TNT Call notes 5-October-2015

Tony:  Good morning, TNT!  Today is Monday, October 5, 2015.  This can be a short call, long call, whatever you want it to be. There were exchanged yesterday. I  talked to some people in Iraq – they are excited. The Majority of cards have been given to people, and the rate is showing at 3.41.  The Green Zone is opening to the public, and Abadi says “We are  now open for business.”

They are excited about something. We have this code word that we’ve had for years that basically come up when things happen.  Half of that came out right yesterday.  There is nothing bad going on. We are waiting. There are people in the streets yesterday and Saturday.  I think we have finally come to the end. There is only one thing left to give the people of Iraq and I think this is our week for that to happen.

Many were disappointed this weekend.  Some idiots sent out tweets for you to call the banks.  Idiots will be idiots, and we don’t really care.  If those following the idiots, and I don’t know why, YOU are creating the problem by emailing to others what the idiots are sending out.  You are perpetuating that and hurting your people.  Guys, be discerning.  See if you are following the right Twitter account. Look at the bottom and see if 250,000 are following that account;  if not, you’re following the wrong account.  They only have to change one letter, and it still looks like our Twitter account.  They sent out 800 numbers for WF and Chase, and that was wrong.  I’m sorry for those who got excited over nothing.

The good news is that the currencies are still there, they have rates, and we are just waiting for notification.  I think I remembered everything.

951 caller:  it seems like people don’t listen to you because you’ve been saying the same things over and over for a few years.  I’ve been listening to most of your calls for the last three years. What are you going to say two months down the line when this hasn’t come to past.  Lots of people listen to this, and it’s hard to stay positive all that time.

Tony:  Let me ask you a question:  would you rather me come here every day and make up some BS that hasn’t happened, or would you rather know what is going on, what we have been told, and know it’s the truth?  You don’t havd to come here to hear it’s not happening!  If this is not done two months from now, I will tell you what IS happening.  I am telling you what happened over the weekend and this morning, because it’s up to date, to the minute.  On Wednesday, I’ll tell you  what happened Monday evening and Tuesday.  What do you want me to tell you in two months?

Caller:  [same thing again]

Tony:  What do you think should happen?

Caller:  I think you don’t have a life, being on here three days a week;  I feel sorry for you.  Maybe you should come on Friday morning and give us the spiel, because Monday and Wednesday are all the same.

Tony:  From now on, you should not get on a call until Friday morning – then you don’t have to worry about Tony on Monday and Wednesday.

404 caller:  On the testing procedure, what is the rationale for taking in a few currencies here and there rather than just exchanging all the currencies concurrently?

Tony:  Since they didn’t involve me in the meeting, I can tell you what I think. Over the  years, the people they trained to do this were those in the call centers. Now they are training the other guys in the banks, at the very last minute, about the new bank procedures.  They changed the loan and interest rates, and added special programs and products for the new money coming into the bank.  The ones they trained were two years ago, and now the procedures and locations are changed. They let  people come in, and trained them in the live procedures.  They are flabbergasted finding out this is real and now they are finally letting some of the wealth managers and regional VPs in on the big secret, and telling them to inform their staff.  In doing that, they are processing their elite people and also some lucky people.  I had a call someone yesterday, from his wealth manager, asking if he is still planning to exchange his currency because it is happening this week.  They got notified Saturday that they had to come in on Sunday for training.  People were driving by banks noticing lots of cars and security guards. Those will be exchange locations.

Caller: Over the weekend, PM Abadi notified Maliki that he had to vacate his premises within 48 hours.

Tony:  Did you see that in writing or did someone tell you about that?

Caller:  It was in the Iraqi press. Has Maliki abided by that?  If so, I can see that Dr. Shabibi would be more comfortable being visible in Iraq.

Tony:  Up til now, Maliki has been restricted from leaving. Imagine that I’m the GOP chairman;  imagine President Obama says that I have 48 hours to leave the country. These are my people – does that stem my influence?  As long as I’m alive, I have influence. Monarchs are crowned and dethroned, but my people are still grateful for whatever I did for them in the past.  Look at all the influence other countries have on Iraq right now!  This is just an example.  Even if he is out of the country, Maliki still has his influence;  that influence only changes when the person cannot communicate with his group any longer.  The entire group has to be removed to change that cycle.

Caller: Thank you.  Vegas, Vegas, Vegas!  Hopefully this is our week!

617 caller:  For that first person who is upset, we are all frustrated. On the other hand we have all learned a lot during this time, plus a lot of bank things have changed to our benefit.

Tony:  Absolutely, plus we’ve had a good time.  Yes, many things have changed at the banks, and a lot of rewards have been put in place as well.  It’s a totally different package.

Caller:  Have the people in Iraq been paid?

Tony:  I keep forgetting to check that.  Let me call right now.  Oh, and Maliki has been told to vacate the VP slot and the presidential palace, NOT to leave the country.  A lot more people have received their cards and the rate is $3.41.  Cash is flowing everywhere, and they are making purchases.  Our guys were excited , so we’ll have to wait and see what today brings.

