TNT Call notes 20-May-2015


TNT Call notes 20-May-2015

Good evening, TNT! Today is Wednesday, May 20, 2015. [This call was delayed until the Iraqi Parliament got out. DC was not able to attend due to work pressures.] Absolutely positively did not want to be here today!

DC can’t make it, he’s still at work, but we will go on. East to West…? In Iraq a lot of good things are going on. There were meetings last night and passed a couple of laws. They are excited, which they have been for some time. They wanted to push it out the way it was, but they did pass some critical laws that I can’t say. They got the GO this morning, clear sailing for everybody. It looks good! There are no problems over there, even in Ramadi. They have Mosul under control.

So what’s going on as far as the RV? It’s there. We have a guy over there saying this, that and the other are all ready to go. They are in Kurdistan, and the rate was $22 for 25 dinars. Today, the rate is 1:1 and climbing for the Euro, which makes sense. Northern and Southern provinces have it; those we talked to in Baghdad today don’t yet have it. Their friends and relatives do have it and are spending at that rate. Baghdad will not get this until it is announced, which is when we get it as well.

There is not a lot to do over there except for DO IT! Some people on this side expected it to be done today, and they have scheduled rehearsal for tonight, tomorrow, gearing up for a flood of people to come in. They are telling their staff that they want to run through this one last time. I think it might be a great day for us!

On Iraqi television, Abadi held a news conference at 11pm to announce things are moving forward. He did not express any concern over the ISIL situation, and said that there would be major economic reform in the next day or two.

In the USA this morning, some people expected to see this today, tomorrow or the next day. We know that everything has been done for a while. They have passed some significant laws that have not been formally announced yet. They have passed them before, but they reviewed them in the Council of Ministers. We know they want this done before the holiday, and we think they are trying to get it done this week on our side. Iraq tried to do it on Sunday and they were asked to wait until this week… and they were told it was the last time they would be asked to do that. They gave them a little time, passed some laws and everyone says they are happy.

410 caller: I hear your voice all raspy – are you alright there?

Tony: I need some water.

Caller: It does seem like there is some movement, with all they were doing in the Parliament. Are they doing all this so that everyone will be there and they can have a nice surprise party?

Tony: When I went into the system to set up this call, there were already 500 people on the line – so there are more crazy people than you, waiting over 400+ minutes. You were the first, so you are the craziest!

These were all laws and articles that were passed in the public. What they have done is to pass some laws that we are going to see in the next coupe of days to show the world they are a stable government, with laws to protect them and us, too. It’s a sensitive thing worldwide. They also need to protect those who are paying out this money, too. If they go down after paying all that money out, then we are all in trouble. These laws prevent that from happening, and also will allow them assistance that that never happens.

Caller: Do we want the banks and forex to be closed before this is announced?

Tony: We’ve been through all the variations, and they are at the point where they don’t care; they just want to do it. They were ready and we were ready, but someone didn’t want it on the weekend. Maybe during the week, or after Iraq does these three things, or whatever. Everyone was back onboard, and it still hasn’t gone and we’re trying to figure it out.

Caller: This is a three-day weekend, so it would perfect…

Tony: Yes. They don’t have to wait until the weekend, either!

559 caller: I’m blessed and waiting for Vegas, Vegas, Vegas! You’ve answered all the questions apart from a minor one about ISIL. I heard that Iraq wanted to go in and clear them out and then the US said ‘Wait’/ I’m talking about Mosul.

Tony: Neither Ramadi nor Mosul will affect us. There is a plan that we cannot talk about. We will not have to wait for that. Ramadi… the people we talk to who are there say that it’s not true. ISIL has one little section of the city where the municipal center, and people are blowing that up in the news. The rest is all ruined buildings anyway. We are not worried about that.

Caller: {Appreciation] Keep working that ‘patience muscle’. See you in Vegas!

Tony: You see that Pam changed her name to Already Banned in the forum!

405 caller: I’ve been trying to figure out BIS and the relationship to the central banks. It looks like they have about 60 central banks, of which are third are more important than the rest. What authority do they have over central banks or the Fed? Does Congress have any say in actions the BIS might take? BIS seems like a moving target. Who has the control of the money in the BIS or IMF?

Tony: We could describe if we had 30 minutes to spare, in terms of their hierarchy and the global economy. The IMF and BIS are all part of each country – it’s not one country who runs them. They elect a governor every couple of years. This year, an American is in charge of the BIS, but other countries will get their turn. How it breaks down, who is in charge of what and all that would take some time to explain, so I’ll leave it to DC when he on next.

Caller: That would be great or if DC could give us some references. I want your help to think up a name of a currency game where you have different currencies, and then you draw cards that stop it, pause it, all the rest. You could call it Currency Wars or some other name. If you could get Pam to put me on the forum, maybe you could help… Maybe DC could add some scenarios including the one that turns out to be true, fifteen years from now.

