TNT Call notes 27-Oct-2014

Tony: Good morning, TNT! Today is Monday, October 27, 2014. I want to say THANK YOU to those who have sent in their letters from Congress people – they will definitely be part of the book I am creating, in Section 2. I did receive some cigars, so thank you to that person, too. He looked at the picture of what I was holding on Facebook and knew what to send me. Thanks! We will make you part of history with what we’re doing here. Thanks to everyone who is supporting us. We sent an hour on OpenMike last night, so thanks for inviting us over.

As for today – anything exciting happening, DC?

DC: We are so close! Iraq did have their new Year’s celebration, wanted to get it done, and the US thought something wasn’t done correctly and that made everyone mad including me. They are getting that done as we speak – didn’t get done last night. They are referring to this as ‘only a slight delay’, but everyone’s ready. Iraq is looking for a lot of support from a lot of countries, and they have egg on their face because it didn’t happen Saturday/Sunday. They are highly ready fro this to get done and move on.
Parliament did NOT read the final reading of the 2015 budget, but that is not an essential part of the RV. It’s on the agenda for tomorrow. All the diplomats were saying “just give us a little more time” and they are getting “Stop this! Get on with it, already!” Politicians in Iraq are dealing with that. The television is still saying “imminent/soon”, still broad-casting, and many are angry in Iraq saying that their lives are more complicated now that they have cards, and it’s still not done. They are anticipating this every day, and that is causing aggravation there. With Security in Iraq, they had some big wins this weekend, specifically in Anbar province – the Kurds as well. It’s going to be a long-term fight, not really tied to the RV, but many fighters will melt away, and they are actually ready to quit but cannot until they have money in their pockets.

Tony: We know the cards were issued. This weekend they changed the international access and also the rate. They have been $3.58, more or less, and Warka Bank is accepting cards internationally, but at the US rate rather than the rate everyone else has.

DC: A lot of the cards are still showing $3.58, but some international cards are showing $1.18, which is confusing for everyone. In the US, they are still showing around a dollar.

Tony: To appease people, they put ATMs outside the Green Zone and in the more stable provinces throughout the country. They’ve been telling them the ATMs can be used from Tuesday or Wednesday at the national Rate. That’s what they are being briefed on. This made Iraq look bad and they are upset. They were given two excuses for it not happening, and we think they are both BS. They could still have done things, regardless.
We are still in a good position, everything is in a good place. They are still saying Tuesday or Wednesday. There is a new liquor store next to my cigar place, and it was closed on Sunday with a sign saying “Closed for New Year’s Saturday and Sunday”. So they are celebrating for two days, like we do for New Year’s here in the US. All day yesterday I thought “well, maybe it didn’t happen yesterday because of that”. But we did expect to wake up to it this morning.

DC: In the US, the UN Security Council are not pleased with the US, with a lot of eye-rolling and comments to everyone involved. At the banks, they were geared up and ready for all the right groups, etc., re-running all their procedures and security checks to make sure everyone is ready. They have practiced too much, really, in terms of tellers, security, and wealth managers. The UST is ready to go as soon as these slight issues are squared away. There is a tight timeline in the next day or two, depending. Everyone is ramping up for it to go. They are planning on a slower rollout, with groups first and then mom and pops going in a few days later. I don’t understand but they seem to have gone back to the shotgun approach, so we just don’t know at this point in the US.

Tony: But the rollout did get started last week?

DC: Yes, but they slowed it down and then it should have happened last night.

Tony: So they need to continue on or start a new plan, and we are just waiting now.

DC: We are frustrated but cannot affect matters. I just pray the reason they gave me today was not the real reason, because it seemed pretty silly. All the Iraqi politicians and everyone is furious. We are not trying aggravate anything, but people are confused and we are trying to get people to understand the process.
That’s all we’ve got!

Tony: If I’ve already talked to people in the last three weeks or so, kindly put your hands down so that I don’t have to. Give new people a change to come on the call.

