TNT Call notes 12-August-2015

Tony:  Good morning, TNT!  Today is Wednesday, August 12, 2015.  We seem to have some new listeners who didn’t connect cleanly.  Let’s let this party begin!  We are almost at the middle of the month, almost making it to another UN update day, so let’s hope that’s how it works out.

Many announcements were made in Iraq yesterday.  Abadi announced all reforms have passed unanimously.  They made the announcement to the people with the vote on television so everyone could see. They then celebrated that corruption is being removed from the government.  In the process of that, “All day on Sunday thousands demonstrated in the street to support Abadi” and that is something they have to do for this to happen. It seems that it worked, they are being told the reforms passed, and they are on the verge of gaining purchasing greater than ever before for all citizens.  The finance minister is making broadcasts about Iraq being a power in the international world.  The citizens are pumped up seeing how their actions have enabled Abadi’s reforms against corruption.

That is why they were in the streets and why they think things are about to happen. The people we talk to are also happy, saying that it’s a help.  Nothing needs to be done, but putting the PM and Finance minister on television saying that reforms are coming and they are about to be the richest in the region… that puts extra pressure on the government to bring in the real change they promised.  They got rid of 15 major positions, and all their cronies have gone with them.  They authorized the arrest of 200-300 people, so they are cleaning it up and making it a stable government/country for this to happen.

Everyone still thinks this is happening sometime this week, Monday to Sunday.  We should actually see it.  Over here there was another meeting this week, and everyone is agreed, on the same page, ready to do this. There is always a possibility that someone will screw it up.  I know you want to talk about what China did:  de-pegging and lowering their rates.  That was supposed to happen after the RV, but they got tired of waiting and hearing “We’re going to it today, today, today,”  Now we have to see what reaction comes to that.  I think that it will work out as a good thing.

Zimbabwe started accepting the yuan today, along with the seven they already accept. This means that they are one step closer to a stable currency because it’s one more currency they are willing to exchange with. That is a great thing, because China is showing their faith in the Zimbabwe economy.

Rates are on some screens, not on others.  They haven’t changed where we can see them.  People are still being told to be ready at a moment’s notice. It’s a great day;  we just happen to be back here without it being done.  Nobody has a reason for why it’s not going apart from the need to have more confidence in the moment – that the system works, that the laws are in place (and they have all been approved, along with the reform measures). I cannot find one thing apart from people being overly cautious or super-sensitive about getting this done.  You have to learn to overcome your fears.  Everything is in place and they are just scared if they miss something, because once it’s done, it’s done.

404 caller:  Have you noticed any changes in the exchange procedures?

Tony:  I don’t know of any changes – we haven’t been made aware of any.  The people who are actually doing them haven’t reported anything different.  Can’t think of one!

We are looking good;  we just need to get started.

Caller:  May today be THE day!  Vegas, Vegas, Vegas!

Tony:  Thanks.  Yes, Pam just texted that it is One-question Wednesday!

617 caller:  Have you talked to DC? Does he have an opinion on what’s delaying this?

Tony:  Yes, he blames it on one group, but I’m not going to take responsibility for that.  There is a group of people and I explained what they are working on, if you were listening.  It is NOT the US!

Caller:  Vegas, Vegas, Vegas!  I’m really looking forward to seeing you there!

313 caller:  It looks like it’s going to happen when?

Tony:  Sometime this week.  Anything we can see, that everyone can see, says that nothing else needs to be done.  All the reforms have been done, people are moving out, and the banking laws are done.  The banks are connected, and they are ready.  They tested the other currencies in the last few weeks by having them go live for a few hours.  The lucky ones walked in and got exchanged. I have been told that is the last time they are going to do that, though.  The plan is to go ahead and go with the release, so we are in a good spot.

Caller:  What is holding us up – can you repeat that?

Tony:  I said people are being super-cautious, careful, concerned and worried about if they misinterpreted something and if they do this, what the reaction would.  So they are going over and over again, making the dots bigger and the crosses longer, because once it is done, it’s done, and nobody wants to mess up.  The world will be changed for hundreds of years.  Everyone is scared they might mess up something.  So we’ll see. There is nothing holding it back apart from people not wanting to say “let it go”. There is no argument, no demands apart from the Iraqi people saying “We’re tired of hearing it;  let it go.”  No other country has a problem unless they have to adjust numbers because of what  China did. They were supposed to do that afterwards, not before. That took everyone by surprise.  Their economy is taking a hit, they tried to get this moving and finally they took things into their own hands.

