TNT Call notes 28-Jan-2015

Tony:  Good morning, TNT!  Today is Wednesday, January 28, 2015.  We will have a super-fantastic call, although we are not announcing the RV.  We are pretty close to announcing it.  There are two things before DC gives you the update.  Let me read this to you:  “Good morning, Tony.  I told you a while back about a bank manager offering 96 cents per four million zim.  I told him to call back when the rate is higher!”  Two things I want to clarify.  Someone has been sending tax information to me every week. The IRS has raised the limits on lifetime gifts to 5.43 million per person.  There is no change to the annual exclusion, which is $14,000 in cash or assets per person per year.  Regardless of what I ever say to you, that is my opinion, and I advise you to get professional advice.  You can do your own homework, but get some professional advice because you don’t know when things change at the last minute.
There are some great things happening in Iraq, what they are seeing on their television and the Forex board.  Before we get into that, I got a letter that I think will help everyone.  It’s about Pam, DC, Ray, me and about YOU – everyone who believes in this, about your past, present and future.  I want those who are making decisions about where and when you exchange to listen to this letter.  This is what DC’s museum is all about, too.  It means something to me and I hope it means something to you, and this may be my last opportunity to read something like this.  I want you to hear it before the information.
“2015 is upon us, and here you and your team are, following and diligently giving us information that would be out of our reach – thank you. The service you render doesn’t come cheap but by the time I can help you’ll all be millionaires.  I hope to meet up with you some day and have my heart beat against yours in gratitude.  After receiving transcripts of the calls, I got the courage to share with my siblings, and their responses were revealing.  One sister and husband acted like I’d lost my mind, yet quietly instructed their daughter to buy dong – they don’t believe but the need for financial freedom out-weighted their doubt. Their constant questions brought new challenges to the relationship.  Another sister went to the Bible and talked about false prophecy.  Another siphoned off money from housekeeping and bought one dong note and one zim note.  That might change the balance of her relationship with her husband, too.
With each of the three scenarios above, I have questions.  DC, your idea of a museum is necessary.  What did this bring up for people – did the RV change their thoughts, feelings, relationships.  I continue living my life, but with a vibration of excitement and expectancy. What an exciting time to be alive. What am I going to be like when it happens?  If I don’t experience this myself, it has awakened me to being more aware and optimistic, and in love with life itself.”
This was not somebody living in Florida or California – this is a letter from someone South Africa, and what it means to them in their world. They have that vision. We’re not better or worse, but for someone in that country to have this emotion, and what they are going through… something there has to hit home everyone going through this process. That light is there, and DC will tell us what is going on.
DC: That is touching and that is why Tony and I volunteered for this.  That is wonderful. 
Tony:  I wanted to give her name but didn’t ask for her permission, so… thank you for that letter.
DC:  The news is straightforward:  more of the same, more confirmation from Iraq and the US.  Iraq is preparing themselves further, getting ready and getting over a lot of confusion. What confusion? They’ve had years to get ready for this! They have had so many plans and they are going very, very slowly. They have to figure out whether they are on Plan B or Plan Z, and a lot of time has been spent getting everyone onto the same page.  There have been so many plans it’s been a challenge getting everyone to play the same music, in the banks, Iraq, security forces, etc.  In each Iraqi ministry and office, they are going through that again, for the past four days.  For us, that means that they are getting ready to do this not in years or weeks but NOW.  They have that planned out and are ready to go.  They are doing final checks and different time lines.
The finance committee approved the budget and sent it on to parliament for a final vote on Thursday.  That is not vital, but they would like to have it done before the RV, just to make it smooth and easy. 
A friend brought this up:  what about the Iraqi people in the streets?  Are they getting aggravated at this carrot over their heads for so long?  Yes.  It’s not looking for Abadi, and the last thing they want is for there to be a lot of talk and no action, like with Maliki. They expect this to happen very quickly. They are watching the budget, they are ready for the economic reforms, but if they say they are ready, why aren’t they acting on this?