443 caller: This is pure baloney floating around about you, DC and TNT. I am fed up with it to the hilt. [Appreciation] I’m just upset! It seems like we’ve changed our philosophy just a little? With your leadership, when #wearethepeople started we changed
the direction a bit, in that we were insisting on being treated fairly, and it seems like with the payoffs that have happened…

Tony: Let me explain. I don’t care what anyone says about me – that won’t affect my life one way or another. I don’t appreciate what’s being said about Pam DC and Ray and other involved – people doing the best they can to help you. I would never put anyone in harm’s way, like giving out their name, address, picture, phone number, etc. Now you can see what these people are really like.
As far as our direction, before #wearethepeople came up my sole intention was to give you guys all the information I can and be involved in the process. I wanted to know how the whole house was built so that you would understand how and why you have this blessing, not just running to the bank and exchanging. That’s why we talk about investment and all the rest, so you can build towards the future. No other site is offering that – most just regurgitate the information I give you. We are helping you build future. Then #wearethepeople came about because they were trying to take that away from you, and we stepped in so that they would do the right thing. A lot of people came in to help with us, to help it stay fair, NOT just to give us the money. That was never my intention or out intention. I was 15 years in the military, and I know what goes on behind closed doors. I’m an American citizen, and I know it’s about more than just me. We are being given an opportunity that 355 million citizens doesn’t know anything about, and we need to look our for the national economy as well. I know that there is a lot more going on than we realize on the surface, and I have to look at things on the whole. If they screw up, that’s one thing, but we cannot be the problem that screws it up for everyone else. They have had some good reasons to delay this, and also some pitiful personal reasons.
If I end up in jail or on the 9 o’clock news, none of you are going to sit in jail with me. Also, we are getting what we want – we will be paid, and some of us will get the contract rate. As long as we are still going to get that opportunity, which is what the bankers are telling me, then we are just waiting for our turn. Ordinary people got to exchange last week as part of the slow rollout process. Unless that changes, then what we are about is still there, and that’s how I need to look at it.

DC: You summarized it wonderfully, Tony. Thanks for your comments. The reason we did that there was serious consideration and actions being taken to remove the dinar for ordinary citizens so that only well-connected folks could exchange. Many were not aware of that until the Twitter campaign, and those few bad apples were stopped because we shone a light on that. A few wonderful people stepped up and changed it back to being fair. The contract rates are still there and we still have a fighting chance.

Caller: This smear campaign has one silver lining – you are good-looking dudes! Of course, I’m 73 years old, and anyone breathing looks good to me!

772 caller: Glad to see you are coming out with information that sets some of our concerns to rest. We don’t know how to deal with some of those. We go through a continual process of changes, and don’t know if those are just changes or meant to create confusion. In the past you’ve had concerns about the banks with our exchange. Have there been any real changes that affect how we deal the currency exchanges and those who go in before us…

Tony: I can shed some light on that. We want to do the best thing for. I’md going to get mine regardless, because I know how to present myself and what questions to ask. I can tell you some things that would probably help you guys but would make the banks mad because they want you to come in and do what their advisers tell you to do. I can say “I wouldn’t do this or that”, and then they don’t want me to do the calls! We’ve talked about this for 2-3 years, and I’ve told you what to look for in an investment manager, what I’m looking to invest in and all the rest. The problem is that we don’t know what they are allowing us to do – a 15 minute call or 7-14 days of daily calls. I asked DC to see if he could nail that down, because at the moment I don’t even know how to pack! At the same time, go look at the forum, the notes, the forum and the people there – ask questions. If you don’t understand what the first mouse, second mouse thing means, let them tell you. If you don’t understand what to do with it coming out at one dollar, let them tell you. There are reasons! If you don’t go in to EXCHANGE your money but to “cash out” your investment, your outcome will be totally different. So make sure you go in and SAY “exchanging my currency” because if you say otherwise, you can’t take it back.

Caller: You did share that recently. I listen to all the calls because there are nuggets in each of them. Is there anything new?

Tony: I don’t’ think there is anything new, just reinforcing what to look out for. Everybody is not going to be happy doing this…

DC: On the bank side, the question is how quickly the rollout will happen and whether it will be at the $3+ rate or dollar rate.

Tony: The $3.58 was loaded in the whole international system until the US changed it. That was NOT the plan; it’s about terrorism and money-laundering, but not the plan.

Caller: Everyone’s been reinforcing the education, etc., whether we choose to take advantage of it afterwards or not. Thank you for that and for your time.

