TNT Call notes 30-September-2015

TNT Call notes 30-September-2015

Tony: How are you doing?  Magnificent?  Well, let’s make everyone else magnificent!  Good morning, TNT!  Today is Wednesday, September 30, 2015.  Now, I start this off every day with ‘Good morning, TNT” because I get letters from people saying they like that and I try not to disappoint anyone I can personally affect.  Today is a good day.  I know you have a hundred questions and we’ll try to answer them quickly.

Today is the quietest day for the last two weeks.  We have phone calls, people trying to find out stuff, and everyone is quiet.  We were expecting announcements yesterday and I don’t’ know if there were any.  Someone from the Parliament and two others in Iraq were supposed to make announcements, and nothing happened, but everything else is still good. They are read, everyone is ready, the green light has been given, and the window of opportunity is down to 48hours or less, if nothing goes wrong. There is craziness on television, but we should have a good week.  Everything is very, very positive.

I’ll tell you everything quickly, then you can ask the questions.  It’s one question Wednesday so make it a good one. We know the five currencies in the basket.  You keep asking me about that:  dinar, zim, dong, rupiah, and you know the rates.  Now many are asking about the Afghan money and the Iranian real.  Lots of you are buying the Afghani at $144 per million.  [Ray:  No, it’s $144 for 5,000.]  That rate for five thousand, and if it came out at $8 then that just got you $40,000.  Is that a good deal?  For something we just recently heard about?  That same $144 or less ($80, or eve $77) will buy me a million dong, which I already know is coming in at 47-50 cents, so that will same $144 will bring me in a million dollars. I’ve known about that for five years, so why would I take that money and make a million dollars rather than $40,000.  I understand diversifying, but diversify with something that we already know works.  It makes more sense to buy more dinar or dong than Afghani.

After we get done with this, there will be at least nine other currencies that will do something in the next few years. We don’t know what might happen in the world – come of these countries might go sideways. I plan taking my currency, exchanging at the best rates I can, and taking my dollars to make more dollars. I don’t plan on holding a lot more foreign currencies in hopes that they might go.  I might look at some short-term ones, but I know places that I can put dollars that I’m not worried about.  Go to the bank, sit down with a wealth managers who have the ability to raise your rates, and have plan to know what you will do with it.  You have to have a plan that will leave some money there so that that the banker can make commissions… that is just the bottom line.

We thought that Monday might be our last call, and this one could be.  Everyone around you will find out about your money and they will want to have some – friends, family, foundations.  You have to decide who to give it to, and more importantly, I am looking at doing things in my own community.   You can give money to a foundation, and sometimes only 5% goes to the cause, and the rest on admin and expenses.  I think you will get the most satisfaction if you invest in your community:  veterans, children, playgrounds, homeless shelters, Xmas gifts for kids, whatever.  You have the opportunity to do good things and create a legacy in your own community, what you leave behind and get accomplished, that you can see every day in your own community, to make an impact that you can see every day.

Pam wants me to remind you guys that when you exchange at contract rates and you sign an NDA, they will process you and put your money in your account, but will not let you have it until your spouse signs the NDA as well.  So if you plan on sneaking behind someone’s back, that is out the window because your spouse has to sign the NDA, too.

Yesterday I sent out a tweet that some people were getting paid on Monday, that they were actually exchanging.  Someone sent us information from overseas that they had confirmation exchanges were going on across the US.  Here in the US, I am personally aware of some transactions that took place, including the people and the dollar amounts.  That was not second-hand information.  I’m not upset about that;  I am actually happy they have started doing that again.  It’s about time!  They are getting the system back on track, and making sure people are familiar with the process and how it should go.  That is what the tweet said:  It has to be our turn soon.  Everyone knows the history of this event and how everyone feels about certain people being paid (and us not getting paid).  Various people got paid who are well aware of what happened last time, and I don’t think they would have gone through that process if they didn’t think it was going through for all of us, this time.  Nobody willingly puts their head on the chopping block, and no one wants to see a repeat of what happened before (two years ago).  Pam got tweets and texts saying, “How long are we going to let this go”, etc.  We ARE included in the process and still have access to contract rates.  The bank people are being trained in how to raise the rates.  We don’t  have an issue unless and until this is announced in Iraq, everyone there is exchanged at the new rates and we don’t.  Until then, we are still on track.  If it is not, then we will worry about it then, because we still have the documentation to bring this into the public.

