TNT Call 22-Oct-2014 Notes

Tony: Good morning, TNT! Today is Wednesday, October 22, 2014. We were asked not to do a call on Monday because things were ‘sensitive’. We’ll talk about a whole lot of things before DC gets here!

Everyone who submitted their personal testimonies and letters, we have printed that out tand made some books, and we will pass those along to some folks in Washington DC as a gift from TNT, to let them know what you guys went through. It’s like two bibles stacked up together, once we had it bound – it looks really good. They will be part of history, included with the notes and documents. There is one more thing I want to do, and that is for anyone who actually wrote to politicians, physical letters that were not posted online, we would love to include any responses you received from different politicians. Many cannot scan or copy them, please send them to Tony Renfrow, PO Box 9580 Oak Avenue Parkway #7, Folsom CA, 95630.

If you could make a copy and sent it to that PO Box, I can bind them into these books as Section 2. The more responses, the more complete picture we will have. We will post that address on the first page of the TNT website so non-members will have access. Send them to Tony Renfrow, not TNT, okay?

Also, we do have bills to pay – they called me this morning – so anyone who can donate, that would be really helpful. Hopefully this is the last time we have to ask. I was hoping the RV would hit by then. It should have happened last night, the night before, and it should happen tonight!

In Iraq, Parliament met yesterday and today, and everyone anticipated the RV hitting before then so they wouldn’t have to answer to Parliament. Monday we were asked not to do a call, and then I got calls and texts asking why others were saying things and we were not. People make stuff up! Or they take our information and repost it. We have the largest audience and influence on the internet for dinar, and the government knows that. You know that if I’m not doing a call, I have been asked not to do a call – because thignsi were really sensitive and they didn’t want anyone to screw it up. First I was asked to delay the call, and then just postpose it so we wouldn’t have to worry about timing. Everyone was on pins and needles expecting the RV on Monday afternoon. It didn’t happen, because of some other things we talked about. It had nothing to do with ministers, HCL, but other deals being worked in the background that have to do with Iraq, but not the RV. The RV is being held hostage, or being held as a negotiating tool – as are we. The governments are trying to accomplish something – let me tell you a story. I discussed this with some people, and they say I give the government too much credit.

Back when the soldiers were leaving Iraq according to prior administration’s agreement, some said that the President should have negotiated to keep some there. Maybe he should, but maybe there was a different scenario: that Iraq was saying they have total control and they don’t need us. So we listened to Iraq saying it could swim, and we agreed that they need to grow up and do the right things. We left and left the situation in the hands of their PM at that time. Then we saw that he was a bigger crook than we thought, and now that we see Iraq is a sovereign nation, he was turning into a dictator. They wanted us gone, and we left.

The PM did a power grab, taking all the money, and then we had to figure out how to get this knucklehead out that we put in, without getting everyone there mad that we were still controlling their leadership. They have to do it on their own, and we let them create a situation (which they did) and we let it get out of control (which we could have fixed in a minute) until the people themselves said, “Enough is enough – these people have to go”. They have to change their own mindset in order to get this done. (This is only my vision and opinion, what I see has occurred. There is no secret info in all this, no documents.)
So now we are at the point where this would-be dictator has created something that is out of control. He cannot call it back and we are not going to deal with it until they ask us to come back and help. By this time, the government is asking for our help, not just in the air but on the ground. Initially they were told to lay down their arms, but now it has gone over the top, and they are asking the US to come in help on the ground. We have agreed to do that, but only if they do everything the former PM promised in his eight years, but Iraq has to do it in eight weeks – laws, government, ministries, and all. Then the Iraqis will welcome our troops back in because instead of being enemies, we will be helping against a common enemy.