Tony:  It’s been about two weeks now. We know the agreement was signed, and the back wall is by the 31st.  They had a date to do it, and if not by then, by the 31st.  Now the CBI and the parliament come out and tell their people they are all ready. The parliament was waiting on the CBI and the CBI says they are ready. The CBI sent a team over here on Monday and did what they were supposed to do.  Iraq then said the budget would be passed on Thursday.  So we understand from our sources that they are going to pass the budget on Thursday, so they will do this Tuesday, Wednesday or early Thursday.  They want to do the RV before the budget so that they don’t’ have to change the rates after!   So everyone over there is gearing up for change.
Now, about the ISX… we got information about what they are saying live on their board. They say they are scheduled to go international today or tomorrow, and we are seeking verification on that now.  Everyone is excited because they have done absolutely everything they need to do – that’s the message we are getting.
DC:  In the USA, basically e everyone is ready, and saying the same as in Iraq:  “I thought you said this”, and others are saying, “yes, but we’re switching back to this other plan” as they get closer to getting things done. They want this to go as smoothly as they possibly can, legally and procedurally, and also with confidence that Iraqi dinar is worth $3.58 or whatever rate they have agreed.  What ends up happening quite a bit is that there has been a lot of sources that we have developed over the years.  I had a few when I offered to help Tony and those have expanded quite a bit.  One source said to me this morning at 4am “How many times have you talked about changes in the plan?  We have been living the exact same problems.” It continues to evolve…
Tony: The key there is that they listen to our calls!  Just as we keep saying “it’s on, it’s off, it’s seven days, it’s four, it’s none”, that makes sense to us, and they are living the same constant changes.
DC:  So everyone is ready and antsy to get this done, with everyone on the same page, highly supportive to getting it done now.
Tony:  Caller at 337?  This person has been on the line for twelve hours – how are they doing that and still using their phone??  Caller 301 has been on for ten hours… Caller 707 has been on for 527 minutes!  Do you just dial your phone and got to bed and in the morning it’s still sitting there?!
707 caller:  Yes.  Three weeks ago, I called and said there was no information about raising my hand. I thought I had to get on earlier and earlier, when really I just had to raise my hand.  My question is this:  as we get closer to the RV, is the process going to be an 800 number or what?
Tony:  There is nothing for sure.  It keeps changing every day! 
DC:  The latest we’ve been told is that the banks will handle this individually. Some will take appointments through their currency departments, and others through their trained agents.  What will they do with the call centers and exchange centers?  That info is lining up with the bank personnel.
Caller:  I know we are supposed to say that we want to ‘exchange’, but how do we ask for the contract rate?  Do we ask or let that offer come across the table to us?
Tony:  I don’t know because we don’t have the package yet.  Nothing beats a failure but a try.  If no one is telling you what to do, do it anyway.
DC:  Tony, I wanted to clarify that when I spoke about a conservative investment making 4%, that’s per year – like municipal bonds.
Tony:  When I was talking about 8.5% per quarter, that’s per quarter.  It’s over in Iraq and it’s requesting a lot of your personal information. We do have the intel on that, and Pam says that this is asking too much.  The guy from Afghanistan gave me the information, and you can look up Warka Bank and see if that works for you.  He says that they are offering 8.5% per quarter, which is 34% per year.  I am not a financial adviser, and I have said several times that if you put money overseas they have different laws and rules. So be cautious before moving your money overseas to where they have different rules.
650 caller:  Sounds like good things are happening.  You’ve been doing this for a long time and the last year has been up and down.  Do you feel there has ever been a time you have been as confident as now.
DC:  No. It could easily have gone 100 times over the last 18 months, but they wanted to get certain things smoothed out.  I am more confident now than ever before.
Tony:  The picture has become more clear now than before and I have a way better understanding of that, globally. Even this morning’s announcement that gas are inching back up… in November they told me that they would be coming up to a certain level, so that tells me that they have achieve what they wanted in that direction.  So that tells me it’s all connected.
Caller:  Have you heard any good bank stories lately?
Tony:  DC, how many have we heard lately?  How many exchanges are they doing now?
