TNT Call notes 17-August-2015

Tony:  Good morning, TNT!  Today is Monday, August 17, 2015.  Happy Birthday to Pam’s nephew Christopher!

I’m tired of saying and you are tired of hearing it:  there is no reason for us to be here.  Well, there is a good reason, until we have exchanged our currency!

707 caller:  I sent you a donation a week or so ago, in an envelope with a stamp saying “You are Super-fantastic TNT” – a rubber stamp that you can stamp things with.  I had it made at Office Depot.  As soon as we get our exchange, I thought I’d donate a few of them to whoever requests one.  It’s so we can stamp the big tips we make and such.

Tony:  I like it!  You can send one to me!  If you put it in the forum so everyone can see how you did… I’m sure they would like that.  Send me the file on a flash drive…

Caller: And they can send it to an Office Depot and get it made it up for themselves.

Tony:  I remember a lady did that when we first talked about this.  Send it to that same address we talked about.  Thank you!

Caller:  Otherwise, I’m just waiting like everyone else.  Vegas, Vegas, Vegas!

Tony:  I will give you the information.  I got some cufflinks in the shape of cigars from a few of you, and I really like those –never seen anything like that before.

302 caller:  Like many people, I’m a little frustrated by now. This is the 33rd Monday of 2015, and for at least 30 of the preceding Mondays we have got information on the Wednesday or Friday that it was happening ‘any moment’, everyone is back in the banks, and then… nothing.  Maybe after the first month or two I wonder if there might have been a thought if the intelligence contacts were not worth much.  Maybe we need better intel.  What can we do to get better contacts or better information?

Tony:  Don’t take this personally, but there are more people on the call who want that information. Here’s the deal.  You’ve been hearing that for 33 weeks this year;  I’ve been hearing it for five years – as soon as they pass this law, have this meeting, whatever, this is going to happen.  And everyone believes that it’s imminent because they are involved in the process.  I clearly do NOT know the entire process.  All I can do is explain it as bits and pieces are exposed, and everyone else we are getting information from is doing the same.  No one we know has the entire plan over the last five years or the next five years, giving it to us week by week.  It’s changing every week, every day, the way businesses are built or rivers are created – it goes this way as long as it can, and then it changes direction.  Everyone inside and outside Iraq is using the RV as a hammer to get what they want.  This is  politics on a global scale – not your state or the US, there are a lot of people in the room, and at any given moment, someone’s voice is louder than the rest.

There are a lot of things changes, and many thing happened this weekend that they do not want you to know.  The level the information is coming from is unprecedented.  We  have people involved in every part of the process, from many countries, and if someone thinks they can get better information, they need to knock on Obama’s door.  People ARE telling me what they understand the plan to be, and if someone has better sources, then bring them to the table and feel free to share.  That’s what we are here to do – to share information.  But this is real life, not a fantasy, and they are changing their minds as they see things change.  All we can do is bring you what happened this weekend, today, tomorrow, and hope this happens.  There are a whole lot of things affecting this, not just Iraq.  That country has been used, abused, and also used to do a lot of things that have nothing to do with them.  Others have been using them, and Iraq has been paying the price.  They are working towards being more transparent and democratic.  They’re never going to be perfect.  Meanwhile, it goes back and forth between Iraq’s issues, IMF, UST, the US, China (to an extent) and all the rest.  When everyone is comfortable, we’ll see the RV.  When the Iraqi people get tired of it, things will change – and that’s why some things happened over the weekend, and they managed to avoid riots there.  I don’t know what’s going to happen next weekend!  We are getting intel directly from the people doing things, so it’s not like you’re going to get it any sooner!  Everyone is frustrated, trying to get this over with, and the more they put out there, the sooner this will get done.  Does that answer your question?

617 caller:  I was really hoping you would tell us all those good things you said you will tell us…

Tony:  I’m going to ask this caller for her questions, first.  Hold on.

770 caller:  This is 404;  I’d rather ask my questions after your information.

Tony:  Okay, I’ll come back to you, then.  This is the deal.  This was supposed to go over the weekend. Banks received memos on Friday/Saturday saying to be ready at 6am this morning.  Iraq was scheduled to pay their people this weekend;  they didn’t.  The Kurdish Parliament did receive their pay, but they usually do receive things before Baghdad.  We know they don’t want the rate given out, but they did get paid, and that is a good thing.  If Parliament got paid and the people didn’t, then clearly they are still trying to accomplish something.

People were talking about an article saying the 25K dinar note will equal $75;  my first reaction to that was ‘this is the greatest thing ever if they have that in writing.”  For 3-4 years, we have been telling you that the in-country rate would be different, and that the 25K note would be worth $25, and if THEY are saying it will be worth $75, then the rate must be over $3 for you.  That should take away your fear about if this is going to happen, or if the rate is going to be 10 cents.  I’d be throwing a party!  It’s here!

