TNT Call notes 9-October-2015

Tony:  Good morning, TNT!  Today is Friday, October 9, 2015.  Glad you guys are here. We are having a super-super-fantastic day with the news and information and it will only get better.  I know (because Pam told me) that I told you there was a contract rate on the zim, but I was distracted and I shouldn’t have said that.  It IS a double-digit rate;  someone got three cents, but we know it is more than that, up to 20 cents.  So I wanted to clear that up – there is NO contract rate on zim, so far as I know.

You all have been talking about derivatives.  Everyone has a different view of what is going on and why, and I try to respect all points of view.  Some say this can’t happen until the derivatives are paid, or these laws are passed, or this guy and his associates are removed.  It’s like a bunch of people walking around a car, commenting on different parts.  It’s still the same car.  The dinar is the car;  it’s the foundation for the entire GCR to happen, not the other way around.  It’s not about all those other things being done and THEN we get the GCR.  The money for the other things flows from the GCR.  I am happy to hear all the other things because they confirm that the RV is happening or has happened, but they are not necessary FOR the GCR to happen.  Everything we hear gives us that bit more confidence that this is ready to go.  It’s not about others being right or wrong. When I started this, if we got one dollar for the dinar I would have been happy… then it wen to three dollars… then ten dollar so more.  The same happened with dong;  at first we were deliriously happy to get five cents and now the rate is 47 cents or higher.  As I got more contacts and connections and understood how the process worked, then it began to make sense and I can understand how the dong might exchange at over two dollars.  I just didn’t understand that before, so I don’t argue when people say X or Y;  these are all factors to making the GCR work and for us to receive the astronomical amounts of money they are giving us.  I had to learn from people involved in the process, and I’m thankful they were willing to explain it to me so that I could explain it to you.  So now when I hear something crazy, I ask, “What would make this true? What would make this work?”  I don’t look at derivatives because my money is not going to be working in that way – I have a whole different area I’m working in.  But without the RV/dinar, there is no GCR, there are no currencies going up or down. The dinar is the foundation for the GCR, and that’s what you have to understand, and plan for.

Here’s the news:  the banks were told last week “no vacations or time from 19. October on”.  We see in the news, in print, that someone was trying to sell you a product or service stating CL will announce a new global currency on 20. October.   The Iraqi people were told yesterday that all reforms will be completed and they will see/enjoy it by 20. October.  So it will happen by the 19th or before, and that is now public knowledge;  they are announcing it in the mosques over there, so that is a good date for the public to acknowledge what is happening.  The public will say “Oh, yeah, this is what they’ve been talking about for the last two years”.  We’ll just have to watch and see what happens.

YOU are not the public.  We are the internet people and hopefully we will be seeing this sooner than the 19th, instead of us all going in with the public on the 20th.  I could go into more details, but it’s all good:  the meetings with the bank people, the memos and preparations for you guys.  I give them credit, there are a lot of changes in the banks, with higher interest rates and programs, all getting ready for you, with new programs to be offered to you.

I think it’s a good day, with the possibilities increased a hundred-fold for the weekend and for next week.  I keep getting more information from people who are outside our internet conversation, such as mainstream media and finance. They don’t know what it’s really about, but they are talking about markets going crazy this month, and it’s focused on the 20th October.

Our transcriber cannot stay for the entire hour, and I like that she writes it down word-for-word, so we’re going to keep it short today.  We will not have a call on Monday because there are three possibilities:  it’s a holiday, you’ll be in the bank, or you’ll be out spending money!

601 caller:  Can you find 404?  Vegas, Vegas, Vegas!

707 caller:  Are there any downsides you can see to this banking platform thing you mentioned on the last call?

Tony:  A lot of those platforms are frauds.  You have to do some research on them and the people who set them up.  I’m nervous of platforms outside the banks.  I looked at one set up by the grandson of the governor of the state.  I flew to LA, he showed me all his computers, etc., in his big house.  We were leaving there to go to lunch, and his secretary pulled me to one side and told me, “You look like a really nice guy, and I’m telling you, don’t do it.”  You have to be really careful.  I’d rather go through a bank or someone I know can afford it rather than using a personal platform, because it’s so complicated. The reward is great, but so is the risk.