Nothing happened today. It’s a quiet day here and in Iraq.  We don’t know why the expected speeches didn’t take place, and they could take place in the next five minutes.  I just got another text, and they are saying that they can use their card!  Our day just got better!  It’s a good thing, and I’ll make some phone calls…

856 caller:  Good morning!  When this gets done, I’ll be as super-fantastic as you!  How long do you think the zim will hold on?

Tony:  I think they will give it another 90 days.

Caller:  We should be there before then, is that your conclusion?

Tony:  Yes, that’s my conclusion. You’ll see it go up and down for ten days, and they clearly want us in and out within those ten days.

Caller:  In Vegas, I’d like to see you, DC, Ray and Pam jump out of a big cake and shower us with 100 trillion zim notes!

Tony: I can pretty much guarantee that is not going to happen.  Pam might… We always planned on a four-day even in Vegas with some kind of training during the day with a bank, a “now that you’re rich” training with long-term investments, trusts, annuities, and other information.  Then you can go home and find your own companies to do that. We would have that during the day and then dinners where you can meet all the mods, give them some gifts, and then have a party with all kinds of music.  I will put the best minds together so that everyone can have the opportunity to enjoy themselves.  Pam will be there, so there will be some comic relief as well!  Pam says that if she is jumping out of cakes, she is collecting dollars, not giving them out!

Caller:  [Appreciation]  Vegas, Vegas, Vegas!

404 caller:  Earlier you said some crazy things were shown on television – such as?

Tony:  Russia bombing people in Syria, what’s going on in Afghanistan probably in retaliation for what the US did… not good stuff, going in the wrong direction.

617 caller:  You just got a text saying they are using their cards – new rate?

Tony:  Yes, they are saying they are using their new rates.  We already heard that from a guy over here, when it went international.

Caller:  On the Afghan currency, I got ten thousand for four dollars.  That’s why I asked before if they are taking all the notes.

Ray:  But we heard recently the ten thousand Afghani notes are not being traded.

Caller:  [Appreciation]  Vegas, Vegas, Vegas!

641 caller:  When receive the information from you, will that be live on Forex when you give that number out, or will be have a few days before the general public?

Tony:  The plan is that it won’t hit Forex for a few days – if they still do that.  That lets the bank work with a stable rate.  However, that might have gone out the window in the last 9- days.

Caller:  I was emailing my wealth manager last night, and said I think we are supposed to go before the general public.  He told me to call the general number first…

Tony: They will give out the numbers, but if you already have a wealth manager, you should call them first – because they will get the commission, and that is their job.  That’s why they are developing those relationships now, so that you go to them first, and they get the money rather than you being sent to another exchange center.  He will be thoroughly amazed when you are right, and he will treat you with respect and really look after your money because you clearly have contacts.  He will pay attention to what you say about investments around the world.

Caller:  We were blessed to get into this a year or so ago.  My computer got lock in that day with the wealth manager and it remains.  I know how you must feel, with these calls three days per week.  We will be doing good things with this money, building schools and helping those who didn’t get in on this.  [Appreciation]  Vegas, Vegas, Vegas!

Tony: The text I just got is one of our better intel people.  He’s an Iraqi citizen, a business owner closely associated with banking over there, as well as a business owner in the US.  He has live television feed over here, and went back a month ago, and he just notified his family here that “life is great”.

503 caller:  Hopefully we will be in the banks this weekend. Is the average citizen now being paid the new rate?

Tony:  I just explained that this contact is an average citizen, with family here and family over there, and he just sent me that text on the call.

Caller:  [Appreciation]  Vegas, Vegas, Vegas!

408 caller:  I have a family member who banks at the same bank, and she just left for two weeks in Europe.  I have the letters of authority to exchange for her.  Is it better to exchange her currency with her wealth manager at her local branch six hours away, or to fold her currency into my bank and then transfer it?

Tony:  If it were me and my brother, I would do mine with my guy and drive over there and do his with his guy so that his wealth manager with get the commission and know he is loyal to that relationship.

