TNT Call notes 7-October-2015

Tony:  Good morning, TNT!  Today is Wednesday, October 7, 2015.  Whether you know it or not, it is a super-fantastic day today!  The RV has not come in today, but there is great news, timing and people excited out there.  We are really, really close this time, I think.  All the news is good news.

People in Iraq are definitely having their cards and the rate on the cards is $3.41 – and I’m talking about people I’ve actually talked to.  Other gurus may not be seeing anything, but people at various levels of the government and banking system are saying this is happening and people are using their cards.  Banks are putting out a new window for exchanges taking place, with NO vacations allowed the last two weeks of the month because they will be busy.  They are moving people to different locations and testing the system today as we speak, to make sure it’s working, and I’m sure it is.  Everyone is excited and happy and waiting;  we are all waiting on just ONE agency to give their okay, and we are ready to go.

I’m excited.  The rates are there, we have a plan, we know our options about how long we want to save our money, all those things. We are in a great place.  One thing before we start and one thing one as we end:  you can plan your success or ‘not plan’ your failure, because we are there.  They have been trying to eliminate the influence and currency of those ‘problem children’ we all know about, and they have laws in place to allow them to investigate, identify and remove those.  They had to get the new private banks in line with the CBI and the state banks as far as the laws/rules of international exchange are concerned.

404 caller:  Have the procedures changed at all?  If we exchange at the market rate for rupiah and zim, that doesn’t take affect the availability of contract rates, right?

Tony:  Yes, but if you take the contract rates, you have to sign an NDA that applies to ALL your currencies, not just dong/dinar.

Caller:  I just wanted to make sure that if we take international rates to gain breathing room, that doesn’t mess up our opportunity to get the contract rates later…

Tony:  At one point, I did hear a rumor that there might be a problem in that direction.  I do know that if you take a contract on any currency, you sign an NDA that applies to all the currencies and their rates.  I understand that the manager will be picking which people get the contract rates, and he may say “You already took this so I cannot give you that”, but I just don’t know.  Call them and ask.

Caller:  [Appreciation]  Vegas, Vegas, Vegas!  So Tony can go and we can celebrate!

617 caller: The people in Iraq who were waiting to get paid – have they been paid?

Tony:  Military got paid on Monday, and the last two provinces have got that rate on their cards.  I will call some other contacts in Baghdad, but probably won’t hear back from them during this call.  I will ask three of them to call their banks and ask them what day this will be released. That way at least we will have a date, through the back door.  That will tell us when they are putting it out to the everyday citizens.

Caller:  Do you know if the Admiral’s group went in?  Because I read that they have.

Tony: For the last two days they have been notified that they should have access to it this morning, but I’ve heard that so many times before.  When the groups get paid, you will be in the bank, wondering how much they got paid, but KNOWING what you got paid.

Caller:  [Appreciation]  Vegas, Vegas, Vegas!  And I hope to see you next week in Vegas!

Tony:  Even before the event, I am still going to Vegas!

860 caller:  I am super-good.  To be honest, I will ask you to please give my question time to the friend who got me into this.  She’s on 303 and she has an important question.  [Appreciation]  Vegas, Vegas, Vegas!

303 caller:  I had a relative in hospice, and someone was arrested at my house and later when I checked my dinar, some was missing.  Do I call the UST to report it?

Tony:  Call the police, follow the police reports, and so on, just like any other theft.  When I said the UST was tracking dinar, I meant AFTER the exchange they will know who exchanged what and when.  They will track it through the financial system.  If she is going to exchange it, she’ll have to do it after the RV, just like everyone else.

Caller:  If I exchange my remaining dinar and sign an NDA, will that create a problem with the police report?  I just don’t know if I should contact the UST or not…

Tony:  I can’t see that being a problem, because she stole it before the RV.  I don’t see the Treasury being able to help you with the police process.

Caller:  [Appreciation]  Vegas, Vegas, Vegas!

601 caller:  My questions have mostly been answered.  Just wanted to tell you what a good job you’ve done in the last calls.  [Appreciation]  Vegas, Vegas, Vegas!

Tony:  I want a drink as well.  Please let this be over!  I know you guys are ready and I pray to God, “Please let this be the last call!”

813 caller:  You mentioned an investment situation where you can invest like one million and receive a good return on it… details of that platform?  Vegas, Vegas, Vegas!

