TNT Call notes 19-August-2015

[Music:  God Bless Texas]

Tony:  Good morning, TNT!  Today is Wednesday, August 19, 2015.  I want to start by telling you that when I came on, and I heard Pam play that song, I thought, “God needs to bless Texas – they need some blessing!”  You should be able to laugh at yourself.  Also, someone sent me a letter from Texas.  Now, I love Texas for this reason:  they sent a letter asking me how to get in contact with the person in charge of the bus in Texas, so they don’t miss their ride.  I get it, this is confusing for a lot of people, but I had to laugh at that.  For the rest of Texas, you don’t want to be on that bus!

It is a very quiet day all around the world.  When we did the last call on Monday, memos went out all around the world saying “After X time, we look for something to happen, again. This time we’re really going to do it.”  I don’t know when that exact time way.  It wasn’t yesterday, but there is a lot of today left.  There are no holdups, everyone is ready to go, we just don’t know the exact moment in time.

So things are good.  The bank people are still ready, just sitting there.  Hopefully they got the memos.  It’s the quietest day in my five years of doing this.

352 caller:  I was on this call Monday, and people complaining that after all that good news there is still no RV.  I was hoping you would get my friend off the phone, because I’m tired of people who have that attitude, who think that YOU have something to do with this RV timing.  Next time, please could you cut him off?

Tony:  I got a lot of emails and texts like that.  I get one every day from Russell saying that I’m a liar and I’m an idiot, but if he has to spend his day sending me emails about the information and complaining, then he is the idiot.  He seems to think that I am the one who can get them to push button!  There are a lot of people who feel that way, and I try to address everybody – get it out, tell me how you feel, and I hope to explain it to them in a way that you can understand it because this is your  time to learn about what is really going on in the world and how it works.  Sometimes you have to tell them ten times before they get it that this one guy Tony is only giving information, not out to scam the world single-handedly OR able to get the GCR actually moving.  That is why I try to listen, try to listen and help them, and once they’re through, they leave.

Caller:  I don’t understand it, man – 27 minutes of complaints and frustration, and that was only one of four calls!

Tony:  I don’t understand it either, that people listen to call after call when they don’t believe what we are saying.

Caller:  I heard that if this doesn’t happen by 1. October, dinar will be blacklisted.

Tony:  I haven’t heard anything like that.  With the amount of dinar people have and the number of people who have actually exchanged already, can you imagine the kind of uproar it would bring if they did something like that?  Next year, the whole year is an election year!  I don’t need to say anything else about what would happen.  Our politicians are too smart to let something like that happen next year, or to happen this year if they have to pay the price next year.

Caller:  Also, your ‘buddy’ said that they were cutting salaries to save money and be more efficient, and now she is saying this won’t RV until the middle of September.

Tony:  I am giving you the current information as I get it.  Mtn Goat has been just as wrong or changed their dates just as much as anyone else, including myself, until the information changes.  Nobody is right until it happens.  In April we thought it would in May, and in June we heard it would be in August.  The reason people say this is NOT happening is that it’s better to bet on being right than being wrong.  We are taking the Road Less Travelled.  When you are over here giving specific information, times, dates, things that happened this morning, that is a lot harder road to travel.

Caller:  Give me your hang up button, because I have the guts to use it.

Tony:  I have the guts, I’m just more understanding than you are.

240 caller:  I can hear the quietness myself.  I am kind of confused about caps on different currencies.

Tony:  There is a not a total cap that I know of.  Before, the contract rates (dinar and dong) were going to be capped at 20 million of each, and $500 million or maybe a billion on the overall zim exchange.  We haven’t heard anything about caps lately because so much has changed.

Caller:  It’s hard to know how to dole out my currency to friends and family without knowing what the caps will be.

Tony:  They don’t want you to know.  They want you to make some hard decisions right now.  That’s why  I have Plans A, B and C, so that when you go to the bank and they lay  it out in front of you, you will have a plan for each option.  Otherwise, most people will take the basic deal, and that way you will not have your money making money…

Caller:  I have heart problems, I’m 62, and clearly I need to start making my plans right now.

Tony:  You probably describe a lot of people out there who are leaders of your family or a group of people.  Bring people into the room, and say “This is my basic plan, and this is what I want to accomplish.  I am teaching you how to fish today;  take this lesson and go out and fish.”  You may not be with them much longer;  I’m preparing my family as if I’m going to go next week.  I never know when I’m going to walk out of the house and never walk back in!  I’m glad I have a plan;  I am teaching them that plan, otherwise 2-3 generations later we’ll be back where we started, which is broke.  I have a bunch of people waiting on me, and that’s fine, but for your own peace of mind, teach them how to fish.  Don’t just do it for your family, show them how to do it themselves.

