TNT Call notes 29-May-2015

Tony: Good morning, TNT! Today is Friday, May 29, 2015. We are here, we are ready, and it’s going to be a super-fantastic day! We have good information for you guys. DC is not here; he is working on a special project this week. Some of you super-informed people have probably figured that out – or not. Those who know his history and background can figure that out. He is once again doing things that are required and helpful in his life and yours. We’ll go from there. We did discuss the information.
We are in a super-super-fantastic situation. The tests all went perfectly, everyone is in agreement, and we are simply waiting on a time. This is not the normal Friday hype Most of the people wanted this to occur on a weekend – preferably t he holiday weekend so there was an extra day. Everyone is looking for something…
Banks still have the rates we have talked about, with no admin hold or pending… just waiting to be told “start your transactions”. Don’t know when that will come. Security managers are having meetings, personnel are on standby, and people have been contacted to say their transactions will be processed in the next 72 hours. Banks are counting currencies, and ready to go. We have seen bank stories in the forum, and some have been told it will be done by today – and today isn’t over yet.
There is an article saying that Parliament is NOT going out of session until the ‘currency reform has been completed’, and they announced they are going on break on Sunday. Take that for what it’s worth – I like it.
This morning the CBI approved currency purchases and exchanges for all banks in Iraq; they are ALL approved to process currency exchanges. This is free and clear to go at any time. There is a window of time, over the course of this weekend including Monday morning. That’s a wide window, but we can live with that. If it happens this afternoon, great; if it’s Monday, that’s great. They wanted this done by the 1st of June, which is Monday. They have notified holders of MasterCards of changes taking place.
It’s all good news. Everyone is saying “Let’s go!” As Ray said, the train is coming to a stop, and people can get off, get on, or go to the next stop. We are waiting for the event, and everyone around the globe is preparing at this time, and it’s within 72 hours. I think everyone is okay with my telling you that, because we didn’t say a specific day or time. In the next 72 hours, this party should begin There is not a lot to say; we just have to wait and that’s what we’ll do.
408 caller: If you are not part of the forum, how will you know the site is read-only?
Tony: I don’t know. Maybe we’ll have to put an announcement on the front page. That’s a good question; we’ll have to develop a new page in a hurry!
I got my shirt in the mail yesterday saying “Vegas, Vegas, Vegas” from the Texas team. I like that and think I’ll order some more of them!
863 caller: [Appreciation] For the individuals who don’t have any dinar, are we still expecting the dong to revalue at the same time?
Tony: I would tell you this: the dong is on the screens and they intend to process it with the dinar right now. Pam said there was an article saying the dong will not go for many months, but I will tell you that when the dinar goes, the dong will go as well.
Caller: Are the rates in the same neighborhood as we have been talking about?
Tony: They are the same as we’ve been saying, with dong = $2+. DC does believe that the dong will be 47 cents, but either way it’s better than the five cents we thought before.
Caller: Remember, if you are getting haters, you are doing something right! I hope to have 2-3 more haters on me before the day is out! Keep it up, Tony, I appreciate it!
617 caller: You said before that the zim would be exchanging a minimum of 100 trillion; is that just the top banks or every bank?
Tony: I don’t know. We can only tell you what we’ve been told, that they are doing that in lots of 100 trillion. When the zim got involved, there were fewer than 2,000 people holding it, and they were unconcerned. We told people what a great deal it would be, and suddenly there were 10,000 people with zim. I thought that was great, that there were another 8,000 who would have at least another ten million. This morning, DC said there were 25,000 now with zim, so there are more that will have money and that will be able to change their lives. They still believe that most people will blow through that money in a few years. The limits on banking systems means that not every bank will be qualified to exchange zim at all – it may be too much money for that bank.
310 caller: Have you known anyone to change any historic bonds?
Tony: Let me think about that – so much has changed in five years. I know people who have been contacted about their bonds, and paymasters who have got their payment but not been authorized to distribute it yet. I know people outside the country who have received money, but I don’t know anyone personally who has received bond money.
The zim was 19 cents yesterday, and then they said it went down to 13 cents. Before that was 22 cents; wherever it ends up, it will be great. The dong was at $2.24, which we thought was the contract rate, but some think the dong will come out at 47 cents.
We will not have a radio show afterwards because our NDAs forbid us from becoming public personalities.
808 caller: I have a box of macadamia nuts right here for you, and I’ll take it to the post office today… with some organic white honey that will knock you off your feet. I could send some to Pam, DC or Ray – will you forward it?
Tony: Let’s stress this is for TONY, not Pam or DC or Ray. I will forward it if you package it up separately.
Caller: I will send you a t-shirt from Hawaii – why go to Vegas when you can go to Hawaii? Would you please let Pam know that I’d love to work on her foundation project? Once this goes I will have a lot of time to work on that with her. [Appreciation]
Tony: Pam and I were talking this morning (without DC) and Pam said she was talking to Daz last night about all we have … [call dropped]
Tony: There is a very good possibility that this could be the last call before THE call. Authorization has been given, the system has been fixed, tested and it’s working. We are that close to this happening in 72 hours. If we do THE call today or tomorrow, we will not be here on Monday to wish Pam a Happy Anniversary.
