TNT – Call Monday

Tony:  Good morning, TNT!  Today is Monday, April 27, 2015.  We are here once again.  I have a challenging situation every day.  DC took a deep breath.  I will see how much I can get away with and how  many calls DC gets afterwards!
I’m not going to clear up the last call if people don’t understand. Women have made great strides in this world.  I tell people a lot that women are stronger than guys, and I respect and acknowledge the things they go through as mothers, wives, girlfriends and the rest.  Today we have a female Attorney General for the first time;  congratulations to her and to all women who are making great strides in history.  They are shattering the glass ceiling in all directions, with one more to go.
On OpenMike, they had a conversation today that was out of this world.  DC?
DC:  Hope everyone is doing well. It’s a very simple day today;  little has changed apart from a few positive, supportive moves in the direction of preparation.  Fro those who care about details, they have been preparing for this in Iraq at the banks and with notifications going out.  The mosques are telling everyone to stay calm, that this is upon us, and everything is going to be great.  That has been the deal all this weekend, with some actions that have taken place that look phenomenal.  Frankly, there is not much to say in Iraq;  it’s just great!
Tony:  I don’t have much to say until we see what happens. We heard they are excited and anticipating something.  Everything is so good there is nothing to discuss unless it DOESN’T happen.  All Friday, they were hearing “it’s here, it’s here, it’s here”, although I don’t know what ‘here’ means over there.  Our information says that they are happy.
DC:  In the US, everyone is where they need to be, preparing all weekend. The expectation is still the same.  Actions have been taken that are wonderful, with more and more supportive information.  There’s not a lot to expound upon;  everyone is lined up in the belief that this is going down.  We can go home now!
Tony:  We are ever so close. The discussion is winding down, and they are not restricting this on any level.  It can be announced at any point they want it to be.
Q:  What are you hearing about the new notes?
DC:  There are two different series of new notes:  the 50 dinar notes, and the 50K, 100K and 250K notes.  Iraq is a cash-based culture, so they will still use those notes, although they will not print very many and they will be heavily guarded. It won’t be easy to get one.  This will also fix a few mistakes, like the Kurdish language.   The 50 dinar notes are invalid after 30. April, so they will need new notes for that.
Tony:  Years ago, they were talking about anew currency and everyone got scared because we just got the new currency.  Everyone got afraid we would get cut out of the picture.  So they are redoing the 50 dinar notes because they are getting worn out, and they are improving the higher notes.  We know those notes were printed in January.
DC: They are talking about printing costs and security features, so that is just the regular allocation for that purpose.
Tony:  This is nothing new, it’s just another article.  As an example, Mayweather said during the last season that he wanted two million, and they paid him in 100K notes.  People were saying there weren’t any higher notes than $100, but it’s just that they are no longer prevalent.  In Iraq, it will take awhile to get those new notes out, and until that time, there needs to be something to pay for those cars, trains, boats and planes.
What else?  Everything is just in place.
DC:  Pam asked for us to talk about some family issues relating to money.  We can hit a few high points that we have talked about.
Tony: Banks and personnel are still on alert.  They were looking for something this morning and that part didn’t’ happen.  But that is how close we are to it happening at any point in time.  Some think it will happen on Thursday because that is the end of the month, and the 50 dinar notes run out.  But that is nothing to do with the RV.
DC: That’s not enough to do anything;  not enough for anyone to smuggle it in or whatever. That is not an excuse for this RV not to happen. 
Pam told us a few things that we need to talk about today, and we listen to the Boss lady.  There are a few things to provoke thought/research for what to do afterwards.  What happens when you get it?  A lot of folks will be like the dog who caught the car. Tony, Pam and I are all worried that people won’t know what to do when they catch the car (or bus). Before you spend a time, have it invested in earning money.  We have given that information many times, and talked about people who were rolling in it at one point and now have little left.  Tony’s friend who was in the NFL for 11 years is down to doing menial work because he didn’t’ save or invest his earnings.
There are lots of great books about family wealth, and good articles and seminars, depending on your age. 