Caller;  I had to get my pacemaker changed a few months ago and they were surprised I was still living.  I have had mercy for 13 years.  Thank you, and Vegas, Vegas, Vegas!

408 caller:  Any specific intel after the last call?

Tony:  They said after 3pm Monday afternoon… and here we still are.

432 caller:  I saw the dong and rupiah  have been devalued…?

Tony:  I think you mean the yuan and the dong.  China and Vietnam devalued their currencies.  That means the dollar means more to them, but it’s not totally about the dollar. It’s about how this affects the RV/GCR.  It’s creating chaos because the GCR should already be done.  They did it last week, now they are doing it again, and my understanding is that they’ll do it again. Either we do what we say we are going to do, or they will create a change.

Caller:  The guy who was on just before – I can sympathize with him.

Tony:  I wish everyone has health and lives to enjoy this.  I don’t know how much either of you will get, but always expect to live a long time, and also plan for a long time.

Caller:  I inherited from my dad and granddad and my son is gone;  I’m the only one of the four left, and they only gave me a 5% chance to live – three years ago.

405 caller:  What makes you think this timeframe is any different?

Tony:  There is nothing different, except that the banks are all pumped up and told their security to come in Monday morning.  Then they called them back and told them to stay away. Then they called them again at 3pm.  Then there were changes and reforms and Iraq.  I don’t know the one thing that is holding this up.  I do know that the banks have locations set up with security and structures and people in place, and they did that before they even knew how many would be exchanging.  I know that two weeks ago the IMF just didn’t feel satisfied, although I don’t know why.  They want to make sure that Iraq is backed into a corner with laws and people so that if they break out of that box, the IMF can go back in and say that they have broken the law.  They see Abadi eliminates the corrupt ones, and they want to make sure this is irreversible.

Caller:  Does the US still have the majority vote in the IMF?

Tony:  They have a VETO vote, and so do other countries like Russia.  If anyone uses their veto, they have to stop and pay attention.  I do think this will happen.

404 caller:  How much longer do your sources say it will be before Baghdad citizens will be paid and what was said in the mosques today?

Tony:  I already said it was the quietest day in forever.  I haven’t heard anything from Iraqi sources, mosques, articles or anything else.  It’s now the 19th, and they haven’t paid anyone in Baghdad, or in Parliament.  There is a reason for that and eventually we’ll find out what that reason is.  They have been paid in Kurdistan, and that gives me confidence that this is happening.  They are trying to get this done.  There are no blackouts, we just haven’t communicated.

219 caller:  I agree with caller #1 and Pam about that guy Monday – I was hoping you would just hang up his line accidentally.  [Appreciation]  [chitchat about Spook, who is better]  The other day you suggested separating the currencies in case we go to different banks – should we still make appointments at different banks for different currencies?

Tony:  If they are going to be competitive, you might want to go to just one bank.  Which-ever bank you go to first, they will want you to leave all your currency there.  Listen, and you can then say, “Okay, I will leave this amount here, but bank X is offering more over there so…”  This is a negotiation, and you do have choices/options on where to put your money and where to let it go.  The most important things are to get the best rate and to interview them for what they can do for you and your money that no one else can do. What is their specialty?  What are they offering?  What is YOUR plan – when you lay that out, they will see you are serious about your money, and that is the kind of person they want to work with.  They don’t want to work with someone whose going to go out and spend their money in a year.

Be professionally dressed, ready, calm;  make sure you’ve gone through the scenario a hundred times.  Let’s say they offer $4, and that means $4 million dollars for you.  If you have to jump up and down, go out in the carpark.  Much better to say “This is my plan;  how can you help me do it better?”  For instance, I am interested in IPOs and the 3-D industry, so I want to work with a bank that understands those sectors.  IPOs are high-risk if you are doing it by yourself, but low-risk if you are working with the bank that is financing those IPOs or those companies.  Have your own ideas and see how they respond to that.

Caller:  Will you share your ideas about how to spend 100K and still make money?  Pam won’t let me on the forum, RayRen won’t let me on OpenMike – who can I ask?

