TNT Call notes 14-September-2015

Tony:  Good morning, TNT!  Today is Monday, September 14, 2015.  Glad to see high volume numbers this morning – let’s get this party started. What everyone came here to hear (apart from the 800 numbers) – some great news. This week is truly our week, sometime this week. I do have  two days this week that I think will be significant, and two times this week.  I’ll tell you just what I told the team this morning.

Over the years, I have learned that I’m the first person they blame when it doesn’t happen – “Tony said X” so we’re not going to do it then.  It doesn’t make sense to me, but there it is. They are making changes at the bank that will change how we do business.  They have tweaked it, and now they are ready t o go.  It’s a great month and a great week for that to happen.  Over the weekend, Abadi said the reforms are going on, an they will be retroactive to 1st September – that, like it or not, these reforms are happening.  Something is happening in the course of this week. The weeks I gave you a week or so back, this week is one of them, and the end of the month is the other. Hopefully the misery will end and the party will begin.

All news is good. The rates have gone up a little bit since the last time I mentioned them. In Iraq on Friday, the rate for US citizens was 800:1.  Our contact says they are excited about something over there.  Over the weekend, they said that US troops stormed the CBI and there is a controversy over that.  A Saudi article says that the US stormed the CBI.  However, this is all happening the way it was planned;  this is about protecting the CBI, not taking it over.  It’s about an audit and making sure they stay in control.  If this was you, when would you want the audit to be?  A year in advance, or a few days before the release?  This is what we have been waiting for, and it had to happen as part of the process.  It’s happened twice before, so that is good news, not bad news.

We’re in a good spot, with things planned for this week.  The information has got to such a low level, that nearly everyone is prepared:  moving people and money this week.  They can still do it any time in the next 17 days, but they do have a lock-in date or couple of dates that will affect us one way or the other.

903 caller:  [can’t understand this caller]

Tony:  You and me both!  I am ready for this!  There is a good possibility for this week.

Caller:  I’ve been ready for this since 2010.

Tony:  Just because I didn’t do a call, doesn’t mean I was on vacation – I was doing calls every day, just like yesterday!

617 caller:  You’ve answered my questions and I’m excited about what you said!  Vegas, Vegas, Vegas!  Have a wonderful day!

860 caller:  I was concerned about the news about the CBI, but you’ve answered that.  How is Pam’s friend doing?  We will continue to have him in his prayers… Great news, and let’s get to Vegas, Vegas, Vegas!

Tony:  He passed away, but everyone appreciates your prayers.

301 caller:  Thanks for the great news!  Vegas, Vegas, Vegas!  Can you say anything additional about the impending changes at the bank?

Tony: They are going to make some special new, updated privileges just for you.  It’s all good!  If it were anything negative, I would say so, but everything is good.

Caller:  Have a blessed day!

Tony:  There’s something there and it’s for you, but we don’t’ know how widespread it is, so I don’t want to compromise anything by telling you specifically what it is.  I don’t want to get anyone in trouble, because I don’t know how many have trained for it.  But it is a good thing.

303 caller:  Today I want to do a little devil’s advocate, with respect.  I read reports from some of your colleagues.  One always quotes articles that support  her sense that we are still some way away from our RV, that Iraq simply isn’t ready.  I contrast her reports with  hers;  you talk to people whose observations you value and respect. I understand you cannot tell us who they are, but maybe you can tell us something about their position, like if they are Senators, in Abadi’s cabinet, or at an agency.  Can you give us any clarification that might give a boost in credibility to your observations? I would really appreciate that.

Tony:  The articles say what they want the public to believe, so if someone’s getting their information from that, they are believing what they want people to believe, and that’s okay. For me to give information is one thing, but to do what you are asking – be specific about people’s position – puts those people and their families in danger to satisfy your curiosity, which I’m not willing to do.  The people we talk to are in all the positions you mentioned – people in Parliament, in the meetings, sending and receiving the memos and all the rest. I know who they are and what offices they work in, where documents have come froml, and what they put on the line in making this information available to me.  You have to decide if it makes sense or not. Either Tony makes this stuff up, or Tony is giving you good information and these other people don’t .   We get information from government, intelligence and military sources, plus shopkeepers, and people on the streets. There is information from too many sources for it to shut off!  I don’t want them changing much information to do with us.  There are people in this world who think tony controls the RV, and because Tony says “it’s at this time or this way, we’re not going to do that.”  Seriously!  I’ve always been 2-3 days before the information in the newspapers or articles.  This guru or that one says “The RV won’t come for another 12-18 months” and I see where they are getting that from, because it’s saying it on CNN, but that is what they want you to be thinking.  They don’t want everyone to know everything.

