TNT Call notes 5-August-2015

Tony:  Good morning, TNT!  Today is Wednesday, August 5, 2015.  Sorry we are a little bit late, but we are here although the RV is not, but we are waiting for it.  We’re 15 minutes late, but not late at all because nothing has happened.  We didn’t get any information his morning, people are being very quiet and they say nothing has changed.  It’s like yesterday:  get ready, be ready.  On Monday, banks kept their people until midnight waiting for this to happen and it did not happen.  Yesterday there was another round of ‘get ready’, and here we are this morning.

No one is upset, they are just waiting for something we don’t know about.  One of the rates was live yesterday, for a couple of hours.  Some people accidentally stumbled upon that and did some exchanges.  That will probably happen throughout, and I don’t know if it will be one currency or several, but the rates are really and better than we have seen.

From Saturday, the Iraqi banks will be independent within their territories, under the overall control of the CBI.  They will have to follow the guidelines, but this hasn’t happened in years.

Something will have to show up when the ministers and PM get paid, because their salaries were supposed to be cut in August.  They have already made that decision, and now they are saying they decided not to do that.  This news came out after the call, and now they are saying that didn’t pass, but I think that will change after the RV is announced.  Otherwise they will be making ridiculous amounts of money.

We don’t know why they haven’t done it, but people are in position for it to go.  We just don’t know what moment in time it will happen.  People haven’t been paid this month yet.  In June, they said they would make payments in July and then people would get regularly scheduled payments, in August.  We’ll have to wait and see.

617 caller:  I guess there is nothing to ask, so I’ll pass to 404 and see if she has any good questions.  Vegas, Vegas, Vegas!

404 caller:  About the Puerto Rico default – what impact might that have on the RV process?  Could it slow us down at all?

Tony:  I don’t think so.  It’s not like Greece, which was mainstream news that threatened to take down Europe.  We’re not hearing much about that at all.

404 caller: What about the package?

Tony:  I haven’t seen it, I don’t even know if there is one because nobody is telling us anything about that.  As Pam says:  You know what to do, whether we are here or not.  When the firing gun goes off, just do what I told you.

404 caller:  With respect to the currency dealers and reserves, what are your folks saying about those who have exchanged early with SKRs – have they been able to get access to their reserves?

Tony:  Everyone who was paid out before was supposedly paid out on what they had on hand.  Anyone who went back and double-dipped, they closed their accounts. That is what we were hearing at the time.  The difference is that they went out and bought enough physical dinar because they knew they could exchange at that time.  The super-rich can buy what they want;  they don’t need to buy reserves.

Caller:  I heard that President Masum ducked out of the opening of the Suez Canal due to matters at home.  Do you think celebrations might be involved?

Tony:  Yesterday, I kept hearing “any minute, any minute, any minute”…

Caller:  And nothing has changed, right.   Vegas, Vegas, Vegas to Tony can go!

503 caller:  I’m a bit concerned about reserves because I cannot seem to renew mine.  I can’t believe the government is doing this to us.  Otherwise, Vegas, Vegas, Vegas!

248 caller:  I’m down in the bayou in Louisiana, having moved from Michigan a week ago.  Are there places to exchange other than New Orleans?  I’m an hour away in Homer LA.

Tony:  If you go down to the end of the path and turn right, and go through the swamp… I’m sure there is going to be a place for  you to exchange.

Caller:  There is a Chase bank here – will any Chase be able to exchange?

Tony:  Not every bank will be an exchange location and it depends on how much you have.  When we have the phone numbers, they will tell you where to go.

Caller:  What about the connection with China?  Is that the one that will receive a lot of these oil credits?

Tony:  China is receiving the oil credits from groups they have contracts with.  The US will receive oil credits from the banks as people exchange.  I’m not saying every group is associated with China, but there are some large groups that do.

Caller:  Good, because I’m committed to sustainability.  [Appreciation]  Vegas, Vegas, Vegas!

717 caller:  I hope this goes because my Mac officially died. Today’s transcribing might be a little iffy.  Someone in chat actually offered to send me a laptop, but I’m working with the software.  So please be patient for the verbatim transcript. [This is ZebraGirl.]

Tony:  Thank you for all those transcriptions and people will just have to be patient.

Caller: I’m taking a few days off next week, but I’m  hoping it’s done by then.  You said that some people stumbled on the exchange.  They are doing this peekaboo thing on us, so do we just continue to behave well, or start asking the banks?