1.    Get over a little retail therapy and get used to the weight of money on your shoulders.
2.    How does each spouse treat money – it’s often very different, based on how they were raised, their expectations, experience with money before, etc.  Figure that out ahead of time, with as much patience as possible.
3.    Many are worried about how their kids will take it, and there are many wonderful books about how to deal with people who have never been around real wealth. 
4.    Once you are in the game, take things slowly and walk through all the family issues, because it will control your life, your family’s life, and the other family members who may be dependent on you.
5.    Think it through in terms of money that you plan to give, and what happens when they come back from more.  Let’s say you buy a Mercedes, and a relative comes and wants one, too?
6.    In the family realm, they say “shirtsleeves to shirtsleeves in three generations.”  That is, the first generation makes the money, the second generation knows how you made the  money and is cautious with it. The third generation blows the money.
7.    Think through the effect you want this money to have on them, especially your kids.  Don’t make rash decisions, and consider how much you want to support your kids.  Your views about it will change dramatically.  My kids are 2 and 4, and we will be sheltering and providing for them for a long time. If your kids are 40 and already successful, then a little more won’t change them much.  It’s the teenage kids who create the most ripples.
Tony:  Put away at least 50% for taxes, and that way most of you will be ahead of the game.  If you have at least 25% working for you, making some kind of income to give you long-standing life, then you can take the other 25% and make life easy for yourself.  Know you are only working with 25% though.  A year from now, the taxes will be paid, and you can put the remainder to work.  Live off the INCOME, not the capital.  If you have 50K, put it to work and you will have $1,000 per month for the rest of your life.  The average person has 100K dinar, and that will be about $400,000.  Now there are many more dinarians, and the average person has been given 25K.  Statistics suggest that of those people, most will be broke again in 2-3 years.  So those who are paying attention and learning here need to help them out, and create a plan so that it helps their lives rather than ruining their lives.  I know you just wanted to give them the money, but that might not be the best thing unless you help them plan how to use it as well.
I have a responsibility to all of you, and you have a responsibility to those you are helping and advising.  If you didn’t get them on the call or hand them the books we suggested, then you have a responsibility.  Give them the information on how to change their lives and futures, not just for two years but for the rest of their lives.  We can all think “If I had just had that money when I left home, my life would be different.”  Well, we can catch up on that idea now, because this is the best opportunity most of us will ever have.
914 caller:  This is Marko, in NY.  I’m hanging on like everyone else. 
Tony:  We are all doing that, hoping that it’s over.
Caller:  How much longer can they drag this out?
DC:  I don’t believe they have much more room to maneuver;  that’s what they are telling us, and besides, they don’t want to.  They strongly desire to get this over with, as much or more than we do.
Tony:  We’ve talked about this before, with all the announcements in the paper and on television, and Abadi putting himself out there, to make himself different from Maliki.  There are rumblings, and the fact that they acknowledged those people in the mosques on Friday, saying “What you want is really here”.  The rumbling is spreading and it’s already April.  They cannot afford for something like that to happen because it would ruin the world economy.  They understand that, they know that people are at their breaking point, and so are they! Both sides are saying “now or never”, and it’s time for now.  It will be very public when it happens.
I want us to do the events.  We won’t be talking about dinar, just a celebration and helping you guys to plan for the future.  I still want to do them, but I don’t have the NDA, and DC says that it doesn’t look good.
DC:  I would like to do them, too, but we can’t violate what they are telling us.  I think the chances of the events are not high, but they haven’t been forbidden yet either.
828 caller:  I appreciate what you are sharing, that we are still ‘right there’.  All this time, whenever we get ‘right there’, who is saying ‘not yet’, and why does everyone go along with that? 
DC: There are many different reasons that we have gone over many times in the past.  Right now, Dr Shabibi and Dr Abadi are consulting.  This is a world event, and they have to make dang sure everyone has their stuff straight.  That’s why it’s so important that everything is lined up.  We pray to God that this is it.  No one is maneuvering to stop this that we know of.