Caller: Do we have to wait until Abadi lets us know?

Tony: We are still waiting for him to make a statement that he is supposed to make.  His statement about the Green Zone, but that is not the statement.  This is still going to be a slow roll out.

Caller:  We have faith this is happening… Vegas, Vegas, Vegas!

706 caller:  I’m super-fantastic. I think opening the Green Zone is a big step in our favor.

Tony:  It’s a very big step in calming down the people, and it will hold them off for a couple of days until the next step.  It was significant in that Abadi said, “Iraq is now open for business” and they are still loading cards in many places.  We don’t know if it’s completed throughout the country.  All of this is taking us closer and closer, and some day it’s going to have to burst!  A wall can only be hit so many times before the dam gives way.

Caller:  Thanks to everyone in the forum, and especially to MOT for posting funny stories to keep our spirits up and relieve tension while we’ve been going through all this.

Tony: Thanks to everyone adding assistance on the boards and doing the right thing.

Pam:  It’s what I put it on my PIF gift cards – “If you always do the right thing, it’s always the right thing to do.”  We have a lot of people doing that on TNT and out there, and we thank all of you.

559 caller:  I’m super-fantastic, and I thank everyone as we get so close to the end. I have been looking at these banks, and only WF had cars in the  parking lot this weekend;  the other banks were totally deserted.  Some said CL signed off last Thursday, so I’m curious as to why this is still delaying.  How many windows are left?  What phase are we in now?  With all the changes in the rules, how does it work with first, second and third mouse?

Tony:  Is that all??  Okay.  I guess we are still in phase 1 until it actually happens.  I don’t know how many more windows there are because they create them as they go along.  If you read Who Moved My Cheese?, it will explain what is going on every day.  Today we have an agrement and today this our plan;  tomorrow we will execute that plan.  When we come back tomorrow morning, someone says, “Wait a minute, after the meeting I had this dream or this idea, and let’s talk about this other possibility…”  That happens over and over again, and that’s what we are seeing for years:  someone has a new idea or wasn’t at the meeting, or gets a memo from someone else.  Until they decide otherwise, to go ahead and fix it later, we have Groundhog Day.  In that movie, the guy has the same day over and over, but the guy kept learning things until he started to affect that day.  That is all we are doing:  biding our time, learning, until it’s all over.

First, second, third mouse:  first mouse is being first in and jumping on whatever rate they are willing to give you.  For a long time we were told that the first mouse is the trap, and that’s okay.  The first mouse springs the trap and doesn’t get much cheese, if any. The first mouse is already in the trap – they turned in their currency and got SKRs for fifty cents, a dollar, whatever.  They are locked into those rates.  The second mouse is going to get more – probably  $3.41 or he waits a couple of days and gets more. The third mouse is waiting for the cheese factory.  Not everyone will get that, but some will.  The cheese factory is for those willing to wait for $10 or $12, or willing to negotiate with those doing the exchange.  They are the ones who have a  plan and who will negotiate for that higher rate because both sides benefit.  The contract rate will be available for more than I ever expected, although it’s less than 50% of those exchanging.  That many have the opportunity to go out there and reach beyond your wildest dreams.  They have changed how they are giving out the contract rates.  It’s now down at the level of the wealth managers, because they will get commissions off those accounts, so they want to work with their best clients.

I want to control my own destiny, and to get the contract rate I’ll have to sign an NDA, which I don’t want to do.  So I will be the second mouse, wait for Forex to bring up the rate, which will be quick to rise and fall.  You have some choices to make. If you already have your plan, you know what to look for, what to ask for, and this is how you will go through your exchange.  If you don’t have a plan, you’ll get over-excited and forget if you were supposed to wait or go.  Make your plan while you are sound of mind, and stick to your plan!

Caller:  With the third mouse, and the fact that some people were exchanging over the weekend, mostly on the East Coast, will the East Coast be notified first and have a better chance at the contract rates?

Tony: The exchanges in the last few weeks were NOT at contract rates.  The East Coast does wake up before we do, and their banks open before our open, so they will have first shot at everything. But now the contract rates have been assigned to wealth managers in different locations, so they cannot use up the West Coast numbers.

Caller:  I’ve been in this for nearly eleven years, and it’s getting more exciting than every.  If everyone on this call were to give you a pound of cheese, you should be set for life!  Vegas, Vegas, Vegas here we come!

Tony:  Thank you for sticking it out in such a positive way!

410 caller:  Everyone is sounding happier now…  I do love the idea of fairness, with the banks have quotas.  When they get through those, they are gone.  I was thinking about the tier two banks;  do you have an idea how many will be involved in what areas, especially places there are not a lot of the big banks?  And if they are new, how well-trained will they be?  Can they offer what the big banks are able to offer?

Tony: Tier two banks are restricted because of the amounts they are allowed to hold compared to the big banks. The number of banks involved will be related to how many there are in various states, so they will partner up with the big banks, to the benefit of all.  They cannot give you as many perks, and I don’t know if they will have the contract rates.  You can ask if they deal with foreign currency;  if not, they probably won’t do exchanges.