Tony: This person exchanged and sent me a copy of the receipt, and that is not the first time this has happened.  However, if I told you guys to go to the bank and have them check every day, I’ll get a phone call saying the PTB are pissed off at me.  The banks sent out a memo with my name on it, saying ‘don’t tell Tony anything!”  That is just ridiculous!  I’m here to help, not to hinder any bank.  I don’t want to say NOT to do that because some of you may miss an opportunity.  I want to let you know it has happened because this is going to happen.  Some have already changed zim and dong because they happened to be in the bank that very moment.  I’m telling you so that you can keep the faith that this is happening, even if it’s not for the general public.  They were doing something during that 24 hours, but it’s not happening today, that we do know – we called, and they said that they already changed it back.

I’m not saying to call the banks every day because you and they will both get frustrated. Let’s have faith that this is happening, and that what they had to do to check that particular country or system.

Caller:  If you weren’t here to keep us calm, we would probably all be driving buses to the bank.  You are really their best friend, so I hope they are listening.  So thanks so much, and Vegas, Vegas, Vegas so we all can go!

410 caller:  It sounds to me that everything has been covered and we are sitting here.  See you then in Vegas, Vegas, Vegas!

219 caller:  I’m super-fantastic as well!  I was looking over the list of Ten Things, and I know you have said you’re not sure about the taxes, but the list says to pay the taxes next year…

Tony: We just don’t know about the taxes, so don’t spend that money until we do know.

Caller: About the 3-D printers – should we invest in the machines or the stock or both?

Tony:  Let me go a little more in-depth on this, because there are always some things I am holding back.  I do say that 3-D printing is the industry of the future.  It’s going to be so integral in our lives, and everyone will have a 3-D printer in their home.  People will have 3-D cars – what does that say for the automobile industry, the repair parts, etc., when people can download the pattern and print parts themselves?  Now they are printing heart valves, and maybe even hearts, so where will that industry go?  You can go online and buy all sorts of things that have been made on a 3-D printer – already.  A few weeks ago, there was a pregnant lady who is blind;  she went in for a sonogram, and they printed up the image and laid it on her stomach so that she could feel her baby.  That kind of printer can do so many things;  the industry will be huge and people can make a lot of money off it.  If you google this topic, look for the top five companies – none of which have gone public yet.  Do I want to be part of this before it goes public, during the IPO or afterwards.  Invest BEFORE it goes public – that’s where you’ll make the most money.  Tell your wealth manager that when these companies go public, you want to go in as soon as it hits the market, because it will do nothing but go up.  Somebody will be the industry leader, and there are a couple of companies to get into.  There is a secret to all that which I am not giving you because there are too many people on this call and I would get left out.

Caller:  Thank you!  [Appreciation]

318 caller:  I was looking on – is that a legitimate website for currency rates?  Because it was showing 13 cents for the zim.

Tony:  I don’t know.  That is close to the rate we’ve been hearing.  You never know.

Caller:  If Iraq does NOT go, what will happen?

Tony:  Nothing.  Life will just go on as it is.  However, they are supposed to join the WTO this month and they can’t to that without a real rate.  They have been telling their people it would be done by now.  It’s all supposed to be done by August, and the banks have been telling their people not to have vacations this month or next.  Iraq is constantly telling their people they will be the richest in the region, as with pre-Saddam rates.  It sure looks like everyone is ready and expecting this.

“This is what happened in Iraq this morning.  Folks are protesting the tariffs and the lack of electricity. Being told by the Finance Ministry that this is happening is only making this worse.  They are protesting in the streets now.  I don’t think they will let it deteriorate.

Caller:  Vegas, Vegas, Vegas!  Thank you for all that you do.

Tony:  I really want to make a joke about me and three-letter agencies, but I think I’ll wait and talk it over with DC first.

585 caller:  Someone said their group exchanged yesterday.  Are you aware of this?

Tony:  Supposedly SKRs have been deposited.  I am aware of somebody in a group who has been struggling, that person last weekend bought two very expensive cars.  They said they can no longer talk about the currency, either.

Caller:  There are groups that have been exchanging for the last two years.  You told us not to join any groups, so I’m wondering if this is the slow rollout.  Are they getting contract rates?  If we find that they have finagled all this crap, will there be people who  will expose the corruption going on?