425 caller:  [Appreciation]  I’m sure you’ve done many things that cannot be spoken of.  It seems like all last year everything was imminent, regardless of Maliki or Abadi being in office.  Then there was the election, and laws had to be put in place, and Abadi was doing his best for the Iraqi people.  Then we had an election season, and neither party wanted the new wealth to affect that in 2014.  Now we are in 2015, with the Democrats only retaining the White House. Now we are going into the primaries, and we will not see the end of the voting process for another 18 months.  Will we have to wait until November 2016?  The Republicans got what they wanted, so why are the people not being looked after now?
Tony:  You are making this all about the US elections. If so, that will make this go on forever, because there are always elections.  We cannot base the RV on election cycles. In the last 3-4 years, there have been attempts to do this, but someone stopped it every time. They are fighting both sides, those who want it to go and those who want to stop it.  Then they had to get Iraqi society ready, and protections to put in place.  One side says that they will fix things later, and others saying, “No you have to fix this first.”  Most people want to do this the right way, not just for today but in terms of the next 20 years.  To get the money today without paying attention to the next 20 years and the global economy is bad business and bad government.
I want to get  paid more than anyone else!  But there are things that protect everyone else in society;  what kind of person would say “I don’t care about society, give me my money?”  They don’t want the terrorists to get this money too.  This is a once-in-a-lifetime event, and it has to be done right.  They keep telling us this time, then that time, and we have to go over another window, and we are upset all the time. Last Thursday, they said all the laws are being passed, but we are not waiting for the laws, we want the RV.
Caller:  It’s unfortunate for Iraq and other nations to suffer as we wait, and we watch all the maneuvers around the BRICS nations and the Asian bank. I wonder if some of the reasons behind this are not political.  How long do we wait before the reasons start repeating themselves.  You documented the politicos exchanging 18 months ago!  It’s hard to see how these windfalls would NOT benefit the country!
Tony:  This is not about us, it’s about the Iraqi people after what they have gone through all these years.  This has to be set up so that it rebuilds their country and assures their future, and that brings peace around the world.  We were not supposed to be here to start with, so what we see in the news is just Standard Operating Procedures.  This was never supposed to benefit us, and most of the public doesn’t even know it’s happening, they are just living life.  This is about President Bush saying that the war would pay for itself.  The big plan is for the deficit to come down, and yes, some people in the know benefitted personally from what happened in Kuwait.  The people who did get paid assumed that everyone else would be at the bank the next week or the next month. They felt guilty and started giving us information because they found out that the public was not part of the plan, and they felt that was not right. 
We ARE still in this, and we have the earlier exchanges well documented, in case.  We cannot MAKE them pay us today or this week.  We cannot force Iraq to RV;  the Iraqi people can do something because it’s their country.  Asking ‘why, why, why” doesn’t help because it’s not our position. We know the banks have agreed to pay out 14,000 per day, it just hasn’t started yet.
Caller: Is there a parallel with after WWII, when they were rebuilding Germany and Japan? The wealthy came forward and they got repaid first, and everyone else benefited from the rebuilding. That happened very quickly in those countries, and Iraq seems to be taking a lot longer, not a whole country.
Tony:  Originally it was supposed to be one country, and then a bunch of other countries got involved.  Yes, after WWII, the rich got richer and we will be the new rich when the RV happens.
DC:  This is not driven by the US political system. Yes, the administration has influence and they have asked for things to be added in at the last minute.  Now they are antsy and saying “come on, already!”  We are not the ones holding up the train.  Also, when they added in the other currencies, it become more complicated and less manageable, because this is now a venue to poke the other guys and one-up each other. That’s why it has dragged on so long. This is no different from Germany and Kuwait, and it could have happened two years ago, but now it’s so much more complicated. It could happen in the next 30 seconds!  But also more things could easily come up to block it, too.  We just don’t know where Shabibi’s head is at right now.
Caller:  I appreciate that you bring up things that don’t get brought in by our mainstream media.  It gives a much more sophisticated picture of what is happening in Iraq, and people can develop their own opinions, politically and economically.
Tony:  I hope people do follow that and understand that this is about the whole world, not just about us. 