512 caller: Could you and Pam do me a favor? Could you get my number to DC so that I can ask him some questions that are too sensitive for this public call? The other question is this: you said “they want to get this done by the holidays”, and that starts June 17th or so. Even as a parliamentary democracy, they hold by the religious holidays… if it reaches that late a date, will we be in a stall pattern?

Tony: I really don’t believe it will go that long. I know why some people think so because they have to pay their bills in June and their people as well. We know that they are already trading 1:1 with the Euro, and even if that is only in Kurdistan, they cannot go back on that rate change. If they want to pay their people by mid-June, they have to get this done in time to have changed the rates and the marketplace. They have already done too many things in that direction.

Caller: All the laws, the Qi cards and the rest are all good for us, but this is still Iraq and they have found ways around it – sometimes with our hands in their pockets. I just don’t want to get to Ramadan and have this still not public.

Tony: Iraq has been trying to do this, without having everything the US wants in place. Now they have protections in place that once they start paying out, their economy is protected. Iraq wanted to do the RV and then deal with the economy, but we said, “No, we don’t trust you with that.” These things are not required for the RV, they are required for peace of mind.

Caller: I have just one word to say: Austin, Austin, Austin.

817 caller: I wanted to share with everyone that next months is Alzheimer’s Awareness Month, so please wear purple to remind everyone about that. When you all come into your money, donate to the Alzheimer’s Association, because 17% of the elderly population has Alzheimer’s and that is likely to go up.

Tony: Yes, and I also challenge everyone to give a $1,000 tip to someone, because that can change someone’s life. Beyonce poured $20,000 worth of champagne into her bath and there was a lot of backlash on that. Many said how one thousand dollars would change their lives. Some suggested putting TNT on the receipt, and I’m not sure about that, but what you could do is this: every time you give one thousand dollars to someone, you could write “you are super-fantastic”, then WE would know what it’s about. It’s not telling the world, which they definitely don’t want, but it is something we could do for each other to let people know dinarians are paying it forward.

702 caller: [chitchat] Did the US actually say that this is the last time they stop this? Did someone actually say that? You’ve been saying that ‘they’ want to do it this week – is that the US or Iraq?

Tony: I wasn’t in the room, but that is how it was passed tome. Iraq already wanted to do it last weekend, so that is both the US and Iraq.

Caller: One camp says that it’s all about security and not releasing funds into a war-torn country, and then our side is saying it’s happening now.

Tony: Kurdistan is part of Iraq, so it’s already happening in a war-torn country. Security is a concern, but it will change everyone’s mind if this money is released. The country gains more confidence and security with more money, and we will do all that they need for Iraq to be secure. There is no reason it can’t be done except that we (the US) want something else. Everything else has been resolved – the currency, the banking, etc. – and now it’s down to feeling confident this will get done. Iraq is saying “Let it happen so that we can stop all the madness” and we are saying “stop the madness and then you can have the money!” All parties have been in meetings, including the IMF. Every meeting is not about the dinar; it’s also about the global economy, bonds and the movement of money around the world.

Caller: DC is not too concerned about the collapse of the dollar, but… isn’t Vietnam moving their debt into dollars, so… I’m just concerned they will drag this on to the summer although I’m hoping they don’t. I hope it goes this week.

Next caller: This is the first time I’ve been on this call. I know that you and the other goat have a lot of back and forth, with you saying “it’s now” and the goat saying “laws still have to be passed.” What is the real answer?

Tony: I just got a text asking if I am reading directly from the goat today. I don’t read the goat, so I don’t know. They are trying to push this out to the banks right now, but if they will allow that to happen is another thing. Iraq wants this to go. The goat is saying that the US wants Iraq to do X, Y and Z. It would be a simpler thing if the US just said, “this is what we need and don’t bother trying until these are all done.” I haven’t seen anything saying that. It might make sense, but the reality is that ISIL is in there, and the people are getting upset. They wanted to stop rioting, so they gave some money to the parts that are most upset or most advanced. There are reasons for giving it to the regions and not Baghdad. They are still trying to push this out and show the world who they are. That is how negotiations work in the real world. Every time they accomplish something, we get closer to the release.

Caller: I wish everyone would come together and pull out the good information instead of spouting off. We are all frustrated.

Tony: We are trying to educate people through the process itself, because when you have the money, you will be going through the same thing in your business. Everyeon says that we are the #1 guru with the biggest crowd. That is not our intention or purpose. Everyone is trying to get money for this program or that. When I started this five years ago, I said I would talk with everybody. If we could get in the information and figure this out, that is what we were trying to do. Some people just want to make a name or money for themselves. Now 90% want this to go right now; unfortunately, the rest have more influence than the 90%.