I don’t get mad at people saying those things, because they are using the information they have.  You have decide who makes sense and who to listen to.  You can think what you want – 2015, 2016, 2017, ISIL has to be wiped off the map for this to happen – that’s never going to happen!  That doesn’t make sense;  they will be there forever and a day.  They will always be plotting.  We will never have a perfect Iraqi government.  If you are reading articles, read the ones that say Abadi has to do something because they are rioting in the streets.  They are raising hell, they are getting tired of hearing it and not seeing it, and they are dangerously close to this thing boiling over and being out of control.  It would take them ten years to get back to this point, and no one wants that.

Caller:  I have always said you walk on water;  I just don’t want to look down and sink.  Thanks for that eloquent explanation.  Vegas, Vegas, Vegas!

Jerry on Skype:  About wealth managers, is it possible to have multiple accounts at the same bank?  I have four accounts at the same bank.

Tony:  Yes. I have multiple accounts at my bank.

Caller:  I thought so, and I have a savings, checking and IRA at the same bank, but I just wanted to make sure. I am setting out everything the way you told me, all ready beforehand so I’m not running around like an idiot when this happens.  So I’m setting up various accounts, setting aside the right percentage for taxes, etc.  If no one is paying attention, I certainly believe in what you are saying.  It can’t be a matter of waving a magic wand, so we get impatient, and I am reminded I have to wait.  I won’t join you in Vegas, but I will say Vegas, Vegas, Vegas!  for those who  want to go.  I’m waiting like everyone else.

636 caller:  I  trust you, Tony;  I admire you and put great stock in what you say!  I’ve thought all along that the stock market crash would be stabilized by the RV.  It seems like all these things you are telling us – that seems what we are coming to.  Can you add any more to that?

Tony:  No, that is what we are coming to.  They are preparing today for countries that are changing their currencies.  They are making the announcements slowly, as little as they can, partly so that the numbers come out right and also so it won’t be such a shock to the system.  Little things are being made public in the countries and the economy.  They may look like little blips, and we see where it fits in our puzzle, so those are things we are happy to hear about.

Caller:  I wouldn’t have a clue if it weren’t for you.  I felt some of these other gurus were bogus, so it boils down to you.  Do you have any opinion about changing interest rates and the effect on the economy.

Tony: The market and those wanting to buy the bonds are concerned.  Other countries want this RV to happen because of the dollar, and others want it before buying the bonds because the rates will change.  They are waiting to see what happens here, first.  I know many want the dollar to be strong, but really that is not what we want, because the stronger the dollar, the lower the exchange rates.  Most of the world operates better when the dollar is weaker.

Caller:  I am sending DC a short email, so tell him to look, okay?  Vegas, Vegas, Vegas!

Tony:  Good luck with that.  He doesn’t read OUR emails, because we talk on the phone.

865 caller:  This is 404, actually.  With all the changes, etc., have you and your team received any final information packets?  Should we expect 800 numbers?  Do you know?

Tony: As far as I know, it is. We haven’t been told any differently from our side.  Other sources have said that may not happen, because that would be too simple.  If it doesn’t go that way, if they didn’t need me to sign an NDA, then I can tell you anything I want, and I know a whole lot. One way or another, I will be here to help you – either telling you what they want you to know, or, if they cut us out, telling you what we know from our other sources.  We have information coming from so many banks and countries and global traders and other sources, that we will know the moment happens.

Caller:  Anything else on taxes?

Tony:  I heard there was an agreement and a magic number.  However, it is subject to change, so if you plan on 50%, you cannot lose.  If you plan on spending $50 and it turns out to be $20, you cannot lose.  Where are you?!

Caller:  I’m in the east Tennessee mountains… [Appreciation]  Vegas, Vegas, Vegas!

432 caller:  What do you think about the refugees?

Tony: Which ones?  I am not going to talk about politics, only about dinar.  I’m all for helping people, especially here in the USA.  I don’t understand people walking past the ones we see starving in the street, and I hope we’ll do something about them.

Okie called me yesterday, and he is still breathing.  He was sick, but he’s okay now.  He has good news from his guys.

512 caller:  Which window of opportunity is greater?  This week, or the 30th?

Tony:  The opportunity is between the 15th and the 30th, with greater enhancement this week. That is not a promise, but an enhancement.

Caller:  We all appreciate what you’re doing!  Texas, Texas, Texas!