Caller:  The banks I’ve talked to have to order foreign currency and it takes a few days.

Tony:  I don’t see anyone on this call going to those banks.  That’s more for the other four million who aren’t on top of this.

Caller:  [Appreciation]  I think it takes repetition to really take in all this information… We are all excited to meet you all in person.

Tony:  We will be proud to meet you all as well.  I’ve been talking to Pam for five years, and I’ve never met her in person, so I’ll be as excited as you all, believe me.  I’m feeling the same way you are – let’s do this!  Pam is telling me to wind this up.

Caller: The short call is wonderful, because we are all still in this!  Vegas, Vegas, Vegas!

256 caller:  What intelligent thing can I say today that would help?  The first caller – if you  don’t like the calls, stay off them.  He just got on to have something to say.  I have talked to Regions Bank, and they will be exchanging currency, but right now the manager cannot talk to me about it.  I think we are right on the point, and I’ve come a long way of learning from what I first thought about all this. I’m a Vietnam vet, and I’ll be helping Vegas, Vegas, Vegas!

Tony:  I have a comment about that caller at the end of this call.

941 caller:  One thing – 951 has his own opinion, I have my opinion, and some are right and some are wrong.  Whatever happens will happen. Some will hang in there for another few weeks, and then they will do whatever they need to do to satisfy their own opinion.  Have a good time in Vegas;  I think I’ll go to Hawai’i.

Tony:  Pam says I have to go, even though I started late.  I appreciate the transcribers being there and helping everyone else.

As for the first caller, everyone is waiting. People have problems, stress, losing houses, cars, jobs, and sometimes this is their only outlet.  They want to hear some good news.  I know it’s been many times over the years – three times a week.  When I started, it was every day!  Then it was three times a week, three hours at a time, then two hours, and now it’s one hour.  The information has changed!  It’s ‘who moved my cheese” every day!  I have two choices:  I can stay up to date and use this current information to my advantage as I go through the process and put my money to work.  Alternatively, I can get fed up with listening, and wait until someone tells me that it’s done.  That moves me from this 50,000 people to the other five million when someone remembers to tell me this has happens.  Everyone has a different pain threshold.  Not everyone can take losing again and again. This is not Tony’s option to push the button. You get this three times a week;  I get this 30 times a day. We are saying the same thing when it looks like it’s finally coming through and then the next thing happens.

I try to bring you the best information I have. If I have seriously negative information, I would tell you the  facts and we’d all take a vacation. That is not the case.  We are living in the moment, and we are truly watching a country being reborn as a democracy, and it hasn’t been happening as fast as we hoped.  Some mistakes have been made, and there is clearly opposition to what is being done.  Abadi is doing this as the leader of the Iraqi people, and he is responding to people rioting in the streets;  if they weren’t doing that, the opposition would have a firmer grip.  They are concerned about an Arab spring, but I don’t see that happening through this winter.

Only you can decide if you can stand being a spectator or if you want to stay in the game.  You can choose to stop listening and just wait for the news.  I know everyone is frustrated, including the Iraqi people.  You have to know that I don’t control the universe, and you don’t know who to take it out on, so you take it out on me.  I understand that.  Believe me, when I got the news, and then it didn’t happen Saturday night when it was supposed to, I gotta go through that, and five times on Sunday.  There is no purpose in my telling you every time, so you can go up and down with me.  I can only tell you the next window and what is being done to prepare.

When this first caller came on, I could hear his frustration and I let him run because I  know others feel the same and I was trying to give him a solution.  Only you can decide how much you can take, and I’m not going to cut off everyone else because you only want to hear it once a week or once a month.  I want to be receptive, but there is nothing I can do except to just go on.

Pam:  Well, there is a lot going on globally and it is to our advantage.  No matter how long it takes, it’s worth the wait.  Spend more time planning what you are going to do, instead of looking for a problem somewhere.  Remember Tony Robbins’ new book, Money: Mastering the Game;  take this time to plan for your future, post-RV.

RayRen:  Continue to enjoy this Marvelous Monday and we’ll see what Tuesday brings.

Tony: Get ready!  Be ready!  Everyone else is ready.  They ramped up the banks, gave them the opportunity to contact their people. Some people were contacted and told this is finally our week. We expected this to go as soon as the Iraqi cards are loaded.  They want it to be uniform over there, and we have been notified that rates will change. They want to be totally ready, and they don’t want their own people to be taken advantage of without realizing the rates are changed.  They want to make sure everyone knows first.  Everywhere else, people are just ready and waiting.  I don’t see any reasons for this NOT to happen.  Every day brings us that much closer.  They have put too many things in place for this to go on forever. They would not have put the other currencies in place if this were not ready to move.  So BE ready, so that you can just go out and enjoy this as the most memorably event in your life.  Be prepared;  once you walk out of the bank with all that money in the bank, you’ll have a whole new set of issues.  Thank you, transcribers, for hanging in there with us.  Enjoy your day!



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