What then? Our own soldiers are on the ground, giving Iraqis peace of mind, removing a common enemy and providing security for Iraq AND all those with this currency and interested in investing in Iraq. This could have been designed that way or it could have just happened that way. But two years ago I said to Pam, “We’re leaving Iraq, but I’ll bet you will be invited back” and now we are. There is air power over Iraq, Turkey is now engaged, and there are other things we will see in the near future. That’s another picture of why and how we are where we are today…

It should have gone on Monday, and Iraq asked for 24-48 hours to finalize some agreements with other countries. It had nothing to do with the RV, but with security, fraud, money-laundering, etc. They wanted to finalize those before this happened, so everyone knows where they stand. Some of what Mtn Goat said was true, but this is more in depth. Others can say certain things that we cannot because “we are the people”; when they were trying to take it all away from us, we had that twitter campaign. Out of respect for the people who rescued that situation, if they ask me NOT to do this or that, or tell that other thing, I comply. This morning I asked, because DC is not here, but he is having phone problems, so if I say too much, they will call me.

This could and should go at any moment. My personal opinion is that it will go on Friday. There is nothing stopping the RV, it’s all these side deals. As soon as those are done, it could go any moment. I just like the weekend plan; it makes sense based on how they want to process us.

On Monday, they started putting out NEW 10,000 and 20,000 dinar notes. They have new designs with new security features, etc. Those OLD notes will go from 10,000 to 10 dinar; the NEW ones will be at the new rates. They issued them so that ISIL won’t have the new rates, and so that people can buy large items (and they don’t believe in credit cards yet). Those who have large cash transactions will have access to these new 10K and 25K notes – not the average citizens. They have to ask for these higher notes until people get used to the Qi cards and seeing numbers on screens rather than cash in hand. These new notes do not affect our currency at all; we will still exchange at new rates, and a 25K note will still be worth 25,000 dinar. Those new notes are for in-country purposes ONLY, so everyone can relax on that issue.

Bank procedures: they have got that worked out and we have been given more information but have been asked not to talk about that until the RV is announced. It is simple, you will really like it, and it will go quickly. The rates are still there, the currencies are there, and they are still projected to come out in a basket together.

318 caller: This is my first time on the call. I have a couple of questions. Do all the dinar/ dong people know that this is about to RV?

Tony: They do not, and the powers don’t want them to.

Caller: You said that we can open a fresh account with the bank we intend to exchange with, and you also told us not to mix the different currencies. So does it matter that we opened an account with cash?

Tony: This is what I would do. Someone from the UST told me we should not mingle the dinar exchange with the other currencies, because dinar is being tracked by the UST and other currencies are tracked by the Fed. I would open an account right now for 25 dollars, and then take out the 25 dollars. Then I would put my money in that empty account. Down the road, I can move that money around, but to start with, use a new account with zero balance. Having that account set up in advance will make the whole transaction so much smoother for you.

Caller: Will you be able to have Okie on the call you make to us?

Tony: I don’t know. I want to give Okie the opportunity to make that RV announcement, because he has been honest and fair and telling people what he knows when he knows it. There are people who don’t want me to do that, but I’ll see if I can get around that. I will also make a tweet and do a call, but they will try to control that situation, so I don’t know.

Caller: I was hoping DC would be here today so I could tell him that I live next door in Louisiana. I’m not going to Texas until this Ebola thing is over. [Tony: It is over.]

303 caller: I put a post in the forum on the 20th entitled “No good deed goes unpunished” and I would like to make sure you read that.

Tony: I did see it. I don’t know who will get the contract rate and who will not. It will be a percentage of the people. I don’t know how they decide who gets it, but I do have people monitoring that, so that the contract rate does get out. You can trust that my NDA started at five pages like everyone else. Then it went to 31 pages, and now it’s 44 pages. I’m agreeing to stuff that is crazy, BUT they are also agreeing to some stuff in exchange. If they don’t live up to their part, I don’t’ have to live up to mine. The people who stood up and made sure that we are included will still be there, and they will make sure the right things are done. I have faith that they will do the right thing, and pray that they will so that I can do the right thing, too.

Caller: Thanks for that and for those who have been covering our backs. Also, when does Iraq stop selling at the old rate?