Caller:  Iraq was the center of civilization 2,000 years ago.  Our country is only  200 years old, but has become a military and economic power.
Tony: Every great nation every has risen and then fallen.  I hope we will be on top as long as I’m alive, but the world  is changing with these conditions, including new technologies that allow us to have this call, educating people for further changes.
DC:  Everyone we know is eager to get this done.
627 caller:  Has there been any attempt to do this over the weekend?
DC:  They have been preparing minute details. They are taking it slow, but it’s more about being methodical rather than taking a shot and being denied.
Tony:  You guys keep saying ‘Vegas’;  maybe they will get the idea.
404 caller:  [Appreciation]
Tony:  You know I’m married, right?  I have two wives here, and then there is Pam, and two others who tell me what to do.  Pam would be my work wife, and in the chat room, they are saying YOU are DC’s work wife.  Did you know that?
Caller:  Okay.  My spouse is listening elsewhere, so we will discuss this at dinner.  On the last call, DC said that you thought it might be 85% ready to go.  Now?
DC:  I am a little higher now. But we have been super-close before and so we will not go crazy.   But everything looks so good.
Caller: With the early exchanges, what is the status of the contract rates?
DC:  Most of the pool is still there, accounted for and being held for us by special people. Realistically, you’re looking for 2-5 days for the contract rates to be available. That is their estimate by the bankers, for both dinar and done.
Caller: What percent of the Iraqi people has been paid using the Qi cards?
DC:  Those showing that  in their accounts as pending are pretty high, but those actually using it as cash is relatively low.  Those with pending payments from the local or national government are relatively few, because they are doing a bit, then pausing, then a bit more, then pausing.  So we don’t have solid numbers on that.
Tony: What happened to your husband?  You used to call in together. 
Caller:  He is on a work assignment, but we develop the question together.
636 caller:  Sorry I was incoherent on Wednesday.  Tony, what question do you hope someone would ask you today?
Tony:  I was hoping they wouldn’t ask me any, just ask DC! There is not a lot to go on right now.  Unfortunately, I didn’t expect anything over the weekend.  A lot of people got excited, but I just went about my business. I didn’t expect anything until this morning or tomorrow morning. The banks were told to be ready this morning.  I hear this, it’s back down to that level, and I wonder if they can really do it to the banks yet again.  I hear him similar things at all hours, but to bring people in at 5am and not let them go until 7-8pm. IN the military we sit on alert for 24 hours, but these are civilians who don’t really understand the process.  Many are tired and ready to quit.  But I am happy because we hear that it’s happening and we see things on the screens. We just want to know when it will go live.
Caller:  I hear you, and I feel my job is to be patient.  I pass on what you say to my small group by email.  I can’t make them read it… but you guys are men of valor.
Tony: When it talk to my sources in the agencies, we agree that we are just not that good.  There is a bunch of stuff on the internet that blames us, and we are just not that good.  There is no way in the world we could come up with all this!  If we could, I’d be a millionaire by now.
Caller:  I don’t want to go to Vegas:  Dallas, Dallas, Dallas!
347 caller:  DC said that this should be done any minute. Are you expecting to do a call on Wednesday?
DC:  No, I’m not.
719 caller:  Someone posted on Recaps that it was stopped on Saturday night, and that was really frustrating.
DC:  I think it’s being very methodical and they are doing a very slow rollout.
Caller:  Let’s ay it was stopped last Monday;  why does it take so long to restart it?
DC: The system used to be on a 48-hour process because it was so complicated.  It would take 48 hours to get the procedures lined up again.  That’s not the case now.  If they hit it at 2.01, they can start it again at 2.05. So that tells us that any pauses are political, not technical or procedural.  This is major stuff, so Shabibi consults with everyone and says, “When I hit this button, you’d better not have any complaints!” So they bring up this, that and the other before it happens.
Tony: They basically have to start at the bottom and check with everyone again.
DC: Lets say Shabibi hits the button, and the system didn’t load correctly in China. They don’t have to stop for 24 hours every time, but they would have to call China, fix the issue, and then start up again.  Most issues in the last 18 months have been political so they have to talk the issue through.  Technically, they can start it up again immediately.