909 caller: If I can get on the forum, if I can beg Pam. I’m on a forum already, and there was a theory proposed that the US government is getting ready to be taken over by the new Republic, and the Congress wanted to change the fifth amendment so that they wouldn’t’ go to jail and the President would allow them to do that so long as they let him be President for life. Have you heard anything so ridiculous?

Tony: And they are going to take every position overnight! What amazes me is that number of people who believe all that!

Caller: No wonder our government doesn’t a bunch of crackheads to do this!

Tony: Every other month they are saying the government is being arrested and the other bills are going to be issued. Who believes that!

Caller: So Pam, please take in another stepchild so that at least I can be on a forum that has people with sense and moderation! [call dropped for a minute] I also heard that the IRS passed a new laws saying they can confiscate anyone’s account if they are suspected of anything illegal…? Like drug deals?

DC: I have friends who are assassins, and the only people they fear are the IRS. They are immensely powerful, so pay your taxes!

Caller: If China is willing to buy dinar from anyone, why doesn’t the US sell theirs to China and clear the books?!

DC: They want a return… and you cannot prepay a debt, you have to just pay it. That’ s not how the system works. Debt will not be incurred, and if there is a surplus we will not borrow more money, but the existing debt still exists and we will pay it down. Debt is cheap (at 2.25%), so why pay it off. Crank it up to 8-9%, and then it’s expensive. At the moment, it’s easier to borrow the money from China than raise taxes in the US. However, that scenario changes when we have a surplus.

Caller; I understand part is owed to China, and part to the Fed…

DC: It’s owed in various directions, and it would be destabilizing to pay it all off.

Caller: Finally, my whole plan is to be part of a veteran’s retreat – looking forward to helping veterans and their families get away for a couple of weeks, and helping them mentally and physically, and also getting jobs and providing higher education for the children of vets.

602 caller: [Appreciation]

Tony: This isn’t about ‘Tony’. It’s about the dinar revolution, about you coming to grips with this process and how it works. I had to be convinced myself! But I did my own research about it, and now I share that information. DC, Pam and Ray are all involved along with many people around the world whose names we cannot state in public. It takes a village to raise a child; it took an entire country to make this happen!

Caller: Iraq is doing a wonderful thing for their people. We keep hearing about a basket of different currencies, for the Global Reset. If there aren’t going to be these other currencies in the basket, how will there be a GLOBAL reset – if the other countries don’t their own currencies into circulation as well?

Tony: I think that we’re going to see more… Word out there is that there are going to be two currencies, and the banks are preparing for five currencies, so it’s two to five. The other ones will follow shortly after, and there will be some small (sleeper) currencies that might be even greater than these, but we’re not supposed to know about those.

Caller: You mentioned in the past that we can make a contact or where we can purchase corporations, LLCs, trusts, etc… that are for sale now.

Tony: I ‘ll look in my email.

DC: Tony was talking about bank sales, etc. Forming a corporation is easy online or with a lawyer. In terms of buying distressed assets, there are many brokers and other options out there.

Tony: I subscribes to ‘mergernetwork’, and they sell ready-to-go shell companies so you can go public faster, and other structures that are ready to use immediately.

954 caller: You mentioned contract rates for dinar – will there be for dong?

DC: We don’t know – there were going to be, but it keeps changing and we don’t know.

602 caller: About 3-D printing, do you think they can print a new Raiders’ game?

775 caller: I’m a blessed to be a blessing, and so are all of you! [Appreciation] I’m sending in a letter from my Representative. I know that DC says you all have maybe 60% of the information at any given time, like the blind men around the elephant. Do you have connections in the UN? I heard that there was a ‘ehavenly appearance’ in the delegation last week, with a specific message about the RV+GCR, to do what is right. Weapons were drawn on her, and their guns turned into toy guns, and there was much perplexity. Then the being of light disappeared and they heard “Yes, I was here”.

DC: I have not heard that story, but I don’t hear everything.

Caller: There were cameras going, and this entity didn’t show up on the cameras because it was just meant for the people in that body. You folks have done such a good job; “we the people” are so much stronger than we think. There is a hidden fourth branch of the government that is restoring America back to its original strength, justice, equality, virtue and common law. The site is

Tony: We don’t get involved in religion or politics; this site is only for the RV. So let’s not confuse that with #wearethepeople. We are talking about justice and equality for this RV situation, not anything else.