Tony: In different parts of the country they are still using five different rates, and it’s chaos because no one knows what they are doing until this comes out. It’s crazy, with different prices. CBI is to go before Parliament to explain why they haven’t yet activated the RV, and they do NOT want to say it’s because of some other country’s issue. There are people in the GOI who have been blind to all this, and the CBI really doesn’t want to have to answer certain questions. Having said that, some of these issues are really important to Iraq and its future stability – nothing to do with money.

Caller: I understand and yet we are also investors who want a resolution. I know you are keeping a balance for us and I appreciate that.

828 caller: DC has said several times he is exchanging on two trips for security reasons; how can we do that if we’re only allowed one appointment?

Tony: You have only one first appointment, and of course you’ll have to have another appointment to bring in your reserves. It’s interesting that DC can do that – he’s a little scary, eh? I’m not concerned about security myself because I’m not telling anyone what time or place my appointment is taking place.

Caller: If we get there and don’t like the rate, what do we do then?

Tony: We don’t know yet. I would walk into another bank, tell them what I want to do, they would give me the 800 number for that bank and I’d make another appointment. That is what I would do.

Caller: The first basket – what are they saying now?

Tony: They are saying “several currencies”, but it does keep shifting. They may change it tomorrow and ask, “Why did you say that on the call?” Because you didn’t tell me not to!

719 caller: Where do we stand the dollar:dollar rate? You explained the logic behind that, but where is it now?

Tony: Even if it does RI [rather than RV], the rate is higher than a dollar. The RV pretty much has to be $3.58 or thereabouts. Even if it starts at a dollar, Iraq is being told in the media and mosques that they will be the richest in the region, and Kuwait has just raised their rate. Even if for some reason it came out at a dollar, how many minutes do you think that would last in the market? That is the scenario for the first mouse, and you don’t want to be the first mouse.

Caller: You told us to have a plan if it does come out at a dollar.

Tony: The US is still showing at a dollar, because we are negotiating. Every other country shows it at more than three dollars. So…

Caller: How much longer can this go on? We would love to send you all the money you need for the forum, but people are drained at this point.

Tony: While that is the rate it shows right now, that does not mean it will come out that way. I t doesn’t mean the process itself hasn’t already started, with really good things taking place in the background that are moving us closer and closer. It just means that we need to finalize this part of this before the global explosion. They are doing this like a parent says to a child, “We are doing this for your sake.” There are things in cyberspace that Iraq has no clue about, how it’s been manipulated, how there has been fraud and insider trading. They don’t have experience of that, and they have to understand and be protected from it before this RV hits the streets and the markets. Otherwise, IRAQ could lose hundreds and millions if there are not protective blocks in place before this happens. Otherwise, investors will not feel safe, and Iraq itself will collapse in ten months. The banks have been given a date and time to look for this, and we’ll see if they keep to that. But there are so many things going on behind the scenes.

Caller: So it’s not the US but Iraq trying to shore up what has been done?

Tony: It was the US last week, and now Iraq is taking a little time to understand. Abadi said that over 100 billion dollars is missing from the last eight years, and he said, “We cannot do that again!” So there are people who have to be replaced and other security measures put in place.

Caller: Will we see this before 1. November?

Tony: Yes, I do, and I think it will come out on Friday afternoon or evening. And I don’t think that it will come out dollar:dollar because of some things I know that I cannot tell you. Even if it did come out at a dollar, that wouldn’t last five minutes. The hedge funds would buy up every dinar they could find and their holdings would triple overnight. Hell, I’d do that myself. It just doesn’t make sense.
Caller: Since everyone will have the money at some point, we would all be happy to pay for RayRen’s seminar at any of the four events. I would certainly sit and listen to him – he’s entertaining! I couldn’t go to the Denver one because I couldn’t afford it.

Tony: I think he’s entertaining! I hope we will do the events, and WF will give their class at each of them. Ray says he still wants to hold his events post-RV because that is his passion. So we’ll see.

Caller: How can we give back to TNT if the forum goes down after the RV?
Tony: Fewer than a thousand people have donated to the TNT forum, and after the RV I will be setting up a foundation to help kids, so anyone who wants to donate to that, it would be great!

