have an enormous amount of assets, and it may take a while to get the cash to exchange for your dinar, no matter where it is. It takes a while to turn over that amount of cash that quickly.
Caller: The biggest company does layaways and that is a big question.
DC: There are four dealers who have the actual currency in their vaults and can give it to you. The others don’t have the cash, and you will have to wait for them to send it to you. There are exchange locations in southern Oregon, such as Medford. I remember an exchange location in Redding, too.
Tony: Let’s call it a day. DC?
DC: Hope everyone has a great evening and weekend. Things still look phenomenally good, and if it continues on this path, we’ll be done. We are happy to do the 15-minute call, and any other way we can help the process. We pray that this is it!
Pam: Make sure you build a strong foundation, take care of yourself and your family. Make sure your money makes money and only give it away from income, not capital. As that book I told you about says, “Grow your money, don’t blow your money.”
Tony: We haven’t heard anything about next month or next year; they are saying it’s here and Iraq is being told that this is here, now. They are excited in Iraq, and being told how it will work. They are looking for it and so are we. They are letting out information in Iraq because they think this is done. I don’t know how long the TNT site will stay up after the announcement, so anything you need from the forum, get it now. They may let us post the numbers there, but we don’t know. Be ready, be excited, have a plan to deal with the dinar, dong, rupiah and zim.
Don’t go out and buy more – that’s not why we give you this information. Some of you will exchange right away, some will wait for ‘greater, later’, and there are opportunities to gain on either end. We know that as soon as we hang up, other sites will relay this same information. Enjoy your weekend! The opportunity is there for us. Enjoy the rest of your day!

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