602 caller: [Appreciation] Today I’ve picked up some ambivalence – is there something more you can tell us about why you are so cool today?

DC: Frustration is what you are getting today! It has been cued up every day for the last four days, but we continue to nickel-and-dime the world.

Tony: We know that everything that needs to be done has been done, and some people continue to be paid. We know it has been started, but time after time we get these excuses. Sometimes you just have to do things and fix them afterwards, so they are doing this for another reason.

Caller: I still don’t understand why the rate for the US went down. I’m sure it will go back up, but will take time to get up to the international rate.

DC: That’s a good question, so let’s look more broadly. One of the delay tactics the US has used int eh past is to put it out at a dollar, the banks are forced to accept that, and then send everyone home and refuse to answer the phones. When we found out about this two weeks ago, we asked if it is another stall tactic, but also they want to let it go and let it rise at the end because of security tactics and because they are worried we will do something stupid, and also some truly believe we don’t deserve that much money. They have always changed it in the past just before they let it go. I can remember that tactic at least six times before. What we don’t know is if they will call the US’s bluff this time. We all believe it will rapidly go to $3, but don’t know how quickly that would happen.
Caller: I guess we are at the mercy of the hedge fund operators, then.

DC: No, we are at the mercy of the US government.

Caller: Are they stalling long enough to figure out how not to pay us at all?

DC: I believe we are firmly in the plan and we have a contract rate, but I don’t know what percentage of us will have that contract rate. We are still in the game but we don’t know the rates for sure. As for access to contract rates, I confirmed that last Friday and they showed confirmatory actions. (I apologize to the transcribers for talking so fast)

Caller: Every time I go to the banks, I have to turn the other cheeks – and now my cheeks are red on both sides. Will there be something that opens this window so that the banks will actually acknowledge this is happening?! Is something here going to do it?

DC: Yes, many places in AZ will do it because there are many dinar-holders there. The banks don’t want their people to know this is going on because their staff will all walk off the job the next day. We know they have trained people in all the AZ banks, and there are exchange centers there, but sometimes even the manager doesn’t know. A teller might be trained, but the all the manager knows is that she is on special assignment. Only a s mall percentage of the bankers (or customers) are aware of this. They plan to send out a packet, emails, and instructions through us, and have people call the 800 numbers. Once the contract rates are used up, they will treat this like any currency exchange: you bring in your currency, they run it through the machine, and you get credited overnight. The majority of bankers don’t have a clue.
We believe we are going to be used to direct folks to whatever information source there is, be it a website, phone call, our 7-14 day thing or whatever they set up. They asked last week if we are willing to do that still, and I of course I said we’d be happy to help.

Caller: How can they possible keep all this quiet?

DC: When you have thousands knowing, you cannot keep this quiet – people tell their spouses, parents, etc. They don’t tell their coworkers, because they might get fired, and they are not allowed to have dinar – they had to sign an agreement on that. They cannot buy dinar. Be nice to the bankers dealing with this, because they will be frustratated – not only are they working nights and weekends, they cannot take part! They will be pretty pissed off – understandably – so be nice to them.

Next caller: So many are worried sick, have lost their houses, some have even died, – how can they justify holding this up even further?!

Tony: There are casualties of war. They know that going in, but they still have to have the war, so they just ask if they can live with the numbers. Every day that they delay this, they know that is occurring. From their perspective, we shouldn’t’ even be in this. How many other people will this affect? “Okay, we can live with that.”

Caller: I was involved in closing military bases, and I couldn’t’ do it any more.

Tony: And because you couldn’t do it any longer, did they stop closing the bases? Someone stepped up and took your place.

DC: We only enter their consciousness when we cause a big stir, like the Twitter campaign; that made people angry at us, and caused them to do some pretty nasty things to Tony and myself. Otherwise, their attitude is that we are lucky to be here.

Tony: That crackhead comment was a real comment we heard!

Caller: What about that 25K dinar part – can you bring that up?

Tony: That is still part of the process, so far as well know, but it won’t go before.

