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TONY – Everybody is here so we can get this party started.

T – Good afternoon, TNT. It’s Monday, February 2, 2015. We’re glad everybody is here. Today would have been my mother’s birthday. And we’re not talking about the Super Bowl today. There’s some good news and some bad news. The bad news is that we’re not at the banks at this moment. Let’s let DC give the good news.

DC – The only bad news is that we’re truly not at the banks. Everything else is beautifully lined up east to west and we’re just waiting. Even according to our friends at the CBI is very little. Mainly strategy on timing. For those who like details, east to west:
DC – The banks, CBI, Finance Ministry, etc. have spent since the budget passed “minor checklists”, “random items”, “polish up and mino[FLPatriot59] DC – The banks, CBI, Finance Ministry, etc. have spent since the budget passed “minor checklists”, “rr cleanup” which they don’t anticipate to take very long. Folks in Parliament are not pleased it hasn’t gone thru. It did get published on the 31st tho not in The Gazette yet but will be in the next day or 2.

DC – Abadi has a real issue with people getting frustrated. There were some minor riots due in part to this and in part due to stuff in general. They’re running on TV about economic reform.

T – On TV they’re seeing that the dinar will be revalued on the 1st of the month, but that’s a replay from January. It’s a recycled broadcast. Our guys saw on TV that the CBI says it’s done and they will reinstate on the 1st. Meetings took place and right this minute there are only a couple of times left as of this morning when everything should be completely published. They have very specific days and times they want to do it. We don’t know if they are part of the original agreement.

T – What everybody wants to know is “what happened on the 31st?” What was agreed upon that would be done publicly if no RV  by 2/1? DC – The US wasn’t holding it back and has been supportive. It has nothing to do with USA. When they wrote that agreement the US was blocking it (“Strategic deferral”). But now they’re not. They’ve been on lockdown for umpteen days. So the agreement wasn’t needed to be enforced because the US wasn’t the problem this time. Iraq has been holding off waiting on the US. Now Iraq is holding it which is causing some tension. The general feeling is that between Abadi and Shabbib they have to really nail this right. The most senior leaders started making calls into today, as well as some European leaders, telling them they’ve done a good job nailing this and they need to stop trying to making it perfect as possible.

DC – Bankers are ready and queued up They are intentionally trying to keep the times as quiet as possible. Nothing will happen until the CBI and Abadi says “go.” There are very few exchanges going on now.

DC – Bankers are ready and queued up They are intentionally trying to keep the times as quiet as possible. Nothing will happen until the CBI and Abadi says “go.” There are very few exchanges going on now.

T – Back to Iraq. I want everybody to understand what’s going on. The US was holding it because they wanted some major things accomplished first in the GOI and in banking. Now the US says “you’re close enough and things are happening in the global currency market and they can fix issues later.” In Iraq, they’re looking in-country at security, i.e., how do I pay the areas that need to be paid without paying ISIS? You’ll understand why it didn’t go on Saturday if you understand this.

DC – They had this thought-through, about banks and payouts, but on the security side part of the question was “what happens when you reinstate and you have terrorists running around your country?” The simple answer is they’ve stolen a lot of cash so they removed hard currency from the situtation. The dinar is only going to be vaild in stable areas like Mosul. In some remote villages and unsettled locations like Anbar they are not going to revalue. That will make a lot of folks move around, which is a good thing.

T – This weekend they did a couple of things. They cut off the electronic ration cards so they would have to come in person to get paid rather than direct deposit. They changed their electronic banking system so they can pick and choose which banks get the updates and which ones don’t. This all happened over the weekend. They had to make those 2 changes to their banking system to thwart terrorist activity in-country.

T – Our contacts this morning said Abadi is ready to go now. DC – The ATMs were restocked for lower denoms. T – The US is NOT geared up, sitting at their computers, NOT on stand-by, etc. none of that is happening now. DC – What they have is key technical staff at UST, WF, Big 4 banks so when they pull the trigger they can gear up pretty quick in 30-40 minutes. It’ll take a couple hours for it to be notified worldwide.

T – I know you’ve been hearing about March, April, May, next year, etc. I don’t see that happening. DC – We’re not hearing anything more than minor bologne, “I like this morning, or that morning, etc.” minor comments about timing.

T – Anybody who doesn’t have a serious question please put your hand down.


C – Should we be watching countries in Africa for future investment opportunities? DC – A lot of African nations will have natural resources to jumpstart their economic platforms. That’s why we hear about Zimbabwe and others.

C – What about the bank making a 2% fee from our revalued currency? T – The bank will get 5% and give you 1/4%. There’s nothing wrong with them making money. You just don’t want them to abuse you and you not understand it. The 2% doesn’t seem right but I don’t want to play that game. DC – You can always go thru an exchanger/dealer instead of exchanging with a bank.

C – Does it matter if my notes are circulated or uncirculated? DC – As long as they’re registered to you by the dealer you’re fine. Those servicemen/women and agency personnel, as well as visitors to Iraq, will have to show orders to validate why you were there and that you have the dinar legally.

C – What was the origin of the exchange rate being .08 for the dong? DC – One of the bank screeens from several different folks, as well as a banker friend. I got .07. C – Is that reliable? DC – I think it’s reliable as of right now and highly subject to change.

C – What kind of foreign currency exchange dealer/broker/entity can we use if we want to wait for it to rise?