Tony:  Platforms are very tricky, and you have to understand the lingo and what you’re getting into.  There is a surefire one through HSBC in the UK that pays a high rate of return, but you have to be invited to take part. There are a lot of people who will approach you with platforms that are scams.  They have paperwork and this and that, and you will have to very careful with that.  If I were to do one, I would do it through a bank, not a person.  Do it through a bank, and the bank should be able to offer you that, with the money you will have.  I was invited to do that platform, but after the RV, and it’s in England and through HSBC.  There are a bunch of platforms out there, so be careful.  I cannot say what the one I’m doing is, but there are opportunities out there.  Someone is texting me saying WF has a platform you can get into.  Definitely ask your wealth manager and find out the various levels of return. I like having something with a residual income. With a platform, I don’t have to babysit it, they just tell me how much to put in, how much I will get out and when.

410 caller:  I’m excited!  There is something you said at the beginning, that Parliament won’t be allowed to take any days off at the end of the month.  If this is happening soon, what will they be doing?

Tony: What I said was that the BANKS were notified they  cannot take vacations in the second half of the month, and I hope that it’s because they will process us first, and then by then they will be dealing with the masses and therefore be very busy.  They are sending out memos and all that, all at the same time, so I feel it’s 95% likely that this is getting ready to happen.

Caller [Appreciation]  Vegas, Vegas, Vegas!  or Raleigh, or somewhere else!

Tony:  Apparently WF has a hundred million dollar platform and so does HSBC.  If you  don’t have a hundred million dollars, hopefully you can get together with some friends or associates, and put together the right amount.  Make sure that you trust those partners, and make sure you have a written, legal agreement so that you don’t get into a mess. There are enough of you to do that, and it will change your financial future and your legacy, just doing that one thing.

405 caller:  You say it’s over 90%, but you’ve been at 99.8% before, so…

Tony:  Maybe I’m learning something as we go along.  I could have said 99.8% because I know we are only waiting on one three-letter agency to finalize things.  I talked to people yesterday who said we have the green light, but they always give a 72-hour window and something always seems to happen. We are looking good right now!  With the information that we have, we are probably looking the best we ever have TODAY.  Okay?

352 caller:  The guy who called first on the last call, who tried to rake you over the coals, I don’t know why you let him go on.  We are not thinking like that guy;  we are behind you and we appreciate everything you do.  You are working your behind off for us, and we all appreciate.  You’ve been stalwart.

Tony:  I got texts and phone calls afterwards from people saying they know exactly who that was.  I don’t know him personally;  he has a famous daughter, and he is stressing out. People say he has a lot of money, and so people don’t know why he is so upset.  It’s about the pressure on him and everyone else.  I got a letter in the mail yesterday all upset that I still do this three times per week;  they have no idea what I do.  This writer was so upset and frustrated that he sold all his currency back – and he had to write to tell me that?!  I assume that if one person tells me that, there are a hundred who feel the same way.  So I encourage them to get it out.  Some see that kindness as a weakness, but I see it as helping them to carry that load.  For those who don’t like that, there is nothing wrong with us taking out a little bit of time to help bring the weaker ones along.  They are all under stress, and maybe they need this right this minute.  That man doesn’t need the money but is under stress because of his child.  I don’t know. But if I can help my fellow man and make that hour a little easier, that’s what we are here to do:  to help those who are less fortunate, because we are going to be the fortunate ones.  And you and I will have a drink together in Vegas!

501 caller:  I’m much happier now with the good news.  I purchased dong from Regions and went by to ask the rate, hoping that it would be one of those fortunate times, but the rate was .00003888.  What does that mean??

Ray:  Nothing to get excited about.  The dong is worth a lot less than a penny.

Tony:  What did you buy it for? $75 per million? That rate is about $38 per million.

Caller:  [Appreciation]  Vegas, Vegas, Vegas!

773 caller:  Tell me when you are going to Vegas and I’ll be on the plane before you!  We are blessed to have you and RayRen, the King of OpenMike.

Tony:  Last night I was downtown smoking cigars, having a drink and relaxing with my friends, and I said that I get letters and texts all the times saying that they are praying for me.  Thank you, I need all the prayer I can get.  I know I’m blessed, for whatever reason.  We are blessed and appreciated, and I’m doing everything I can do to make sure.

Caller:  I heard rumors that Shabibi is back in office;  if so, what is the significance?