Caller:  I don’t know what a platform is, really, so I really heard your remarks about WF’s platform, because I bank with WF already.  Obviously I need to do a lot of research. What would be your #1 warning?

Tony:  You need 100 million dollars to have one, first off.  The banks usually have to invite you in.  You need to talk to the bank.  They are not scary if you talk to the right one.

Caller;  Thanks… I enjoyed your story.

Tony:  I told my friends as we flew home, and of course we paid attention to the secretary.  You go into a multi-million dollar home, that’s impressive, and of course we looked into the family history, but it was all a scam.  When you get this money, there will be a whole lot of this:  great ideas, frauds, schemes.  Don’t work this hard, all this time, just to give it away.  Be smarter than that.  Any time someone says, “we have to do this right away or we’ll miss the opportunity”, look them right in the face and say, “I guess we missed that one, then”.  I don’t do business like that.  As soon as you have money, great ideas will pop up all over the place.

702 caller:  I’m totally excited about everything you are saying this morning. I’m not quite sure what is going on with the zim.

Tony:  I was sitting at the cigar bar last night, having a drink, this guy was talking with me, and he was saying, “I’ve been reading articles on the zim and it sounds worthless;  where does all the money come from?”  It comes from digits – it’s all digits.  Nobody is ever going to have all this money in their pocket or in their garage.  They are only going to see it on a screen and they can make it any level they want because nobody will ever have it in their hands.  It’s easy for them to come up with the money.  If you got to the bank and ask for $25,000, they would have to order it if you want cash.  They don’t have $25,000 in  their vault.  They are limited in what they can give out, based on the size of the bank.  So they do it based on digits and fractional banking.

A lot of people don’t like Bernie Madoff, but he didn’t do anything that isn’t being done every day right now.  It’s fractional banking, creating money out of thin air.  On Friday, Bernie was doing just fine, with every one of his clients being filthy rich, laying down their cards, buying whatever they want.  On Monday, he was tired, he gave us, walked into his office, and said it was all BS.  Tuesday, everyone was broke.  Where did the money go?  When you figure that out, let me know, and then I will tell you what really happened.

Caller:  Do you know what a shelf account is?

Tony:  No.  You need to ask the bank about that.

352 caller:  I haven’t heard you say anything recently about keeping dinar separate from the others.  Do we need to keep each currency separate?

Tony:  No one has said anything about that recently, but what I was told is that they will be tracking the dinar differently.  That was two years ago, and I haven’t heard about it since.  I don’t really need to hear what you think will piss me off.  People talk about me all the time.  I’m just one guy, and I really don’t care what other people say.  Just say Vegas, Vegas, Vegas.

404 caller:  We are hearing reports we are still waiting for an announcement, could that relate to the three days of IMF meetings in Peru starting on 11. October?

Tony: There is a very high probability of that.

Caller:  Hopefully such announcements will be in English or easily-translatable Spanish rather than Arabic.  Hope this is released for the Iraqis, and Vegas, Vegas, Vegas!

Tony:  Great question and great timeframe…

Pam: I want to thank Daz and the Mods, the guest mods, transcribers, and especially Zebragirl to tries very hard to get everything right in the transcriptions.  Thanks to all the people in dinarland, even from other sites.  It’s about the Iraqis and the global situation. Make sure to read Tony Robbins’ book on Money: Mastering the Game – you need it.

RayRen:  It’s Fabulous Friday – enjoy your weekend.

Tony: Good news abounds, here, there, our agencies, our intel people in government, overseas.  Everyone is excited. Be prepared – anything could happen.  The news is good on all side.  The 20th is the date out in public, but that doesn’t mean it will got that long.  Be prepared, and help each other.  Write down your plans right now, today/tomorrow, while you are calm… then you can party.  Enjoy the weekend. If we have a call between now and Tuesday, it will be THE call.  If we are still here next week, it won’t be on Monday because of the holiday.  If anything major happens, I will send out a tweet.  Make sure that it comes from the account with 250,000 followers, that it is a legitimate tweet.  Otherwise, enjoy your weekend!


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