DC – Law enforcement officials in the US, as well as Interpol, wanted everybody to get through within 30 days. That was fine until the banks said “no” to the mass cattle call. Therefore, the timing changed from 30 days to 90 days realistically. After that time they’re going to make it more difficult for you to exchange dong/dinar. They don’t want bad guys (drug cartels, for example) to take advantage of the revaluation of these currencies. In the US we have $100 bills which makes it hard for bad guys to move currency amounts around. They don’t want this to happen to the dinar/dong, etc. After ABOUT 90 days they’ll start asking a lot more questions, i.e., why did you wait? The US banking system can handle it as long as it’s legal currency but expect delays because of all the investigations.

DC – The rumor is past 6 months it’ll be a pain in the arse and could take 30 days to complete an exchange. You can also invest in different options, you can get gold-related hedge fund trading, Forex trading accounts, or MCAs you can use to bet that the dong will change without you worrying about possession of that currency.

C – Will the bank issue an SKR to me based on today’s rate? DC – If you can find a banker that will do that, that’s a wonderful thing. Great id

DC – What’s the next timeline? DC – We just gave you 2 of them. According to our friends in Iraq, they are debating whether to do it tomorrow morning, or Thursday morning, or some weekend and randonly letting it go then letting us know. All are very short pulls – nothing is in the way.

T – I know you are concerend about the .08 and when will it go up. All I can say is “no guts, no glory.” Re-listen to this call – DC was very specific. You have to wait your turn, little mouse, if you want it all. It will come and be greater later. You just have to wait for it. They know most of you won’t wait. You’ll take .75 and run.

T – Some are asking why they’re re-running the same ads and if that means we’re waiting another 30 days? DC – No, we’re not saying that. It’s only to relieve frustration. They need to run something.

T – One member has asked many times: there are unlicensed dealers who are sellling to people – the banks are asking for receipts. What about those who bought from them? Will currency be confiscated? I am from Barbados. I bought from those guys and paid for currency thru PayPal. My currency is 9M dinar and I don’t have receipts.

DC – We have talked to law enforcement a lot and they will get the bad guys. For those who do not have receipts, document as much as you can. Do the best you can do to prove you’re a good person. Try to track where it came from. Law enforcement won’t be knocking down doors but only looking for the suspicious. The IRS will be the greater nightmare. If you had the currency longer than a year you’ll pay long-term cap gains (26%). If less than a year you’ll pay short term cap gains of 44%. If you can’t prove how long you’ve had it you’ll pay short term. Document as much as you can, i.e. phone calls, meetings, etc. to show where it came from. You want to start getting that info together now.

C – I opened a WF account online because there’s not one close to me in Mass. The account appears to be a CA-based account, so will I pay CA taxes or Mass taxes? T – WE ARE NOT ATTORNEYS. In our opinion you will pay taxes based on where you live or where the business is located.

C – Do you know if the exchangers/dealers, like Sterling, will be competitive with the banks regarding the 2% spread?

T – Based on my experience from the past 4-5 years, their initial plan was to be way less than the bank and be very competitive.

C – I have little documentation since I purchased some through the BH Group, which is no longer around. (NOTE: The head of this organization was prosecuted for foreign currency fraud). DC – Any kind of receipt or cancelled check will help. If you didn’t know they were bad guys you are and will be treated as victims. Anything you have, i.e., meeting announcement, email, etc. will help.

C – I read on Recaps the RV  had happened but it’s not showing. DC – By what they did on October 30 they took massive steps toward the RV. The general public has not exchanged. T – We are on the same level as the Iraqi citizen. Some got paid, some got 10% of their money, some 100%, same as in Iraq. People on both sides have actually done that and they’ll say “hey, the RV already happened.”

C – Okie said the other day that another international entity had to be funded and there was a technical problem on Wednesday that had to be worked out. DC – I would agree with that. That was one of the items that wasn’t an absolute thing they had to fix but was one of the items they addressed. I’ll say it again: Tony and I don’t know everything. Could be something we’re not aware of.

C – You said if this didn’t happen by Tuesday there would be consequences. Is that still true? DC – Because the agreement was based on the US screwing it up, this is Iraq holding it up, not the US. Therefore, that agreement isn’t really applicable anymore. If the US turns out to be a deterent, those options in the agreement will be applied.

T – Go to your state lottery office and ask them what do they do with people who win millions and millionbs. They have everybody at every level you will want to know. from gardener to airline pilot. DC – Also big hurches have financial planning information.


RECAP: DC – In summary, everybody is ready. Everything is lined up from Iraq to the USA. There are different windows people in Iraq are talking about. Some are arguing for Tuesday morning, some for Thursday morning, some later in the week. The rest of the world is waiting for Iraq to lead and get this through. Penalties for not getting it done are being held in abeyance. PAM – Be careful what other sites are trying to sell you. Churches are good resources. There is a doc called “My Big Fat Wonderful Life” which is basically the Idiot’s Guide to Dinar.

DC – I want everybody to step back and realize how cool the dinar is. What’s really cool is that just a few 10’s of thousands were originally supposed to exchange. Then churches and others got involved amounting to incredible amounts of wealth that will change a lot of people’s lives. It’s cool how a group of volunteers across the world came together to help people, from high-up dignitaries to plan folks who just want a few extra bucks in their pockets. It’s a really neat thing to be involved in.

T – Again, there is nothing bad. I know you’re concerned about the 1st. The US is not holding it up. Everything we got out of Iraq is a “go.” They have 3 firm dates when they would like to do it. There are no issues. They are waiting on ONE PERSON IN THE WHOLE WORLD to say “go.” They’ve signed off on everything – not waiting on anything. There is one person in-country who will say it will go – not in March, April or June. Hopefully I’ll talk to you tomorrow. END OF CALL.

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