DC:  Most are pending right now because they expect the RV to happen.  They want to be ready and not engaged in other activities.
Caller:  That was the best letter, because I’ve had similar experiences.  It raises some expectations and we need to keep our heads and not shoot the messenger when it doesn’t come as quickly as we hoped.
DC:  In my family as well, they aren’t sure, even when we quote something someone has said in the mosque an hour earlier.  I love that writer’s description of her own family members, asking their daughter to buy some and not tell their aunt!
323 caller:  So at this point do we check daily tweets to see when we go?
Tony:  Are you getting the tweets on your phone?  We will send out the information.
Caller:  My son does that, so I can check with him.  With people who are on government programs, you said not to mess up their entitlement.  Can we pay their bills or what? That could get tiresome.  How can I help family members in that case?  I don’t want to cause a problem because I want to be generous.
DC: Talk to an attorney who specializes in these situations – they are accustomed to setting up trusts and such that will not mess up assisted living or whatever.  Just ask.
Tony:  You could absolutely mess up someone’s entire life, so do ask a professional and find out the right way to do that.
661 caller:  In the last few years, I have lost my brother, father and then my mother.  As I went through my mother’s house, I found 30 million dinar under her mattress. There are no receipts or proof of purchase, and some have said I should throw it out because there is no way to show how she bought it.
DC:  Don’t throw it out!  What you have to worry about is taxes and proving who owns it.  If the probate court shows that you own it and when you inherited it, then that’s enough. 
Caller:  I’m the only one left, and she had a living trust but it’s not mentioned in that.
DC:  It’s gone through probate, though, right?
Caller:  Yes, and I’ve already sold the house.  That’s when I found it.
DC:  Since you have documentation that her entire estate belongs to you, then you own it and she is smiling down on you.
Tony:  I’m not an attorney, but if my mother left that to me, I’d just walk into the bank and exchange it, as an inheritance – just like the house.
617 caller:  I’m a little confused.  Before we were going to go to our initial appointment and then to a wealth manager.  If the banks have control of whether we get the contract rate, who makes that decision.
DC: I believe (but don’t know) that the contract rate will be offered to you if it’s still available to you, at the first appointment.  I understand that wealth managers will also be authorized to offer better rates if you keep it in their banks longer.  That was the plan at one point, but it might have changed. 
Tony:  If you know the rate, and it’s on their screens, then they have to give it to you.  You have to know that rate, though.  That has happened in previous exchanges.  That is true for the fee as well, but you have to know in advance.  I think we will know the international rates, but we might not know the contract rate because each bank might be different.  We don’t know what the package will be, but we know what has happened in previous exchanges.  I will ask them to show me the screen.  I will go in the bank right now and they will show me the screen.  I don’t know if they will have 2-3 different rates on the screen.  You have to know what you want to do.  If they gave us the procedure, we could say what those procedures are, but they chose not to do that yet.
Next callers:  We talked to you a few weeks ago about the zim, but have not found any place to purchase it.  Is this the best-kept secret on the planet?  We haven’t found any of the main dealers offering zim, and we’re worried about counterfeits.
Tony:  Not if I say on this call!  Pam knows… but by the time this call finishes, the price will have doubled.  You can get it on the internet.  Pam says to Google it.
DC:  I went to amazon myself, but you need to research this yourself.
713 caller:  My questions are about picking up reserves safely after the value has changed so dramatically.  Both of my dealers say they intend to use Fedex, and they don’t insure currency deliveries.  I called Brinks, and they said they couldn’t move it because dinar is not a recognized currency.
DC:  I would pick it up myself or use an insured carrier, not ship a lot of cash in the mail.
Tony:  This is not what you want to hear, but this is the real world.  There are a few carriers who are used to shipping large quantities.  There are some carriers who know about this now, and a few would walk off with your box.  At least one of the dealers has said they will come to you so long as you meet their criteria – two airports and over five million dinar.  They will put it physically into your hands.  Or they can exchange it and wire it to your bank account, and then there isn’t an issue.  Or they can Fedex a check to you.  Once it is a viable currency, Brinks will move it.
