TNT Call notes 26-May-2015

Good morning, TNT! Today is Tuesday, May 26, 2015; the call was moved from Monday because it was Memorial Day. DC is taking care of business after the holiday, so he won’t be on the call. I can give you the information, probably more than I should do, because he’s not here.
Before I get started, I send my condolences to the families in Texas who have lost people in the floods. I’m sad to see what we’re seeing with all this weather in Houston, Austin and other smaller cities. We don’t want anyone to go through that.
Pam: We made some changes on the other tntsuperfantastic sites (.com, .net and .info). We took out the hyperlinks to the site. You can still ask to talk in the forum at the, which is where we post the call information, the replays and transcripts, and also the DONATE button. We have had red invoices for a while, and Tony says they are calling him on the conference line to remind him. Go to to pay through PayPal. If you want to send a check or money order, make that out to Tony Renfrow because TNT is not a business. The address is Tony Renfrow, 9580 Oak Avenue Parkway, #7269, Folsom CA 95630. If we cannot pay the bills, this call will be the first thing to go, so…
Tony: We made the changes to the site because we were asked to, and because we are preparing for our final call. We are still preparing for that, although we don’t know exactly when that will happen. We have to be ready to change quickly when that happens, and preparing the other sites. We still don’t have instructions yet, but we were given three different options and we want to do it quickly when we are required to do it.
Let’s go with the information, full bore because DC isn’t here. I think I know how to say what I need to say. When we left Friday, we were expecting for this thing to go. I will give you the rumors without condemning anyone. I will put the information out and people can decide for themselves. I will give you the information from both sides and we’ll see what makes sense.
What we know is that Iraq tried to put it through NINE times over the weekend and it wouldn’t go through. We got information on Friday and Saturday that it went through perfectly, with all the codes and authorization received perfectly, and then there were issues with the transactions themselves. The problem was that some people assumed it was a system problem, thinking someone did it intentionally. I am not identifying who because I’m not choosing sides. That was the situation over the weekend, and still is. Iraq had meetings; they are highly upset according to our great sources. They are requesting access to the system so that they can figure it out, and supposedly that was denied to them. This is making them look bad, and upsetting the Iraqi people. So we know they are trying to do the best they can under the circumstances.
The arguments are going on about what is going on in Iraq, who is doing their fair share and who is not, along with the system. So here we sit. They are saying it went through and the banks got notification telling them to be ready for this morning! They are still waiting for a go, and that could be any time this week. That is what we were all hyped about during the holiday, here and all around the world. People were ecstatic on Friday and are miserable today, again. Without pointing fingers, what are we going to do here? Nobody really knows if they are going to do it or not. I don’t know what the system problems are/were. This information came from good people and sources, and when I got the reasoning about what was happening, just as a normal citizen looking at the situation, you cannot tell me that after 10-12 years, with hundreds of tests that have all gone perfectly, and now the one time it was supposed to go, there are system problems? I almost told you what the problem was, and all I can say is “how can that be?” It’s hard for me to believe THAT is the problem.
We are still in a good place, just waiting for this problem to be fixed or for someone to tell I to go ahead anyway. Some places don’t have any issue with completing this, but some are. It could go in an hour! People are still in lockdown, instructions were given over the weekend to get ready, but it doesn’t say when. Should have already gone, didn’t go yet, and we’ll see what’s coming up. If it doesn’t get done by tomorrow, we will do a short call (if it’s not THE call), and another call on Friday. If so, DC can tell you all about the issue.
That’s the news; it is what it is. That’s what happened over the weekend and where we are today. I cannot be more specific. If you are listening to our calls, listening to the news and all, it’s not hard to figure out what I am saying. For those who haven’t, I can understand, but I’m giving you enough for you to know the codes went through and connected internationally, ready to go when they say Go. We have never had the completed system fully connected and authorized before. That happened this weekend, but after it was authorized, it didn’t work. Is this a system issue, or someone messing with the system? Is there a reason behind it? There were things that happened and said in Iraq and the US, and some are now saying there is a problem. If you watched the news, you might think that some people are irate and there has been retaliation. In Iraq there were high-level meetings, and they are very upset about people making Abadi look bad, again.
So here we are. It could happen at any moment. We are not waiting for it to go through because it already went through. We have crossed that hurdle after ten years, and now there is a problem. I hope that is more clear. There is nothing we can do about it, nor do we know how long it will take to sort this out. Will that be based on what is currently happening in Anbar? It doesn’t depend on that because authorization was given. There we are, clear as mud. Everyone who needs to got the message and the rest of us just wait.