Caller:  We have friends in Puerto Rico, and they are in network marketing;  they say “you can lead a horse to water but can’t make him lay down by the lake.”
There are many people who are fortunately part of the forum, and don’t listen.  They ask questions that have been discussed a thousand times.  You can go search on any topic and pull up all the articles about that.  Those on the forum need to do their own research, and that will make it deeper into your brain than asking someone else. Use the forum for your education!
Q:  If you didn’t think it would happen this weekend, why did you lead us on?  I don’t lead you on, I give you the information. We were told it would happen, it was planned to happen, and there was a window from Friday to Monday.  I always assume the back of the window.  So I said MY window is today and here we are.  We get it, but every time it’s over a few days, I do to the end of the window.
301 caller:  I think 404 missed an opportunity to ask DC for her dowry. You guys could meet in Vegas!  What about the Indian rupee?  How is that developing?  You talked about another currency in the first basket.
DC:  I am a fan of their new PM, and I have friends with businesses in India.  They will continue to increase economic output for a while to come.  They are not in the basket that I know of.
Caller:  I heard that money being loaned to Iraq is going to the CBI, not the government.
DC:  There are a number of loans, most related to ISIL or for economic development.  Most of the latter go through the CBI in terms of governance.  The loans are not made to the CBI itself.
Caller:  Who actually profits from all this chaos?  Are the banks making money?
DC:  It depends.  In the past, it might be X getting this, and then the next time they lost out.  Every issue has a beneficiary, but it’s mainly about power, not money. 
Caller:  I keep hearing from brokers that they got this deal or that deal, and I wondered if somehow that is driving these delays.
Tony:  Yes, there are deals, but at those rates, mot much. Most are just paying people in advance, and each one is structured differently.
405 caller:  You all said that on Friday the man cried wolf;  it’s still being stopped.  The US still has control at the IMF, so what’s to stop them nitpicking?  I won’t see our currency, but it’s getting old that we keep getting this close without the RV happening.
DC:  My sources say that the US has not been blocking this.
Tony:  My point is that Shabibi tried to release this and because he had tried to do so many times in the past, no one believed him (like the boy who cried wolf.)  I didn’t say that I suspected it would not go at the weekend because the guy who cried wolf is at such a high level that I wanted to believe him.  It could happen, but I felt/feel there was more chance of it happening today.  Not only those crying wolf, plus those on the other end said to could happen, but in my own mind, I didn’t think it would happen until today.
Friday’s deal had nothing to do with the US, and that is not who we are talking about as the boy who cried wolf.  That was all Iraq.  It’s like when the banks opened on Friday, which his something that had never happened before.  It’s a whole different level and we don’t have anything to compare it to. 
716 caller:  Tony, going back 4-5 years ago, remember that baby that was being born?
Tony: That’s why I let DC answer the questions.  I think that baby went back in and was born another way (or not).  DC doesn’t know about that baby.  Five years ago, they were pinging the system, and we thought sure it was happening then!  But the banking system and country and banking laws needed to be put in place first, and we didn’t know that.
Caller:  [Appreciation]  You tell us to BE ready rather than getting ready.
Tony:  The best negotiator in the world  will get you an inch away from signing and then will say, “Before we do this, can you just do this other thing?” We have seen that happen over and over again, and it’s part of negotiating.  It’s part of the process.  Whatever they have on that hidden list, if they asked for all of it in a lump it would never happen.  IF they bring it out one issue at a time, 49 out of 50 will get done.
Once again, I want to say that I don’t want to be me, especially when DC tells me about all the people who have already exchanges and I have not.
281 caller:  I have a serious bone to pick with you two.  As I have listened to all this, you have proved how stupid I am about this whole situation.  Then RayRen came to town yesterday and he even heightened my stupidity.  Really, I appreciate all your information that has enlightened our lives.  [Appreciation]  I think you said that zim will have a cap of half a million US dollars?  Is that just for the zim or others as well?
DC: That is just for the zim.