Tony:  That’s what Vegas was supposed to be about:  future opportunities.  I wanted the chance to bring in some people to show you how annuities work, investing, banks… whichever avenues we use to invest, the money still ends up in a bank, but it makes a different how quickly you can get access to that money and how much it costs.  There are many opportunities out there for you, and hopefully we can discuss that as well as having a party.  Maybe we can have a one-day class, or you all can get together and team up.  I know there is something Pam really wants to do:

Pam:  We have been working hard in the forum to educate our members.  While Ray is more qualified over at OpenMike, Daz has given us a lot of information on the forum.  The best thing we’ve found lately is motivational guru Tony Robbin’s latest book:  Money:  Master the Game.  It’s available on and as an audio book on YouTube.  Read it, listen to it, spread it to your groups.  You need to get this information before this RVs and/or you do anything with your money.

Tony:  I haven’t read this yet, but reading is fundamental.  You have to educate yourself to take care of your money, and you need to do the same with those who you intend to give money to.  There is a list of books on our forum that will tell you what the real world of finance is like, and how to deal with your money.  Tony Robbins helped me as a motivational speaker when I was in MLM, and I think education is always a good idea.

Caller:  I have several of those books.  [Appreciation]  Your leaderships shows even when you deal with those who are frustrated and asking the same questions.

Tony:  I have a lot of practice at it.  After the last call, Pam called me to complain about the complaints!

Jerry from Skype:  Is there a minimum amount to get the contract rates?

Tony:  No, I’ve never heard about a minimum.

Jerry:  So if I go in with a million, I can negotiate a contract rate?

Tony:  I don’t know.  Let’s be realistic  If the banker can give contract rates to a person with a billion dinar who is willing to leave 40% in the bank for two years, why would they offer it to someone who only has a million who just wants to buy a car and a house?

Jerry:  I listened to Monday’s replay.  That announcement about removing three zeros from the dinar and then a 25K dinar note would equal$75 – is that just in-country?

Tony:  We explained that before.  When the lower denoms came out, the CBI always said that the remaining three-zero notes would be have those three zeros knocked off, so that 25,000 would be worth 25 dinar.  They gave them plenty of time to exchange the at the Iraqi banks for the lower denominations.  They said in the article and all along that this would be the case INSIDE THE COUNTRY.  The important part was saying that the 25,000 note would be worth $75 – that tells us the RATE would be $3 or more.  That article wasn’t for us, it was for the people of Iraq.  It doesn’t apply to us.  Is that clear?

Jerry:  My people were asking, so I felt compelled to ask that question.  And I agree with Pam:  like it says in Napoleon Hill’s books, you have to align yourself with people who make you understand the principles of money, people who are what you want to be.

860 caller:  Do you know if Abadi is in-country or out?

Tony:  My understanding is that Abadi is in-country.

Caller:  What is happening with ISIL and all of that?

Tony:  I don’t know a lot about that.  We haven’t been discussing it that much.  Their view is that it isn’t really that bad, that they will be out of Mosul in 30 days.  There are things going on over there that we are not seeing in the news, and things we shouldn’t talk about, but I think it’s well in hand.

Caller:  [Appreciation]  Vegas, Vegas, Vegas!  You betcha!

410 caller:  I appreciate how well you handle the complaints.  I know your purpose to get everyone educated, and your patience is a lesson in itself.  About four calls ago, I missed something about ‘getting ready’ and about deciding how much currency to take to each bank. I know we have currency and visit banks, but I got the impression you meant about exchanging at each bank – or did you?

Tony: Some people don’t like to put all their eggs in one basket.  Some bank people have said they want to ‘out-big’ everyone, and that is what I want.  It is also a tactic to find out  what each bank will offer you and then go where you think you will get the best deal and figure out where you might want to consolidate your holdings.  You can ask for each currency’s rate and/or for your sum total.  Nine times out of ten, if you know the rate at a rival bank, the bank you’re at will match it, because they want your business.  It’s just about being smart because this is the only time you will be exchanging this.  Then comes the hard part, which is putting your money to work.  Each bank will have already worked out a package;  they know the  kind of customer they want.  You should be looking at each bank’s offerings right now, while you have downtime, so that once it happens you will be ready with your plan, and able to see which bank matches it the best.

Caller:  I see.  I couldn’t see exchanging here, and here, and here, and then negotiating.  I can see listening to the bank’s offer and saying I’ll go next door.