Caller:  I’m part of a group and I’m assuming we will exchange at international rates because we hear the NDA will preclude our using contract rates to redeem the reserves. Also, I don’t want to be bound by an NDA.
DC:  Everyone I’ve talked to who knows how big the pool is has told me that if you have reserves, you will not get a contract rate on those reserves because it will simply take too long to get those reserves and then get to the bank.  But with cash in hand, you will (or may) get the contract rate.  Also, the NDA is all encompassing for the groups.  If you have 100K dinar, cash in hand, and that is your spending money.  Let’s say you exchange that at international rates, and the rest at contract rates.  Because you are with Group ABC, and you get $10, you can no longer talk about dinar or the rate, even for the 100K.  All the NDAs I’ve read are very clear about that.  With respect to the reserves, you
Caller:  If you exchange at a higher rate, can you use that to pay off your reserves?
DC:  We are getting mixed answers on that.  Some have been able to, and some have not.  Most US bankers and the Treasury have said that you can use it to pay off your reserves, but you cannot get contract rates on your reserves.
Tony:  You can always sell enough through your dealer to pay off your reserves, and then exchange those reserves. 
Caller:  If you have it delivered, can the TSA confiscate it?  Also, anything on the rupiah?
Tony:  If you have enough to pick it up, use a private plane!  As for rupiah, we keep hearing $1.05, and so far as we know Wells Fargo will handle exchanging rupiah as well.
775 caller:  Yay!  I recently lost my job and I’m still super-fantastic!  For months we have been talking about ceilings on contract rates – does that apply to all situations?
DC:  No, only on contract rates. The real question is about the zim, because even the street rate is insanely good.  But we don’t have an answer for that.
Caller:  Do you think the one advising that man to throw away his mother’s mattress dinar is waiting by the trash can?    Now that I’m unemployed, I’m happy to volunteer for any way I can help you… just let me know! 
Tony:  I’ll give your number to Pam, the boss!
702 caller:  I’ve been in this for year and listening to you for six months.  On the different currencies, you see a lot of different info on the currency codes.  What will be the official does for the four currencies?
DC:  In the UST system, it will be IQN, VNN, ZIN and I don’t know for the rupiah.  As I understand it, there will not be a lot of tripping up.  There are a few things you do need to get right – this is a currency exchange rather than anything else, but everything else should be self-explanatory.  They want to get you through the cattle chute quickly. 
Caller:  I am going to Africa and will drill as many wells with different ministries, plus I want to do a lot for veterans.  I am an Air Force vet and was with the Army reserves, and feel our veterans have not got what they deserve.  I am here to give where I can.
423 caller:  I’ve been waiting for 2½ years to talk to you.  Some friends told us about dinar that long ago and we have been buying a little at a time since then.  We’re on the TNT board, we donate, and we feel like partners with you.  DC, thanks for coming onboard;  we love your stories like about you uncle in Alaska.  [Appreciation] 
Tony: You do know he was ordered to be here, right? 
Caller:  We appreciate your intel people, who are the unsung heroes.  [Appreciation]  We feel like a family and that’s why we want to come to one of the events.  We feel like we know you personally.  We have a  folder ready with all our receipts, etc.  We thought this thing would go any minute, and we are ready so we don’t have to get ready.  We are not financial people and don’t know about investments, but after this goes, will this be a good time to get into a group that invests in international currencies?
DC:  WE are not financial advisers, but there are hedge funds and other ways to get into currency speculation. It’s complicated, not for the faint of heart, and calls for sophisticated investors.  There are a lot of sharks in those waters.  You can make a lot of money, but you want to take it easy in those waters.
Tony:  Everyone needs to understand what DC just said.  If you are not experienced at investing, absolutely do NOT go into foreign currency, because  you will lose.  You got into this because someone told you it was a sure thing. Unless something like the dinar comes up again, don’t do it.  I wouldn’t do it in your situation, because you are 99% likely to lose your money.