Caller:  My wife has currency and the caps apply to her separately, I believe.  I have tow children over 18; can they participate as well?  Is there anything particular we need to have in place for them to exchange?  Can the funds then be commingled?
DC:  Each person needs two forms of ID, just as drivers license and passport.  Some bankers may want more documentation, and also they may have ideas of where they want to place your money like a MoneyMaker account.  Otherwise, it should be simple, straightforward and quick.  My understanding is that initially, whomever brings the ID is the name it will be registered under.  So your son will have an account, and his own tax liability.  You can move the money around later.
Tony:  Is there a concern that they might have too much money?  Or just having your money?  Either way, you create a trust and be a trustee or move money to a foundation and get on the board.   They will have to trust you.  There is no way I want my children to have this amount of money at their current age.  There are restrictions, and they will get more money later.  It’s your relationship with your child that will determine which of those options you will choose.  And if you give your kids currency, write up a gift letter and have it notarized.
410 caller: I am not in the forum, and I would love it if you could post or tweet out the Ten Things list, if possible.  What impact do you think this will have on society as a whole?
Tony:  The Ten Things… if you go to, got to the Tony Blast area.  You don’t have to be a member to get that.  Ray said that parts are outdated and he will fix that.  Pam will tell you the title before we say goodbye.
DC: The banks just want to get this moving on.  In terms of economic input, everyone is ready for that, although Iraqis are 100 times more ready than we are. This si the real start of their economic boom, and that doesn’t begin until this gets going.  People need to create businesses, get the infrastructure going, and build up the economy in a major way.  Everyone I talk to is so eager for this to start.  It won’t be that well-known relating to the RV;  it will be more about the economy kicking up and taking off.
Tony:  You will know that is about the RV;  others won’t have a clue.
Caller:  I don’t know if I can keep this up, getting a shower every weekend. You can feel this being on the brink.  I hope it happens really soon.  I was on twitter, and it was like a travelogue about all the wonderful places to visit in Iraq instead of the war scenes.  It’s now on my travel list.  Instead of Dallas… Austin, Austin, Austin.
DC:  The window times continues to be the same. Everything looks really, really good and I’m very excited for all of us.  Just be sure to think through what to do when you ‘catch the car’.  Have a wonderful 24 hours!
Pam:  The Ten Things is back in the Tony Blast area, and TNT pays for every time you click on that, so… Somebody came into chat over the weekend and said we should all read the book New Money, Staying Rich by Phillip Buchanan from the Oakland Raiders.  This book will help you understand when you are being an enabler.  A new millionaire has underdeveloped instincts on how to assess how a person is interested in them.  They are not ready for shark attacks.  The book says, “New money is like a newborn baby.  It doesn’t come with an instruction manual.”  And yes, your family and friends will consider you as an unending source of help.  So read this book!
Ray:  Enjoy Magnificent Monday!
Tony:  Today’s main message is to be prepared with a long-term plan for your family, future and legacy.  I’ve got guys from the NFL who I sit down with a few times per week. They never expected to be poor again and they have dinar because they need more money now. They got it too fast, too young, and thought it would last forever.  If these got through 50 million dollars, thought it would last forever, and now they are sitting next to me, that should tell you money don’t last forever unless you  put  it to work. You have to plan to keep money, to do something with your money.  Spending it is not part of the plan.  Buying luxury cars and houses is not part of the plan if you haven’t planned for how to reproduce that money.  We have spent five years beating that statistic down, that 90% will be broke again in two years.  Can we do our share in bringing information, understanding and guidance to take that number down?  I hope you  are doing your share to the people around you, too.  Don’t hand your kids or relatives 100K without showing them where to put it so there can be an income check coming through.  You need to do that for their future and because they will come back to you when they’ve spent it all.
I hope this is our last call. I think they want me to do a recorded call because they don’t want me to say certain things…  Go through the forum and get what you need, because after the announcement, you will be at the bank AND we may only be up for 24 hours anyway.  Have a great day!  I hope this is our last call, and if something happens we will definitely tweet it out for you. Enjoy your day!

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