404 caller [yet again]: Is going to happen this year or next year? [meaning Islamic year]
Everything is place for this to happen right now! Everything has been voted on, all the ministers and deputy ministers are in place, they changed the bank laws, they announced in Iraq that everyone would be on the new rate from 1. October, and today they said they are Article 8 compliant. There is nothing for them to wait for. They have passed out the new notes and the lower denominations from the banks to the fields. They are absolutely trying to get this done right now. The ISIL situation went out of control by the person who brought it in. Now there is a new plan once everyone has met their requirements and agreements. It was supposed to go Monday, they asked for 48 hours, and today is Wednesday. It could go any moment; I just think it will be dragged out until Friday. But the information is scrolling across the bottom of the television right now, so they are keeping their people informed. We’ll see what happens when CBI comes out of Parliament.

Caller: You said that fines were involved – is that actually happening? I mean, have people or institutions been fined, and where does that money end up?

Tony: I am told that they were actually being assessed, but don’t know who was being fined or where that money is going.

Caller: Now that they are issuing those new bills and we have the older variety, does that mean we need to exchange within a 30-day period? Have they gone back to that?

Tony: That was going to be the exchange time for the higher contract rates. For international rates, we were told we’d have up to two years. DC thought perhaps they put that time limit in to encourage people to exchange right away. Over there, with the new notes, they may not care any more because those with the old notes will not get as much for them.

650 caller: [I gave fair warning that I would not listen to or transcribe this guy ever again.]

Tony: Admiral’s group has not exchanged so far as I know. In Iraq, they are trying to get people to exchange the old notes for the lower denominations, but people are waiting until they can get the new rates. In Iraq, there are also coins available, although I don’t have pictures at this point. If you put pictures on the internet, they are tagged and they can track where the pictures were taken. So it’s not safe for those with the pictures.
There are people in this country who have already been paid – both international and contract rates, and rates below international. Some have got 100% of their money and some only 20%. Everyone here will get international rates with no problems. I just got updated bank procedures of how this is going to work, here in the US. They have been trained and they plan on you coming into the banks here to exchange.

609 caller: Don’t they have to make this rate before ISX goes live internationally, right?

Tony: In my opinion only, it will not come in before Friday. And they can make it live without the new rate, it just won’t go internationally posted. The lop is going to happen in-country ONLY, so stop worrying about things that do not affect us.

Caller: What’s the issue with the HCL?

Tony: There is no issue! It was published officially last week! The Kurds wanted 17.75%, Maliki said no, Abadi said 17%, and the Kurds agreed and signed. And now the CBI is front of Parliament like a Congressional committee to explain why the RV has not yet been released. They said today/tomorrow, but I have heard of other things being negotiated on the side that will make it easier and more straightforward if they are done before rather than afterwards.

423 caller: I want to ask about the Kiesha’s Funds – how can I get involved with that, when it’s ready? I have donated a couple of time, and would like to donate through that fund once you get it started…

Tony: I don’t know. I haven’t seen the NDA. It’s ridiculous to even think of an NDA that long. It may not have anything to do with the foundation. I appreciate your wanting to get involved and I was talking with someone last night about making it nationwide. I’d love for it to be like a franchise so anyone can duplicate it to help the kids. My first target is to help kids ‘aged out’ of the system with nowhere to go. Even if we get restricted, I hope it’s just about dinar, and you should be able to Google “Kiesha’s Kids” and find out.

617 caller: Are all banks going to have the contract rates? I read only three…

Tony: All of them should have access to it, even tier 2 banks.

Caller: Can we sign up for the events now, or do we have to register post-RV?

Tony: Once we get clearance, I’ll put it up and people can sign up again.

Caller: I don’t see when everyone cannot donate ten bucks…

Tony: I would appreciate that, but people can only do what they can do. From the start, only a few have carried everyone. I don’t want people to feel pressured, but if people can help, that would be great. Those who don’t have money but who help out on the boards, we all appreciate that as well. That’s what this is about: those who helped with info and supported us through the #wearethepeople campaign and are supporting us still.