Tony:  He is not back in office so far as I know, and has no plans to come back to the CBI.  He has always been involved;  he had the original plan and was doing it the right way.  They had to go through Maliki being crooked and bring in his own people;  it took time to get through all that.  If Shabibi was still in office, this would have been done a long time ago, and his absence has been part of the turmoil.  In my opinion, he will not be back in charge of the CBI officially, but he is still involved.

Caller:  Someone else said that the UST says there are only thirty million dinar-holders in this country, not the five or six million you have been saying.

Tony:  I doubt that. There are 350 million people in the US, and if 10% have dinar, that would change the US economy and the global economy as well.

Caller:  Stay strong, although we hope this will be over today.  [Appreciation]  Vegas, Vegas, Vegas!  I’ll see you there!

Tony:  Just got a text saying that “I support you, but it’s offensive to laugh at being called a saint and a martyr, when many good people have actually been killed for their faith.”  I laughed at the very idea anyone would call me a saint on any level, so don’t be offended.  I like having a good time, and I cannot take that one seriously.

909 caller:  The rates… aren’t there three different rates?  International, market and contract rates?  And the banks are allowed to give the contract to so many people?

Tony:  All the currency dealers said they would use the market rate, what is current in Forex, which will go up and down all the time. The banks might use the set international rate that is set first, but once it starts trading, it will be the market rate.  Then there is the contract rate.  The banks are allocated a percentage of the contract rate pool, and each bank sets their own criteria on how they will give that out and to whom, until that contract rate pool is used up.

954 caller:  Are there still caps on zim and dong?  Is it still a billion on zim?

Tony:  The last information I got is that they were discussing changing the zim cap from half a billion to a billion, with 20 million dong, and 20 million dinar.

407 caller:  [Appreciation]  I believe that you  haven’t exchanged, I don’t understand why the first guy last time was so upset.  When you go, he’ll be right behind you!  You cannot push that button!  If it doesn’t go down like we expect, I will right behind you when you go to DC. When it happens, it happens.  At this point, will we be able to exchange overseas if that is where we happen to be, or will we have to be in the US?

Tony:  Each country has its own criteria.  Usually you have to be a resident for six months.

Caller:  If we had an overseas account…?  Can we trade there and it arrives here?

Tony:  I don’t see why not, if you already have an account with that bank.

610 caller:  Any report from Iraq?  Are there still people protesting in the street?

Tony:  I haven’t heard about that.  I did hear many cards have been loaded at $3.41, and some were upset that their cards were only paid at $1.09;  those people might have been paid at last month’s rate, and they may be updated at $3.41.  The main thing I’m getting from Iraq is that this should be happening in the next 48 hours, as soon as they clear this last hurdle.

Caller:  Thanks for that information. In case things don’t work out in Vegas, there’s a great hotel that just reopened in Atlantic City, and I’d be happen to help you with reservations.  It won’t be that snowy this year, so we can help you get some nice shoes rather than snow boots.  [Appreciation]  Raleigh, Raleigh, Raleigh and Vegas, Vegas, Vegas!

Tony:  Didn’t they say that last winter?!

734 caller:  Hey, Tony!  This is Tom.  Is there a contract rate for the zim.

Tony:  I believe there is.  Nothing beats a failure but a try.  A closed mouth doesn’t get fed.  Ask the question.  They cannot kill you for asking the question.  Negotiate when you go in there.

Pam: Things are looking really good.  Let’s spend the rest of the day imagining what we will do post-RV.  You should already be ready, as Tony said.  Let’s put the power of attraction to work!

Ray:  Well, When-am-I-going-to-see-it Wednesday… or Thursday or Friday.  Maximize your currency and your dollars.

Tony:  To 404, thanks for your great questions.  Thank you to everyone else for being here. I want the party to begin just as much as you do.  I think we have a very good opportunity for this to happen this week. We are only waiting for one last agency to give the go-ahead. In Iraq, they have loaded the cards at $3.41, and I’m waiting to get a call back to find out if they can see the deposit, or if it’s pending or on hold.  Here, the banks have been retraining people on the exchange process plus opportunities just for you guys.  They are telling their people that they are expecting a lot of high-dollar people and this is how we want you to direct them – to these new programs and accounts.

If anything out of this world comes in, I will put it out there.  Remember there are idiots sending out fake tweets.  Check where the tweet comes from;  if they don’t have 250,000 followers, delete that account and make sure you are on the true TNT account.  Enjoy the rest of your day;  I will surely enjoy mine!


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