We got a little bit of breakdown about how this will happen when it happens – who is first, second, third, etc.  They are discussing it, but I’m not going to discuss because I don’t want to mess it up, but I can tell you that people are getting ready for this to happen… in the next ten minutes, ten hours, three days, when they are ready.  The information is getting out to the lower levels.  I don’t think they will change it, so be happy and know it’s here.  We should have been at the bank this morning, and we’re not, but we are that close and that prepared.  That is the latest as of this morning.  Something should happen this afternoon, and that is typically what happens on Monday, that we get more intel after the call.  That is the news, and it’s all good news.  617 caller, back to you…

617 caller:  Will we like the way it’s being done?  Whose pay was supposed to be cut?

Tony:  I think so.  Parliament’s pay was supposed to be cut, but they haven’t told us if they have actually been paid or if it’s been cut.

617 caller:  I understand the frustration, but I also believe in the law of attraction. Picture yourself actually exchanging and all the good things you can do for others with that money.  That brings all the good things towards us (instead of the negative pictures).

Tony:   That is just what I hope will happen after we see this  — all the great things we will do for others with this money.  There ARE good things happening, and we know it’s going to happen any day now, so let’s stay positive.

Caller:  Vegas, Vegas, Vegas… within the next week!

301 caller:  I have a question… [silence]

404 caller in disguise:  My question revolves around being told the Greek situation had an impact and then Iran… how much do we need to continue monitoring those countries?  Or is that now in the past and we don’t have to worry about those?

Tony:  I don’t think we have to worry about Greece because the deal has been agreed.  For Iran, I think they wanted to get that completed before the RV, but I think they have a backup plan in any case.

Caller:  So all those photos of Malaki in Iran…?

Tony:  My understanding is that he is Baghdad;  I don’t know the purpose of that projected trip.

Caller:  I agree with 617 – keep those positive pictures to attract this.  Vegas, Vegas, Vegas so that Tony, Pam, DC and Ray can all go!

313 caller:  I had a disastrous picture that we were all in Vegas and you would be doing a call to us from Sacramento.

Tony:  Let’s not think that way!

Caller:  As this goes on, I know there is the temptation (as a team-mate at training camp) to jump on you as you’re trying to pull a tooth out.  That doesn’t help.  I will say that if people are looking for conditions to be perfect, they’ll never act.  First it was ISIL, then Maliki, Greece, the Swiss franc issue, now it’s the Iranian judicial system… redoing all the laws so that those who have been playing the game to their own benefit are out.  Is there any substance to that?  And how long will it take?

Tony:  Oh, there is definitely substance to it!  Abadi is showing the people and everyone around the world that there is no money in corruption.  He has reduced his cabinet and giving the power to reasonable people, and of course everyone wants that to happen before the RV – because they cannot make Iraq do anything after the RV and they have the money.  All the US can do is hold them to the new laws afterwards.  I can’t tell you we are near the end of it.  It looks stronger every day, but something has to happen to make the RV stronger or more important than dragging this out.  China took steps last week, and it moved the plan into more visibility, with Iraq starting this in-country moving it along in the US as well.  We were supposed to go this morning and having more confidence they took a step closer to it actually going.

Caller:  In light of oil price tumbling worldwide, and I don’t think it will climb back to $90+ will all the new capacity here, and with China converting their dinar to oil credits, what motivation does China have to buy oil credits on those terms?

Tony:  This whole plan was built on the rate of dinar, and we are still above that rate.  We don’t’ have to get back up to $90 for this to work.  China still doesn’t have oil, and they do have to buy it.  They have to buy credits from somewhere, and they aren’t buying it at up to $30 per barrel anticipating the price will be $50 or higher so they get a deal.  They are going to buy the credits because that is the only way they can get the oil, regardless of the price.  They are making money elsewhere.

Caller:  So you don’t think that the lower price will make them renege on the original deal?

Tony:  They could give you a rate of $50 and still make money on the deal.

Caller:  [Appreciation] I hope to take a video of you skiing with me here in Colorado.

Tony:  I might go to Colorado, but not to ski.

973 caller:  Long-time listener, trying to get on the call.  [Appreciation]  It’s been a long process;  I’ve been in it for a year and give everyone credit for doing a great job hanging in there.  Vegas, Vegas, Vegas!  Btw, how do you get to log into

Tony:  Pam has got it locked up, and you have to talk to her if you want to get in.  It’s like OpenMike;  they are only open to privileged people, not ordinary people like us. You might prefer to stay out – they do call Pam “The Tyrant”.