Caller: About what to do with the money – my sister is in a hospital bed, and I want to make sure there is someone with her, and also with her children. My wife and I will go away for a little while to clear our minds and develop a plan.

510: I have been in this for about five minutes. When you talk about Iraq and the US, it’s confusing (at least for me) because … are there two processes going on here? Is the RV connected directly to the GCR, or will they happen separately? You say that Iraq wants to get this done, but the UST is holding this up for some reason, as if they are two separate events. What IS the process? Does Iraq have to give the green light and then the US has to give the green light? Or has that happened and we’re just waiting for the US to release this?

Tony: This is a complicated situation. It’s written out on paper in one way, and it’s actually happening in a different way. There is one thing happening out there where everyone can see it, and that is completed but we still don’t’ have the RV. The RV has to happen in order for the GCR to happen because the revalued dinar is the foundation for everyone else’s revaluation.

DC: Right now, the CBI is supposed to tell the BIS and IMF that they are ready to change their ready, and the BIS is supposed to enter that new rate into the international banking system. Then they send it and check that it has been sent everywhere, and then it will populate through the banks globally. However, at the BIS/IMF, the US has been lodging complaints for the last year, including “Iraq hasn’t done this tiny little thing over here” and the BIS looks, says, “okay, we’ll pause it while this gets finished up” and the rest of the world goes, “Are you kidding?!”

Caller: Iraq is fine – they had their celebration over the weekend, and of course there is a process for their bona fides. I understand what you just said, DC, but it also sounds like the UST if holding this thing up. It also sounds like the CBI is not getting what they want on some level… is that right?

DC: No, it ‘s the Americans. You know that you might hit the Christmas lights and they don’t light up, and even though you know better, you keep throwing the switch, but the US is saying… “No, because…” of something trivial.

Tony: The CBI put out its rate of $3.58 everywhere in the world apart from ONE country, and as a result NONE of the lights work. How do we get that country to shift its rate to everyone else’s rate? The other countries say, “But that rate is ridiculous!” And the one country changes the rate, and then they stub their toe and there is another delay. They did what they were supposed to do a long time ago, and the only thing they are waiting for now is the US. AT times in the past, the US reasons have been legitimate, and other times there have just been selfish reasons. But basically we are waiting for the green light from the United States. [call keeps cutting out] It’s a different excuse every time. Every time they ask not to go, it can take 24 hours to investigate and acknowledge, and then that makes another delay. And by then, they may need to restart the whole thing!

Caller: [Same question all over again]

Tony: This one-dollar rate is NOT what people have been paid in the last few weeks.

DC: I hope this helped explain things to you. Everyone’s highly frustrated, and we are as well. Everyone is cued up and ready to go. We understand the delay will be done very shortly and we will be pushed through in short order. The US is making sure the Is and Ts are crossed; we understand they still expect and want it to go. Iraq is ready and there is a great deal of pressure to get this done for the ISIL situation and economic downturn in some parts of the world. Pressure is the only thing that will get this to go; either Iraq will put its foot down, or the US will give in and let it go. Thanks to all the folks working on this throughout the world. I pray this our last phone call. Don’t spend any money until you have a plan because this is the last time you’ll get this.

Pam: I’ve thanked everyone so many times. We have the most amazing members in the forum, especially Iko and also Daz. He says ‘imminent’ is stressful, so think of this RV as ‘inevitable’ instead. I agree with that.

Ray: My suitcase is at the door. Continue to have a Marvelous Monday.

Tony: We probably gave you more information than we planned on. We know everyone is trying to do the right thing, and there are reasons for everything. We are still engaged, we still have the opportunity to do this. You have a winning lotto ticket, all you are waiting for is the instructions to cash this out. We’re all frustrated, but we know it is coming. We have been told today they are having the final meetings. We thought something would happen this morning, and it’s definitely happening this week. Iraq is very frustrated because they look bad not producing what they told other countries would get done. The plan is strong, and hopefully people are as positive as they say they are this morning. I don’t control it. All I can do is tell you what they are saying and hope they do it. Like everyone else, I hope don’t do a call tomorrow but this afternoon or tomorrow. Let’s just look at the good parts and make it through. Have a great day!

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