Caller: You will send out the information even if it’s the middle of the night, right?

Tony: I still want to call Okie first, if I can, but otherwise I will send out the information just as soon as I get it… through tweets, blasts, calls, whatever means possible. As soon as they say GO, they are ready for people to start calling! Also, I just got a text from someone, and he Googled the new 25,000 dinar, and he texted me a picture. So it is out there for everyone to see.

954 caller: [Appreciation] Your calls are an education for the kids they cannot get in schools! I cannot stall my foreclosure any longer; God willing, this will come in before that date. My hair is almost white over all this!

Tony: You evidently haven’t seen my picture, have you! I hope and pray you get to save your house. I hope it happens this weekend and turns your world around. For those who have lost your house/car, etc., still hold onto your dinar, because that is your lifeline. I hate to hear people have sold their dinar to pay the light bill because then they have no hope for the future. If there is any way, hold onto your dinar and prepare. Sometimes you have to experience the pain to feel the joy.

Caller: I have sold everything else, but not my dinar. It’s never entered my mind because this is what will change my life and my family’s lives. I’ve given dinar to each of my kids and to friends in need. I’m paying it forward, keeping the bare minimum to keep the roof over my head and paying the rest forward and being grateful I can help other people.

417 caller: You said last week that if it came in at a dollar, you would cash in. Then you said that if it came in at $3, you would have to have a lot of courage… explain?
Tony: If it came in at a dollar, I would cash some in to have money in my pocket and then use the rest to triple my money. You know it’s going to be within 20 cents of the Kuwaiti rate, so you know it’s going to go up at least that far! If it came in at $3 or over, then I would have to ask myself if I want to buy more and watch it go up. Is that really how I want to spend my time, watching the markets and the forex and then jumping on a buy order, maybe in the middle of the night? If you don’t know how to do forex, that’s a pain. On the other hand, Kuwait went briefly up to $10-12 – if you had the courage or nerves to wait for that moment to sell at the peak. If you don’t have the time and confidence to watch for that, then I wouldn’t do it.

Caller: It really looks like it could happen at any time. How confident are YOU on that happening within the next 72 hours?

Tony: I said Friday because it makes sense – the rate is stabilized because it’s not moving on Forex, and all the banks will offer the same rates. That makes sense to me. Is it scheduled for before the weekend? Yes, but it was for last week as well. They are able to do it, but it’s a question of how fast they can get these other side issues sorted out before the release. On Monday, everyone in Washington was all excited, but when it came to those making the final decision, they said, “Nope, there are things that are not ready that you don’t know about.” So it could go before Friday… the weekend plan makes sense to me, but they do a lot of things that don’t make sense to me. Sometimes these people are looking at a global perspective and we are looking at a local perspective and they don’t always match. I get calls starting at 4.30am to 11.30 last night, and I have to put all that together as best I can to share it with you.

Caller: [Appreciation] I hope to meet you and pick up some of your courage!

Tony: That courage comes with a bullet-proof vest, and Pam’s buying me a tank!
That’s probably enough because DC’s not here. Pam?

Pam: Hang in there. Contact your professionals! Take care of yourself first, and be careful who you trust!

Ray: Enjoy “Wealth-seeking Wednesday”!

Tony: Some info I’m not supposed to give you until the time, but think about all I have told you about exchange procedures, giving your dinar to people…[call cut off] what to expect from people who are out there just to plan your future to be their future. The banks are preparing for all of us, not just groups. There are a whole lot of group’s that aren’t even going through, they just think they are – in for a surprise. We are that close, and everything is good. I think it will be a smooth transition. We are all in this together. They are talking about release today, but as I said, in my opinion it will be Friday. It was a pleasure to do this call without DC! DC is key to the information I’ve been giving you, and we appreciate having him on the call. He tried to get in but couldn’t today. So… enjoy your day!

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