248 caller:  I’m the Michigan transplant from Louisiana, and I do have another question.  I’ve been in this for about a year, with dinar and dong, and the forum is closed, so where else can I find out about these things?  I don’t know where to look for news/articles.

Tony:  I would love for all of you to be able to read all this in the forum.  I believe that Pam has put a lot in the Tony Blast area, where you can see it if you are a member or not.

Caller:  I read that, downloaded quite a bit, and I had the Ten Things list but the download messed up my computer… then I looked on Twitter…

Tony:  We cannot put the longer files on Twitter [which is limited to 140 characters].  We do have to pay for page views, so Pam doesn’t put everything up, because we have 26,000 on the call right now, and fewer than 1,000 donate to the call… and it’s the same people every month.  It’s too much of a burden on those people.

Caller:  I don’t know where else to look.

Tony:  I don’t know if there is another site that is helping people to get prepared and educated without asking them to join a special group or charging them every month.

Caller:  I am pretty happy with the information you give – certainly don’t like Mtn Goat – just I would like more news about what’s going on in Iraq and around the world.

Tony:  We have a lot of people who go out and find the news articles and such.  Maybe we can make a post in the Tony Blast section that gives some of those sources.  Yes, this is Tony… and DC, Pam, Ray, the mods, and many intel sources who are risking their jobs and such to give us information.  They don’t want to be named, but I appreciate all of them.

202 caller:  I have friend with reserves, and they contacted her with two options – to either have her money refunded or to receive as much currency as she has actually paid for.

Tony:  I cannot advise anyone on this.  If it were me, well, I’m in this to get the currency, so why wouldn’t I take the currency?  That’s just me.  I want as much currency as I can get… but don’t you tell her “Tony said so!”

Caller:  I’m not going to Vegas, but you all have fun there!

318 caller:  I missed the call on Friday but today’s information was good.  I do have one question about the people in Iraq.  We don’t get paid until they get paid, so how is it those who have exchanged have already been paid?

Tony:  How long have you been doing this?  About a year?  Have you heard of anyone in the US getting paid?  No?  there are privileged people in Iraq as in the US, and they were chosen to be first to test the system, to get this started, and they have exchanged.  However, WE are not getting paid until the Iraqi masses have received their blessing.  Then we will receive ours.  I think the plan says that this is our week, as of today;  they also said that on Friday and it could change.  The Iraqi people have not been paid this month.  It’s the 17th, and they should have been paid by the 7th of this month, after Abadi said (in June) that they would be paid regularly from August.  There is a reason for that!

Caller:  Vegas, Vegas, Vegas so Tony can go.  I look forward to seeing you there!

760 caller:  I got banned from chat last night for asking how long it’s been since the elite got paid…

Tony:  It’s been over two years for most of them.  Many got paid SKRs, some have had their accounts frozen, etc.  Pam has just sent a text, and she knows who you are.  The reason you got banned is that the mods feel you were not actually asking a question but trying to upset the chat room and cause a situation, and it’s not the first time.  Let’s not discuss this in front of 60,000 people, I have your number, you can talk about it with Pam.

858 caller:  I have a question about the exchange process.  Has it changed much?  We haven’t talked about that lately…

Tony:  A lot of information this weekend was about that, but no, it hasn’t changed much.  I think they will let me keep you informed at some point but they did ask me not to talk about it right now while they are working it out.

770 caller:  I listen to a lot of the calls, and it’s not about giving Tony or the mods a hard time, but after all this time… it’s like if you are a privileged person you can register your car, and if you aren’t, it sits in your driveway.  How do we get past this?

Tony:  We don’t get past that.  We are bystanders, watching the game, and in the end we share in the rewards of having won.  We are not the players, referees, sponsors or owners, we are not participants in that sense… we just wait until the end of the game, having bought the tickets.  A better question is this:  why do they keep telling us this is ready to go, getting us to go up and down and around on a weekly basis?  It’s not about us!  I am not taking this personally;  there are two sides to the coin and this one is an octagon!  Every time we hear good news, but it is not about us.  The ones they are really doing this to are the Iraqi people, because they keep hearing their cards are going to be activated and then it doesn’t happen.  People want me to pass on the information so that you can be prepared, but really it’s not about getting us excited for the weekend so they can let us down every Monday.  It’s not directed towards us at all.

Caller:  I understand that.  With Kuwait, only a selected few got to exchange.  With so many more people involved, it feels like the rest of us are the sacrificial lambs.

Tony: You just answered your own question.  Let’s say I want $100,000, so that I can give each of my kids 20K each.  Then maybe each of your brothers and sisters call, and they want you to share with them as well.  So you decided to give each one 5K each.   Then your nieces and nephews call as well.  Do you give each on 2K and have none left?  Or do you go out and take your money and make more money to help others.  Many more people joined in than the elite they originally planned for, and so they have to adjust the plan to deal with those who stumbled across the opportunity.  I cannot break it down any more than that.  I want to exchange just as much as anyone else does!