512 caller: I called to let you know it was our small town just outside of Austin that was so affected by the floods. We are fine and the neighborhood is good. Some lost so much. The first words after we got there was concern about others who were worse off.
Tony: I am hoping so much that this is the final weekend and you will have the help to rebuild your community. There are several people on our intel team who live in Austin, in that area, and all our prayers are with you. We love you and are concerned for you.
Caller: I do have a question about reconciling what we heard about Kurdistan having a rate of 86 cents, and what we see on our screens here. How do you work that out?
Tony: Okie called me on Wednesday and said that he has friends over there, and their MasterCards stopped working. They have been using them here and there, and they stopped working. Yesterday one of my guys called and said their cards were not working either. The bank told them why it wasn’t working, what was going on, and when they will be working again. Adjustments will be made to reflect the current date and time. You know what I’m saying. That is what they just put out to their cardholders, and we’ll see what happens. We are NOT expecting them to be in that lower range, not at all.
Caller: Wimberly, Wimberly, Wimberly… and you guys take care.
Tony: I want to give Okie credit because he did come up with that and tell me that, and our guys gave us the additional information.
301 caller: I am super-fantastic as well. Congratulations on your anniversary, Pam. Tony, I know everyone keeps talking about taxes; how do we check about taxes if the site is not up?
Tony: I don’t know unless the bank or the IRS tells you. I don’t know if they haven’t thought that out yet, if they want us to blast that out to our database or what. I don’t know if the decision has been made to tax it at all. Some people who have been paid 2-3 years ago haven’t paid taxes at all, and we know that one group at 11% tax built in.
Caller: Who was saying it had to go by 1. June?
Tony: Some of the contractors in Iraq said that if it’s not done by the first, they will just pull out and cancel their contracts. Some information said that all contracts end on the first. Iraq wants this done by the 15th, before Ramadan.
Caller: How do we get in contract with you all after the site goes down? [Appreciation]
Tony: I’ll give everyone my email address and email right now… you know I’m joking, right? I don’t know what my NDA will say; I should be able to talk to people, just not about currency, etc. DC said they added to my 33 pages – I don’t know what they could add! My friends know my private email address. Also, will not go away. We have to have something, and I’ll try to go through it every now and then, because Pam will be too busy and rich to deal with it afterwards. If there is any way possible to keep in touch, we will, to say how everyone has grown and how successful everyone is. Wait, the right email is The tntsuperfantastic sites (.com, .net and .info) will stay up and all the events, registration, etc., will be on those sites. Those sites were set up to handle overflow when goes down after the RV itself is released.
732 caller: I’ve been trying to get on for a month! Happy Anniversary, Pam! I’m sending packages to all of you. I do have a question from Twitter: “I’d like to know if Tony wills hare what he has learned about ‘reduction’, where you are erased from the public eye as a matter of security. Could Tony talk about that now?”
Tony: Google that and ask security people what they would recommend. Over the years, we have discussed replacing your computers: set up new computers for your banking, get a post office box, set up foundations to buy property and cars so people cannot work out who you are, make sure your account info is restricted to your wealth managers only, so tellers cannot see it, and generally make yourself invisible. There are people who specialize in that and they can do it for you.
503 caller: Have you seen the movie What the Bleep Do You Know? For those who want to stay positive, do watch that movie. [too fast, can’t follow] Someone talked about allergy medicine? Are we still waiting for Iraq? Will we go immediately or have to wait until the middle of next week? [Appreciation]
Tony: I think we will go immediately.
I just want to do a one-hour call today because it’s me by myself, but the information is so positive and complete, we are just waiting for the time to go. Everyone is on the same page, the window is this weekend, and it could be this evening, any time up until Monday. In the meantime, I will send this text about medication to Pam for her to post. What hour do I think this will happen? I am 95% certain that everyone is gearing up for this. Anything can happen, but that is my feeling. The authorization has been given all the way through; that is the difference this week. The problem was in the system, and now the system has been fixed and tested. They are just waiting for this to go through. As for the zim, the rate is there and it will go through. When they first made the announcement that the zim will be non-viable by the end of June. They thought it would be over by then! So as soon as this goes, exchange your zim as soon as you hear. I’m not worried about getting every penny, I’m concerned that my money makes money, that I put it in a position where it makes money that I can live off forever. That should be your goal, to get it into a foundation and make money in a protected way. That is more important than buying cars and houses – to get the money positioned so that you can make money to live off rather than using your foundation. Use your money to make money! Never touch the golden egg!
Pam: I think that’s right: never touch your golden egg. You need to build your foundation first, and then you can help the world. You all have big hearts; you guys are amazing. You can be the change!
Ray: Enjoy this Fantabulous Friday. We’re finally going to see it!
Tony: You mean this weekend?
Pam: I vote for Friday!
Tony: Nobody should have to get ready at this point – you should BE ready. You should have your Top Ten list, have your gift letters ready, have your plan of how you are going to live for the next five years. Talk to anyone you need to talk to NOW, this afternoon! Enjoy the rest of your day. It’s my goal to have a conversation this weekend and get this party started. Thank you, Pam and Ray!

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