318 caller:  Where is my money?!

Tony:  The same place as our money, sitting in someone else’s pocket!

Caller:  Please take my number so that I can make a donation, because I don’t like doing that over the computer.

Tony:  Here is the address:  9580 Oak Avenue Parkway, #7269, Folsom CA 95630.   And thank you.  I got letters in the mail and also emails asking me to contact you because your check hasn’t been cashed.  If you sent a check to TNT Dinar, those checks have been shredded because there is no business or bank accounts for TNT.  That’s why you haven’t seen them.  I got it but there’s nothing I can do with them, so I’m glad you brought it up.  I accept money orders, but not made out to TNT, TNT Tony, TNT Dinar, etc. If you make them out to Tony Renfrow, I can accept those.

323 caller:  I just want to say that I thought Abadi… if it’s just about getting rid of those people, that’s the most brilliant thing he did to stall and stall until he could get rid of those guys.  That lets them round up all the crooked things they did and get them at the last minute.  That was the most brilliant thing of everything he has done.

Tony: That’s right, he didn’t have to fight all their people do get rid of them like this.  I don’t know if he designed it that way or if it’s as a result of the people who protested.  Now they know they do have a voice.  The fact he eliminated people from ALL the groups is also a perfect way to say “let’s start over”.

757 caller:  [chit chat]  I have a group of people that I deal with, and they ask me for information, calling me “Tony Jr.” and they say you are lying  So I listen to the calls, I get the information from the news, and I asked, “Why do you think he’s lying?”  But you are just giving us the information;  Tony doesn’t control the GCR. Just relax, calm down and let it play out.  Vegas, Vegas, Vegas for everyone to go!  It’s going to happen!

Tony:  Pam and DC were having a conversation this morning, and we three were talking. Pam said that I should tell you on the call about what’s going on with China, because they were talking about it in chat and getting upset.  You know, I’ve been doing this for five years, and in all that time I’ve been trying to get people do is to think for themselves.  Get information from all the sources and come up with your own picture, your own conclusions.  See where that comes out.

We were talking about the economy and what will happen afterwards. There is a lot of fear-mongering about the US dollar and economy collapsing, and about China collapsing, but most of them don’t know what we know about the GCR and the reaction to that all around the world. This will change everything, including those predictions.  People don’t know that.  People on this call have been talking about this for years, about how this will change the economy and the currencies after this.  So many things will change!  But people don’t want to take the time to listen and to do their own homework, and try to understand what we are talking about.  Instead, they say, “tony said”… Tony is not God, and neither are those other people.   It takes a village to raise a child and a whole world to make changes this big.  If you look at the US, China, the IMF, the UN, and all the rest… some have veto parties.  Do the numbers make sense?  Does China’s actions have an impact?  It’s not a matter of two hours during Tony’s call, but information worldwide 24/7.  There are things happening at the bank right now, but if it doesn’t come out at the end, then we are accused of telling you too much or too soon. We told you about the exchange procedures, as they were doing them, in the moment.  But if the whole thing doesn’t go through because something happened in Iraq, the IMF or the BIS…  You have to realize how complex and difficult this is, and every time they get ready to go, something happens. They called people in and locked them in, ready to go…and we didn’t go. But  at some point people have to be accountable for not trying understand the process.  It’s not about me or any of the other gurus either, because no of them will KNOW until it after it happens.  They have already said to me, “We’re not telling you until after it happens!”  People in Iraq will tell me as soon as it happens, and they have said, “It’s definitely happening at 3pm this time”, and it just didn’t happen.  So we are just like you, we’re heard it 1,000 times, and we are just waiting to see what happens.  They are sending out the next window of opportunity. We don’t just go by what they say, by the memo, or what happened when they came out of the meeting. We look at what they are doing.  We pay attention to actions, now words, like paying people and moving people around.  It’s not the actual announcement but after that things will go crazy, and if they are not ready then, things will go crazy, because we will already know and there is no way to keep it quiet with the phones and internet.  They have imposed a blackout before, and word still got out.  They cannot keep the word from dinarians.  You need to take this time we right now to understand and prepare for what your life will be like with this much money.  Everyone will want your money, to get you to invest in this and that, asking for donations.  You have to understand all this so that when it goes live, you can go back and say, “I guess he wasn’t lying, I guess they must have given him that information if the rates are what he said before.”  Go back and look! WE usually give you information two days before any other site, so read, understand, learn and be ready.