If you are not part of the elite, or if you don’t know those guys, what does it mean to be fair?  Until we are able to exchange, is it more fair to give it to my family, sell lottery tickets or what?  If you had already exchanged, would you give it back?  Of course not!

Caller:  [make same point all over again]

Tony:  We did find out, and now we are involved.  With the people who have already exchanged, it was based on who they know. We may not like it, but so long as they treat us fairly, there is no way to force their hand, and that would upset another 350 million people.  I know there are people with deposits in their accounts marked PENDING.  You think you’re frustrated?  They have millions in their accounts that they have been waiting on for over a year.  They get calls telling them they are ready to go live, and then they get a call back saying “Nope.”  At least they have a plan breaking down who is going to get paid.  We’re nearly there, hang in there.

Let me answer a question I just got texted:  How do you know we will still be included at this point?  I know the procedures, that they have trained people to exchange us, and I know the rates on the screens.  So up to that point, I know we are still included, and they are doing what they agreed after we did the whole #wearethepeople campaign.  So just have your plan ready for immediately afterwards.

941 caller:  According to the Constitution, we are all supposed to be treated equally.  The elite have no extra privileges except for money.  EO 13303 says we have the right to own the dinar, but many didn’t buy it, because the government said it was a fraud.  [Starting a political rant, which Tony cut off.]

Tony: You were in law enforcement?  I have friends there as well, and I also know congress people and such.  They don’t cut in line at the grocery because they have people to shop for them.  If their kids get speeding tickets, those disappear.  There are privileged people.  We may be created equal, but we are not treated equally, and that is the reality.  But there is no point getting mad now at something we cannot change.  I think I should have exchanged three years ago after everything I went through!  But everyone cannot be exchanged until this happens publically for the Iraqi people.  They have moved a lot of money around, and some people have exchanged, and at least we are still in the game.  I think that is how we have to look at it.  We know it wasn’t right, and we know things need to change.  As soon as this happens, you will be in a position to change some of those things.  However, YOU will be on the other side then;  those other 350 million will be seeing you the same way.  Why are you now the privileged one?  One gal won the lottery one morning and by 5pm that afternoon, her family members all quit their jobs because they felt entitled to a share in her money.  Why should you have it and your friends and family don’t?  They are going to be pissed at everyone who has this.

256 caller:  [Can’t understand caller’s accent]

Tony:  The rates are pretty much what they were.

Caller:  It’s been a while since I’ve talked to you all.  One of my best friends in Wisconsin is on the call pretty often (?)  I’m 65 and disabled;  please remember me in your prayers.  [chitchat]  I have a friend who doesn’t have a computer, doesn’t get onto the forum any more or even listen to the calls.  I would love to get on in her place!  [Appreciation]  I don’t think I’ll get to come, but hope everyone else gets to Vegas, Vegas, Vegas!

Tony:  I can’t leave without talking to someone from Texas…

832 caller:  <laughter>  why would you say it like that?  How close are we to this thing?

Tony:  The plan as of Friday was to be in the banks this morning, so that’s how close we are!  Things happened on Friday, lining people up ready to go;  they gave out procedures and such, so they are preparing like we are there!

Caller:  I know a lot of people on this call don’t really know what to do when we get this money… some of us are younger and really don’t have experience of stocks, bonds, or investments.  What do you suggest we do?

Tony:  If I were a young guy who had just come into millions, I would look to change my circle.  I would look for a mentor who is already what I want to be – someone who is already rich.  They don’t need what you have, so they will help you without asking for anything in exchange.  You can ask your banker or wealth manager to introduce you to other clients or invite you to business dinners where you can meet people of influence and knowledge who can educate you.

Caller:  Vegas, Vegas, Vegas!  Austin, Austin, Austin!  Dallas, Dallas, Dallas!

Tony:  Okay!  Let me see if I can do this… I was trying to bring Okie on so he could say hi, but he didn’t answer.  Pam?  She might not answer either!  Ray?

Ray:  Wrap it up on this Marvelous Monday… looking forward to Terrific Tuesday, and we’ll be right here.

Tony:  I think it’s a great day, we are in a great position.  There is more information coming out this evening.  Everyone is getting set up to go.  We are getting ever closer.  There has been one more step in activating this, and they are telling me exactly how they are doing it, here and in Iraq.  Enjoy the rest of your day.  I don’t mind doing another call this afternoon or a tweet.  Let’s get this party started!  I hope I won’t see you Wednesday, and there is a huge possibility we will not make it that far.  Enjoy your day


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