773 caller:  How was that vacation you almost had?

Tony:  Pam said she wishes someone had told us there was a vacation because we would have enjoyed it!

Caller:  You said about the articles being put out to lead us to believe what they want us to believe.  Articles are all I have, I don’t have any contacts overseas. I read one yester-day that said there were small business loans being offered in six provincies in Iraq.  Is there any truth to that?  Where is the money coming from?

Tony:  They have changed the rates in the provinces, paid contractors, and updates the cards there. Where is that coming from?  They were broke, so how are they paying people?  How can they take 100 billion in worthless dinar and build schools, etc. They must have changed the rates to something close to the new rate.  I look, listen, and say “does this make sense?  What part makes sense?  What would be required for this to make sense?”  I listen to my sources and see where those pieces fit in.  We heard a lot of garbage over the weekend, but there is always a little part that is true so they can say “this is a good article”.  You need to understand that the articles come out AFTER it has happened and it’s verifiable, at least in part.  Most people don’t want to analyze it that much, they just read it on a surface level. The country is trying to influence its people.  Iraq is definitely doing that as they go in a certain direction as fast as possible, because millions of their people are in the streets demanding immediate change.  They have a fight on their hands to get some of it accomplished, but parts might take up to two years.   This is forcing them to make announcements faster than they want to, to keep people calm. They have been doing that for nine months.  They are now close to breaking point, so someone will have to sacrifice themselves OR they will have to give them something so good it will distract them thoroughly.  Guess what that would be?  So there may well be some truth in that article, but…

Caller:  I try to break it down and decipher what is true, but I don’t know and I don’t have any sources to ask.  My group and I, we are speculating together.

Tony:  Democrats believe what they believe, and CNN says right, while Fox disagrees, and says what the Republicans are saying is the truth.  They have parties in Iraq and they contradict each other.  I am your outside source, and the other gurus, and you have to wait a few weeks to see how it shakes out.  I tell you thinks as they are happening.  Thursday night it was supposed to go, again, and it didn’t.  I got the best news ever on Saturday morning:  dates and times.  I have to go with that, but it could change.  All I can do is give you the news up to the date, up to the minute.  People are saying 2016, 2017, but the country doesn’t have that amount of time.  That timing has to do with the protections that they are putting into place.  I’m looking at it the way a lot of people look at it who are involved in the process.  Only you can decide if my information makes sense.

Caller:  [Appreciation]  Vegas, Vegas, Vegas!

Tony: They get information straight out of the meeting, they call me.  I know things other gurus do not get.  I verify and find out what is truth. Everyone doesn’t agree;  you have to decide.  People talk to different people.  One of my intel people said over the weekend that the government people got paid;  one of my CBI people said nobody got paid.  There are different levels of information.  The ordinary people have not been paid.  We heard yesterday that they intend to make all the international card the same rate.  There must be a reason. They were planning to pay everyone on the 7th;  they reduced salaries, and they said the rate changes and payments will be retroactive to the 1st of the month. There are reasons for all these decisions and for the delays, too.  I don’t get to push the button or it would have been done long ago. I’m not God;  I can only give you the information as we get it, tell you what makes sense, and go on from there.

Pam:  It really is about the journey and not the destination.  If we already had the RV, we would have less money.  Thanks for Daz and others in the chat room who educate us.  Thanks to all those who are educating others as we hope to educate you.  Nonmembers, go to the Tony Blast Section for all the things we can help you learn.  One of the things we’ve learned is that we don’t’ like some people as much as we thought and we’d like to lie on the beach somewhere.

Ray:  Marvelous Monday!  Check your checklist so you can be ready when the day comes.

Tony;  We are so close right now, so the only last-minute advice I can give is BE READY while you are calm, with no pressure on you.  Know your first Ten Things to do, what you want to do in the first week, first month.  Interview people while they are interviewing you, so you can lay out your plan.   Stay focused. The rates are higher, but whatever the rate, put your dollars to work before your spend anything.  You have to have a PLAN in order to reach your goals.  “Those who fail to plan, plan to fail.”  We are still be here to do what they want us to do, but we don’t know whether we will have a 15-minute call, or a daily call for seven days or whatever.  We will be here to get you started.  Look for this week;  if it doesn’t happen this week, look for the end of this month.  The world is sensitive now, to the effect NOT doing this will have on Iraq and the world.  It’s coming to the point where that will be worse than this happening.  Enjoy the rest of your day, and if anything super happens, we will tweet it out and do this again.  Otherwise we will do this again on Wednesday, but I really hope not.  Thanks!


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