Since DC is not hear, I don’t have to repeat everything, so let’s move on:
860 caller: You answered my question as to the snap. You’re right, those who follow this understand what is going on and why. There are reasons for everything, and you just have to go with the flow. Vegas, Vegas, Vegas!
Tony: I do through this just like you do. I have some friends who listen to the calls, and they say, “Just tell me when it’s happening!” Or they ask what’s going on, but I don’t have 20 minutes to explain it all over again. People write to me saying there might be 250 people they pass this information on to. That’s too many people! I have 40 people who expect me to call them and let them know when to go to the bank. That’s too many people to be depending on you. They’ll expect you to tell them how to make it grow, when the next opportunity will be, and all the rest. I have some TNT people I smoke cigars with, but I know they are listening to the call and following the information. For everyone else, how can I tell you what’s happening when it’s changing every minute? Those people will drive you batty!
310 caller: The people you know who exchanged, did they exchange all their currency? Did they drop their zeros?
Tony: Only dinar and they did drop their zeros. You can look on the board; there have been 4-5 messages saying that Parliament demand that the CBI delete the three zeroes now. They have pictures of the lower denominations and the coins right there. This is happening; the rates have changed over there, the MasterCard is international and being used in this country by people we know. Those who have exchanged in this country have been paid at a rate of over three dollars, and in some cases way over three dollars. This is happening, the only question is when.
559 caller: Listening to all this again, how long is Iraq going to put up with our shenanigans? For the people who have been paid out, have they decided on taxes?
Tony: I don’t know how long Iraq will put up with this. They tried nine times over the weekend and they are frustrated just like we are. They want this – they want to be the richest country in the region. I could give you a date, but it’s been changed every time we get to that date. It’s very flexible until it’s decided. Unless a coalition of people decides that ‘enough is enough’, we will still wait. They authorized it, and now we are on the other side, but now there is another problem and we don’t know how long it will take to sort that out. Nobody I know has paid taxes yet.
Caller: Are the rates still the same or have they changed when they tried to release them?
Tony: This morning, the rates were removed and there are no rates on the screen at this time. We hope they will figure out the problem and then we’ll see how it goes.
Caller: If this is a business, you fire the people who are not doing their jobs and hire someone who can fix it!
Tony: What if those people ARE doing their jobs? It comes from the top to the bottom, not the bottom to the top. If it were an individuals fault, they would have been removed. This is too important to the world for this to be a matter of incompetence.
Caller: There are enough people in the US or the world who know how to get this done and hopefully they will pull together to get this resolved.
Tony: We don’t know if this is a matter of egos or what. I believe faster rather than the other story I heard.
347 caller: What is the system that is causing the problem? What is the technical issue?
Tony: The system consists of us getting paid. The rest is what I told you I would let DC tell you if he chooses. It doesn’t make sense to me that X is the problem, and that is why I’m not telling you what the problem is.
On Saturday, I heard that Carter said that the Iraqis didn’t have the will to fight, that they put down their weapons and walked away. Iraq is saying the coalition didn’t give them the weapons to fight with. This morning, VP Biden praised Iraq for what they have done in protecting their country. This was in the news, so I can talk about it. Some people say there were other things that led to this being blocked.
Caller: You keep saying they want to push this through on a weekend, so why wouldn’t they try this on a weekday?
Tony: They may well release this on a weekday. I don’t think that’s an issue any more.
Caller: What happens if the zim expires at the end of June?
Tony: I don’t know. They may do an extension because they expected the RV by then. I just don’t know.
Caller: Your friends who exchanged so far, what rate did they get on the zim?
Tony: The rate we heard most recently is 19 cents. The people we know have done their exchange have only exchanged dinar. I said this is the rate; I didn’t say anyone had actually exchanged zim.
410 caller: When I saw the news saying that Iraq walked away from a fight, that is not supportive of a country you’re supposed to be supporting. I do believe we will get to the bank. Some people are saying we should ramp up our personal security. We are told we shouldn’t let our currency out of sight, that we need burner phones, that we should stay at a hotel and get a rental car… is all that necessary?
Tony: Nobody knows you have the currency but you. Nobody knows the time and place of your exchange apart from you. They have security in the parking lot. The most you will have when you come out is $7,000 cash. Now, the suggestion is that you get a rental car and don’t let anyone follow you home, but they still don’t know how much you have. Some are being over-cautious because they want that peace of mind. If that is something you think you need to do… In terms of computer security, they still don’t know you have this money. I will use one laptop just for banking so that if someone hacks into my system through the internet, they won’t get my banking information. I will tell the bank person that only s/he will have my number, and that I don’t want my account accessed by anyone but me and my wealth manager, not the tellers. You can set up a smaller value account that the tellers can have access to. You have to think it out and take the measure that seem right to you.