Caller:  I was in Romania 19 years ago, and brought back some leis.  So I have kept my eye on what countries have revalued their currencies.  If I had acted on that, I would have made some money over the years.
DC:  I was told about this from an Air Force cargo driver who happened to bring home some dinar in his wallet from Kuwait, and he made almost 400K!  Tony and I, we’re just normal guys who have done a few successful things in the past.  We happen to have a few contacts, and we’re just trying to help
Tony:  I was sitting around with an international trader who says the dinar will never go but the dong will.  He has a lot of clients with dinar, though.  I talk to all kinds of guys, and they ask where I get all this from, and really it’s from life experiences.  I have made a lot of money and lost a lot as well. Once you have reached the top, you know here it is and it’s easier to get back there.  I have done that a few times.  I’ve done some real estate, a few IPOs, my own MLM company.  My life experiences have helped me to know what to do and every time I’ve got back to the top, it’s been at a higher level.  Every time I’ve refused to quit, I have got higher levels of contacts.  I’m still surprised at the personal messages I’ve got from some people.  DC has walked the halls with these people.  We are not advising you, but trying to give you thing to look at and listen to so that you get the ups and not the downs.  Not all bankers and advisers are bad;  you have to decide for yourself if your banker and your advisor is giving you the best advice.  There are good people in every industry, and they will ask if you really want to do whatever.  My bus instructor always told me, “If in doubt, don’t”, and that is usually right.
404 caller:  What’s the best way to get a contract rate with a Roth IRA?
DC:  An IRA is an Individual Retirement Account;  one type is tax-free and one is tax-deferred.  A Roth IRA is tax-free, so it’s a great place to put your dinar.  IRAs have trustees that might typically be a bank or a trust company.  They will have to exchange for you and that process will probably be too slow to get the contract rate. If the IRA has set up an LLC, and there is a qualified person running it who can exchange quickly, than you have a better chance at getting the contract rate. 
Caller:  Tomorrow is the date to publish the UN operational rate.  Will this be published at the lower rate and it will be published after the RV?
DC:  The plan has always been to adjust it afterwards, as with the Euro and other rate changes with this global recession.  It would be nice to see this done tonight so that it can be published all at the same time, but it’s not a leading indicator.
Caller:  There has been conflicting info about President Obama’s whereabouts, if he has gone to Iraq or is already back in the US.
DC:  I know that there will be US representatives in Iraq when this happens, but I will not comment on the President’s whereabouts.
410 caller:  Sometimes I would call in really early and have had the call drop, and I think that’s why some people have not answered when you pick them.  
Tony:  I can see who is on the line with their hand up;  that is why I tell people to be on the phone and not on the compute or on speaker, because there can be a time delay.  Those who have been on 10-12 hours might have fallen asleep!
Caller:  I see.  [Appreciation]  This info makes all of us look good when we go in.  Some people might say things during their exchange that is unintentionally offensive because they don’t know what you have taught us. 
Tony:  We have said it before and banks have said that they will have upset employees.  Some will have attitudes, so let US not make it harder on them because some will be so upset when they realize that this actually happened and they didn’t get any, or they sold it back, or you move to a new neighborhood or get a new car, and they ask how that happened.  You will see those relationships change, not because it’s your fault but because it was easier to laugh at you than to take advantage of the opportunity.
Caller:  They will get over it in time, or not.  Just smile and move on.  I hope this is the last we hear from you guys apart from the package and “let’s go to the bank!”
602 caller:  There’s so much talk about the price of gold and silver and the drop in the value of the dollar. Does that have anything to do with the RV?
DC:  Those watching the RV are watching those prices as well.  The dollar will be worth less, but by very little.  It’s kind of a race to the bottom between the dollar, the euro, and other currencies.  They are trying to print as much money as they can to bolster exports.
Caller:  You haven’t got the package – do they not want you to help us?
DC:  Some of the people involved don’t like us.  Some don’t care about you, and they keep changing the procedure.  They also know that we won’t sign an NDA before telling you what the exchange involves. Some people do still want us involved.