Tony:  Okay.  First of all, the people getting paid have had contracts/agreements outside the UST.  People have been exchanged with PENDING amounts in their accounts, and they were able to draw part of their money every week or month.  Some other people got all their cash;  we have seen the receipts.   There is supposed to be a portion of the contract rates set aside for the general public.  The banks did give out some of the contract rates, and some people have had their accounts frozen because there are people tracking all that.  I don’t think it will affect the internet public at all.  The general public will not get the contract rates;  it’s for those who are on this call, monitoring and paying attention.  So far as we know the opportunity is there, the rates are on the screens and we will be part of that.  I am sure that if there is a problem, there are people who are ready to stand up to make sure the fair thing is done.  If it is not, they are prepared to do what needs to be done.

You can always keep everything quiet until one person breaks.  That leads to the next person, and the next.  The dominos start to fall, and then it goes public. It’s not a good time for that to happen, so I think we are still in a good position.

Caller:  Do you think that we will be able to exchange before November?

Tony:  They keep telling us it’s over, it’s done, we’re ready and waiting.  But we’ve been hearing that for the last two months.  So ‘it’s done’ just means that we’re not fighting any more, certain situations have to be done and then we’ll see it.  The memos are saying ‘any minute’, so it really is upon us.

I have been told by the three-letter agencies about the backgrounds of some of the groups and the people behind them, that there is a list of those that will be picked up when this is all over.  I have been approached by some to be part of the groups, which I have absolutely refused to do.

Caller:  Did the federal government shut down the reserves or what?

Tony:  Two years ago, we talked about his and kind of told people to stop buying reserves, don’t do that, you have enough.  Two years ago, I said that they wouldn’t let people have that much money.  Whether it was planned or by chance, things are happening that way, so I wouldn’t count on getting any reserves.  That’s my personal opinion, but it doesn’t take much to figure that out.  Instead of dwelling on that, have a Plan B.  So all that money you were doing to use to catch up your reserves, ask where the best position for that money is now.  You can’t get those reserves, so what CAN you do to make the most of that money now?

Caller:  So the government is telling you that there wouldn’t be reserves…?

Tony:  I’m not saying the government is telling me anything.  Common sense says to use that money in other ways.

313 caller:  Have you heard of a dinar guru called Wang Dang?  He was saying some disturbing things and I would love you to comment on it.

Tony:  I can’t answer for what he does or says…

Caller:  He said that the dong is dead, it’s not going, it’s got sanctions because China was extorting them, and the IMF found out and they shut down the dong.

Tony:  As of yesterday, the dong still had a rate, and as of two minutes ago the dong was being traded, so how dead is it?

Caller:  He also said nothing will happen until the amnesty laws are passed.

Tony:  The Goat has been saying that for two years.  My understanding is that all those laws have been passed, they just haven’t been made public.  I don’t know what we are waiting for, because I’m being told everything is ready and nobody is talking to me about the amnesty laws.  You would think that Iraq would let this go because they don’t want this slide back into the former conditions.  I’m sure they have worked out who will be tried, imprisoned or even executed. The former regime was abusing and killing people, and I think they deserve whatever they get.  But I’m not on either party, and I’m not hearing that is what we are waiting for – not that nor HCL, which was also approved months ago.  I don’t understand what is going on either.  Abadi is just making the government look bad, like they are lying to their people when they announce this over and over again and it doesn’t happen.  I can only think something is going on behind the scenes…

208 caller:  I’ve seen a lot of comments about that time on the call when I cried.  I had a lot going on that day, and you have just been such a light and support to all of us.  I know you are doing this at your own cost, and we appreciate you very much.

Tony:  The site costs money to run, and we do appreciate all the help we can get, because we want the site to be here as long as it can.  But it’s not just about me, or about money to keep the site running.  A lot of people put a lot on the line every day to get this information to us… not just in this country but elsewhere as well.  We don’t’ do this for the money or the site, but because we have a sense of responsibility to you.  If we don’t do this, who will?  Who else will come tell you the truth, not just about currencies but about finances, taxes, future generations, how to protect your money, how to take 100K, to spend that money and get it back at 10-20%?  There are ways to spend your money AND get it back!  I have spent five years trying to explain these things.  Pam says, “You can’t save everybody” but I hate to think of people missing this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.