432 caller:  [chitchat]  Did you talk to Okie over the weekend?

Tony:  He called me yesterday;  he is still sick.  I don’t want to talk about what’s wrong with him, but he’s still here, and as soon as this happens, he plans to take care of his situation.

707 caller:  I have a calling to pursue getting you, DC, Pam and Ray the Nobel Peace Prize.  I need to know a little more about your guys.  I’m in Sonoma county, so we’re not far apart, so I’d like to meet with you and get your permission to do it.

Tony:  I appreciate your bringing that up.  We’re going to have some different restrictions, so we cannot do that because of the exposure it would bring.  So I appreciate the thought, but I think we all have some different ambitions after this is over.  But I do appreciate the thought.

Caller:  [Appreciation]  Vegas, Vegas, Vegas!

508 caller:  [Appreciation]  I want to ask – the tweet said people are exchanging.  Are those banks on the East Coast or just over your way.

Tony:  In the last few weeks, people have managed to exchange some currency, and by the time the West Coast banks are open, it’s shut down again.  So only East Coast people have managed to exchange anything.

Caller:  Which currencies have been exchanged?

Tony: It’s been the rupiah more than anything.  I think we are close enough that it doesn’t matter.

Caller:  From Cape Cod… Vegas, Vegas, Vegas!

601 caller:  I’ve got a bank story for you.  I went to the WF branch here where I live, and it doesn’t do foreign currency.  They were so rude before, they kept telling me dinar was a scam, and by accident I called them yesterday.  They said they are now a currency exchange branch, and when I told her which currencies, the lady said that they will be exchanging soon.   She took down my name and number, so… such a change!

Tony:  They have been getting ready for the last week or so… not just WF but other banks as well, being notified that they are now exchange banks, and having training.

Caller:  This was an ordinary teller who asked for the phone number so that she can listen to the replay of the last call.  I told her to call me if she wants more information.

Tony:  You’d be surprised how many people in the banks are now listening to the calls!

318 caller:  You said that if you are married, your spouse has to sign the NDA as well.  What if you are separated or divorced?

Tony:  If you are divorced, that is your ex-husband.  If you are separated, you might have a problem.  What I have been told is that if you have already signed the NDA, your spouse has to come in and sign, and if you want contract rates, you and your spouse both have to sign the NDA.  These people are not randomly selected;  the banks are definitely working off a list.  It might be those who have purchased currency through that bank, because they are the favorite customers, VIPs or whatever.  Someone has to be first.  Only if they cut us off do we have an issue.  Until then, we are good.

When we first started, a long time ago, we used to do these three-hour calls because we had a lot of information and a lot of learning to do.  We have done most of that, and you have been with us for a while.  So much was happening, so many laws had to be completed, and as less is changing, we can have shorter calls.  We went down to two hours, and now one hour, because when we get to the hour point, the Tyrant says, “enough”.  We’re at that point now!

Pam:  I thought we decided I’m the Enforcer, not the Tyrant!  One of our wonderful transcribers fell and hit her head, so our prayers are with her, and we appreciate the one who stepped in to fill that spot.  Our verbatim transcriber – who Tony promised a Bentley to – she got kicked off the call today.  Sorry, everyone!  We sure appreciate all our transcribers.  Please keep the Iraqis in your thoughts, and also the Russian and Syrian citizens who are having problems now.  This is the most complex financial transaction in the history of the world, so keep them all in your thoughts.

RayRen:  This is When are we going to see it Wednesday.  That’s all.

Tony: We got great news yesterday.  Having people exchange was good, and the rates were good, too.  The information we are getting from Iraq is also good, including the text we got during the call.  It could still take 24-48 hours, or even through the weekend, so we don’t know.  I do think this is the final part of this.  There has been nonsense all over the television this morning, with the Secretary of Defense getting ready to speak, so I hope that doesn’t affect this.  Make sure your plan is written down, that road map to make sure you are going in the right direction.  You’ll need that to make sure there are no conflicts between your plan and what the bank wants you to sign.  That’s what I would be doing today if you haven’t done it already.  Make sure your steps are written down so you can refer to them at the bank if necessary.

Thanks to everyone on TNT and in the military including those over there right now.  We appreciate you.  Enjoy the rest of your day!


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