Caller: How do you protect yourself when the bank doesn’t have a Delarue machine but we are being told not to let it out of our sight?
Tony: Most banks don’t have that now. They count your money, seal it, give you a receipt for it, and send it to their central facility. You will have immediate access to 10% of your money and access to the rest within 24-48 hours. There should be a third person in the room to witness the transaction. You can make color copies, but I wouldn’t want someone to accuse you of counterfeiting money.
Caller: We did hear to make two copies of each note and ask them to sign off on one copy and we’ll sign off on the other…
Tony: You will have twenty minutes in that first appointment; I wouldn’t want to spent my time signing off on copies of the currency.
Caller: Iraq needs to be honored for their efforts in becoming a new democracy. I don’t know what’s happening, but the media has been brutal. Where do they get that from? I would rather have my energy in a higher spot. Release the RV today, and all will be forgiven. We think this would be great for Austin, Austin, Austin after all they have been through.
Tony: We have got a lot of suggestions on the “thousand dollar tip” suggestion. It doesn’t have to be that, but it would be great to do something to pay it forward in the first week. It would be great to write “You’re super-fantastic” on the receipt so that people can see that it’s us doing it, when it gets reported on FB and Instagram and Twitter. Do it for people whose lives would be affected by receiving a thousand dollars. Talk to your servers, see who they are and what they are going through. I have done that for years, just to find out who the person is. I think it’s a way to show your appreciation to the other person, here in the US and around the world. That could change someone’s life!
The other suggestion we got was for Christmas this year, that you go in and pay off people’s layaways at Walmart, K-mark, Target. Make it a targeted effort.
404 caller: I don’t mind that DC is called my work-husband, and neither does my actual husband. Iraq is on record saying they want this done in May. In your opinion, how likely are they to live up to that?
Tony: I told you, they tried it nine times, so it’s really not up to them. Supposedly it went through and there is a new issue on the other side – that’s what is being said to the world. Iraq is upset about this, but they don’t have access to the system to ascertain it for them-selves, so they are not sure if this is a system problem or a human problem.
Caller: If this is a system problem, who is responsible for that system?
Tony: It’s a worldwide puzzle with a million lines of code, and Iraq doesn’t have access to the whole system to find the problem. We just have to believe what we are told.
Caller: We are hearing a wide range of rates, from 86 cents to nearly five dollars. If it comes out at 86 cents, what impact will that have on the whole basket.
Tony: It would have a huge effect. They would have to recalculate all the other currencies, and I don’t see them doing that.
Caller: So why would anyone take that lower rate?
Tony: That rate is in-country only, it’s not the international rate. If Iraq could have just brought it out, it would be above $3.50. they are trying to give their own people what they can to slow down the frustration until it comes out properly. It will not come out at 86 cents internationally.
Caller: [Appreciation] and Atlanta, Atlanta, Atlanta.
Tony: Atlanta is expected floods this week.
302 caller: From the way you are juggling your words, it sounds like you do know hat happened but you are not allowed to say.
Tony: Over the weekend, they talked about both system and human problems.
Caller: You said that PM Abadi said that this would come through in the next day or two. If they tried to get it through nine times over the weekend, they did their part. Who got in the way? Was it the US again?
Tony: I am being very specific with my words. Abadi said it would be released “in a day or two”. They tried to get it through, and there were high-level meetings where they tried to ascertain if it was a system problem or a human problem. I told you right from the beginning that I would not tell you who was holding it up. It was not being a problem in Iraq because they tried to push it through. They don’t know if it was the system or someone in the system.
Caller: If they want to get this done in the month of May…
Tony: They wanted to do it three weeks ago! If it’s the system, it’s a million lines of code and if each country has to check their part… If it’s an individual sabotaging the system, then they have to find that person. If it’s an ego problem because of things said over the weekend, then it might take time to smooth that over.
Caller: Is DC not on the call because you don’t want him to disclose this? There will be a call tomorrow, correct?
Tony: DC is in a meeting. We’ll probably do an hour call tomorrow just to get back on track, Wednesday and Friday.
We’ve been on for an hour, I’ve given you the information and rumors I have. We are waiting for more information and clarification. The intel came from our best sources, and we’ll see if there are more agreements made this afternoon. We are on the other side, we are fully authorized, and now there is an issue on the other side. When that is cleared up we are good to go. People are still on lockdown, still ready to go. If there is anything signification, we will tweet it out. Otherwise, enjoy the rest of your day!

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