Tony:  Some don’t trust Tony although they do trust Winston.  I will do what I agreed to do, and explain the situation.  We will look at that, and also some have told us we will not go until you go, and anyway we won’t leave until you can exchange.  They keep changing it in any case, and there are so many different options. Certain things have leaked out, and they could have leaked out more to give you all more confidence in the process.  They could do that unofficially and we can tell you those things, but at the moment they are just asking for total chaos.  If each bank wants to do their own thing, the obvious thing is to call each bank and ask what they are offering.  They are asking for headaches;  there is definitely a better solution than having six million to call every bank!
DC:  The cynics just want to push everyone through;  the more compassionate ones want it to go more easily and smoothly and they are willing for us to help.  They want us all to be compliant, so we’ll see what happens. 
Caller:  A lot of countries are getting ready to jump the Euro – is that true?
DC:  That is the trillion-dollar question.  There’s a lot of speculation there. It’s just my belief, but I think everyone is too darned tied to the Euro for that to happen.  I think that the dinar will fix some of the symptoms but not the cause.  With the Euro, the different countries don’t have control over their own economies.  I think even Greece will stay in there because they cannot afford to leave.  As I understand it, the dinar will stimulate the global economy, and it will help Europe out of the double-digit recession.  When you’re rich, you don’t complain as much.  All we can do is wait and send out the tweet about which banks to call!
Tony:  Thank you to the South African lady for that letter – it meant so much to Pam, DC, and everyone else in the dinar community. You hit the nail on the head, and everyone on this call should have felt part of that letter.
DC:  Yes, thanks for that.  That’s why we volunteer all this time for nothing.  In summary, everybody is ready and impatient in Iraq and the US.  The last-minute checks are occurring to make sure everyone is on the same page, and this should go down very, very quickly. This is hopefully our last call.  Thank you, Tony, for letting me be part of this for the last two years.  Thank you Pam and the intel team, who we cannot name.  Thanks also to the President, Vice-President and Secretary of the Treasury, the statesmen who have helped, and also PM Abadi and Dr Shabibi for doing everything they have done to bring this about.
Pam:  Thanks to my family for putting up with all the hours I put into TNT, and for doing this themselves, and not bugging me for what I do. Thanks to the mods and transcribers:  Adept, Sunnygal, Zebragirl, who make it possible to follow when they cannot be on the call.  There are so many people who help in the chat room, and so many intel people as well, plus those who had to move on for different reasons.  We’ve all be on this journey and it’s made us what we are.  That light at the end of the tunnel really is flashing!
Ray:  I didn’t have a speech prepared, and I’m not thanking anyone until this is done. When it’s all over, come on down to the islands and Ill thank you all.  Continue to enjoy your Wealth-seeking Wednesday!
Tony:  It’s another great Wednesday.  Everything is possible, and I did get two different.  confirmation that the ISX has been given an exact date when they are going international. I’m not saying it so that nobody can accuse me of screwing it up. They still they will approve the budget tomorrow, so there should be an announcement and we’ll see what happens.  All we can tell you is what has been scheduled;  we cannot make them do it.  This is what they are telling us is about to happen.  We’ve been here 4-5 years, and we have been keeping you in the moment, as soon as people came out of parliament or meetings.  We gave you such detailed information that people were getting arrested!  We have learned to curb some of that information, yet people continued to give us that info so that we can have confidence in what we do make public.  So I thank all those who put their careers, families and lives on the line to give us hope with their information – not just for us but also those listening in Iraqi internet cafes.  We appreciate what they are going through and know it is a life-changing event for all Iraqi citizens as well as for us.  So thanks to all of them. If I don’t see you in Vegas, Michigan, Atlanta, I hope to see you somewhere.  For those high ups in the background, I really, really hope to meet you and shake your hands and thank you on behalf of all of us dinarians.
I haven’t talked to the guy in the White House for two years, and he said then that if it didn’t happen by the 15th, there would be no back wall.  He was right!  They say it takes a village to raise a child, and it took a whole global community to do this.  Thanks to everyone in all those countries, and enjoy the rest of your day.

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