773 caller:  How are you?

Tony:  I’m great!  I just talked myself happy!

Caller:  Everything is ready and has been done, and all the reforms have been passed. When did the reforms become important so that this thing can happen?  It seems like every time this is ready to go, something else has to be done…

Tony:  They didn’t have to get them done for the RV;  they just give people more confidence in the RV.  Every day there is intel over there, from the government and agencies, about corruption and greed.  Those people have a different plan, and the government wants to do away with their theft and corruption. That is what people are being cautious about, so that no one person can walk in and destroy or take advantage of what they have spend years setting up. They have to deal with those issues beforehand because afterwards is too late.  They hoped to get all this done before ISIL.  Most understand how ISIL came into Iraq, and how that got out of hand, and that also needs to be dealt with before millions of dinars get revalued.  They have to err on the side of caution before they release the RV.

Caller:  Yes, I get all that, but this is a never-ending story.

Tony:  It’s a matter of “when is enough, enough?”  I don’t know when they feel comfortable enough that they can deal with anything that happens.  In Iraq, they have to make sure that no one can walk off with the money, so they are installing anti-corruption laws before they let this loose.  It makes sense.  Three years ago, I was on a call (and they listen to our calls, the different agencies and bankers and governments).  Every time we came up with a good plan, our own government came up with a rule change so that it couldn’t’ happen. That’s what they are doing over there.  We may not like it, but they are doing it to protect their own country.  All these countries that have dinar as a reserve currency, and if Iraq doesn’t do this right, those reserve currencies will be worthless, and nobody wants that.

Caller:  I understand that.  If they make a law, someone will figure out how to get around it.  [Appreciation]  Vegas, Vegas, Vegas!

Tony:  Pam just texted and said I should make it clear that I was just using 3pm as an example NOT as an announcement of the RV.

703 caller:  If we go past this weekend yet again, what are the chances we will have to wait to go through this with China as we did with Greece.

Tony:  I don’t think it’s the same.  It could still happen this week.  I’ve been hearing ‘be calm, it’s happening, everyone is ready’ for over a month.  My sources say that everybody is ready to go any minute, any day.  There is just one group that is concerned if something goes wrong, they will be blamed.  I cannot tell you when they will be satisfied.  If it’s right, they are great;  if it’s wrong, they are screwed forever.  I think that China is applying pressure so that they will just do it.  Could Abadi’s announcement that they took on those new laws, back unanimously by the Iraqi Parliament, removing those nasty people – could that be the final thing they need?  I hope so.  They saw the votes being taken, they know what the reforms were, so we’ll just have to see.

They cannot let China. This one is definitely coming up since they changed their leader in the last year.

Caller: Thank you,  Vegas, Vegas, Vegas!

610 caller:  Has anyone confirmed if the Iraqi ministers have taken a cut in their salary?

Tony:  I haven’t heard, but we have yet to hear that anyone has got paid.  It’s the 12th, and they were supposed to have steady payments as of July.  Iraq wants to do this and they are holding that pay until this happens, and it should happen this month.

Caller: Thank you,  Vegas, Vegas, Vegas!, NC, NC, NC!  I’m in Philadelphia.

Tony: I’m going to throw a party in Raleigh, and put that Texas barbecue to shame.

919 caller:  Do they expect this to be completed by the end of the weekend.

Tony:  I do. There is every opportunity for it to… and the rates are about the same.

281 caller:  I[chit chat]  I think it was significant about Maliki.  Is there any one thing you can think of attached to the government there that might influence the release of this thing?

Tony:  Iraq has been trying to do this.  Iraq is saying, “what else?  What else? We want to get on with rebuilding our country!”  They still need loans and such because that is the nature of the beast.  They are making themselves from a pumpkin into a prom queen, as best they can, and doing it with transparency so their people can see it as well as those other powers.  I think they are doing pretty well, actually.

Ray:  It’s be here when it gets here – everybody hold out!

Tony:  We are waiting.  It is going to happen.  If you were really, really smart, you would have taken these last three weeks to put Plan B in motion to make up for anything you have lost in the last couple of months/years with some other currencies.  There is a tremendous opportunity for you to make it up with a third of what you would have spent anyway.  I know there will be a lot of conversation about this today and tomorrow, another currency will come up and you might have missed another tremendous opportunity to make up for your former Plan A.  Plan B can be just as good if you take action.  Enjoy your day;  I will enjoy mine, and I surely hope this is the last day until we make the announcement call.


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