But you can’t do this without being noticed. There are people listening to our phones, taking notes, mentioning us in memos.  That is just crazy to me, that they sent out a memo telling them not to send information to Tony!  Every agency ran a background check on me, for heaven’s sake! On Tuesday was the first time I looked at my identifying number at each of those agencies. That is the price you pay for doing the right thing now.  People have sacrificed enough to put this information out to you guys to be in that same position.  So it’s not really about the site, it’s about the people who have paid and will pay just for giving us the information.  The entire TNT team appreciates that because we know what the other side is like, too.  We really appreciate all our contacts and what they are going through, being watched all the time.  I’ll take one more call so that we don’t’ end on that note.

941 caller:  Are we getting anywhere?

Tony:  Well, we’re at ‘any minute, any minute, any minute’ now.

Caller:  If it doesn’t happen within a few more weeks, is there anything we can do?  This cannot go on forever, and someone has to step up and do something.

Tony:  It cannot go on forever, and there are daily announcements saying “this is it”.

Caller:  They seem to postpose, postpone, postpone.  Over 100,000 people have exchanged and meanwhile we are suffering and the nation is suffering.

Tony:  This administration isn’t doing anything that previous administrations haven’t done – we just didn’t know about it.  They have caused some delays because there were issues that would have affected all of us.  Of course it’s unfair that some have got paid and we haven’t yet, but that is the reality and all we can do is be prepared.   If this goes and we don’t’ get paid, then we still have options.  But right now everyone is on the same page, with the rates showing up as they said they would.  There are people at all levels who can see what’s going on, especially when it goes global.  They cannot hide the flow of money into accounts, people leaving their jobs and all the rest.  They have to do the right thing because there are too many people watching this.

Caller:  [political blether]  Vegas, Vegas, Vegas!

Tony:  Okay, I will read this quick question:  “why would they send memos out so that you won’t know?  I thought the banks wanted us to exchange there!”  Sometimes the bank think that I give  out too much information about the process. They have their own way they want you to come in, and hopefully they are giving us a package.  They may want the first 24 hours on their own instead of having you champing at the bit.  Before we use to get phone calls saying “we’re going to do this but don’t give that out” and I said “okay” because I want to help this be smoother.  Now they want to cut off all the information, but I’m getting the memo!  I do ask if there is anything that they don’t want me to say, and they might say “Don’t say it’s happening at 3 o’clock”, so I’ll say “It should happen between now and Thursday”, just for example.  That’s what I meant – those are the things they don’t want Tony to know, even thought it might help to give me a hint.  I’m trying to be a team player.  I’m here to help and get it done, and to be a voice for the people to make sure they understand.

813 caller:  I’m unbelievable.  I was on the phone with you last week hoping this happens before the 12th as otherwise we will be homeless.

Tony:  I really hope that with you.  Anyone who can be spared, I’m hoping and praying with you.

Caller:  We’ve been praying.  I’m disabled, my brother came home with PTSD, and we cannot wait until the 12th, so I hope it goes before then.  Please, the powers that are out there, we are just praying it happens right now.

Tony:  I hope it happens right now, too!

Caller:  If it happens before then, I will come to Vegas, Vegas, Vegas if you let me sing.  You know this isn’t over until the fat lady sings.

Pam:  What a call today.  Be prepared but flexible.  We’ve all been thrown a surprise with the reserves going out. Diversify;  if you were relying on reserves, do something else.  If you have one currency, diversify into a number of currencies.  We have to adjust and move on.

Ray:  When are we going to see it Wednesday… things are happening, windows are closing, doors are opening… are you ready?

Tony:  When Sterling closed, I said everyone should have Plan B, don’t count on them releasing the reserves.  Use that money somewhere else.  You are not getting what you thought you would get but revise your plan and buy more currency or reallocate what you have already.  But another currency instead and see what you can do with that. Don’t mope and say they have ruined your dreams.  Create a new dream from right now.  Afterwards there will be options.  Right now, plan for when this happens, and how you can make up for what you thought you were going to have.

They are telling us this is happening ‘any minute now’.  If it doesn’t happen today, you have a little time to buy more currencies to make up for your reserves.  If you don’t have reserves, then just stick to what you already have.  We can’t do anything about the reserves, so plan for the future.  Make your plan for what to do with your money.  Some have said “I’m glad it didn’t happen two years ago, because I wouldn’t have been able to plan for the future.”  If they give you time, use the time.  If they don’t give you time, make sure you have a plan for today.  I hope this comes in right away; otherwise, we’ll see if we have enough to pay the bills.  Everyone should have a plan by now.  Enjoy your day!


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