Caller: One major bank has notices saying they will not charge fees for foreign exchange.

Tony: They have been saying that for a while; it’s all part of bringing this out. Pam reminds me that this is One Question Wednesday.

Next caller: What about the five banks who got in trouble?

Tony: That was market manipulation, they have been under investigation for years, and finally they agreed to pay the fine and move on. It has nothing to do with us.

Caller: The US says they want it to go but they also want all these laws, so how long is that going on?

Tony: The laws have been passed, and some have been reviewed again. I don’t know for sure the US won’t come up with anything else. The ones we are concerned with have all been done. They were not necessary for the RV, and they tried to push the RV through anyway. I’m not getting mad at them. I wanted this three years ago, like everyone else. But I can’t get made at the US for making sure that this doesn’t affect us 30 years down the line. They are putting in protections so that investors in Iraq can be transferred, and that all currency laws are in place. It could have been done five years ago but Maliki didn’t do it. The plan was to release this back then but they found they couldn’t control Maliki, so the plan had to change. The economy changed and the plan had to change as well. Ten years ago, they didn’t have to account for all these things and it’s all taken a lot longer than they expected. The world changed, this had to be adjusted, and it’s happening now.

Caller: So why don’t we do another Twitter to put more pressure on them?

Tony: We did the Twitter campaign because they were attempting to shut us out. If they did that again, we would take action, but it’s not for us to try to force the government to do something so that we can get paid.

806 caller: [chitchat] 404 asks all the great questions I could ask… but I would like to talk about a few things as well. I think we are all just massively stressed with this roller-coaster ride. I’ll be so glad when it’s over because many of us have gone through so many stressful financial issues. I hope it’s this week! My son fought in Iraq and he asked me how much longer my heart can hold up through this process of not getting their money and carry their dreams. Some people are sick and need money/medicine to stay alive. I’m very positive but sometimes you just start thinking… I pray for all those who are hurting because I need this to happen today. [On and on about ‘haters’…]

Tony: We all want this to go through. My mother kept asking when this would be released. My father is asking about this as well. I can’t get mad at the Iraq or the US for trying to put protections in place for their people, for ours and for the global economy. We are just trying to give you the information as we get it. The haters cannot understand it, they don’t have the desire to understand it. They have committed to having this happen and use this as the excuse for their lives being ruined instead of getting on with their lives. I talk to a lot of people in all areas, and I didn’t know that some of those sites have advertising so when someone looks at the site, they get paid. Because it’s not happening, they are getting people to buy something else. I try not to say anything but every now and then I have to shoot back. I understand what you said, we both understand what is going on, and whatever happens, we get to live a good life. We get to pay it forward and we never have to think of them again.

Caller: I know it’s not about us. We are fortunate enough to be involved in this. I know it’s real and I want to pay it forward and do good in the world. You’re going to have to start weaning us off these calls! Everyone is used to listening three times per week, and it has been a habit for five years or longer.

Tony: Once I have signed the NDA, I probably won’t be able to do any calls. Once you have your money, you will be out applying what you have learned, creating opportunities and helping people. You will find something else to do!

Caller: My children and grandchildren will see all my notebooks with my notes from all the calls. I’m not in the forum, but I appreciate seeing the notes posted in Recaps. Please ask Pam and DC to call me…

Tony: I don’t go to the other sites, but I have downloaded everything that they said, for historical reasons.

409 caller: When we go to the bank and exchange, will they provide us with cash?

Tony: We had a call with people listening in, and I said that the level was $10K, but for this process the level is $7,000 per person. One person wondered how we got that information – well, we have sources! If you need more than $7,000 in cash, you will have to order it in advance, that’s all.

Caller: There are people who listen and those who don’t. Can’t wait until this happens to rub it in the face of those who didn’t believe.

Tony: The best revenge is living well. I was going to stay on and answer more questions, but Pam tells me it’s time for her to eat dinner, so…

Pam: thank you for stopping early; it is late here. The verbatim transcript of every call are posted on the site, thanks to Zebragirl. It’s the same place you go to donate, so why don’t you do that at the same time, because it turned red yesterday.

Ray: It’s Well, When am I going to see it Wednesday…

Tony: If DC were here, he would probably have told you some details. At certain times, we have to be careful what we say and don’t say, if it hasn’t been announced yet. It is a super-fantastic day as far as I’m concerned. It’s a go-go-go, even if it hasn’t gone. This should be the last time they stopped it; the meetings were great and everything is on fast forward. Abadi said to his people to look forward to ‘drastic changes in your live in the next day or two.” I like that!

We do have some new information on procedures but I’ll wait for DC to bring that out. Hopefully we will not have a call on Friday but maybe on Thursday. If we do, we’ll be talking about the new procedures, and if we do have a call on Thursday, we will talk about the new procedures – live! Have a super-super-fantastic day!

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