Tony:  If you’re not comfortable, don’t do it.  If someone gives you an ultimatum, don’t do it.  If someone says “take it or leave it”, then I will leave it. This is the only chance you have to exchange, and bank X is not the only place to do your exchange. Don’t use being scared as a motivating factor to sign over your currency.  Work with a bank where you have mutual respect, where you trust the wealth manager, or you like their package.  The manager works for the bank, and they have to be paid to survive, and there is nothing wrong with that.

Caller:  I look forward to the next call being a farewell call.  Vegas, Vegas, Vegas!  I hope everyone who has helped is able to be there.

Tony:  I think it would be great for everyone to be there – good for us and also for the banks and investment houses.  It’s not every day you can get a bunch of millionaires together and give them your best presentation.

318 caller:  I have some military connections who say “Hold on, it won’t be much longer.”  My son is in the military and his father was been for over 30 years.

Tony:  I’m getting exactly that message as we speak!

Caller:  My friend wants to know where Maliki is… and Vegas, Vegas, Vegas!

Tony: I understand that Maliki is in Iraq and likely to be for a while.

773 caller:  Abadi sent out a lot of tweets saying the Iraq depends on its oil production and that people shouldn’t worry because they are protecting the oil fields, etc., and that Iraq has investment opportunities.  Are the oil fields being developed?

Tony:  Iraq does have existing contracts, and they are protecting the rest.  ISIL only has one oil field, I think, and maybe not even that one any more.  Those we talk to over there say that they can see the difference.  It’s turning quickly from a war zone into a growth economy, they just don’t have the money.  They are seeing a mindset being hanged as Abadi builds confidence in the country.

Caller:  I see the US Embassy has started issuing visas.  Is Iraq like a pre-IPO?

Tony: Yes, that is why they are changing the laws, the government, etc., so that people can feel more confident investing in Iraqi confidence, which we are allowed to invest in according to EO 13303.  Iraq wants us to invest there, and not just the US, but also China, England, etc.

Caller:  And those of us on OpenMike are lovely – not privileged.  Why do you beat up on us, Tony?  OM is just closed, like the TNT forum.   Also, how do we ask the banks about what investment packages they offer?

Tony:  Just tell them you are about to inherit some money, and ask what they can do for you.  Do that at each of the banks.  It’s better to do that now, than in the 20 minutes you’ll have at that first exchange appointment.

352 caller:  I’m doing delightfully, thank you.  I’m a first-time caller, and I have a question for those who are new.  Fro those who are familiar with trusts, foundations and MCAs, but don’t have the money to set them up beforehand, what one or two things would you  suggest to protect your money until you can make those arrangements?

Tony:  You can set up a skeleton trust, and get an EIN (tax ID number) the same day. That is enough for you to put the currency in the name of your trust.  There are many attorneys who can advise you on how to start a trust very simply, and then change it afterwards.  Hopefully you don’t get sued as soon as you get any money!  The first thing on your plan could be to have your attorney lined up so that the very day of your exchange, you can get that trust or foundation set up. That’s what I would do.

Caller:  People are concerned about those first seven days, for instance.  Is there any particular kind of account you should put that money into?

Tony:  Those are great questions, and they can be freely answered at any bank.  You just have to walk through the door, sit down with someone, say “this is about to happen” such as an IPO or inheritance, “I’m looking at the next 10-15 days, and I want some kind of holding account while I figure out what to do.”  Any bank can advise you on that.

Caller:  Thank you.  I thought those who couldn’t’ get on the forum would like those answers directly from you.  Vegas, Vegas, Vegas!

Pam:  Daz and I chatted during the call, and Tony Robbins spends about two hours talking about some of these same things.  HE strongly suggests using a fiduciary, meaning people who owe a strict primary duty of care to their primary, without conflict of interest with (say) a bank or investment house.  We will post this in the Tony Blast section so non-members can get this information, too.  You really need to get this!  And I believe that Tony Robbins is donating the proceeds to some good cause.*

Ray:  Hold on.  It will be here when it gets here.

Tony:  Everything is good, no bad news at all.  Everyone is prepped and ready to at any moment. I don’t know what they are waiting for.  The laws and reforms have been passed and presented to the people.  There have been meetings. I don’t know if Vietnam and China’s actions have delayed this.  There might be something minor, but even on Monday evening everyone was excited that this is happening.  It can only be something minor.  I pray I won’t be here on Friday, that this will be over long before then.  Enjoy the rest of your day;  I will enjoy mine.

[*I looked this up after the call, and Tony Robbins IS donating all the proceeds from Money:  Master the Game to Feeding America’s 100 Million Meal program.  Go, Tony!]


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